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  2. I used to watch his videos all the time but I don't really watch him anymore
  3. ThisBeanIsCute

    My boys

    what are der names
  4. And this is why I turned Rogue Males off. I had like 15 females, and HALF OF THEM WERE mAtING wItH rOguE mAles especially the ones with deformed paws and deformed jaw <,3
  5. Today
  6. *inhale* Im bored so imma state all the deaths but as Minecraft Cocospill was slain by Unknown Monster. Chardonnay was eaten alive by Zombies. Everest was Slain by Zombies. Almond turned. Tippip Was Also Eaten alive by Zombies. sorry if I got any wrong lol
  7. is King Slime ever gonna awake.. it told me he has but he definitely has Not
  8. scree- if this isn't too much trouble or you haven't done it already, can you try to do him without armored body cuz I kinda switched it to lean body, and I had too much trouble with the killer bearyena's because none of my Nichelings had 4 attack damage, So none of us could get the Bearyena's and I restarted the world in the desert :T and ehm, if you've done the armoured body already it's fine but try to erase it if you can (you probably can I think i've said too much)
  9. I'd like to note that if you go to the very bottom of the page below the Facebook, Twitter and YT symbols there's a button that says "Theme" and if you click on it it gives a drop down menu and you can use the Wandering Village theme for the whole site
  10. huh, I got a notification for this! cool P.S. I plan on making a AHVHC 2 soon
  11. Tysm!! :D! Also I would like it painted since it basically just black & white
  12. done! @ThisBeanIsCute i’ll get started on yours!
  13. i havent watched one of his videos in a while, i know what im doing tonight
  14. Fun fact: The flowers Pocky gave Capst are Asters (the purple ones) and Candytufts (the pink, white and blue ones) Asters symbolize love (hehehe, but he doesn't know that) and Candytufts symbolize indifference (because, y'know, this is Pocky we're talking about)
  15. Burying the dead was never fun. Not just because of the smell either. Nobody enjoys burying bodies, not even nichelings who kill on a regular basis. It's especially heartbreaking when it's someone you loved. "I'm sorry, mom..." Capst stood over a hole, staring sadly at Tippip's bloody and limp body at the bottom. Zaptide was helping bury the bodies, since he was the only one with digging paw. Her mother was gone. What kind of monsters ripped a mother away from her own child? "I couldn't save you..." She had nobody now. Nobody. Her mother was dead. Her father could have been anyone. The only sibling she had died moments after he had taken his first breath. She was alone now. She was numb to the sympathetic and pitying looks sent her way as she walked towards the river. They acted like they understood. They didn't. They couldn't. They had all lost people, but only she knew what it felt like to lose the only one you had left. ------------------ "Hm?" Capst startled, whipping her head around to stare at the voice. Oh. It was Pocky. He was looking at her. Did he want something? "Did you want something? Or are you here for the view?" Oh. Right. "Oh, um, how are your wounds?" He shrugged, reaching a paw up to his face and rubbing the deep cut across his cheek. "They're okay. I wasn't aware that the teeth were serrated." Capst nodded, and silence settled over them. Not the peaceful silence. The awkward kind. -------------- This female was strange. Nobody had ever willingly sat with him for longer than a minute before. Was she alright? Maybe she was sick? Or maybe she was feeling blue? Black? Blue-black? She helped him. He could at least try and return the favor. Hm... Maybe she would feel better if he gave her something. Gifts cheered people up, right? Not that there was much in this place. Let's see... What made him happy? Bumblebees. The taste of broken jungle branches. Soft, cold winds. The texture of sand. The color yellow. Flowers- Flowers. He could find some of those. He scanned the area, sniffed the air, felt the ground, even listened-nothing. Wait... Bingo. He jumped into the river, swimming across and pushing against the rushing tide without so much as a second thought. Capst was telling him to come back, but he would be fine. He was already on the other side. Nudging away some foliage, he crouched low to the ground, sniffing at the bright plants. A cluster of purples, shaped like some sort of daisy and smelling of berries and salt. A patch of whites and pinks and pale blues, layers of petals and smelling of sweet things and iron and blood. He grabbed a few of each, turned, and went right across the river again. Capst was staring at him as he climbed back up, not even bothering to shake the water from his fur. He dropped the flowers at her paws, flicking an ear and looking at her expectantly. She stared at the flowers for a few heartbeats. Did she not feel better? He tried, he gave her stuff, why was she still feeling bad? A few more moments. She looked back up at him. And smiled.
