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    @Aetherskye I may or may not color this in, I’m afraid to ruin it! If I do it will be in colored pencil
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    I know this is super late now, but I don't know if @dolanx1228 ever got this to you @Lilytuft so I thought I'd just put it up here:
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    I think it would be cool if you had an island or mode you could start off on where there would be no wanderers. Your too nichelings would be the last two ever. Eventually you would have wanderers (maybe after you make it to generation 3 and release 2 nichelings from your pack?). I think this would be really fun and difficult, making it pretty much impossible in the early stages to have much diversity. But it would be like once you release your pack members they actually start families (maybe together? Yuck) and then those become wanderers too. That would make it when they had Adam and Eve (the same ones every time, with the same names) be a lot more like the real Adam and Eve from some religions.
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    Finally I am starting the mission to do @Brokenshock tribe challenge, you may ask "BUT KITTEN I THOUGHT YOU WENT EXTINCT" no I didn't the better way to say this is that i'm a idiot and cleared my save files without thinking. Anyways without further ado, let us start Act I, Take II. First things first, we have Strawberry reincarnated from the old save, and Shepherd. Just seeing them without peeking at their genes I see potential as well as famine and failure. Will they survive? Find out next time on OASIS TRIBE! With Shepherd I see a lot of potential, such as his recessive big ears for keeping him cool, his claw to fish, and his cracker jaw to eat those coconuts & shells. Of course with potential comes bad things, like the blind eye recessive he has. Strawberry looks like a flame with a bit of ice into her eyes, she has big ears recessive and a hopeful swimming tail looming in the recessive genes. The blind eye follows shortly after her, so there is a chance for a blind child with them. As they head of the grassy ports onto the new land, they spot a crabbit with Shepherds claw, they are successful of snatching it from the tides, and cooling themselves down with the lukewarm water. They make their way into the tall grasses, and Strawberry gives birth to baby Paprika, luckily she has those big ears, and that oh so useful claw, also that cracker jaw! I decide to name her Paprika because of her spice like look. Unfortunately she was not able to escape the shadow of the blind eyes. As she gets older and starts to toddle away from the nest, she spots some fish and shells in the water and decides this a good chance to get some food, not realizing she's going to get a sibling. Young Coriander is born, he looks very similar to Paprika except he doesn't have those lucky big ears. This baby has completely fine eyesight! He has no chance of passing on anything bad to his children. Paprika skitters off into the grasses, while her family is distracted with the gift of rain, Paprika becomes lost finding herself near the Oasis, she dips her paws into the fresh water spotting those new types of fish wondering how they'd taste. Little Pepper is born, she seems more petite than Coriander, or Paprika, she seems like she'd rather stick the traditional way of picking berries up, and tending to the nest being a nest mother. Unfortunately she wasn't lucky enough to snag a claw or big ears, without genes like the claw you wouldn't stand a chance in the hot dry weather of the Oasis, the water looks promising but the land does not. Strawberry the II is born, having her mothers flare Strawberry immediately takes a liking to her naming her after herself vainly. PFFFT! Are you from the jungle? Her siblings would joke looking at her paws while her mother snaps at them. P Paprika gets her first taste of those freshwater fish, they are so juicy and soft, being the perfect meal to fill her starving stomach during the famine. Strawberry realizes that Paprika hasn't been home for awhile and he sends Coriander out to look for her, he witnesses her splashing in the water catching fish left and right, she begins to teach him to fish and they are inseparable. Chili is born, he has his mothers flare and that deep red pelt, making him look like a flame in the savannahs grasses. Chili & Strawberry II are victim to a lot of bullying by their siblings, sneering at their velvet paws joking about their jungle origins. Rogue males begin to sprout from the grass hoping to impregnate any adult female. Cumin is born {Yes I changed his name} he is perfect, being the only creature with the purr snout to his name, no doubt in his parents mind that he won't be the leader, those big ears and claw will also help help greatly with survival. That purr snout will be useful if the famine truly does strike, starving creatures left and right. Strawberry & Shepherd pass away by each others sides, the family begins to grieve and elects Cumin as the new leader & founder. Our new heir is Cumin, let's see what adventures he gets into during his lifetime! I'm going to play in heir intervals, so depends on how long they live for!
