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    • CHAPTER 34 - DAY 631 CURRENT SEASON: Spring Year 14 STATUS CHECK Leader: BANDI (Dusty-pelted she-cat with golden eyes) Doctor: NAPOLEON (Ginger, dappled tom with brown eyes) GUARD: NIGHTLASH (Pitch-black she-cat with sharp claws and a muscular body) Citizen: COLETTE (Golden she-cat with dark eyes, the spitting image of Blitz) Citizen: SEIKO (Sand-colored she-cat with sleek fur) Arrival: Citizen: RUIK (Dark red tom with a muscular body) Arrival: Citizen: TAWNYSPIKE (Fuzzy brown tom with reddish markings) DEATHS Doctor: QUICKBURST (Dusty tan she-cat with chocolate brown eyes) Spring passes by the colony mostly uneventfully. One day, Ruik approaches Nightlash with a flower in his jaw. "Nightlash, you are the strongest cat in all of the colony," he purrs. "I would be honored if you would become my mate." Nightlash smiles. "I accept, Ruik." "I'm surprised that you took a mate," Bandi says to Nightlash. "You never seemed like the romantic type." "I'm not, but he's a strong fighter, and this colony needs more cats." Nightlash shrugs. "He's a handsome cat, too." Napoleon dies of old age. Colette takes his place as the new doctor of the colony. "I knew you could do it," purrs Seiko, congratulating Colette. "You're going to be a great doctor." She nuzzles Colette proudly, and then leaves the doctor's den. Bandi smiles at Colette, who flattens her ears. "Don't look at me like that, Bandi." "You should really ask her out sometime," Bandi purrs. "I don't see what's holding you back." "...Fine," says Colette. "I'll ask her in Summer. When I'm recognized as a fully mature member of the colony." "Perfect!" says Bandi. "I'll be holding you to it." The spring festival is celebrated, and Summer arrives. But a new surprise has come for the colony. Nightlash brings in her jaws a small tomkit that she found abandoned on the coastline. The kitten looks barely a week old.  "Where could he have come from?" Asks Colette, tilting her head to the side. "I don't know, but I looked all around for any signs of a family. There was nothing. No one." Nightlash sets the kitten down at Bandi's feet. "Well, Bandi?" "We'll need someone to raise him," Bandi says. "Anyone?" "I can't," says Nightlash. "I'm pregnant myself. Ruik and I are preparing for a kitten already." "I will," says Seiko. "By yourself? Are you sure?" Tawnyspike pipes up. "I'm more than capable, thanks." Seiko takes the kitten in her jaws. "I'll name him Oaknose." Bandi and Colette become fully grown she-cats in the colony. True to her vow, Colette approaches Seiko one day. "Seiko, I have a question for you." Seiko's dark eyes meet Colette's, and Colette can feel her nerves getting to her. But she can't hold back any longer- she's waited seasons! "I wish to be your mate, Seiko. I've cared a lot about you for a long time. I know it's out of the blue, but could we-" Seiko nuzzles Colette, intertwining her tail with the golden she-cat's. "Of course, Colette. I thought you would never ask, you know." Colette purrs, relieved, and looks down at Oaknose. "It looks like we'll be raising him together, then." Soon, Oaknose's eyes open. He bonds with both Seiko and Colette, and befriends Tawnyspike, who he considers like a cool older brother.  "He has beautiful brown eyes," purrs Seiko.  Oaknose also begins to show interest in Colette's work, and Colette teaches him the basics of becoming a doctor. The colony celebrates the summer festival, optimistic for the future. "You know, it should be your turn soon to get a mate," Colette teases Bandi. 
    • Guys please don't use the like reaction on my art it makes me think my art sucks. You don't have to use Love, you can just not react. /nm Using it on other posts is fine
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