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    This is currently my biggest issue and suggestion. It looks like the order of my drones gets shuffled after restarting the game. I can see no pattern to how they are listed - not alphabetical or chronological... Tick box selection for these typical sorting options might be a basic solution. But I'd really love some kind of custom folder/tagging system, to separate out the sumo drones, at the least. And to be able to see more of them on screen at the same time (because my short term memory is bad and and bad at finding things in a long list). It also doesn't make sense that you have to scroll all the way back to the bottom, for your most recent drone, each time you go back to the select screen. Thanks, great game so far.🙂
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    THE GIVE AWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Hey space travellers We're running a give away to celebrate the launch For every 25 comments in here, we'll draw a random winner! Leave a comment to enter the raffle. Winners from page 1 - 16 have been announced here. Winners from page 17 - 20 have been announced here.
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    I know this isn't really a suggestion, but I think this is the best place to put this. This is basically the ultimate sandbox mode where it has suggestions that I took from others, suggestions I made myself, and suggestions that I thought of first but then someone posted about it. I do not think that all of this will be implemented; I just thought it would be best to just create the ultimate ideal instead of something with less. Also because of where I got the suggestions, anyone is free to separate any of my suggestions into their own post because I don't remember/know which ones are which anymore. For upvoting and comments, I'm thinking if you just like the format or not rather than everything. I also wanted to mention that I have not finished all of the concept art I wanted to make, but I felt bad about teasing this for a really long time and not posting it because I got really busy and haven't had time to work on it, so I will most definitely update this later (how much later, I don't know). Without further ado, here it is: This is the new page that will appear when Sandbox mode is clicked (the buttons on this page are subject to change due to some pages not being fully thought out yet) (also I know that it says arcade mode and that's because I thought that have "challenges" would be arcade mode exclusive, but there is now a suggestion for that so I'll fix that later): I think that these categories are best to fit all of the suggestions I've seen and will go more in-depth with each one when I get to them. You'll notice a difficulty meter in the upper right-hand corner which will shift depending on your options or due to combinations of your options. Also in the bottom right-hand corner, there is a "Save Challenge" button which is meant to give you a code to send to other players. Now I will start with "Starting Island" and go down from there: This is just a standard selection and is pretty self-explanatory. However, you will notice there are two other buttons not usually found on this screen: "Custom Islands" and "Randomize". For the "Custom Islands" button, you will be able to create your own islands, play on previously made islands, or import islands. Selecting a previously made/imported island will look like this: Creating islands can be very versatile. You can make a specific island with specific placements for objects like trees and rocks, or you can make it more general like having three burrows spawn somewhere on the island. I believe the rest is self-explanatory. Next is the "Randomize" button: I think that this one is pretty self-explanatory as well. The next category is the "Mutation Menu" button: Here is a menu of all the genes in the game, not just the ones in the mutation menu. This allows one to add more genes to the mutation menu if they so desire. The green buttons seem pretty self-explanatory besides the "Custom" button. The "Custom" button allows you to edit the unlockablility of the genes meaning if you wanted to change the unlockability requirement for round ears to "discover all islands", you could. The color code may seem complicated, but you only need to focus on the top row. Clicking on any of the colors at the bottom themselves will allow you to either select or deselect all of the genes in that category. Double-clicking the colors on the top row in edit mode will allow you to change the status of those genes. The next category is "Starting Creatures": Here you can select