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    Oz must have heard our plea for that precious toxic body!
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    Chinese year of the pig, or japanese year of the boar. Unfortunately my research was lacking, so I mistook the two Yes, it was hand drawn/animated with an Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Animate combination. I used a Dell Canvas (which I would not recommend) to draw on, but any normal tablet would work as well (First I started with Photoshop, but it's so cumbersome with the timeline, that I switched over to Adobe Animate. The next animation I try with Clip Studio Paint )
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    Yes, you are correct.
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    Hey here’s batch 2 Excuse the bad color choice (not a good selection available to me) and Likana’s last minute add on horns oof Dukku belongs to @alyssa1864Likana belongs to @LarouxxiaaDragon Tear belongs to @Basil
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    hi kids so firstly im an idiot and looked at someone elses "drawing your nichelings for free" thread and thought it was my thread so I drew @Basil's nicheling and I also want to say I have my tablet now so I can do digital art and... lets just say my digital is way better than my traditional, which is just simple cute things which are pretty bad. if anyone wants me to do another drawing of their nichelings but digitally, just ask. heres basil's picture which I just did for no reason, but it exists now and im putting it here:
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    Am I that ugly???!!! Yes I am. No offense taken :,)
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    makes sense I had a feeling those were obvious-- but not the one with the saber fangs and digging trunk OOO WAIT I HAVE ANOTHER ONE Is toxic body or lean body more dominant?
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    both of your answers are correct ime
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    I can answer this one. Short eyes are more dominant than blind eyes. Otherwhise you'd end up with blind Nichelings more often. Short snout is more dominant than Big snout at least I am 99% sure about that
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    OZ HAS VISITED YOU IN FEMALE FORM (found by Rain in the rain ) Oz is my god of green Toxic Body, because he has green toxic body and showed up along with another green toxic bodied creature, and he also has platypus beak. Maybe his female form is called Zelena? (that was the name of the other toxic-bodied creature found with him) Also Vale and Cypress and Grove are so pretty eee
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    My Swampy Hill adventures continue. Perhaps against their better judgement, Briar and Alder have another child. Because of the hard times the tribe come upon, he is relegated to exploringthe oter edges and poison berry picking. Unable to have their final child, Alder and Briar gather poison berries as their last act. Meanwhile a rogue male, who I not so affectionately called Ketchup, is poking around camp. He doesn't go away so he is killed by Ash before he can get to anyone. The tribe has no choice but to assign alphas and omegas. Alphas are creatures with blue gems in the middle and are primarily breeding creatures. They always have useful genes such as wings and toxic genes and usually become omegas when they are done breeding. Useful gatherers with the potential to breed are all betas and they have all green gems. Omegas are non-breeders with no particularly useful genes. Their job is to explore and to pick poison berries when food supplies dwindle. Not only rain but Robin becomes an omega because she has a genetic backup in the form of her identical twin. Cypress, knowing that her last mate died before his time, takes on Burdock as a mate out of necessity. Their first child inherits his father's incredibly useful digging paw. Our resident wanderer, an odd duck as he is, finds us some much needed fish. Burdock prooves that the digging paw is a vital tool for our tribe. Cypress rejoices as her final child is born. A double winged nicheling at last! Meanwhile, rain finds a green, peacock tailed platypus in the swamps. Our tribe gets its first taste of snail. Chewy! And to end today's entry, a sad goodbye to Burdock and Cypress.
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    are there any other memes bigger than this big meme?
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    @jutzi.sophie Guess what? There here! We have cherry and we have smokey! there they are together! their genes (If you want to recreate them) Cherry's Smoky's (Since I used the console it won't show up in the family tree where you can see the tails so the tails didn't matter that much)
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    Happy new year I mean I think 2019 will start of great with the Niche sandbox update so yeah
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    Is it year of the pig? Good animating, by the by. Was that tablet-drawn? Doesn't look like traditional media, but it varies just enough not to match up with my ideas of digital animation.
