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    My dreams are coming true with the option to create your starters! I'll make Ossen and Dragon Tear and Karhu. Then they'll have babies. Lot's of babies.
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    I've posted a lot of suggestions to make our creations more dynamic, responsive, to intelligently respond and adapt to a player's intentions. I wanted to put up a post about what they look like in a coherent picture. First, the basics. I think logic should be local. That is to say, parts should require a connection to see a signal. Even the lack of such a connection is information that can be of great value to an engineer, activating a missile's flight or indicating to the brain that something critical is destroyed, and I think wireless logic with wireless connectors present is a meaningless 'gimme' that circumvents a logistical problem that could be quite rewarding to overcome via design. Speaking of connectors; I think wireless connectors should go to a pair of units, transmitter and receiver, each with the option for a whitelist or blacklist of signals that are permitted or forbidden. Receivers should act like a simple button, relaying signals that pass their whitelist/blacklist. Connectors currently block signals, but with control over the direction signals travel and the type of signals traveling, I don't think that separation is necessary. Sensors. I would like sensors to have ranges that can be added. A directional sensor might have one range and one tolerance, or five ranges and no tolerances, and it shouldn't have to be filled sideways to adjust the tolerance. Instead, add and adjust ranges as you see fit, and anything you don't set is a tolerance. Self awareness is a big thing. Trackers will help a lot, if sensors can seek a specific tracker, not the nearest or average center. Things like a GPS setting for the directional sensor (your current rotation around the planet, with Nimbatus being 0/360) would also help. Awareness in general will also help. My complex creations often stumble on simple things like not being able to position themselves well, hooking on terrain that slips through sensor fans, unexpected input leaving hinges in unexpected positions, etc. The previous adjustable ranges will help. I think permitting detector sensors to have even a narrow angle, so they're a fan instead of a line, would help with sensor criteria 'dodging' sensors. More criteria for sensors to operate on will also help. Altitude should be a general purpose distance sensor, with units that aren't changed by planet size. Instead, when used for altitude, they should have the option to have a specific starting value. (Altitude of the core, surface, hopper, Nimbatus level, and whatever in between marks are appropriate. ) It should be able to measure distance to any sensor criteria that makes sense. Dynamic sensor control. Sensors can be as powerful as a keyboard in controlling complex behaviors. I'd like to see the ability to adjust the range of a sensor dynamically, the same way dynamic thrusters can be adjusted. That way, fine dynamic control can be achieved without math parts, without dozens of ranges, without tons of logic. Processors. Think of them as a box that can contain a few logic parts. My opinion is that every 1x1 footprint of a processor should contain a 2x2 footprint of sensors or logic. This means you could use them to put very compact directional sensors on a hinge, or put a whole raft of complex logic in a larger processor. The reason is twofold. Obviously, it makes streamlined construction easier. But it also reduces part count for logic. Sumo is far too dependent on brute force - smart drones are weaker drones. I'd like to see that mitigated to reward intelligent design and intelligent done behavior more in asynchronous multiplayer. By limiting the available size of professors, or by damaging the parts it contains when the processor is damaged, you also aren't totally eliminating the threat posed by logic damage. In the end, this will provide wired logic as a challenge, with a simple transmission system to overcome it that is intuitive, and treats all signals the same, while still providing exacting control. It will provide dynamic, precise behaviors without requiring math. It grants a player more awareness to tune complex behaviors by as they cruise around, as well as granting awareness of your own drone's behavior via trackers. It rewards intelligent design in sumo and any part restricted game mode, without limiting the vulnerability of logic.
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    I create stories and sometimes artwork Q: If you could have a/ another pet, which one would it be?
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    I create carbon dioxide through the process of inhaling air and exhaling carbon dioxide.
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    I have one cat, Alvin. My apartment is a bit small for lots of animals. He gets into EVERYTHING. I'm taking him to the vet later today because he ate part of a zip lock bag, and I have to make sure there isn't a blockage. Do you create? What? Stories, artwork, craftsmanship?
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    Either Russia, Japan, or Australia.
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    We are getting to modify nicheling lifespans and damage multipliers, so why not apes, bearyenas, bears, crabbits, walrushdeer, dodomingos and other things as well? If not the others, then at least bearyenas, because they have multiple lifestages and they're closely related to nichelings!🐻
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    I love walrushdeer! I want more of them!
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    I only wanted the option to create islands, having many tribes, and longer lifespans. Only one is going to be in the update.
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    Maybe the slider would work like this: 1 fertility = up to 17 percent 2 fertility = 34% 3 fertility = 51% 4 fertility = 68% 5 fertility = 85% 6 fertility = 100% The idea of litters would be difficult, as mentioned in other comments, nest size. though I do think if one sibling was smaller, like a runt of the litter, 3 may fit. Or maybe you could 'expand' a nest, by making 3 other nests around a naturally spawning one, in a relatively flat area, you could merge them and make a large nest (taking up 4 tiles) you could have 2 mothers sitting on it. This big nest is permanent.