the amount and specific creatures you want for your save file. In the future, I will add a random amount button to the "# of Creatures" button. For the "Specific Creatures" button, you can, well, pick specific creatures. You can create the creatures through a simplified version of my creature creator that only involves the ability to make one-off creatures. It currently isn't there, but in the future I will add a "Random" gene that allows you to have random aspects of your starting creatures. Next is the "Entity Factors" button: Here you can customize your wildlife. Spawn rate involves another screen that has a master spawn rate along with custom spawn rates for specific islands and island levels. Stats involve what you can typically see on entities such as strength, speed, collecting, etc. Extra involves anything from diet to fear to movement type. At the bottom of this page, there would also be a custom button. In the custom button, you can use one of the pre-existing entities as a base for a new creature that could involve simple color palette differences, size differences, and part editing. An example of part editing would be like making a balance bear have slightly longer and larger claws. Unfortunately, this is the last picture I have, but I will continue to explain the rest of the buttons. The next category is "Environmental Factors". This section includes weather, plant life, starting food, and starting nesting material. The weather section would include a button for where, how often it would occur, and effects. The plant life section would include where, how often it would occur, effects, food provided, and respawn rate. The final factor category is "Nicheling Factors". This section is about your creatures themselves and includes everything from lifespan (overall length and life stage length), food expendability, amount of energy, energy regained, dietary restrictions, sickness, population size (which could include island proportionality), and genes (which includes amount of mutations, hiding certain genes, gene dominance, and immunity genes (amount and importance). Next is "In-game Toggles". This section is the most arbitrary as it acts as either an easy way out of mistakes made whilst in this menu or to sustain evidence of completion. What I mean by that is that this section either says you are allowed to change such qualities after the save file is made or not. Subjects that you are able to allow to change include being able to show genotype, gene unlockability, conditions, mutations, sickness, notifications, population size, and gene existence and rarity. The final section is "Challenges". Here you can create custom conditions that can be more harshly reinforced in-game. So the game would give you tasks to complete with genes which could be either continuous or one-offs. ex: have only yellow eyes in your pack You would also have the ability to customize what types of challenges, time limits, predators, disease, pack size, etc. The types of challenges you could have could be “Create a Creature” where you make a specific creature (which could vary in how specific), “Dominant Trait” where you make one or more traits be prevalent in all of your creatures (which could extend into phenotype or genotype), “Natural Selection” where you try to eliminate one or more traits from your pack (which could be paired up with other challenges and be ongoing meaning you can never have that trait in your pack), etc. There would also be an option for lives as in how many times you can fail objectives. You would also have a code to send challenges to send to other Niche players. The code could be set up as just a long number sequence where each number represents a stat. In the code, you might even be able to get really specific like the exact challenges you get. ex. 050003 (followed by more 0s) would represent 5 challenged by the first two digits, an infinite time limit represented by the third and fourth digits, the starting island would be the grass adventure island represented by the last two digits, etc. (If there’s a better and shorter way to do this, then I’m game as well) The game mode will end once all objectives are met, are failed to be met, all creatures are dead, or all lives are lost. If you have lost, there’s also the option to view the island. All creatures would have no energy and you couldn’t pass the day. It’s purely there for you to view your failed tribe and send it to others if you’d like. So, that's that I guess. Please feel free to comment below if anything else needs to be clarified or whatever else. I most likely have an explanation, I just forgot to include it. I'd be happy to explain whatever!
