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    THE GIVE AWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Hey space travellers We're running a give away to celebrate the launch For every 25 comments in here, we'll draw a random winner! Leave a comment to enter the raffle. Winners from page 1 - 16 have been announced here. Winners from page 17 - 20 have been announced here.
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    actually, my friend and are going to buy some ghillie suits and scaring people.
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    people ask me what I am going to be for Halloween. I tell them I am going to be a kleptomaniac, I will steal everyone's candy and then sell it to a dentist.
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    Single block Two modes; Transmit and Receive One input One output Function: Transmit: input works like any other logic input. output can only be received by other Transceivers set to Receive (global, bypassing logic splitters) Receive: input is only accepted from other Transceivers set to Transmit (global, bypassing logic splitters) output works like any other logic output
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    They're literally ramming into my missiles and killing themselves. Hammerhead: "Oohhh shiny, a missile!" *rams into it* *kills itself* Other Hammerheads: "Let's do the same thing!" *suicides into another missile*
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    I think they made the walrus deer to act like a regular deer, will run if it has the chance but will attack if isolated like Jojo said.
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    Ok, let's draw some key winners! The draw is completly based on random numbers. Here are the winners from page 1 - 16. I'll send over your keys via PM ^^ Congrats! Page 1: @DRACL10N Page 2: @Evo-Robot Page 3: @Qwarty4 Page 4: @Maniac1 Page 5: @[username not available] Page 6: @Andur Page 7: @MSG Page 8: @Ippenutt Page 9: @The_PurpleFurry Page 10: @RobotNinja Page 11: @Fireforest Page 12: @ALAN0010YT Page 13: @Drake255 Page 14: @aSackOfRoos Page 15: @Discorded Page 16: @Birdleaf The give away is not yet over though We'll keep it open for some more time and draw winners from page 17 and up. Thank you all very much for participating! We will certainly run more give aways in the forums soon too!
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    This idea may sound familiar (like the bio waste collection mission), but what I'm thinking is a planet covered in bio waste. Contact with the crust will inflict damage and corrosion which will cause slow damage on any part that is corroded. There will be no events on this planet (aka nests, or snake eggs) instead, you must kill a certain number of mutants, which will jump up to your ship to attack it. Furthermore, the mutant will also inflict corrosion, making it harder to kill them. Mutants are weak to cryogenic attacks and though they cannot be frozen, they will take double the damage that a kinetic attack would deal. Leave any ideas or suggestions! PS: maybe corrosion could be a weapon effect?
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    Moin moin, i am just some random gamer dude from germany calling himself R3zn4K online. Found a gif about Nimbatus around November 2017 and liked the idea. Bought the game after i find out it was available on Steam. Hobbys: I guess i could say watching anime, driving my motorbike, playing videogames... obviously. Oh and sorry for bad English.
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    I hope you're referring to the shark. I mean, just look how far apart its eyes are! It looks so dorky! Perhaps they couldn't see the missile 🤔
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    Ohh... That's a really good move. I'm sorry then. I was confused with what I had seen on the video but now I have all clear now That's nice. I apologize to you and all your team for this misunderstood.
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    The galaxies are procedurally generated. This means we are not designing them by hand, but the planets are generated using an algorithm. All players currently have the same seed and therefore the same galaxy is generated. We did this so new players can get help by others by telling them the name and location of the planet. We will add some sandbox settings in the future where you can change the seed and get a completly different galaxy. Cheers, Micha
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    Dodomingoes are flightless birds that occupy nests in niche. Even if the one before them was killed and eaten. On the adjacent tile. And screamed in horror. I don't think they're meant to be smart.
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    Hi! I'm new here! I came here to help suggest ideas for the game niche but I'm since fairly new to this so I just wanted to meet some people! I don't like my actual name so you can just call me Moo I'm a geek who likes eating, gaming, playing volleyball and sleeping, I also like reading from time to time, hanging out with my friends and swimming when I can!
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    Some people at the steamforums suggested the same, I'll add the following to the discussion: Add a Toggle which decides what is 100%. Settings: Radius, Container, Nimbatus, Drone Brain Add a relative Altimeter, which measures not the distance from the center of the planet, but a raycast to the surface as a guide.
