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    1. Nimbatus EA & Retimed Release

      Nimbatus was released on Steam Early Access!
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      We also helped Team Maniax to publish their game Retimed for the Nintendo Switch
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    • I really like the ambition generator! I’ll probably use something similar in my own challenge. I’ll definitely be trying this challenge out. 🙂
    • Yeah, as a mod it is sometimes better just not to have an opinion and keep the sides from being to rude. Though the Stray Fawn studio so far has been mostly really nice
    • I know what you mean, I think it is probably bad luck. I have that problem from time to time but it isn't as extreme as in your case. So as said same with the immunity genes, the Niche Gods just want to troll you
    • I am sorry that it went that way. Hope Lisa will find peace (like being less stressed). And I hope if you decide to get another pet that it will be better for you too
    • Lisa is her name - nobody knows where she got it.  I've had her a month, and she still seems stressed. She scratches too much, probably from stress, so there are scabby spots around her neck and elbows.  She doesn't come out of hiding, even though she seems fine with being pet.  And she's beginning to go to the bathroom in inappropriate places, even though she's been using litter properly for weeks. She doesn't seem to be getting less upset.  I think my home isn't compatible with what she needs, whatever that is.  The shelter is a no kill shelter, so she's safe from harm at least.  But I spoke with the shelter personnel, and they thank me for trying, but also think it would be best if she came back.  Thanks for reading.