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    Overall, I love the concept of Nimbatus and the ways you can be creative with the logic parts and sensors to create automatic drones. However, I feel as if the game doesn't really reward you for making these. With a maxxed tech tree, you can have a single blaster flood the screen with bullets. Who needs a combat drone? Who needs to make their own homing rockets? You can just make a tiny ship abusing the factory energy cell exploit (where you just have a factory produce energy cells so you never run out of energy) and no enemy is strong enough to challenge you. You can max out the entire tech tree very easily. The missions don't present an engineering challenge or anything that forces the player to innovate. Here is a list of my suggestions: - Nerf weapon upgrades like crazy. For example, +300% bullet count should also significantly increase the amount of energy the weapon takes. The point should be to fit a similar amount of firepower in a more compact drone, but not make the energy cost negligible in doing so. - Add upgrades for thrusters and shields. Thrusters should be upgradable so they have more thrust (but take more fuel), or are more effective against air resistance so as to give you a better top speed. - Remove the bio barrel missions. The type of challenge here isn't engaging, it's just frustrating to have to carefully navigate around these turrets, praying not to trigger them and have them destroy your mission objective. It's really not fun and seems very out out of place with the rest of the game. - Make enemies more challenging. You can sit with enemies enabled in the testing area and it'll be quite a while before they start actually destroying parts of your ship. The amount of damage they do is negligible compared to how much health your parts have. - Buff shields. They go down very quickly and don't have much to offer when your armor is nigh-impenetrable. - Nerf factories. They are EXTREMELY overpowered, as there is no limit to how much they can produce, and no cost either. They should definitely be able to spawn small drones to help you in combat, but they definitely should not be able to essentially give you infinite lives. - Make enemies target the drone core more than other parts. Enemies are very easy to distract with single parts and decoys. They should be more intent on destroying your core. - Make each planet give you a certain type of reward once you complete the mission. This is a one-time reward, and you use it to unlock upgrades on the tech tree. As it stands, resources replenish instantly and are plentiful on many planets, so you can easily max the tech tree before even leaving the first galaxy. - Add boss fights. At the end of each galaxy should be a challenge. You need to think of a creative way to defeat this boss using the logic parts and automation. - Give the direction sensor the ability to target the closest enemy. This way, you can make entirely-automated combat drones. This should go hand-in-hand with the factory nerf, so that people don't use it to have infinite lives, but instead to make these combat drones. - Make sure the way you write the game does not close the door to the possibility of multiplayer in the future. I won't say "add multiplayer," because I know that's a hell of a lot to ask at this stage in the game. However, I believe that Reassembly (the game I'm sure you drew some inspiration from) suffered greatly from having no multiplayer capabilities to be heard of. Multiplayer can keep a game interesting long after a player has grown bored of the campaign, increasing the (re)play value massively. Thanks for considering my suggestions!
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    I found Niche through Seri, too! Whom I no longer watch! Anyway, I watched her first ten(?) episodes and I already decided I wanted Niche. When I first bought it on Steam, I was absolutely OBSESSED WITH IT. In fact, two years ago, I think about 1/2 of the art I made was all the creatures I came across in Niche. Here's one of them! (It's also up on Steam) I took this photo with my desktop's camera. The resolution is so bad, but I lost the original image so that's all I got. Deal with it. Every day after school I would play Niche, and I grew more interested in it every day. Even though I didn't watch Seri anymore, I still loved playing Niche. It was my favorite game to play (of course, behind THE DOG Island). I had my own stories, my own lore, and my own customs for every tribe. My favorite was a tribe that reached up to 1,000 days and had over 3,000 food! I called it the "Friendly Island" tribe! 😄 But then, one day in late 2017, I got super bored of Niche. I think this was a few months after the game was officially released? I dunno. But what's important is that I got bored of Niche. In fact, at one point, I was forcing myself to play Niche to rack up hours. Y'know, this tatic actually worked, because now I have over 100 hours! I got even more bored after the wings update. I would just check up on my 1,000 days tribe, move some creatures, maybe end the day, and then exit the game. That was all. Then, this Summer, I stopped playing Niche. I think it's in my top 20 favorite games now Oh, wait... You just wanted first impressions, not my entire Niche story. Damn it. Uh, I liked Niche until I didn't. There we go. Also, OH MY GOD I LOVE GENETS THEY'RE MY FAVORITE ANIMAL AHEUFSDYDGTDFY
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    It doesn't currently seem possible to rotate an entire drone or its core in the editor, but being able to do so would be convenient
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    I agree we should make the tech tree accessible from the map and not just inside the drone editor
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    Fun mission. Would like more missions like this. Having more sensor types would be nice.