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    I wanted a creature that has sheep wool, so what better combination of animals than Wolf + Sheep? This creature has no name yet, so please suggest some (I'll call it a Wolf-Sheep for now) Appearance: Wolf snout, sheep eyes but on front of face, sheep ears, sheep wool (body), wolf tail, front legs have paws, back have hooves. Regular version has a gray color palette, while Arctic versions are white. Behavior: Spawns in groups of 3-5, and very rarely in groups of 2 or less. Attacks on sight, but if in groups of 2 or less, they will flee. Eats/attacks Rabbils, Bearyenas (If it's in a group of 2 or less, it will only attack babies/teens), Rogue Males, wanderers, Arctic Ramfoxes, Balance Bears (Only if it's in a group of 5) (maybe?), and your very own creatures. If there's 2 or less of them, they will only attack Rabbils and Baby Nichelings (including wanderer ones!). I'm not sure if they would move every turn you make (like Rabbils) or when the day passes (like Bearyenas). Habitats/Islands they live on:. Normal Version: Peaceful Meadow(?), Grass Adventure, First Snow, Grass Mingle, Summer Mountains, Deadly Hills Arctic Version: First Snow, Summer Mountains, Long Winter, Frost Lands Stats: 2 Speed 2 Attack 3 Smelling 2 Hearing 2 Sight 3 Cold Resistance Lifespan: 20 Days Drops: 15 Food Possible feature for this creature: Hybridization! Occasionally, in a pack of 2 or more Wolf-Sheep, a pup/lamb (plamb? Lup?) will spawn with them. If all of its pack members are killed off, the baby can be invited into the tribe like a baby Bearyena. Once the Wolf-Sheep grows up, they can be bred with (they're always male). The Wolf-Sheep would act like a Friendly Bearyena in terms of breeding. However, the Friendly Wolf-Sheep would stay close to the tribe, and if a female breeds with him, he will follow her (if a different female breeds with him afterwards, he will follow her instead) (If his mate dies, he'll go back to simply staying close to the tribe). If bred with, the following genes can be obtained (all unlocked in mutation menu by inviting a creature with it active into your tribe): Woolly Body: +2 Cold Resistance -2 Heat Resistance +2 Defense Woolly Body would look, well, woolly. It insulates pretty well, so it's good against the cold, and since there's so much wool in between an attacker and the skin, it would somewhat protect the creature from attacks. Wolf-Sheep Claw: +1 Speed Wolf-Sheep Hind-legs/Hooves: +2 Speed +1 Swimming +1 Strength Wolf-Sheep Snout: +2 Strength +3 Smelling +1 Fishing Basically Big Snout with sheep nostrils and tiny fangs to bite with. Wolf-Sheep Ears: +2 Hearing Wow, what a surprise! Another cosmetic ear gene! (Picture above) And last but not least, the Woolly Tail: +2 Cold Resistance -1 Heat Resistance Basically Medium Tail, but you don't want it in hot places. (Another picture is included in the Woolly Body picture) Combining all the Wolf-Sheep genes, they make up these stats: 4 Cold Resistance -3 Heat Resistance 2 Defense 3 Strength 3 Speed 1 Swimming 3 Smelling 1 Fishing I spent an hour trying to figure this creature out and another hour drawing its pictures so it better get some votes
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    Yes I know round 2 isn't even out yet but don't fret I'll get to that soon. Apart from that you can enter your Nichelings for round 3 here or over at the other discussion where I will also post round 2 and then round 3 because I don't like to clutter the forum with to many discussions. Also please add personalitiy for your Nichelings as it is easier for me to write that way, if you don't your Nicheling will just get a personality from a random generator Also you know the drill one male and one female Nicheling (technically you can post two males or females for the looks but specify which should be the male/ female then) ALL DISTRICT ARE TAKEN Submission form: District: Names: Personalities: District 1 (taken by A nicheling): Names: Adam the Second & Jyn Personality: He is a calm, intelligent nicheling that cares about his tribe and always thinks before acting. Personality: She is a hard-working hunter that sometimes acts before thinking about the consequences of her actions. District 2 (taken by Google- Kun): Female Tribute - Corrin Personality: Corrin is a brave girl that likes to protect her tribe and defend the gods. One day she fell in love with one of the god's son, Golden Eye , and had many children with him. Corrin also loves to play in water. Male Tribute - Buttercup Personality: Buttercup is a level-headed sweetheart that loves sitting under trees and smelling the roses. Just don't pick a fight with him. District 3 (taken by Jojo): Names: Plumstar and Blizzardstar Plumstar is the god of determination. He was sick all his life but that never stopped him from becoming a great warrior and in the