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    This animal is a combination of a flying squirrel and a tree kangaroo. It also has a few squirrel traits in it. It's the size of a rabbil. It spawns in any tree that isn't in any nicheling's sight range. It can be found in any island. It has three colour options: These colours were picked from real pictures. The first and second ones are from tree kangaroos and the third one is from a flying squirrel. Colour info: Their colour depends on the tree type they spawnwed in or their parent's colour. In very rare change they can be albino 🌳 Oak trees -> grey-brown 🍃 Aspen trees -> grey-brown 🌲 Pine trees -> silver 🌿 Jungle trees -> grey-brown 🌾 Mangrove trees -> grey-brown 🌴 Coconut trees -> gold 🍂 Acasia trees -> gold 🍁 Home island trees -> gold Movement: It glides from tree to tree every night. It can glide to any tree on the island. They eat during the day. Hunthing: Only flying nichelings can hunt them. You only need 1 attac to kill them. They drop 3 food. Bluebirds can catch them. Reproduction & Lifespan: If it survives for five days, a baby will appear to it's pouch. Three days after that, the baby is fullgrown and glides to a different tree than it's mother. The mom can reproduce again after five days. The child can have their first offspring at the age of eight days. They have a lifespan of 20 days. Apetite: Every time you move, they eat one nut/coconut/fruit from the tree they are on, until it's empty. They can also reach berries from a bush, if it's next to their tree. If any egg-laying birds get added, they can steal their eggs. Abilities: infinite gliding 2 collecting 1 cracking 2 hearing 4 eyesight 3 smelling Do you have any... ...questions? ...suggestions?
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    Edit: 1) Yes, it's Espeon. 2) I know the design isn't realistic but I like it. Though, I wouldn't mind a slender lookin' prehensile tail that wasn't a twin tail. 3) I put the picking a berry thingy because I was confused as to how fishing tail worked (till I saw some fanart), so I thought this might help ppl. 4) It'd give +2 collecting, nothing else. You'd have to unlock it by collecting uh.. 100 times?
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    In nature, animals sometimes employ tricky tactics to avoid critical damage. This tail is such an evolutionary step for Nichelings. This tail has but one ability: once per day, when attacked, the first attack will not do any damage, as the attacker is actually attacking the decoy tail, but after the initial attack the attacker then realizes where the true target is. The eye-spots on the tail would be the same color as the nicheling's eyes.
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    Based off the ever-famous Boar, this head is as tough as it looks! Adds +1 strength, +1 digging, +1 gathering, and +1 defense. Because Boar.
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    "Tipp" to moderators: If you want more creative and unpredictable gifs, becouse most of gifs here are almost the same but bigger, do not put restrictions like: With just putting main tag "Sumo fights" you may get more interesting results like this one (of course more complex and prettier than that one) Thanks for your attention
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    A rolling stone gathers no moss. In this case, a rolling stone hogs the spotlight.
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    So my story mode nichelings sort of had a miracle moment. I made it to whale island and the tribe was making their way towards the north port, stopping a few times to nest and make sure the younger nichelings migrate, until we got utterly wrecked. Some of the babies were coming out sick, which wasn't too bad so I moved the others away and kicked them out. But then bearyenas attacked and quite a few of the nichelings had double digging paws (something I was trying to get rid of) and fail to carry the horn gene the rest had...which means they had no attack to defend themselves with and proceeded to die. Then we got hit with starvation because of low food. TLDR; I ended up with only 2 male nichelings, both of which were pretty old and only one carrying home immunity. So I slowed down and tried to stabilize the tribe by moving to the oak tree and collecting nuts to store up food. Then I was able to invite a young male nicheling with one wing and cracker jaw and a female nicheling with platypus beak. I managed to breed in more babies carrying the home immunity gene, which I'm desperately trying to keep for the home island (I lose it, I restart, bottom line). Unfortunately in the process I ended up with a tribe of water nichelings, losing the precious poison-fanged home island look I wanted. They all carried the gene recessively however, so by the time I reached the archipelago I once again had poison-fanged nichelings with the home immunity gene (although they all have waterbody, which is fine i guess). I even managed to breed in some horns. I hope I don't have to run into anymore scares like that again, but somethings tells me I will lol. I just want to reach the home island with the immunity gene so my tribe isn't an outsider when they get there. I know I'll have huge issues with the snow islands though, I tried in sandbox and as soon as the snow piles up we starve and get ambushed by predators :\
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    For a straight home island run I recommend around 1000-1500 food then you never have to worry about that as long as you keep your population between 20-30 (the occassional 40 isn't bad) and don't stay to long on islands with less food Also glad your tribe made it I had these scares mainly in earlier versions of the game. I hope you manage to find your way to home island with the immunity
