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    • “uOOOGGG Goggles-kun! I hate sick creatures enough!” you might be saying, quickly typing on the keyboard as you write a rebuttal statement in the comments. “My beautiful Lareko was a sick girl and she only lived for 12 days because of sickness!”  ...Hear me out, Francis.  So far, there are only three diseases: Common Cold, Genetic Sickness, and Sleeping Sickness. Those are all fine and dandy, but what if I told you only three does not satisfy my everlasting hunger for more? Introducing: the new disease I called “Deadly Disease” for creativity! This disease only appears on all “deadly” islands (except for Home Island because yes), and causes... two or three damage a day. Seems fair to me. I don’t think it should be caught on random chance. Perhaps only wanderers and rogue males can carry it? And the chances of getting it are higher in the Jungle and hard swamp island? I dunno. Goggles-kun the disease fan, signing out!
    • Serious one:  So I used to be apart of a dance recital, right? About 30 minutes before our second performance, I was sitting in the hallway that takes you to the back of the stage waiting for it to start. I was in an area next to a giant metallic door and a wall. When somebody opened the door and held it for a while, me, being the wonderful smart human being I am, put my index finger in between a part of the end of the metal door and the wall connected to it. So, this: Well, guess what? They closed the door, and I screamed bloody murder ‘till they opened the door again so I could wedge my finger out. I nearly crushed my finger that night, and it was paralyzed for the rest of the month, but I still preformed.  Funny one: I once ran into a glass door. The end
    • After seeing the results I can conclude this went through everyone who voted for Dragon Tear’s head:  
    • One day when I was in jym class we were playing dogeball. I was trying to catch one of the dogeballs, since if you do the person who threw it is then out, and instead of catching it, it hit my pinky finger and nearly sprained it. It seems kinda funny when I think about it. Another story is that one time I was making myself some ramen and I over filled my bowl. I went to the sink to pour out some of the broth and burned my finger. Moral of story: Be careful around soup kids......lol
    • Urm... I went to google to get a picture of a chicken but got this instead.....XD