end leader of his clan. He was well respected for being such a hard worker and well known for his determination but he wouldn't harm others to get what he wandter. He'd rather work some more. And Blizzardstar, named Blizzardheart as a warrior because her uncle was Blizzardstripe (I think) who died of a bearyena attack valiantly defending his clan. She grew up hearing all the stories about him. Quite something to live up to and in her mind she never did. She was chosen as a leader in a time of great turbulence in JuniperClan but lead them safe and strong. She tends to be humble and would to anything for the ones she loves. District 4 (taken by Lilytuft): Names: Hiir and Kaakaokeksi His name comes from the Finnis word "hiiri", which means mouse. He is very friendly and gentle, but also very shy, because he doesn't want to spread his illness. Hiir spent most of his life killing stagmoles. She was a good friend of Peurea and had lots of babies. She's pretty calm, but doesn't like to be the one making difficult choises and that can get her stress a lot. Has good knowledge of stagmole hunthing. District 5 (taken by jutzi.sophie) Names: Meana and Roku Personalities: Roku: Roku is a very pack-orientated nicheling. He'd do anything for his pack, especially for his siblings. He's very friendly and likes a good talk. However, if his pack is under attack, or food is stolen, his protective side takes over and he mercilessly attacks everyone who poses a threat. Meana: She's a bit of a complicated character, only getting along well with her close family. She's afraid of water, because she almost drowned while traveling from one island to another. Even though she's rather weak, she's not afraid of many other things, since she's been born with the ability to poison every attacker. She's really fast and likes to walk around a lot, even when it't potentially dangerous. District 6 (taken by magpie): Names: Cherry & Ryuk Cherry isn't especially bright and probably wouldn't win any beauty contest, but (and this is after all the thing most important in a nicheling) she has a HUGE heart. She befriends almost anyone, including rabbils, which makes her a pretty sorry hunter - and an unlikely Hunger Games winner. Her only chance is to soften up her opponents and turn them into hippies, thus sabotaging the whole murder process. Ryuk Ryuk is a handsome fella, if you're into trunks. He's handsome and he knows it; he spends his waking hours sitting by a lake, admiring his reflection. Sometimes he is forced to do something else, e. g. fight bearyenas, but he can't quite focus and often ceases to fight altogether, falling into yet another daydream about his own brilliance. Thankfully his beauty is so overwhelming it stuns most bearyenas as well; they freeze on place and contemplate Ryuk's fine figure, becoming easy targets for Ryuk's uglier relatives. District 7 (taken by Basil): Names: Dragon Tear and Daze Personalities: Daze is a tough and hot headed individual. He brags and boasts a bunch, constantly claiming that he is the very best and cannot be defeated. He generally resorts to violence if something goes wrong, for he doesn't know much about trying to solve situations in a different way due to his heritage. In reality, Daze is just hiding all the fear that he has of everyone under this stubborn shell. Daze really just wants to have friends but doesn't know how to approach them properly and he just wants to be loved like he was when he was a baby. Though he is soft on the inside, he is a fighter on the outside and is firce in protecting hsi teammates. Daze Dragon Tear is very quiet and keeps to herself most of the time. Because Dragon Tear is able to see solutions and is level headed. Though, under all of this soft and squishy zen, Dragon Tear is vicious. She will not hesitate to rip out your throat or betray you if you hurt certain nichelings in particular. She will also take pity on those who are in pain and will take their lives so they cannot suffer anymore. Dragon Tear District 8 (taken by Skysplash): Nichelings: Kinarri, god of Bravery. Kinarri was, well, brave. He put himself in front of a Big-Eared Ape so that his tribe, including his mate and children, could escape. Kinarri is good friends with the Jungle goddesses, Jungla and Jungli, as the sisters helped guide Kinarri's tribe to the flower port, keeping them from harm. Emmai is like a mother to Kinarri, as his mother died giving birth to him. Emmai had also blessed Kinarri at his birth with great strength. Annini, goddess of Fate. Annini is one of the most powerful goddesses. She was 'blessed' by Meringue at birth, which is quite unfortunate (sorry Meringue). However, fortune came to her when she swam across a river and found another creature who was sick too; his name was Roro (I think).Annini still doesn't like Meringue handing out 'blessings', but he does have to get her consent