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    • Here we have three of my favorite female nichelings! 1. This is Koi, she came from a water based family, which explains her name, i was so suprised when the mask popped up, because i hadnt used it in this savefile yet!   2. This gorgeous is Puddle. She gave birth to a few royal babies and sacrificed her life for them to a killer bearyena!   3. Last but certainly not least is my goddess of bearyenas, Juice! She killed one killer bearyena aswell as two normal ones and gave birth to hybrids! (her name originates from the fact, that she loved rolling in berry juice)  
    • Perhaps it could also provide cold resistance to baby nichlings in the mountains and heat resistance to them in the savvanah(because the burrow is protecting them from the elements)?
    • I never drank enough salt water to actually feel sick but it makes you more thirsty, also it tastes really horrible, still think there should be a debuff for it
    • I agree. When I was marching one of my tribes through the Savannah I realized there were fires at every port, so we had to wait and starve a bit until the flames moved. This is somewhat similar to an idea I had to stop the fires. When I was playing I made my Nichelings destroy all the grass in a 2 tile radius all around the fire, but it kept burning. I was hoping that they would add some kind of system where you could destroy 2-5 grass tiles and the fire would at least stop spreading...
    • I don't think this is smart. Drinking salt water doesn't really make you sick, you could just let it have no effect or have it be unavailable.