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    It would be nice to know when a shield is full or depleted, much like batteries/tanks. Then you can make shield management logic, or do fancy stuff like moving your now exposed side out away from the pain etc
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    Make them very energy expensive, or a costly upgrade to specifically shotguns (that maybe consumes 2 slots instead of one?) but god do I miss them. They were *very* effective
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    like the decoupler, although the two separated parts are connected by a faint energy beam. and when the assigned key is pressed the two parts are pulled together and rejoin, allowing them to be decoupled a second or third time. it would make it much more fun to have mini-drones in our builds.
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    I think that the drone core in the game currently is just a concept and and it lacks importance. So what if when building a drone, whether its the main or a factory made drone, they would all need a core, and different size cores could be chosen. The larger the core, the more blocks could be on the drone with the core. For example: 1x1 - 10 blocks, 2x2 - 25 blocks, 3x3 - 60 blocks, 5x5 ( the normal ) - 150, 7x7 - 300 blocks, and possibly more?
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    A new logic device that ignores logic cut-offs for its input key only - this would be a solution for having independent drones that can all react to the same trigger (like pressing a button to return all drones to the mothership). For example, if you set it with input "W" and attach it to a drone that's otherwise behind a cutoff, this would 'mirror' the global W input into the local logic network, and the output will still be local - so when you press W, every individual drone receives the input and can handle it independently without affecting anything on the global network. Ideally we'd also have a "Global Mirror" that works in reverse, taking a local input and outputting a global one It'd basically be a way to send and receive specific variables between your logic networks, letting them interface, instead of the current chips which only allow you to be either on or off a given network and can never communicate between them I can only think of a few uses for this, but part of the way this game works out is to provide the tools and see what the users can do with them, so may as well open up a whole new bag of logic networking and see if anyone can come up with anything
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    Pressurised thrusters - if all of the fuel storages are 100% - 95% the thruster gets ~25% bonus power. If there is less than 95% fuel left, power drops to 100% - ~25% when on the brink of running out of fuel. For more clearity i attached some numbers. More fuel - more power Hybrid thrusters - they are very fuel efficient, but uses energy. Fuel to energy alternative Ion thrusters - 2x2 sized thrusters that have the same amount of thrust, but uses energy instead of fuel. Large energy thrusters Overclocked thrusters - have 30 % more power, but use 50% more fuel and act as heaters: one thruster begins to melt in 8 seconds of continuous firing. Unreliable, but powerful thrusters Clockwork thrusters - Works in bursts ( they work for random periods between 0.1 and 0.6 seconds and then even if the key is pressed they turn off ). If being used while not off they quickly generate heat. But if timed perfectly they have 20 % more power. Consumes same amount of fuel. Better timing - more power Tweaked thrusters - produce 20 % less thrust and take up 1x3 space, but consumes 50 % less fuel. Highly efficient Eco thrusters - Consumes no fuel, and consumes only 10 % of energy equivalent, produces 15% of normal thrust. Almost free but weak Turbines - thrusters that use energy instead of fuel, and loose power if they go above a certain altitude ( too rare atmosphere ), and can be more powerful when in dense atmosphere, or less powerful when in less dense atmosphere. Power depends of atmosphere density and altitude Independant thruster - a small thruster with a small fuel tank attached to it. Behaves just like one and the other, only that it has fuel storage, which is by default full, and the efficiency is between small and normal thruster. A bit weaker thruster with fuel storage. sorry, no drawing... And for no other reason than, becouse i could, i have drawn some examples of almost usable quality.
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    or just add a round variant, sometimes the square sensor fits better with geomatric drones
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    Really awesome idea, the thrusters section could really use some variety! Plus awesome artwork, great job!😊
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    Parts that modify air resistance or friction would also be cool.