to do it, since it makes them be unfortunate (or, in Meringue's eyes, fortunate), which is something Annini controls. District 9 (taken by Willow the Fluffer): Names: Lily (f) and Hollow (m) She is the goddess of second chance, Personality~ Caring (To loved ones), (How I imagine her in this game) Sassy, Unpredictable, Forgiving, Wise, Calm minded. She keeps to herself but if her loved ones are in danger she wont hesitate to jump in and fight, She will help others who are not children only if they help her is some way. She is the goddess of War, Personality~ (How I imagine her in this game) Brave, Hotheaded, Vengeful, Vicious, Trickster, Protective. The will jump Into battle even if its not needed, She... Loves bloodshed but when she knows its time to stop she will respectfully disposing the body. She Will kill for her family and ones who are close, strangers have no chance being attack nonmatter what they look like. District 10 (taken by Brokenshock): Names: Hawk and Flower Hawk: Male Sabre tooth fangs, blue eyes, round ears, wing and bearyna claw, normal hind legs, heat body, normal tail, and black and red mask pattern. Perso: Hawk was the son of a bearyna and a sabre tooth fanged female. The female was sickly, so she was an outcast. But she did have a wing and crippled paw. Then Hawk was born on the female's last day, so he was raised by his father, until he died too. Then, a pretty, poison fanged female found him and they had lots of babies. Traits: Independent, Caring, and serious. Flower: Female Normal Snout, violet eyes, big ears, claw and nimble finger, normal hind legs, big body, peacock tail, and tan color with white spots. She was beautiful, not what everyone was expecting. She had Eve's lovely peacock tail. Then when Adam died, her parents thought that Flower was going to be leader, but Adam didn't choose her, because of her mother. She doesn't have a mate, And she's still alive. When she dies, she will be the Goddess of Misjudgment. Traits: Independent, ambitious, sweet. District 11 (taken by Larouxxiaa): Names: Shadowfrost and Aqualina Shadowfrost! When Shadowfrost was born, a bearyena spawned. Both his parents died trying to protect him. When Shadowfrost grew old enough to attack he got really mad and killed the bearyena. From then on, whenever a bearyena spawned, he would attack and kill it. He is calm and quiet most of the time but if a bearyena spawns or something happens to someone he cares for, he will first get flashbacks to when his parents were killed and then will most likely murder somebody. Aqualina! Aqualina is my water goddess. She has almost perfect water genes (apart from webbed toes but she's still awesome). She is fast and likes to use knives (and just killing other nichelings in general) District 12 (taken by Aetherskye): Names: Yellowjacket and Vampyr A Headstrong, young, and fiesty female who is always getting herself in to far. She is a part of the Bee Tribe and was the second leader after Adam. Vampyr is a god who was born in the jungle and abandoned at birth because a seer saw that he'd bring death to the tribe. He managed to survive until adulthood where he often killed young nichelings who strayed to far. He also poisons berry bushes, led nichelings to death by plant. he was killed by one of his own 'pranks' when he was trying to lead an ape towards their camp, but it caught up to him and killed him. He is known as a Trickster God but one of the more severe ones.
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    In my storymode tribe, I just got those kids. And their parents are obviously pure bundles of creativity. They are all from the same dad, and Vanvan and Vankir are brothers, so when their halfbrother was born, they just decided to do...this:
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    Hi there! I’ve always loved niche from the moment I first saw my favorite YouTube (Seri the pixel biologist) playing it. I’ve seen it grow since the pre-released, buggiest, ugliest versions of the game. I loved what it’s evolved, and is evolving, into.I realize Niche isn’t the only game astray Fawn studios makes, but’s its the one I play and enjoy the most. A little bit about me- Im school age girl (I don’t feel comfortable giving out private information) whos always loved gaming. Whether I’m playing it or watching someone else play (to some extent) I enjoy it. While none of my friends really get it, I meet plenty online who love It’s as much as me. (Do you?) I also enjoy reading, playing soccer, swimming, role playing and more! A lot of the time, once I finished my numerous activities after school, I’ll hop onto my computer and play niche. It helps me relax but also makes me playful and happy. If you’ve made it this far into my rambling congrats to you! 🎉🎊 (I ramble a lot) Well, thank you for taking the time to read this, hope you enjoy Niche as much as I do!
