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    @Philo Sorry for the tag, but I was wondering how the Healing Multiplier would work. Would it be like purr snout removes more damage over one turn compared to normal? Or eating a healing fruit heals say 5 days instead of 3?
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    heres meringue @Skysplash8!! ❤️ ill take an hour or so break and then ill do both of larouxxiaa's nichelings in one picture, which might take a while.
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    As she grows up, Vale is turning out to be quite the explorer! Sage chooses Orchard as her mate and the two become the tribe's new breeding pair. Their first child is Violet. She has the toxic body but she is not much use for anything other than fishing so she will become an omega when she is fully grown. Meanwhile, Ash and Grove fend off a bearyena who takes a swipe at Grove in the process. Vale is finding plentiful lands off in the distance. Maybe if the tribe finds enough food, she'll be able to have children of her own one day... Sage and Orchard's second child is Ginger. Although she doesn't have the toxic body, she has that all too important digging paw... ...But amidst the celebrations of a second child, it turns out the bearyena Ash had killed was not alone. A second predator looms dangerously close to camp. Sadly, both of the tribe's alphas are injured protecting their children. Another wanderer is found hanging out near the outskirts. He's pretty but he has no useful traits or new immunities so the tribe has to pass him up. At last, a child with the toxic body and a way of gathering the poison berries is born! With her pretty little peacock tail, Lavender is Sage's favourite child. RIP Ash, one of our most bold explorers. Grove, who had developed a close bond with his uncle, lays his remains to rest. Danger lurks in the swamps. And to make matters worse, he's sick too. Waiting for her bush to grow back, Rose takes a break from her tedious berry picking duties to go exploring. She finds a pretty shell! Sage and Orchard have their first son. Sadly, he will likely become an omega like his sister Violet. The tribe invites a new wanderer. He has new immunity genes and recessive scorpion tail so Sage plans to breed him one day, if not with her then with one of her daughters. Orchard gathers the poison berries on his last day but not before leaving Sage with one more child. Orchard's final daughter is Tulip. She can collect the berries and she's pretty enough but she's not considered as beautiful as Lavender. Meanwhile, Violet finds a gorgeous poison fanged wanderer named Pine. However, the arrival takes its toll on the tribe and old aunt Rose is forced to gather poison berries. RIP. At last, Grove and Hawthorn kill that pesky rogue male and expand the territory.
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    "WHY IS MY NAME SEASTAR WHEN I CAN'T SWIM??" When Lilytuft secretly believes Ossen should of won the Miss Niche Beauty Competition
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    I actually tried Skysplash's Simulator myself, and I want to say it went pretty well- the simulator knows
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    Hey folks In Switzerland, we celebrate the "Three Kings' Day" on January 6th. You basically get this cake thingy and in one of the pieces, there is a tiny white king statue. Now, let's make a game out of this! Guess in which piece the king was hidden. We will raffle some keys for Niche / Nimbatus for everyone who guessed correctly! (The winners will be drawn on January 15th, and I'll post a picture of who of our team found the king ) Good luck!