  16. How is this not in game yet?? Even on the switch??
  17. I hope everyone gets a look at this and votes to make it happen! ^^
  18. I really like the concept of the game, and there are some useful filters already, but some stuff is really difficult to find and navigate. So here are some suggestions to improve the user interface: A menu with a sort-able list of all your living Niche-lings. This list should have name, sex and age and an options to add skill and genes as columns to that list. The family tree is fine, but some times you want to sort Niche-lings, not just compare their parenthood. I really miss being able to sort them by age so I can see who is close to die, without having to click each one on the map. A way to select the Niche-ling from the family tree menu. Sometimes we find a niche-ling in the family tree, but you still have to look for it on the map. (If the list is added, also select from the list) Suitable partner filter. A way to select on a Niche-ling in the family tree and highlight all opposite sex niche-ling with different immunity genes. I keep a notebook with annotations just to help me finding suitable partners. This option would save so much time. May be instead of just highlighting the suitable partner, it could show how many immunity genes the others have in common, 0, 1 or 2. I think theses 3 suggestions would make the game play much more fluid and dynamic. No time waste looking for information what the game can better show to us.
  19. Yesterday
  20. I’m going to try A Challenge for Everybody/An Honestly Very Hard Challenge and try not to die. Here we are! This is my starting nicheling, and she seems to be on a small, swampy island. From what I can see, she is pitch-black (with both black savanna horns and black fur) with light pink stripes and green eyes. She has medium ears, a short snout, a big body, stinky tail, hind legs, and a runner leg to her left and a velvet paw to her right. Of course, due to the settings, she has good eyesight and perfect fertility. I give her the name of Iris, and she decides to wander off for food. After crossing the shore path, Iris soon stumbles onto a nest and a berry bush. This will be where she calls home for now and is also the perfect opportunity to gather up on food! Nearby her nest, however, Iris finds a bright orange male named Inferno. He is blind with a derp snout and a lean body. He has a dark reddish-brown mane, red ram horns, and a nimble finger to his left and a digging paw to his right. Also of note is that he has hind legs and a fishing tail, with his fertility being two. On day eleven, Inferno and Iris become mates despite their age gap. They continue to gather food in the meanwhile. There is a wanderer near the territory. But Iris has to have her child first. There’s also a few other things, but nothing important. Their son! He mostly took after dad but has runner leg and stinky tail. He has dark red fur and most notable is that he displays blue eyes. His name is Dragon. Soon after Dragon’s birth, the two mates decide to find out who the new wanderer in their territory is. Her name is Snowflake, and as you can tell, she is orange with large white spots. She introduces medium body, claw, and medium tail into the tribe, but also has short-sighted eyes and a deformed paw to her right. At least she has good fertility! Fought a bearyena, but thankfully everyone’s attack is pretty good, so it died fast! Also dealing with a rogue male… And then this little guy wanders in! His name is Bolt, and probably most notable about him are those massive ears of his. A lot of my nichelings have horns, and are quick on their feet… Maybe I’ll call them the Gazelle Tribe. How about NO. Dragon meets his little sister, Storm! I now know one of Inferno or Iris has spiky body since she displays it. But nothing lasts forever, it seems, for Inferno, the tribe’s rogue male defender, has passed away and there’s now a bearyena in the grasses, ready to hunt these poor grieving nichelings whenever it gets the opportunity. It is quickly taken out, however, and Snowflake and Bolt soon become mates after the event! Iris saves a baby boy that nearly drowns, who looks just like her son except for his gray horns and swimming tail. She names him Drake for the similarities to Dragon and soon takes him back to the Gazelle Tribe. Tensions rise, however, when another bearyena attacks and the group try to fight it off. With Snowflake nursing her newborn son and many of the members just too young to fight, Iris decides to take the brunt of the damage and dies... On the bright side, young Shade is born! He has melanism, so Snowflake or Bolt must have it as well. Snowflake is getting old, however, but two new wanderers may shake things up! Two-Tone (left) and Sandstorm (right) introduce themselves to the tribe and soon take their places. While Two-Tone knows he won’t last for long, his younger mate will, so now recently pregnant, she decides to take refuge. It’s day forty-four, and Snowflake and Two-Tone both eventually pass away. Storm is now a full-grown adult and independent member of the tribe, while young Shade is now a teenager himself. Despite the challenges that Iris first faced when settling down in the savanna-forest, her family and their friends have made themselves a new life, but will it last? How am I doing so far on AHVHC so far? I have 26 nesting material and 100 food.
  21. The plane circled around, a net dangled from a part of the plane.. What?
  22. She looked at the plane and then tried to find where it was going.
  23. A Large object flew over the city, the sound it made was ear-bleeding.. It was a.. Plane? But the humans had been gone for thousands of years..
  24. You flew back, A large object flew over your head, almost hitting you. A Plane? Only the humans had planes..
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