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    I (also) found Niche by watching Seri play it. I started watching her Yukir Tribe videos, and REALLLLY wanted the game. For Christmas/my Birthday (they're only a couple days apart) I wanted a Steam giftcard, and I kinda got worried because I got all the stuff from my relatives on Christmas or beforehand, but finally my Birthday came and my parents gave me the giftcard! Since it was late at night (we had just gone to see a movie), I just showed my parents pictures of the game that I knew I wanted to get. Next morning, as soon as I got up, I went and got Niche! I don't remember much of my first tribes, as I mostly just started tribes, bred a couple creatures, then got bored with it and deleted the tribe and then started the cycle anew. Finally I got hooked on one of the tribes and played with them a lot. I still have that tribe today, but I also have some other tribes too (my absolute favorite is the Whim of Fate Tribe, they're currently on day 654!!). I love Niche ^.^
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    Some people at the steamforums suggested the same, I'll add the following to the discussion: Add a Toggle which decides what is 100%. Settings: Radius, Container, Nimbatus, Drone Brain Add a relative Altimeter, which measures not the distance from the center of the planet, but a raycast to the surface as a guide.
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    Maybe we have to add a "Nokia 3210" Part. Its feature: Unbreakable.
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    As a complementary part to current system, microprocessor should be used when you are short on space or can't balance centre of mass. Size: 2x2; Mass: 1. Has 16 slots for logic parts inside. Simply connect to drone and have circuitry fun. All hail integrated circuits, for they may save humanity once again!
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    For a mining ship, it'd be nice to be able to have a weapon that is specialized for safe use around ore; -damage, +digging, 0 damage to ore. That, plus the fact that it occupies an upgrade slot, should keep it a useful but very specialized upgrade.
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    I think that the drone core in the game currently is just a concept and and it lacks importance. So what if when building a drone, whether its the main or a factory made drone, they would all need a core, and different size cores could be chosen. The larger the core, the more blocks could be on the drone with the core. For example: 1x1 - 10 blocks, 2x2 - 25 blocks, 3x3 - 60 blocks, 5x5 ( the normal ) - 150, 7x7 - 300 blocks, and possibly more?
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    Just straight up pistons, length, extending speed, etcetera. They'd be very useful.
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    when you are in the galaxy vieuw, its nice and all but it would be sick if the planets where orbiting thier sun, just a small estatic change that would make it look soo much nicer
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    Trying to make it as clear as possible now
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    What if when placing a part all the previously placed parts hitboxes would appear? It would help out a bit when placing things on an angle, but would mostly look cool.
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    Strongly agree that a more robust match making system would go a long way to making the PvP more fun for a wide audience. Though I would recommend resisting the urge to use signals other than win/lose to rank performance it will most likely reduce the accuracy of your evaluation. I.e. don't look at the number of blocks used, just look at the outcome of the matches it's played. I expect there's an open source implementation of Glicko for unity which you could probably get working without too much effort. If not then Elo should work well enough. Assuming you don't want to license TrueSkill from Microsoft.
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    Congrats on releasing the game, and thank you for doing this giveaway
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    if you press a button lets say A then it will show all of the keys that are being used for each part, if anyone here plays factorio its kinda like the alt view, were it shows what you are doing, to if a thruster's imput key is D then a green D will be hovering over the piece if its a directional sensor then there will be two red characters over it
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    This is corrected, now. I hear what you're saying, but I don't think splitting the features of a sensor out into more sensors to limit the options per sensor is going to be less confusing.
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    Plleeasssee I love this game
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    This is amazing! I can totally understand why the upcoming sandbox update will probably not be that big but this is still an amazing peace of work. Maybe the devs will even use it for future reference
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    I really want someone else to have the game
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    13 pages... i think everbody is losing their $'s hope that I can win
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    I tried the Demo, very nice mechanics so far! A little tough but i'm getting the hang of it!!! (I NEED the full game, and would love to test it further and give feedback !) Hope I will get a full Key :); if not, i'll probably buy in the future. Congrats guys
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    When I was just trying to set a system up for automated delivery I just left my drone core in the resource hopper (to home in on that, after rising to max altitude). A bigger problem was the bug that resources won't currently enter containers that have been printed (and are still attached). But I believe the devs are onto that already. Yep, definitely. Maybe empty too...? (Easier to work around.) Maybe a whole new resource sniffer (sensor) instead of over-loading the current ones...? But options are good.🙂
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    This game has been looking better and better every time I saw it, good luck everyone!