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    And round two is here Have fun! WARNING: THIS WILL INCLUDE BLOOD, SUICIDE AND DEATH The reaping is mainly the same just this time I used a random generator for the ones that didn’t give me a personality. The Reaping From District one we have Adam the second. Named after the great Nicheling founder and him being from district one is an additional bonus. We have high hopes for him. He is described as calm and intelligent, now if that aren’t good traits, maybe he lacks a little bit of a fighting spirit but we will see. The girl from district one on the other hand is very different from Adam. Her name is Jyn a powerful hunter with the tendency to act before she thinks. I am looking forward to her hunts already. From district two Ossen and Silatlan. Ossen is competitive and brutally honest also he seems to be looking forward to hunting the other tributes. A true career. Silatlan is forgiving and soft at heart but she has the same competitive spirit. I am curious to see what these two will do. From District three Pacific and Lareko. Pacific is a great swimmer and smart but not very strong. I don’t know about this one but the girl wow. She is fierce. District four has Birch and Phoenix. Both very interesting. Birch very determined to win and Phoenix strong and ready to fight. She won’t just give up. District 5 has Anasire and Mapleshade. Mapleshade would be the obvious favourite out of the two. Big, strong, handsome. Taking responsibilities serious but Anasire is very careful. She is somewhat of a wildcard and doesn’t the arena like those, hmm? District 6 comes with Forestheart and Seastar. Foresheart is a bold candidate, tough, reckless and cold. I get a shiver when I just think about that combination. Seastar likes to use his looks. He is a romantic and vain but also brave. That might come in handy. District 7 has the beautiful Dragontear who I bet will get many sponsors and Daze. He is a loud one. Constantly boasting but one has to wonder if he has anything to show for it. District 8 comes with two interesting candidates. One sickly but yet somewhat strong. Meringue has something about him and the other blind but very fierce. Emmai won’t be stopped so easily. District 9 gives us Perdita and Prince. Prince being a pretty and charming boy but not very fast. Perdita on the other hand is very fast and sneaky. Brightstar from district 10 really fits his name. He is handsome, strong and boastful. He kind of overshadows his other tribute Ruffle, who is quiet but would die for her friends and family. Now District 11 could get interesting as they are giving us twins, though they are very different in looks, family is family. Raynova is more of the leader kind of type while Dusnova might be to gentle for the arena but we will see. And finally district 12 Night swift and adventurous and Rowanstar a full blown warrior, stubborn and stopping for nothing when she wants something. A strong list of tributes we have here. Let’s see where it goes. The Bloodbath Day 1 The 24 tributes stand up on their podiums. Fear and determination on their faces. Hearts racing. The countdown thundering until it ends and silence fills the arena. Raynova is the first to reach the cornucopia and he doesn’t hesitate for a second. He grabs a sword and decapitates Ruffle with it who was hot on his tail. Dusnova not sharing the bloody nature of her brother finds a bow and arrow but she isn’t using it. Hesitation is not going to get you far in the arena. That is for sure. Seastar, Dragontear, Night, Meringue and Prince have reached the cornucopia as well. Seastar kills Dragontear with a Molotov the flames lighting the golden horn where Night, Meringue and Prince are fighting. Just as Night kills Prince Meringue turns around and flees quickly. Rowanstar is not far off, grabbing a sword, ready to defend herself. Anasire has a similar idea but she only gets a shield. Still, it can be useful. Lareko, Jyn, Perdita and Ossen work together and share everything they have before running away. Emmai and Daze have a somewhat similar idea, Emmai gets fishing bait while Daze gets fishing gear if they will actually meet up and use it, is the question. Forestheart and Mapleshade stay on the outskirts. They only pick up some smaller things, not getting involved directly in the bloodbath. Phoenix, Brightstar, Pacific, Birch, Silatlan and Adam II run straight away from the cornucopia. We got only three kills in the bloodbath. Oh well that could get interesting. Day 1 Forestheart and Rowanstar meet up and decide to work together for the day. Rowanstar is the brawns with her sword and Forestheart is the brains as she has gathered some useful supplies. I am curious to see if Forestheart will turn on Rowanstar. The other tribute from District 12 however, Night, has a much harder time, he seems to question himself after killing Prince. Hopefully he will pull himself together or he will be out of the games quickly. Silatlan and Meringue find each other and decide to work together too. Meanwhile Daze is fishing, which