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    • Issi groaned out in pain before sinking her claws into his sides. Her sharp teeth bite at him. "I'm not like him. I'm not like him." Issi was on auto mode as she fought against the male her mind to busy trying to gather the shattered pieces.
    • "Oh." He smirked.  "Yet, here you are."  He pounced on her, slamming her against the den wall.
    • "Your just a child that a mother corrupted, just like all of them do!" Issi was now laughing madly, completely ignoring Bubbli and Vissen that were sleeping. She readied herself all the while laughing even as the tears streamed down her face. "It always ends the same. No matter how many times I try. They all end up dead with only me alive." The more she talked the less she laughed and it slowly became sobbing. "I'm not like him! I'm not like him!"
    • He started walking forward, slowly advancing on her. "I am my mother's misery, I am my father's sin." He said softly. "Which is to ignite the vengeance within-" He leaned forward. "Me." His claws came out, and a spark of savagery flashed behind his eyes. He crouched down, ready to lunge at her. 
    • Issi stood up careful not to wake Bubbli or Vissen. She climbed out the nest. "I must admit killing her was an over reaction in my part but you know the feeling of adrenaline pumping and the screaming off everyone you care for. You just do things sometime." Issi glance at her claw then back at him a serene smile on her face. Don't be like this Issi, your not him. Issi killed the thought. "I would have just taken the plant in the first place but they stopped us and nichelings needed it." Issi head dropped off to the side but her poisonous green eyes never left him. "You talk as if you where their but you weren't. The bloodshed was necessary." She hissed out the last part before righting her head and giving him a mad grin. "Your mother is something I regret not getting rid off. I don't remember any Gala." Issi shrugged. "As for the last one. It's a bit hard if you where born from sin to live without it." Issi looks at her claws again. "Yes, I'm really to much like that 'father' of mine. It's a good thing I had my Bearyena friend kill him right." Issi giggled softly to herself. She was slowly spiraling into insanity and she's not sure if should or even could stop it?  
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