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    • Hart had been practicing his hunting. He wanted to be just as good as hid mom, Uvi, when he was older but he got increasingly frustrated as the rabbits kept jumping away. He stood stock still in the grass, watching the bright white bundle of fur. Just a second more.... He leaped out of the grass, swiping at the rabbit,but it squeaked and moved out of the way just in time. He groaned angrily.  'How can I be a good hunter if I can't even hunt a rabbit!' he yelled, scaring whatever animals were still there away.  'You obviously need someone to teach you.' Hart almost jumped out of his fur, before returning to his usual quiet demeanor. 'W-who's there?!'  'Pfft, only me you nervy rabbit' Hart saw Giya jump out of the grasses. She had a wide grin in her face, as if this was funny to her. 'I can teach myself how to hunt.' He huffed. 'Why don't you just ask one of your mom's?' Giya said. 'Rain taught me how to hunt'  'I could but....' Hart began. 'but I want this to be a surprise for them. When I bring home a lot of food then they'll be very happy.'  'Fair enough.' Giya shrugged. 'Too bad you still need a teacher' Hart considered it for a moment. 'Alright, I do need your help.' He admitted.  'Then lets get started!' She smiled. The two spent the entire rest of the day hunting, and when Hart finally caught something, he raced back home to show it to his parents. 
    • This is my first Warrior Cats playthrough! Hopefully it will go well. I probably won't post that often, maybe only once a week.   We'll be starting on Grass Mingle   When the flames struck their home, almost no one from Forestclan could escape. Many burned to ashes that night, but six didn't. They leaped onto the ports and escaped from their destroyed home, leaving their burning clanmates behind. Duskstar is the leader of the surviving Forestclan cats. He is the chocolate brown tom with amber eyes. He has four lives left, as he lost one in the fire and the other four to sickness and bearyena's. Nightclaw is the deputy of Forestclan. She was appointed during the trip to Forestclan's new home, as the old deputy died in the flames. She is Foxpaw's mother and is very protective of her only surviving kit. Nightclaw is the black she-cat with green eyes and a webbed paw. Mallowfur is the Medicine Cat of Forestclan. She is the oldest in the clan and usually the first one kits would go to for story's. She is very gentle and quiet and also has a good connection with Starclan. Mallowfur is the white she-cat with blue eyes.  Murkfang is a warrior in Forestclan. He is quite jumpy and was disturbed by the burning island the clan left behind. Murkfang is the chestnut brown tabby tom with yellow eyes and the water body. Sootberry is also a warrior in Forestclan. She is very energetic and also a mentor to Foxpaw. She is much younger then Murkfang, but Duskstar made her Foxpaw's mentor in the hopes that her more energetic and caring personality would help Foxpaw overcome the trauma of watching her home and family burn. Sootberry is the black she-cat with red spots and golden eyes. Foxpaw is the only apprentice in Forestclan. She is very close to her mother Nightclaw and mentor Sootberry. She is a skilled hunter and fighter, even though she is anxious most of the time. Her littermates died in the fires as did her father. Foxpaw is the black tabby she-cat with green eyes.    The surviving members of Forestclan looked out at their new home. It was much bigger than their old home but they would most likely get used to it. The six cats sat in silence for a while, just taking in their new home, when Sootberry yelped and dashed away from the water. Their was a leech on her front shoulder! Mallowfur sighed. How could her clanmates have already gotten hurt when they had only been on the new island for a few minutes? She padded over to Sootberry. "Stay as still as possible and try not to tense your body. I'm going to pull this leech out" Sootberry nodded in agreement, untensing her shoulders, wincing in pain as she did. Mallowfur sank her teeth into the leech and yanked as hard as she could. Sootberry yowled in pain and clawed at the ground churning up the dirt and revealing a root underneath her feet. Mallowfur spit the leech out and pulled on the root until it came loose. "It'll have to do." She said and pressed the newly dug up root into the wound on Sootberry's shoulder. Sootberry sighed in relief. "Thanks Mallowfur. Sorry I freaked out." Sootberry said. Mallowfur smiled and responded "Just don't mess with leeches again, okay?" "Of course!" Sootberry exclaimed nodding vigorously. Foxpaw came up to Sootberry and licked her paws cautiously. ."Are you okay, Sootberry?" She asked. "I'm fine Foxpaw. It was just a leech." Sootberry comforted the troubled apprentice. "Maybe it's time we start looking for a new camp" Nightclaw butted in. "A new camp away from the water" She looked to Duskstar. "Sounds good Nightclaw. We can start looking now." Duskstar and Sootberry hurried ahead well Nightclaw waited for Mallowfur, Foxpaw, and Murkfang who were lagging behind. It took the small clan a few moons to finally find the perfect camp, but they did eventually. "Do you smell all the herbs? This will be enough to treat all the wounds this clan may get for several moons!" Mallowfur exclaimed excitedly. "And this stream should have plenty of fish in it!" Foxpaw said, dipping a paw in to the cool and clear water. The clan spent the day clearing out grass in their new home. The next morning, the clan was running low on food.  "We have to send out a hunting party" Nightclaw announced. "We don't have enough food to feed everyone, and we don't want anyone to starve" "Me and Foxpaw can go hunting" Sootberry offered and Foxpaw nodded in agreement at her mother. "And I can dig up some roots if everyone doesn't mind living of herbs for a while." Mallowfur said. "Sounds good" Nightclaw responded. "I'll come hunting with you and Foxpaw, Sootberry" The clan spent the rest of the day collecting food, but when they all came back to camp, all they had to eat were a few roots and some berry's. There was good news though. Murkfang had spotted some fish downstream, so Sootberry, Foxpaw, and Nightclaw said they would head down there to try to fish. When morning came, it was raining. But the hunting patrol still went out, in the hopes of finding anything to eat. After a while Foxpaw smelled a mole. She froze and looked around in the underbrush. Sure enough, a little head was poking out of the ground. Foxpaw sank in the hunting position and slowly crawled forward, barely moving her paws, before leaping and ending the moles life with a quick nip on the neck. (sorry forgot screenshot) Nightclaw and Sootberry were very proud of Foxpaw, especially sense she was the only one in that hunting group to catch any prey. Murkfang came back later that day with a dead clownkoi in his jaws. Forestclan feasted that night, and they still had enough food left over in the morning to feed all the cats that day. They spent the next day clearing out the area around their camp. Foxpaw, Sootberry, and Murkfang headed out on patrol. They were scouting out the boundaries of the territory when they found bones. Murkfang shuddered and sniffed the air. "Bearyena!" he yowled. "There's a Bearyena on our territory!" Sootberry and Foxpaw raced towards him, but Sootberry reached him first. Murkfang clawed at the bearyena, but his claws got caught in the bearyena's thick fur. It leaped towards Sootberry and sunk its's claws into her chest. She yelped in pain and clawed back at the bearyena, injuring it. She clawed at it again but the bearyena kept advancing towards her, foaming at the mouth and baring it's teeth. Sootberry was preparing herself to feel teeth sink into her skin when the bearyena dead on the ground.  Foxpaw had bit the bearyena in the neck, killing it. Sootberry congratulated her apprentice. "Thanks Foxpaw! I would have died without you." "Are you okay?" Foxpaw asked, looking nervously at the bleeding wound in Sootberry's chest. "I'll be fine." Sootberry said, leaping down from the stump she was standing on and wincing. Foxpaw looked unconvinced. "Let's head back to camp so you can get that check out" She said. Foxpaw and Murkfang led Sootberry back to camp.
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