might not be successful without gear. Emmai is busy though raiding Mapleshade’s camp together with Seastar, Lareko and Perdita. Adam II is searching for firewood while he hears how Birch kills Jyn and he quickly puts some distance between himself and the other tribute. He is not the only one running, Pacific is fleeing from Anasire, Phoenix is chasing Ossen and Raynova is chasing Brightstar. Dusnova is the only to receive a gift, which is surprising after her hesitation in the bloodbath. And it is an explosive at that. Oh I hope she uses it. Night falls and only 4 canons can be heard. Ruffle (10) Dragontear (7) Prince (9) Jyn (1) The first night is upon the tributes. Dusnova is still alone and thinks about home. She is probably wondering whether or not her brother would kill her if they met. She can’t help but doubt him after seeing how effortlessly he killed Ruffle at the cornucopia. Meringue seems to have similar thoughts as Dusnova. Thinking about his home as well. Ossen on the other hand seems to not cope with the Arena to well and cries himself to sleep while Raynova’s conscience has caught up with him and plagues him with nightmares. Seastar, Emmai, Adam II and Phoenix come together for the night and tell each other ghost stories to lighten the mood. They seem to be doing well so far. Night and Rowanstar also find each other again. As they are from the same district they seem to understand each other easier and tell stories about their families. Perdita sets up camp for the night, all alone just fitting for her sneaky character. Mapleshade who got hurt while hunting is tending to his wounds and wishing that his camp hadn’t been raided. The supplies he had would have been useful right now. An infection can end deadly very quickly. Lareko cooks some food but quickly puts her fire out before anybody can find her. In the end, Brighstar managed to shake Raynova who had been following him for quite some time and he passes out from exhaustion. Birch who had been looking for other tributes the whole day is being taken over by exhaustion as well. Pacific and Anasire fight and despite her being hurt and begging for him to kill her, he spares her life. Gifts arrive: Silatlan receives medical supplies, Forestheart and Daze receive fresh food. Day 2 With day two coming up the hunt seems to have officially started as Raynova, Pacific and Lareko set out together to hunt for other tributes and Phoenix, Mapleshade and Brightstar do the same. Brightstar has apparently gathered his courage. Maybe he his hoping to find Raynova and Mapleshade is hoping for revenge on the tributes that raided his camp. Adam II goes to hunt other tributes without anybody to back him up which is risky. Daze still trying out that fishing thing is surprised by Perdita and the two struggle but when Forestheart shows up and helps Daze. Perdita doesn’t stand a chance and is drowned by the two. I told you that Forestheart is cold. Anasire, still hurt after her fight with Pacific, can only gather berries and is pricked by thorns while doing so, let’s hope she doesn’t get an infection. Ossen hurts himself as well. Not looking good for him. Meanwhile, Meringue is busy with peaceful flower picking an odd thing to do. Birch is searching for more practical things like firewood. Seastar, who is out exploring, finds a cave. That could be a great shelter for the night the tribute with said name receives Night medical supplies. He and Rowanstar have split up once more. Rowanstar is out practicing archery, Emmai is doing the same. How good a blind girl is at archery remains to be seen though. At last a canon can be heard Dusnova strangled Silatlan with a rope. Looks like she has found her fighting spirit. Dusk comes and with it the fallen: Perdita (9) Silatlan (2) In the night Rowanstar is all alone, looking for her district buddy but he is nowhere to be seen and soon she will know why. Adam II sets of an explosive killing Night and Ossen the explosion thunders through the arena and Anasire who is upset already cries herself to sleep. The same goes for Pacific. Maybe the two should have stayed together after their fight. Forestheart despite being cold on the inside doesn’t seem to like the night cold much and cuddles up with Phoenix for warmth. Brightstar on the other hand just fails to light a fire and sleeps without any warmth. Dusnova, despite having discovered her fighting spirit, doesn’t seem to be without heart and lets Birch into her shelter. Another explosion can be heard this time Seastar has killed Lareko. Emmai is glad that she isn’t alone in that loud night. Raynova and her take shifts while sleeping. Meringue on the other hand doesn’t seem troubled at all and just goes to sleep. Startled by the explosions Daze and Mapleshade run into each other and instead of fighting they settle down and tell stories about each other. So far that seems to be a preferred method by the tributes to lighten the mood. Day 3 The next morning comes and Rowanstar still all alone thinks about home. Especially with Night missing she is wondering if she will