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Started by Philo

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Guard role

Started by Niche fan

Parravens: Smart, befriendable/enragable birds.

Started by Dun(ce) Crow « 1 2 »

Roles for animals that let them perform actions by themselves (Gatherer, Hunter)

Started by Philo

Abnormal color gene

Started by Niche fan

Blue birds

Started by Niche Beast


Started by PopsicleNinja

You get scars when you are attacked

Started by Lamm

Natural Disasters/Events

Started by Redknight910

Randomize starter island option

Started by Stormytehcat

Better underwater worlds

Started by Minimanta

New Rival Tribes

Started by birdwhoholdsthesun

Other clans/tribes

Started by IvyVine

Life Span Settings For Sandbox Mode

Started by Mistwalker

Dig out scared moles

Started by Galacticteeth

Name the Nichlings in their portfolio again

Started by Rae

Desert Biome

Started by EmberSky

Ability to make burrows in heavy snow for cold resistance

Started by Ruitt

Hybrid Suggestions

Started by Redknight910

More stuff in savannah

Started by Niche Beast