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    This will be added, but the maximum tribe start size is 10 for now. Each Nicheling can be random, fully customized or a mix ^^
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    Do you think you could draw Smol? I'm sorry for the bad image quality, I never figured out how to take screenshots with this computer.
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    Just make her super flowery and precious
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    yeah, I knew that would happen eventually. I actually might do this one digitally because I have my tablet with me now so I can draw with it. starting it now! edit: just look at the comment below please, I thought this was my drawing your nicheling thread
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    This ugly Nicheling named poop. It was under Adams cart in my drawing.
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    I got too hyper and didn't read anything else when I saw Dragon Tear oops Thanks for the response tho! quietly rushes off to invest in these hot markers
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    I said above, they are Bianyo markers. The set I have isn't great and has some flaws tho...it's missing colors! I'm glad you like my interpretation Dragon Tear ❤️ She's a pretty thing
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    OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL OM- I CanT- WHAT THANK YOU?? YOU CALL THIS A SKETCH THIS IS A WORK OF A R T also if you don't mind me askinnnnn... what kind of markers do you use? i n e e d t h e m
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    I do not loaf breading bed niche lungs with Digging Truck. -Skysplash8
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    No worries I just made that mistake in the Your Pets in Niche (Bad idea not to have one... lol)
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    Nuuu all the spots are taken ;-; Oh well I'll just draw my own...
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    Wonderful! District: I don't really care, but 5 would be nice. Names: Meana and Roku Personalities: Roku: Roku is a very pack-orientated nicheling. He'd do anything for his pack, especially for his siblings. He normally spends his time with picking berries or hunting rabbils. He's very friendly and likes a good talk. However, if his pack is under attack, or food is stolen, his protective side takes over and he mercilessly attacks everyone who poses a threat. While attacking, he makes good use of his poison fangs and big body. Meana: Meana is Roku's niece and like her parents part of a twin litter. She's the first one of her clan to have the poison body and is really proud about this fact. She's somehow got a higher rank than Roku, since her twin brother has compatible immunities to her, meaning that they are a mating pair. She's a bit of a complicated character, only getting along well with her close family. She's afraid of water, because she almost drowned while traveling from one island to another. Even though she's rather weak, she's not afraid of many other things, since she's been born with the ability to poison every attacker. She's really fast and likes to walk around a lot, even when it't potentially dangerous. I'm really interested in how this is gonna come out.
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    Without even reading it let me guess what’s happening. Adam is in his golf cart, and according to what I can see it’s crushing something. Maybe it’s Eve. Who knows? Anyway, behind Adam’s golf cart we see a DANGER NOODLE that spans the length of his ENTIRE CART RUN ADAM YOU INNOCENT BEING
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    Funny drawing of my dream.
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    Uhh so I recently got back into Niche, which I haven't played in a while! I just got these two super cute nichelings, and I wanted to draw them. Their names are Light and Liko, and they are sort of a Romeo/Juliet pair! Anyways, hope you like it?? :D
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    So guys, I know you've all been busy, but we're a feisty lot with a fickle attention span. Might we get some more information on what the current implementations are looking like? Understanding that what we see today might be different than what you decide to work on tomorrow, it often gives us some insight to offer some ideas and feedback, and . . . and . . . and I wanna see. I wanna.
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    It would be amazing to have more storylines. But I'm not sure about the Creek's one - how is he to survive, without means to collect food?
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    @Kepa-Shanyang I got you, so I hope you like it!
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    Hewwo @Larouxxiaa i love your nicheling
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    One day we will have our own Niche language and no one will understand us ^^
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    Time to write a bed review about this
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    Perhaps it could be used to repel leeches from that nichling, along with any others in a 1-2 block radius? A cool thing perhaps as well as that instead of repelling leeches, nichlings could leech off of wanderers or rouges and it can either add to the whole tribes food, or that nichling would not take out food from the store when you pass the day. It could act as another alternative for food when your tribe is starving or somthing.
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    Tbh I always thought the dominance level was broken, but it could just be me Or perhaps seventh grade science was wrong
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