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    Hey guys anyone have any GOOD, UP TO DATE pics of the swamp, mountain, or water biomes. If you find some post them here, thanks oh also KELP PHOTOS
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    Oh yeah, like a sandbox mode? I seen a lot of people asking for that too. With the ability to pick what 2 creatures u start with.
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    This will be added in the next update ^^ (With a maximum of 10 Nichelings)
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    I'm Gemini. I think it is kinda fitting Q: How many languages do you speak?
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    We are currently implementing a very basic version of this. You will have a file in which you can add color codes for your gems.
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    Probably when my parents actually clean up after themselves in the kitchen! Other than that, the house not smelling like dog crap all the time and the floors being nice and clean instead of sticky because one dog couldn't hold it and left an everlasting gift even after cleanup. Question: How many pets do you have, if any? I have 7. Four dogs, three cats. I have to feed six of them every night.
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    (Mind if I answer two?) My zodiac sign is Pisces! It kinda fits because I love water and I’m very introverted. If I were stuck in a country for a year or two... I’d chose Canada or Japan! Canada, because I still hold on to my philosophy that Canada>USA, and Japan because it’s freaking Japan. My turn! What’s your favorite household amenity?
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    Insectivorous Nicheling is serious.
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    Norway It is cold, I am already learning the language, beautiful landscape and I have always wanted to go there and I am planning to go there. So yeah Q: What's your chinese zodiac sign (they are sorted by the year you were born in )
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    We return to the story with Dustnose and Copperstride. They seem to be chilling by the shore, and Dustnose has recently given birth to a new kit of which she has named Shellkit, later to be called Shellsight. The two are relatively close to BrightClan's camp, but they don't mind. Waspstar is watching them from afar, and while he does not mind the two very much, he wishes they had not left the clan for what he sees as no reason. Speaking of BrightClan, one if its cats is sneaking off to hunt with a cat from DarkClan. More importantly, that cat specifically is DarkClan's deputy himself, Rainfur. Whilst the two have only one strength, they hope they can combine it to take down whatever they come across. Let's just hope the stagmoles dont hide away before they can both land a hit. In the distance, Patchstar and her patrol are returning to camp at last. Minnowear, a DarkClan warrior, is helping the shy young cat, who has graduated from Softkit to Softpaw, build up courage to face her clanmates. (Look mom! I got the gender right!) Softpaw takes comfort knowing she's not the only one with a form of horns growing out of her head, although hers are antlers while Minnowear's are rams. Back at BrightClan, Mallowbird has returned to camp and is shocked to hear about the death of his mentor. He's also a bit annoyed that he's going to have to spend full time being a medicine cat from now on. He begrudgingly makes his way over to the collection of plants his mentor had found an announced the "StarClan Contact Place or Whatever," quote Mallowbird, and lays down to meditate at the end of the day. Meanwhile, the rest of BrightClan seperates to go off and do mundane tasks. Kepa reduces everyone's ages and potentially messes up some stuff with the console in the meantime. Wonder why everyone's not dead yet? Age reduction babey! -x- The next day, a predator is found in the thicket surrounding BrightClan's camp. Waspstar and his deputy, Beefang, are able to take it out in three hits with their double claws. Meadowfin collects the meat. In the middle of the previous night, Mallowbird is visited in a dream by his mentor, Robinflight. "Congratulations on becoming the clan's second medicine cat, Mallowbird," Robinflight announces with a warm smile. Mallowbird scoffs. "I never wanted to be a medicine cat, but thanks I guess." Robinflight's tail flicked. "You have a lot of responsibility now, young one. You will have to train an apprentice of your own to succeed you one day, and the weight of the entire clan's health rests on your shoulders. Perhaps even the entire island's." Mallowbird narrowed her (look, another gender fixed!) eyes in annoyance. "Yeah, no need to remind me of my impending doom." Robinflight's face darkened. "Mallowbird, from now on you need to take your job seriously. Being a medicine cat is no joke whether you wanted to be one or not." Mallowbird was about to tune out her mentor's rambling, when a spark of light captured her attention. It was her mentor, but she was being whisked away by a strong wind. Before she completley disappeared, her voice echoed towards her direction. "Beware the one who's crimes cannot be undone." -x- Sorry for the EXTREMLEY FUCKING SHORT UPDATE, but my parents put time limits on my computer ever since I got it, so I only have fifteen minutes left, and I can't create an entire fucking update within fifteen minutes. Nah, that takes around one or two hours. I'll extend the update tomorrow in this same post. Sorry.
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    Last time I asked my psychologist about my psychotic episodes, they told me that it was most probably linked to asymmetrical H letters. Which, in hindsight, I understand. I might come back to the spaceship, perhaps. Just kidding: I do not have a psychologist. I added a dot to the "I" because I cannot stand a letter just being a monotonous line in a richer decor, not if I can help it. I doubt any of the characters were inspired by lowercase, but I cannot say for sure since I did not make these.
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    Someone must really like the phrase "Oh. Mai. Gawsh.", spelling and all.