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    Hello Stray Fawn, i have been playing/following Niche since early access. I enjoy the game very much, but one thing bugged me, when you go into sandbox or story-mode you can sometimes be unsure about unlocking or adding genes/mutations, i'm sure other people on steam has suggested this but, what if on the main menu or even in the mutations tab you could add another tab that will allow people to mess around with genes on a model, so they can preview it or see what they like on their Nichelings. This feature could also be something that will help people get more interested in continuing the game as they have something to look forward to creating in the future. Sincerely, Fearless Fenrir
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    Yeah something like that, but maybe it pulses once? just to get your attention
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    Since there's currently only 3 types of hind legs, I thought one that matches up with winged nichlings would work. The gene would give them 4+ attack since a predatory bird's talons are pretty powerful. I might put up a drawing on what it might look like later.
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    I know that nichelings will fly soon, but it would also be cool if they were able to glide like a flying squirrel. Maybe that would give them the ability to collect coconuts, and possibly bird eggs?
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    As yet, I haven't been taking advantage of the option to change gem colours - what are people using them for? Any recommendations?
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    If Nichelings did have a patagium, they would probably have the ability to climb trees very well. The claws would probably come in handy for hunting as well.
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    In my current game (I started late, so it's just the one :P), the markings I give them are based on location as well as color: Blue on the left: Home Island Immunity Red on the right: carrying undesirable/unusable genetics (lame paw, sterile, etc.) Pink in the center: candidate for leaving island Gold in the center: Community leaders
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    Oooh I like the design of the swamp and water snakes. Would you be able to counter this with dig? or like with moles? or is it intended to just be avoided (more or less like the carnivorous plants)?
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    Yiss love the forked-tail look! I could see that being useful for swimmers and fighters who normally wouldn't be much good for gathering (or you could breed nechelings to strip bushes in one go).
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    Deerest readers Last week our team travelled to San Francisco to exhibit Nimbatus at the Game Developers conference. ---> @Markus, @Philo and @Roger at the Nimbatus booth. We were super proud because Nimbatus won a "Best in Play" award and Roger managed to win the "GDC Pitch", where he had to present the game to a jury of game publishers. Nice job Roger! *pat on the back* Philo gave a talk about community-based game development. On our free day, we walked across the Golden Gate bridge with friends We also visited Japan town and bought LOTS of manga and art books (about 10kg in total). And there even was a rainbooooow! It was a great week! We met lots of new people and old friends and can't wait to go again next year
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    Thanks @Phiarose Yes, we did!
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    I use gems differently depending on my safe files and challenges. On my Story Mode file, I mark nichelings who have Home Island Immunity with the orange gem to symbolize Adam. That way I can make sure I don't run out of nichelings in Adam's bloodline. I also mark breeding pairs. On my Kingdoms file, I have five separate kingdoms, each with their own gem colors: Blue = Classic Kingdom [leadership passed through fathers] Blue eyes, digger paw, velvet paw, antlers, short snout, normal ears, medium body, fluffy tail, normal hind legs. Green = Pacifistic Kingdom [no true leadership; everyone gets along] Green eyes, double gather paw, poison fangs, round ears, spiky body, spots, normal hind legs. Yellow = Justice Kingdom [they go after the trouble-makers and carnivores and don't like hybrids. Leader is the eldest.] Yellow eyes, double runner legs, ram horns, cracker jaw, round ears, big body, hammer tail, normal hind legs. Orange = Hybrid Kingdom [all are prey to them. The 'mother and father' of the kingdom run it together. They have two body types.] Orange eyes, double bearyena legs, bearyena snout, big ears, lean body, stripes, fishing tail, bearyena hind legs. Orange eyes, double bearyena legs, bearyena snout, big ears, water body, stripes, swimming tail, bearyena hind legs. Pink = Amazonian Kingdom [Leadership passed on to whoever is the strongest and most beautiful.] Violet eyes, double claws, megaloceros horns, sabertooth fangs, bearyena ears, toxic body, mask, stinky tail, normal hind legs. Then of course there's the typical "markings for what they do" in other files in which I give gatherers green gems, scouts yellow gems, warriors pink gems, protectors orange gems, and fishers blue gems. Though sometimes I like to mix it up and I give nichelings gem colors that blend in best with their fur colors! When I do the Luck Challenge, all that is thrown out the window, because the dice choose the colors for me
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    I use them for a couple things depending on my mood and how I am playing the game. When I am playing fast paced not bothering to name creatures just playing to play with no attachment to the nichelings I use them to mark "disabilities". This meaning,, I identify the three worst traits in my tribe at that moment and I give each creature that has on of those traits a red gem for each one. If a creature has one or no red gems they can breed and if they have two or more red gems they cannot unless absolutely necessary. Once my nichelings reach a point where their genes are no longer heavily affected by the original three I reset gems back to green and pick three more genes I do not want and remark creatures according to what genes they have proceeding with the 1 or less can breed 2 or more cannot. When I am playing with attachment to my creatures/building a small story around them I use colors to mark breeding pairs leaving one color for the non breeders. This allows me to remember their "mates" and reminds me of who has genes I don't want...It makes for less straightforward genetics, but it's nice to have dedicated couples in the game sometimes.
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    As of the moment, I use them mainly to mark breeding pairs. Also, when I first get the bearyena genes, I mark anyone who has them so that I don't accidentally interbreed with someone who doesn't (I like making separate "groups" that serve different purposes).
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