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    Two outputs; positive movement, negative movement Tolerance slider (controls "dead zone" in middle) Function: Sort of like a speed sensor, but only for the part of the block's movement along its long axis. The black dot sits in the middle when the block is at rest. When the block is moving, the dot moves to the side opposite of (or matching, maybe makes more sense) the movement vector (of the block itself) along the long axis of it. It should not use the drone's total vector; This is important for being able to detect angular momentum with this block as well, by placing it perpendicular to the center of mass. At zero tolerance it should detect even the slightest movement. Not sure what total negative/positive speed range it should have but it doesn't matter too much since it's not really for detecting speed as much as figuring out your vector. Uses: This block would have many applications! - hovering/anti-gravity setups - detecting spin caused by external forces (e.g. in sumo) - direction agnostic stabilization Note: this is not an acceleration sensor, but it's similar; It's based on current velocity instead of ∆v
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    An altimeter that has 100% set as high as the nimbatus.
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    In many places it would be much more useful, and make much more sense, if having a tag and a key for an input meant they were both needed rather than either or. It could be very useful for having remote systems only activate under certain conditions. It is very unintuitive the way it is now. The common way of using it just as extra logical keys would still be fine and valid.
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    What I'd like is for a selected logic part to have lines to every part its inputs or outputs are used by. Color those lines if they lead to something on the other side of a factory or decoupler, to indicate that they may not ALWAYS be connected. In addition, a fainter line indicating the inputs and outputs THOSE parts are connected to. So you see bright direct connections, and a hint of the larger web of interactions.
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    Ooooooooooooooooooooh. I thought you meant something Reassembly style, where everything that generates forward thrust is fired when you hit forward, so the same thrusters are often used for multiple vectors. I see what you're getting at. CoM isn't a great way to do it, if that's how it's currently done. I admit I ignored it for the most part, and just accepted that it would always be wrong and need to be changed.
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    I think it's a bit complicated and uses center of mass currently, so if it's left of the center of mass it's considered a right turn thruster, etc. I agree that simple directions like you're describing would be better, since even forward thrusters are pretty much never placed in line with the COM EDIT: Just to clarify, I have no idea how it actually works and COM is just a guess from what I've seen
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    Yep, it works fine with a splitter between the factory and the drone. Newbie mistake. Thanks for the game btw - it is a game that makes me enjoy logic again, allows me to be creative and includes problem solving. And if you want to, you can even have serious pew pew power on the ships, or have Exterminatus happen. Lots of stuff to do. Keep up the good work! Edit; Btw, I didn't actually test it, but I did similar builds with other drones and they worked fine.
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    what if you added factory ruins or something to get people to think about what happened there and why it is so contaminated.
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    I've managed to blow my expectations high enough that I can't have fun with any video game until I play this one. It'd be great to win, but I won't begrudge anyone else a win either.
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    No problem Hope you have fun with the game!
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    Make it so that there's an option for the keys you press or certain keys to be able to go through the logic splitter. It's frustrating sometimes because you want to have a creation with normal controls, but you also want there to be multiple of them, and logic splitters won't allow you to control them individually. Maybe even make it so that each drone the factory makes has different tags for each one?
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    It's not very good but is a reasonable proof of concept. Not sure I have time to make it work consistently. Think you'd need to have the magnets quickly cascade in switching from repelling to attracting. That only took 45 blocks, so there's some room to make the core into a center seeker after it's attached (or if it doesn't attach). Also could have a bit of anti-carrier precautions, though ultimately this design will have a lot problems with carriers/shields.
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    Useless and annoying for Mining, check! But used as ammo for a Drone-Gun? Sounds fun to me!
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    Here ya go: Yes, I chose the silliest thing. Did you expect anything more from me?
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    On whale island one time, a sickly double winged and beaked wanderer flew out of nowhere... Stinky (or whoever it was): We have a good amount of tribemates already but I'll attempt calling anyway *aaarOOOUGH! aaarOOOUGH! aaarOOOOOOOUGH!* Finch: *swoops down out of nowhere* I hear you are attempting a birds challenge,,,,
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    Star: I should use call for no reason! I'm probably gonna get a good laugh at all the crippled girls that'll appear, though- *Anasi appears* Star: How did I...?
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    I can't recall anything particularly dumb that I did before... I think the dumbest thing I did was back in the snow biome update. I blazed through the starter island without preparing ahead of time and then died in the snow biome the next day 😅 (During this, I got the weird screenshot of the "hairy guy in a hot tub staring at my crippled son"...)
