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    I've got to say, even though it's a bug, those nichelings look really cool.
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    We have made a small game where you can enter your name and it generates an awesome Nicheling! You can find it on http://niche-game.com/nicheling-explorer/ Show us the cutest Nichelings you can find!
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    So, gem colors are great but are kinda limiting with just five colors. This isn't the biggest change or the most important but I think it'd be cool and nice to have. This idea is also incorporated with another idea here: So to do it, the home screen would look like so: And upon opening it you get a screen like so: and to explain it:
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    I'd like a place I can enter an input, or a group of inputs that would activate thrusters. (For instance, W, or W and D, or W when a certain detector is also triggered) When thrusters are activated by the inputs entered, or by logic responding to those inputs, I'd like to see a circle indicate those thrusters' center of thrust (a circle, so that it is visible if aligned with the center of mass dot), and I'd like a line across the screen indicating the thrust vector. This way we can make sure, when we build an asymmetric drone, that we can align thrust with the center of mass. We can put the CoT beyond the CoM for stablility, or behind it for manueverability. (I don't know if the physics will bear that difference out, though.) The line will tell us if our thrust will cause our drone to drift - a thrust vector directly through the CoM will be a straight thrust. The further its closest point is from the CoM, the more the drone will turn.
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    There is a problem I am starting to have, and once I just thought it was just a hiccup due to this being an unreleased beta, until it happened again! The first time it just effected one baby Nichling and now its three. You can see the image of them below. Additional Notes: This seems to fix itself after you quit and go back to the game as you will see below here. It is also I believe of importance to note that this appears to only happen on Nichlings that have a thick pattern. I will also note that I am using the higher quality graphics settings.
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    It's been a few weeks since I took this screenshot, but oh well. Anyways, as you can see in the picture below, a Clownkoi (No, Google, I don't mean 'Clownish') or whatever-they're-called apparently died of old age, then a leech went onto the same tile, resulting in a Leech Koi (as I shall call it). Please fix this! I don't want to see another Leech Koi ever again.. *shiver*
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    cool! also maybe you can grab small creatures like crabbits and move them around, like you don't want the crbabits near your clams, grab it and put it somewhwere else, or transporting baby bearyena to your base
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    You inspired me, gonna make a suggestion of it!
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    Alright..i'll try and make something! though I probley will not win this contest
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    Volcanic biome Island #1-This island would be a large black-ish smoking volcano jutting out of the ocean surrounded by a little Grassland and beach, along with a few tiny islands around it that have grassland biomes` Island #2-This island has several smaller volcanoes sepated by ocean and is comprised only of Volcanic biomes plants: Healing flower Roundleaf Umbrella plant (Protects against Large Predators, heat and Burning ash) Tarotato (Requires digging to harvest, 5 food per plant, regrows after 2 days) Palm trees(on the coast, higher spawn rate than on other islands) Terrain: Hot Ground(all the ground on the biome except the rocks and stuff) - Hurts your creatures if they have less than 2 heat resistance (New)Crater- found at the highest point, requires lava immunity to stay in, is the place that erupts Lava Flow - Must be evaded, hardens temporarily for every 2 days Tree Stump Rock Climbable Nest (a permanent nest on a leafless tree)- VERY RARE, Blue Chicks and Eggs Spawn here if there is a mother bluebird, your creatures can birth here, Climbable if the creature has claws or nimble fingers Genes: Scaly Tail + 1 defense + 2 heat resistance + lava immunity unlock Conditions: Eat from a Firey-ant nest 5 times Magmaproof Shell + 3 heat resistance + lava immunity + 2 defense unlock conditions: bring a Heat Bodied Creature and Armored bodied creature to an island with a Volcano Biome Bluebird Beak + 1 strength + 1 Piercing (ignores spikes on creatures and cacti, and ignores defense) + 2 insectivore (also given by Big nose(2), Platypus Beak (3), Beak(3) and Digging trunk(3), enables catching and consuming insects) + Battle Cry (Scares most NPCs away and boosts Allies attack by +2) unlock conditons: breed with a Tamed Bluebird Bluebird eyes + Distasteful appearance + 5 sight unlock conditions: Breed with a tamed Bluebird Bluebird Wings + 7 flight if genes are identical + 1 fire immunity(works like lava immunity, but only makes you immune to fire) unlock conditions: Breed with a Tamed Bluebird Bluebird Talons +1 speed +1 Strength + piercing + tree climbing(works with no wings) + carry (grabs things smaller than ) unlock conditions: Breed with a Tamed Bluebird NPCS Bearyena Rabbils Crabbits Rogue Males Insect Swarms Firey-ant nest (Fireshooting ants) Stats: 1 heat(without fire resistance) 3 eats per day, better results depend on insect catching ability, also found in the Savannah Coconut Lobsters (Coconut crab + lobster) Stats: 5 Defense 2 attack 2 cracking 1 movement 1 eyesight 2 swimming 1 fire ressistance Weakness: Being Picked up and dropped into the lava food given: 20 lifespan: 55 days Mother Bluebird (with Blue eyes) Stats: 9 flight 3 attack 2 piercing 3 movement 12 eyesight 3 stealth 1 fire ressistance 2 insect catching Found: On a climbable nest Weakness: She lands and sleeps after moving 5 times lifespan: 75 days after detection Fire Darters (Nicheling Sized Orange Iguana like-lizards with Yellow eyes) Stats: 5 speed 5 eyesight 5 smelling 3 hearing 1 attack 2 insect catching 2 lava protection 2 climbing 3 stealth Grabbing Special: after coming out of lava, Needs to be attacked by a creature with 7+ attack to break stone on back Weakness: Piercing and being Grabbed Eggs Requires 1 Cracking to eat gives 5 food per egg Young Bluebird (A Bluebird Chick) 1 fire ressistance When Mother is killed, it can be tamed for 5 food and sits in the nest until it is 20 days old Food given if killed: 10 Warning: Can be killed by Coconut