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Sensor does not detect non-ship enemies

Started by OsoMoore

Cannot permanently scrap weapons?

Started by BrendanatorX

Infinite placement range

Started by Lamat112

Nimbatus doesn't launch on Linux

Started by JiffyJuff

long beam + laser range upgrade doesnt work

Started by draogon93

Enemies spawning outside walls in Battle Arena

Started by JiffyJuff

unlimited ressources

Started by draogon93

Game Crash from the last demo

Started by Krillxen

NOT gate same Input/Output should not be allowed

Started by WimeSTone

This error just happened to me.

Started by AlifBroB

Not launching

Started by Art

Invulnerable units

Started by NeoinKarasuYuu

impulse giver/motorized hinges

Started by Redline

Mac Demo refuses to start after unzipping

Started by Clemens

Deactivated UI, can't Reactivate

Started by OsoMoore

Screen shaking on Flight test

Started by Louskan

Invulnerable Core Hive

Started by buckX

turret inside planet core

Started by Redline

Crashing and saving progress

Started by zack44087

Enemy clustering in battle arena

Started by Kadan Joelavich