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    I was an Education major. I have an Associates in Early Childhood Care and Education. I love kids, they are easy to understand. Regular people are hard. Hoping to go back for my Bachelors someday, but current financial status is "Do I want gas in my car or groceries in my fridge?".
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    I'm not technically a new member, but since everyone seems to be introducing themselves, I might as well follow suit. My name's Draconiya, but you can call me Draco or Drac, whichever you prefer. I'm a female in my late teens from Germany, and my interests include art, storytelling, writing and roleplaying, as well as animals, nature, languages, acting and genetics. I've wanted to either become an actor or an author since I was little, and through some miracle of optimism and recalibration of goals those professions are what I still aim for today. I own a very fluffy adorable longhair half-persian kitty whose name is actually Nova, but we always call her by a plethora of nicknames she seems to recognize and respond to with her squeaky meowing. Seriously, she sounds like a door whose hinges need oiling, but it's adorable. She's a Longhair Tortoiseshell Silver Classic Tabby and White with hazel eyes, and the cutest being I've seen on this planet. Weird to think she'll still only be three years old this month, it feels like she's been with me forever. I also used to have a dwarf rabbit named Felix with beady red eyes and a Siamese Point-like pattern, though he sadly passed away a couple years ago. I'm quite fascinated with the intricate art of creating and analyzing characters, and am always looking for ways to improve my own, though I don't really see the sense in sharing your brainchildren with complete strangers on the internet, so you probably won't even notice this. I stumbled upon Niche when it was in it's veeeeeeery early stages, with the wooden graphics and four genes in total, and forgot about it for a while after playing even though I really liked the concept, until I found it again through either JessiMew or Seri!Pixel!Biologist!, can't remember which. From that point on, I watched many of their Niche series, until I decided getting the game was worth it, and I've been playing ever since. I used to play MMOs, but have taken a liking to isometric RPGs in the last year or so. Once my new computer arrives, I'll hopefully be able to play them again without crashing every time D: Even Niche is getting stuttery, hopefully my tribe will be full bird-mode before it starts crashing as well. Unlike seemingly everyone in this thread (lol), I have never watched an anime or read a manga, though I find the art style quite beautiful. I love drawing and sketching in general, especially dragons or Nichelings, though dragon-like beings are definitely my speciality. Humans are freaking difficult though, the best I've managed so far is a half-decent satyr with a misleading facial expression. Digital art is somewhat of a mystery to me, too, I prefer the good ol' pencil-and-paper approach. I'm somewhat awkward when interacting with others, so if my writing sounds stilted or something that's probably because I read over everything several times before posting, in part because I'm not a native speaker and still not fully accustomed to writing entirely in a foreign language, but I also hate making stupid sloppy spelling or grammar mistakes that could've been easily averted. I'm also rather honest and blunt by nature, so if something I say upsets you, please take it with a grain of salt, I most likely didn't mean it like it seems I did. That's about it. Nice to see so many people here, though, the last time I checked, this thread was completely empty
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    Of course I have to put in my Ouroboros in here, It's my favorite drone i have made. So why wouldn't I put it in here? Then there's also this thing
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    I've made a jellyfish that kinda behaves like a jellyfish when it flies or hits a wall. And a video here that shows a little more: https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/NimbleUnfoldedGyrfalcon (the video feels good when played at 2× speed on gfycat) Of course it's not very efficient to clear planets (although it is not useless either). Building the logic parts was a nightmare, it doesn't seem like much, but I think all the keys of my keyboard are bound except Tab, there were so many exceptions I had to deal with to make the tentacles spread and behave correctly.
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    I don't know how many times I've lost critical immunity genes and had dozens of nichelings with the same two or three immunities, because of RNG breeding fails. It would be nice if there was a third mutation slot that could be only be filled by a nicheling's, or it's parents, genes including their immunities. That way we can spend more time fiddling with genetics and less time worrying about immunities.
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    one thing I think would be a neat way for nechelings to interact is to be able to have one move another. For example if you have a necheling end turn in water that turns out to be to deep for it, than you can have a buddy come by and pull em' out before they drown. Or a child is near the grass when suddenly a predator appears! so the parent pulls the little one behind them before fending off the baddie
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