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    • Emmai: (Also, you spelled it Emma in the District Layout, it's Emmai)  Meringue: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2735-whats-your-tribes-lore/&tab=comments#comment-10204   Backstory: Meringue: Meringue was a baby whose parents shared an immunity gene. I didn't know that until he was born. ☹️ His mother, Alice, passed away as soon as little Meringue was born. When he was a teenager, he shrank into the shadows until he became an adult. Then he became mates with a female whose name, I think, was Snowberry II. They had a bunch of children before Meringue passed away. Only recently has the story of Meringue reached my other tribes, and now, instead of exiling/drowning sickly creatures, they are valued and known to be blessed by Meringue, god of sickness. Emmai: One time I started a tribe on Oasis. The male had claw, but he didn't pass it on. A bearyena came, and right as that moment, a wanderer appeared with Big ears (perfect for hot weather), double Claws, and ram horns. She was invited in and took down the Bearyena by herself in two/three hits. She had a lot of children (as much as our food supply could support) and the claw lived on. Emmai and Meringue often unite to create strong, sickly creatures. Emmai is the god of hunting and strength. 
    • It took a while, but I've worked out some automated turret designs that are not only stable, they're insanely effective. After seeing what they're capable of, I'm leery of changes that would make them easier to use. 
    • i was more thinking the feature would be great for automated turrets. currently you would have to use several distance sensors, and it makes each turret extremely unstable, pretty much no matter what. with this, that would be much easier, not to mention more accurate. as for missiles, i think it would still work, as long as the first, maybe second missile killed the target. perhaps a difference between "enemies" and "stationary enemies" would help that.
    • Reminds me of this comic made by Lil’ Sun Leopard