Lobsters and Fire Darters Playables: Loyal Bluebird Stats: 9 Flight, 3 attack, 2 insectivore, piercing, Pickup, Battle Cry, Distasteful Appearance, 12 Eyesight, 1 fire resistance Special: Lands after 5 Moves Events: Heat Wave Flooding: Occurs once every 20 days and lasts for 3 days, raises Water level and amphibious/aquatic NPC spawn Rate Volcanic Eruption: Occurs once every 50 days, Increases Lava flow, heat and amount along with heat level and lowering plant growth Volcanic ash: Occurs after Volcanic eruption, lasts 5 days Causes Burning ash to fall from he sky, burns creatures and NPCs that do not have fire/lava resistance, unless they are in water or under a Roundleaf Umbrella Plant Extra animal: Magmaworm -The magmaworm is a large grub-like animal that lives on volcanic islands gets oneshot by creatures with cracking(some have a rocky shell), takes 5 shots from a 5 attack creature, if it doesn't, it gets oneshot by everything, needs insect catching and fire/lava resistance to eat 4 camoflouge in lava, 1 on volcanic rock, 0 on others 1 speed fire immunity lava immunity 1 attack(fights back) 1 stealth 1 scentless 5 smelling 1 sight 2 hearing 4 digging eats tarotatos(favorite), roots and other fruits and nuts gives 5 food when eaten predators: birds, coconut lobsters, badgerbats, carnivorous roots and fire darters found: on islands with volcanoes, near lava, underground cavern in volcanoes which also contain lava -> 10 days after 10 days, it turns into a fire beetle(needs fire/lava resistance and insect catching to eat) speed: 3 flight: 4 lava and fire immunity 2 attack 3 sight 3 hearing 3 smelling distasteful scent caustic spray(like a bombardier beetle, activates when threatened and has detected threat, does 10 damage to non fire/lava resistance anmals, does 5 to those with it) diet: giant earthworms, roots of all kinds, Firey ants(eats 3 insects at once) predators: the same as before All taken from the niche wiki
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    Might be harder to implement if we have such a wide range for the inactive colours as well, also I am not sure how usefull it would be to have customizable inactive colours, I wouldn't mind of course, just wondering
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    Wow, that's and odd one though I have to agree with @Pokestardragacraft these Nichelings look really cool! We need a pattern like this now ^^ (of course not moving or anything, I can see how that could be bad for the eyes )
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    Yea, no I'm sure it's actually quite bad and obviously needs to be fixed, but just looking at it (especially still) is kinda appealing to me.
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    Updated with a color cycle option! I also was considering adding an option to change the inactive color, thoughts?
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    Making a new post for the safe file. First 100 days in and a little bit of the lore I built up. The leaders (marked with blue gems) born from the first 'spark striped' Nicheling named Sparkstripe (that creative name XD). Her decendants have an individual named followed by the family name 'Sparkchild'. The firstborn automatically inherits the title of leadership. Usually they should have stripes. The Healers/ shamans (marked with pink gems) born from the first blind creature (who also happened to be a Sparkchild) named Sage. His children were called Sagechild and the first blind child of his would inherit the title (marked by all pink gems, the siblings carry the corresponding gem in the middle (which I actually forgot to mark in the latest generations XD)). The Sagechildren that aren't blind are the guardians of their blind siblings. The Winged Guards all winged creatures who theoretically serve the Sparkchild. A few sometimes go off though to live their own lives. The water tribe: living deep beneath the sea, protected by the Winged Guard Swallow. The Cast outs: living under the tree by the streams. They are usually allowed to have one child. They stay their whole life under the tree. They have usually at least one cracker jawed creature there to harvest the tree. The other creatures concentrate on fishing an hunting. Slot4.nichesave
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    Thank you for choosing me last time Also is it alright if I keep position drones here just for fun
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    Here are my favorites! I think Pepperoni Roll might be the one I like the most.
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    No if you win a key, you don't have to buy the game anymore But you can always buy it as a gift for a friend!
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    I got a few interesting results. The one that doesn't have the name shown was one I called using my real name.
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    I got it working! "The King" is my favorite
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    This story reminds me of one of my creatures. (WARNING! This story will turn to be a story of my whole snow tribe!) Her name was Clawite (Claw+white). She lived at the time of the mountain update. She had yellow fur mixed with white fur, poison fangs, one claw and one runner leg. Her whole life she seached for a mate, but immunity was never on her side. She had two days of life left, when she found her true love. I think his name was Kuvan. Kuvan was a yellow male with stripes and poison fangs. They had two beautiful twin boys called Kuwite and Clavan. She got to spend one day with them before passing away. Her sons were send with a group to look for a snow island. Raven, the melanistic son of Tata was in the group. (I found Tata as a baby and if you watch Seri, you know that you should never rename a creature named Tata). One of the twins got damaged and almost the whole group died. When they got to the snowy island, only the twins and a female with poison fangs were alive. Luckily they didn't have to worry about food, because I had 1000+ food. They bred before both of the boys passed away. Then my females (she and her daughters) started beeding with all males available, witch meant rogue males and a spits-nouted wanderer. My tribe ended up being mostly spit-snouted double no-paw creatures trying to hunt rabbils and walrush deer (big body+horns). I still had a good line as well. That line bred with my ice block nicheling who had megahorns. Then at 500+ food I moved best of them to a savannah island. Then our computer broke and I lost the save. The end. Also here are some pictures of them. I had a few screenshots of Tata, but I don't know if they died with our old computer...
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    More idle animations would be nice! Upvoted ^^