ever see it again. Brightstar half frozen after the night is found by Emmai and begs her to kill him but she doesn’t have it in her and keeps him alive. Warming him up as well. Mapleshade doesn’t have such nice thoughts and after leaving Daze he goes off to stalk Raynova. Meringue, Dusnova and Forestheart who all are doing pretty well so far, meet up and decide to hunt together. Anasire seems to have recovered from her sadness sets out to hunt down Pacific once more. She seems determined to kill him. Seastar manages to scare Birch away from his cave and Adam II scares Daze of. After being disturbed at his cave Seastar begins to build some traps to scare of other tributes. Meanwhile Phoenix gets fresh food from a sponsor. The day is somewhat calm. Will the gamemakers do something about that? Dusk comes and the fallen show up. Night (12) Ossen (2) Lareko (3) The numbers of the dead each night are still surprisingly small. These hunger games might be longer. With darkness falling Birch sets up a fire which he might regret soon as Raynova, Meringue and Pacific are all drawn to it but he actually fights them all of. Daze sees the fire as well but hearing all the fighting he decides better not to come closer. Dusnova just sets up camp. She doesn’t have anybody with her but she doesn’t seem to be to bothered by it either. Anasire, tired from stalking Pacific, goes to sleep peacefully this time. Seastar has a little bit more trouble with that and tries to sing himself to sleep while Rowanstar sits in a tree to rest and listen. She has seen Night’s picture up in the sky and her heart is heavy. Adam II has built a shelter and when the blind Emmai comes up he lets her in. Either he thinks she isn’t a threat or he has a soft heart. So far Emmai really seems to be weaselling her way into the hearts of the other tributes. One cannon can be heard firing, Forestheart overpowers Phoenix and kills her, taking her loot. Only Forestheart could go from cuddling with somebody in one night to killing them in the next night for their loot. The cannon startles Mapleshade and Brightstar and they run into each other, deciding on a truce for the night. Day 4 Day 4 begins with a lot of tributes heading up. Forestheart, Seastar and Daze all seem to have the same idea and travel to higher ground. Anasire seems to have given up her hunt for Pacific for now and instead thinks about home. Pacific though has now the hunting spirit and sets out with Dusnova to find some tributes. Emmai and Adam II split up and the blind girl goes off and finds Birch who runs away and sprains his ankle. Whether or not Emmai actually planned on killing him is unknown. Brightstar and Mapleshade have split up as well. Brightstar is looking for a water source while Mapleshade stumbles upon Adam II killing him. Meringue receives Medical supplies and Rowanstar still on her own goes hunting. Same goes for Raynova. Not much happening so far. Dusk comes and the fallen show up only two this time. Phoenix (4) Adam II (1) Emmai being all alone for the night builds a fire. It attracts Anasire, Birch and Brightstar but she manages to fight them off. She is lucky as Forestheart decides rather not to get involved even though she sees the fire. Dusnova just chooses the safest option and rests in a tree. Pacific sets up camp on the ground and Mapleshade passes out from exhaustion. Rowanstar receives and explosive from a sponsor. She is very surprised as she hasn’t done much so far to deserve it but it also gives her hope. Daze gets lost and Raynova quietly hums to himself. Seastar has returned to his cave for the night, checking all of his traps and startling a little as he finds Meringue dead in one off them, but he can’t help but smile. His traps worked after all. Day 5 So far the games have been surprisingly calm and day 5 doesn’t seem to be any different. Raynova, Seastar and Birch receive gifts from sponsors. Anasire goes fishing and Emmai and Brightstar go hunting. Daze searches for Firewood, he must have gotten some sense of orientation back. Pacific just tries to sleep through the entire day. Rowanstar decides that it is time to do something and meets up with Forestheart, Mapleshade and Dusnova to hunt some other tributes. Only Meringue (8) shows up in the night sky that time. In the night Forestheart splits from the group because she would rather set up camp. Rowanstar and Mapleshade work together to drown Birch and Dusnova drowns Anasire who thought it was a good idea to stay close to her fishing grounds. Emmai still hurt from the fight in the previous night, tends to her wounds. The medical supplies Pacific just got would have been a huge help to her. Brightstar, Seastar, Daze and Raynova meet and tell each other ghost stories to lighten the mood. Trying desperately to ignore the canons. Day 6 Emmai is surprised by Raynova in the morning but caves his head in with a stone. After seeing her fight of the pack at her fire I am not too surprised. Pacific manages to injure himself but his medical supplies should take care of that. Rowanstar and Mapleshade turn on