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    I’m so freaking hyped for this update! It’s totally gonna distract me from studying my upcoming finals.
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    I like to play kinda casually. I just breed all my favorite/best-gened Nichelings and bring the best to new islands. I tend to breed quite a lot, but usually realize it and slow down before I have too many. In my main tribe, all my Nichelings have Antlers, and many have some Albinism in them, which makes half my tribe albino. I try and get them to have 1 Nimble Fingers and 1 Bearyena Claw, but a lot of them tend to get double of one of them. I've gathered so much food, I'm at almost 800 right now, and at about 700 nesting material. I'm so used to making nests whenever I want that I'll forget when I'm playing on a different tribe
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    Here are some rules for it, though you can always modify it to what you want: https://steamcommunity.com/app/440650/discussions/1/133255708301894968/
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    A black bird in an Acacia tree
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    I think a really cool feature to have in the game would be scent marking so creatures can more efficiently separate into clans or tribes and make claims on territories. This could happen by a certain button on the keyboard (maybe P, would make sense but don't know if that already does something) that allows the creature to leave it's scent on the tile it's standing on. this 'scent' could then be seen in scent mode, maybe as the color of the gem the creature had who made it since different creatures would have different scents. I just thought of this right now so there's probably a lot of flaws in my idea, if anyone likes the idea of this or has some recommendations of how it could be fixed up to make more sense please let me know in the comments because I think this could be a cool addition to the game, especially for players with really large packs. Thanks for reading
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    I have played Niche since its early access version 0.0.7 so I have seen a lot and I fell in love with the old grafics (no not the experimental branch ones. The original ones ^^). I would love to have an optional package where we can play with the current game mechanics and just the old textures (I wouldn't even mind if you made it a dlc we had to pay a bit for). I think that would be also useful for users who don't have such a strong grafics card. Would love to hear your thoughts on that idea
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    Hello all! This is mostly an idea, not incredibly fleshed out, but I thought I would share this since I haven't seen anything similar to it suggested. Currently, all nichelings are diurnal (active during the day) organisms. I thought it would be really cool to have a "night phase" in the game with resources and events only accessible to animals that are nocturnal in nature. For example, if an animal is nocturnal, it has no moves in the daylight phase of the day, but is able to use its 3 turns during the night phase. Generally speaking, there would most likely be higher spawn rates of both predators and smaller prey. Some species are exclusively active during the late hours, so it would be cool to see some 'night phase exclusive' NPCs as well. There are some flaws in this concept, however... How would the nocturnal or diurnal behavior of an animal be "passed down"? Nocturnal animals' physicality enables them to survive at night.They have superior eyesight, are usually slimmer and less heavy-coated to evade heat, along with a plethora of other traits that enhance their ability to survive in the hours past sunset. Perhaps there would be an eye gene that determined what phase of the day an animal is active? In short, adding the nocturnal mechanic would: Add a second part of a day Introduce new events and wildlife exclusive to animals who happen to be nocturnal Nichelings can only use turns during the appropriate "phase of the day" Possibly some new genes that would aid a nocturnal animal (?) Anyways there's my little idea. Thanks for looking!
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    That sounds like a bug I'll check. Thanks!
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    The rules mentioned above are pretty accurate but if you have read the books it is just like any clan in the books. With names and the codes and stuff
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    In my favorite and main tribe, I barely EVER get twins. My tribe has lasted over 100 days with max fertility, but as far as I can remember, I've only ever gotten 3 pairs of twins. (I might have had more, but not many. Also, the second pair were identical, but the other two pairs weren't.) This has only been that rare in this certain tribe, and I even have a picture of a different tribe where I had 3 pairs of twins, with their parents all being my Adam and Eve.I don't know if it would help, but if it would, below is a picture of one of my twins in my tribe. (His brother was left on another island, and they are also descendants of one of my identical twins.) Also, if you're wondering why there are so many Nichelings whose names start with 'Snow-', it's because they're all albino, and I have a tradition of giving them names starting with 'Snow-'. (It was mostly things like 'Snowflake' and 'Snow Blizzard' at first, but Ir an out, so I just had to use their preset suffixes for it instead.) A lot of albinism got into their genes when I landed on an island full rogues, but I had to breed their children because all my males had died of old age.
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    This would be great when you just want to create your own Nicheling, or just make an example of what you want your tribe members to generally look like. It would also be fun to mess with the patterns and see what you can make. This is something I would really want
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    Oh I love those books What's this Warrior's challenge - I haven't heard of it
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    I would love that, those pictures brought back so many early Niche memories
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    Jup This was accepted and is already implemented ^^ Thanks or the suggestion @SlyTheFoxx You'll see it as soon as the update is out!
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    I think the devs are going to add this in the next update if I'm not mistaken
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    I usually mark ranks with them and the home island immunity or other special traits if I consider a trait special On occasion I mark breeding pairs but that is kind of rare
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    OMG the beak is soooo awesome! I can't wait for this update. It feels like it'll steal countless more hours of my life ^^ (not that I mind). Also that tree looks different
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    Unfortunately steam does give us the option to reset single achievements. We can only reset all achievements of a player at once. Another way could be to add two new achievements for this.
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    @wolfhowlmay Same distance, but since you can see further you can usually fly further
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    @Draconiya I think it would be really cool to have it effect other creatures, I never even thought of that. The scent of a female nicheling could attract rouges while males drove them away and would probably repel away wanderers since they wouldn't want to enter a claimed territory. And though it may be a downside to scare off the rabbit creatures it could be useful for scaring them and wanderers away from your food sources
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    I run my tribe kinda similar to yours! My nichelings are very diverse and serve many different purposes. I breed some animals for collecting, some for fighting, some for exploring, and the "rejects" with bad genetics are the punching bags of the team haha. They stall apes and collect cactus berries when stores are low. They may not be eligible for breeding, but I've found that having some punching bag nichelings in the tribe is actually quite useful. I'd rather have a double deformed paw short sighted nicheling sacrifice itself for the tribe than a my perfectly healthy ones who's genes I want to keep going strong. I only let lone wanderers into my tribe if they are either Carrying immunity gene(s) that my current tribe does have or 2. Decently healthy and useful genes Otherwise I just kill 'em haha. Don't want them stealing my food. In short I breed very selectively and I'm very picky about what wanderers come into the tribe.
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    I think giving Spiky Body +1 defense is a good idea to make it more viable. One thing I never quite understood is why an armor-plated body protects your paws when you're collecting. Does Armadillo Body not only give the body armour plating, but also tougher, more resilient skin, including paw pads? That would make sense, if that wasn't the case a predator could just bite a leg or the head and there shouldn't logically be any damage reduction. However, I don't think Spiky Body should give resistance to cactus damage. The spikes are most definitely on the back, like a hedgehog, and not on the paws, which are what comes in contact with the cactus when collecting. It's not like your Nicheling throws themselves at the cactus and does a backward flip to knock off some fruit, right? ... That actually sounds really cool, I might have to draw that now.
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    I kind of like that, actually. And maybe the scent would repel Rogue Males and/or wandering Nichelings, or attract them depending on either the colour or what kind of marker you had the Nicheling leave? And the drawback could be it attracting bearyenas and/or scaring bunnils away? So many possibilities with this idea, both for the gameplay and the story.