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    Three times a try: This challenge is useful when trying to keep pack size small. Every time a nicheling has a baby, one of it's gems is turned red. When it has all gems red, it becomes "infertile" and is not allowed to breed. Both mom and dad get their gems turned red rogue babies count If this is too hard, you can try an easier version. After all gems are red, just start turning them blue! Restart challenge When you leave to a new island, you are only allowed to bring one female (she is allowed to be pregnant) and one male. Count, how many islands you can survive! Tip: Wanderers are really important to avoid immunity sicness! Inbred challenge You are not allowed to invite creatures to your tribe (exept for snow block-creatures) You cannot beed with creatures outside of your tribe Family names Your starter animals get different family names Every time an unrelated creature joins your tribe, they get a family name, that has not been in the family Every time a male baby is born, they get their father's family name Every time a female baby is born, they get their mother's family name
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    Hey guys. After seeing the "how do you run your tribe?" thread on here, I felt inspired to start a thread of my own on challenges. It'd be cool to see how some people play and rule their challenges (especially since I want to try some out). Challenges are my favourite part of playing Niche, as challenges and set rules for the game make it harder and more fun. Thanks!
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    On one of my saves, I spent quite a while roaming around to try and get hammer tail. I finally found it after ~70 hours of playing.
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    I understand the struggle. I had something similar to that happen but with saber fangs being what I couldn't find. Except my downfall was, I began to lose all the immunity genes I had collected, and I had to resort to breeding with a wanderer who had quite a few water genes. The water genes stuck around and I couldn't get rid of the webbed hind legs. The waterbody was annoying because I wanted the big body for strength. And the wanderer's velvet paws stuck around, so we were weak and slow. I brought them back to a snowy island, I had bred the creatures so much in order to try to bring back what they had once been, but no luck. That caused them to drain all of the food. My creatures all died of starvation, balance bears and bearyenas, only one baby survived. I moved him to another island. I decided to delete the world after that. No more trying to find the prehistoric genes for me.
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    Time to draw this weeks Alpha key winner! The random numbers have chosen.... @Regain as this weeks winner. Congrats! Please drop me a PM to claim your Alpha key Regain
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    This all sounds so cool! I hope to see at least one of your ideas get in Niche! You get an upvote, for all of them!
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    Oh that could be a livesaver for me, this is a really neat idea!
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    Ever wanted to know what your most common immunities are, or how many animals have a fang gene? There isn't a quick way to do that in game. This panel would allow you to view important statistics at a glance - and double-click on a Nicheling's name to select them. This panel would be accessible by clicking on the 'Animals' wedge in the bottom right corner. It allows for sorting by name, age, sex, and many different genes. By default, only Name, Age, and Sex are shown. Clicking the 'Sort/Filter' in the top right-hand corner opens the second panel and allows you to add other attributes like immunities, colors, and snouts. Clicking one of these options opens the third panel, allowing you to select options to filter the results by. Double-clicking an animal's name closes the panel and auto-selects the animal. The panel can also be closed via the X in the top left corner. Example of alphabetical sort: All the various sortable categories: Only Nichelings that have either a 'B' or 'Home' immunity will be shown!
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    I would really like to see more uses for peacock tail. I think there should be bright colors for the peacock tails. I would also like it if the males could put on a display for the females which would increase fertility. Also if an animal with peacock tail encountered a predator, the animal should use its tail to scare away the predator.
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    I think another interesting addition to not just the peacock tail but the attractiveness stat itself would be to lure other creatures towards it. For example, rabbils might find the tail interesting and walk up to your creature.
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    Wow, I really love this! That’s all I wanted you to know!
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    I like this idea quite a bit! Lemurs and some other animals can use their tails to grab things or cling to branches. I think this is an excellent suggestion. Take an upvote for the road!
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    Yiss love the forked-tail look! I could see that being useful for swimmers and fighters who normally wouldn't be much good for gathering (or you could breed nechelings to strip bushes in one go).
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    I don't know if I can post multiple drones, but I want a key This one launches a net to do all the work Also: /\ / \ / \ / \ / ___ \ / / | \ \ / \___/ \ / \ / \ / \ / \ \____________________/ GIVE ME A KEY PLEASE Or my friends here at the Illuminati will be forced to make some better drones for me