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    Hello. This game is awesome. Hope I'll get the key
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    cool game played it when it was free fun game then fun game now (probably)
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    Hey Jeroene, were you in the chat during my stream 😅 ? I see that this is a good idea, but I also see how we should put our effort into more important things like more missions or more arenas rather than polishing stuff that is already working well. Just a thought ^^
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    I think planets are pretty well marked and labelled, and in a small enough area. I think the improved visuals would be worth the very occasional confusion, assuming they aren't too taxing to implement.
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    I would second blocks that would pass power/fuel/inputs/outputs on to nearby parts when they got close enough.
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    I don’t think you could have trees on every tile because of the leaves, perhaps they’d need a particular amount of clear/ lower tiles around them?
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    I don't think they're retarded, but maybe their programming is a bit broken. 'Cause I remember when you attacked Walrus deer, they would attack back. The only other thing I remembered was that Walrus deer looked dorky
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    Thank you xx I didn’t think about unlocking genes- maybe you could choose if you wanted to be able to unlock them on all islands or not? 🤔
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    That would probably look cool Eventually it could lead to confusion aka 'Dude! Where is my planet?'
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    Anyone remember those old harvester drone-things from the demo? Well, i thought of a possible weapon type/upgrade that essentially creates a tiny drone launcher! It would have different tracking settings (enemies, resources, terrain...), but it would use lots of energy and also fuel. What do you think?
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    I think this is possible with the system we already have internally, but I'm not 100% sure, don't count on it The next upgrades we add to the game might have this behavior. But we haven't decided on any yet
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    I used to watch Seri’s sims 3 warrior cats series a bit, and one time I stumbled upon one of her niche videos (I think it was the first episode of Seeker’s Journey.) I watched part of it, and loved the aesthetic instantly but wasn’t very interested in the game itself. Months later, I found that episode again and suddenly realized this was THE game made for me! It combined all my favorite things. Cute animals, gaming, and genetics (I was really into genetics!) I watched the entire series...and then proceeded to watch the Whims of Fate, Farsea Tribe, and the Wings of Wonder. Then I began watching Jessimew’s Story Mode tribe. I don’t watch those Niche videos anymore...because I can play it myself! And I LOVE the game so far and can’t wait for the new update and all the updates in the future!
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    Hi! I bought the game just as it was released, so im quite new here, but i have been playing quite a lot and been sharing ideas left and right. I hope i will be a help for this games development.
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    Just got an idea of implementing special Switch-like logic gate which will upon pressing change output for next For example: Entering the game => Output 1; Press Input => Output 2; Press Input => Output 3; Press Input => Output 1; Press Input => Output 2... For, idk... 3-6 Outputs? (Sorry for my terrible Paint skills, my other graphic editor broke)
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    There are quite some wishes for making advanced logic easier. We haven't found a good and satisfactory solution yet, but we definitely have the hardcore logic lovers in our field of view and at least try to find a good solution
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    Darn I missed that. Pretty useful now that I see it, thanks.
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    Tags are a good solution so far. They have to be activated in the editor to be visible👍 There is room for improvement, but they are a way better option than to use the whole alphabet.
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    Even just 150 would take it out of the range of things that right now can sometimes find the highest fliers.
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    Niche wiki does explain it. Oxygen Not Included wiki explains things too. The point is that new players don't have to exit the game and search everything online because there's an in-game explanation. Just generally it's annoying if you have to look up online to learn how to play a game. It should be obvious from playing the game. As it is now, one of the more common complaints on steam reviews is that it's hard for new players to learn things. I thought this might ease the learning curve a bit. Not everybody is willing to exit the game to google stuff.
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    Absolutely! I urged @Micha to do this since quite some time. let's upvote this so he has no chance but to implement it
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