each other and she runs away from him. Brightstar, Daze and Seastar are still together, they take Dusnova and Forestheart into their group and together they go to hunt some tributes. Though if their group gets much bigger there won’t be many tributes left to hunt. The fallen are still low in number but the plot seems to thicken. Anasire (5) Birch (4) Raynova (11) Brightstar stumbles over Emmai who is still hurt but he decides not to kill her. No one seems to want to kill Emmai. Pacific finally finds someone to kill and it is Dusnova. Daze finds Seastar and kills him for his supplies. Lucky for him it wasn’t at the cave or he might have met the same fate as Meringue. Forestheart, Mapleshade and Rowanstar meet up once more to cheerfully sing songs together. These three are probably the most indecisive tributes ever. Not able to decide whether they want to kill each other or not. Day 7 Day seven starts with an announcement. The gamemakers finally decided to speed up the games and the feast has begun. The cornucopia is refilled. Pacific and Brightstar are there first and get into a fight over supplies. Still a little injured from his tussle with Dusnova, Pacific gives up and runs away before he can lose his life to the much bigger Brightstar. Daze, Rowanstar and Forestheart all go and fight at the cornucopia. Daze manages to kill both girls and runs of almost immediately again to try to find Emmai and Mapleshade who both didn’t go. But Mapleshade is in luck as he later receives fresh food from a sponsor. Daze however not stocking up on supplies properly and going out instead to hunt other tributes dies from thirst. Emmai tries to fish with mediocre success. Brightstar seems to be determined now to get Pacific who sprains his ankle in a desperate attempt to get away from him. The night comes finally with more fallen this time. Dusnova (11) Seastar (6) Forestheart (6) Rowanstar (12) Daze (7) Still standing: Mapleshade, Brightstar, Pacific, Emmai In the night, Mapleshade receives another gift. Someone really wants him to win. He gets an explosive. Hopefully he knows how to use it. Pacific still running from Brightstar steps on a landmine the explosion kills Pacific and throws Brightstar into the trees. Shakily, Brightstar heads of into the opposite direction and meets Emmai. The two talk about who is still alive. Not many that much is clear. Day 8 Brightstar decides that it is time to end this and stalks Emmai but she is smart and knows how to avoid him. Mapleshade somewhat waiting for something to happen just picks some flowers. Only Pacific (3) shows up in the night sky this time. Brightstar finally meets up with Emmai but he can’t kill a blind girl. They threaten a double suicide and die as no one cares about them because Mapleshade is still around. Mapleshade is the winner of the second Hungergames !!!!
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    SkinnySlate is in second...oof Isra will win. That broken textures version really takes the cake
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    Hi there! I’ve always loved niche from the moment I first saw my favorite YouTube (Seri the pixel biologist) playing it. I’ve seen it grow since the pre-released, buggiest, ugliest versions of the game. I loved what it’s evolved, and is evolving, into.I realize Niche isn’t the only game astray Fawn studios makes, but’s its the one I play and enjoy the most. A little bit about me- Im school age girl (I don’t feel comfortable giving out private information) whos always loved gaming. Whether I’m playing it or watching someone else play (to some extent) I enjoy it. While none of my friends really get it, I meet plenty online who love It’s as much as me. (Do you?) I also enjoy reading, playing soccer, swimming, role playing and more! A lot of the time, once I finished my numerous activities after school, I’ll hop onto my computer and play niche. It helps me relax but also makes me playful and happy. If you’ve made it this far into my rambling congrats to you! 🎉🎊 (I ramble a lot) Well, thank you for taking the time to read this, hope you enjoy Niche as much as I do!
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    Niche is the only game in my steam library XD Welcome to the forums
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    I think the real key is such extensive mod support. Not just textures and models; gameplay scripting, things like lighting and water mods; with the right packages, you can bring Skyrim up to modern visual standards, which is REALLY unusual. The mod library on Nexus is extensive enough to make it anything you want it to be. Enduring longevity so often comes down to having comprehensive mod support right out of the gate - unfortunately, supporting that is often an ongoing commitment from developers, which isn't always feasible, or financially responsible.
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    Probably. She reminds me of a dainty flower-- guess she really isn't lmao These two are supposed to be in love- not- murdering each other- what is- DRAGON TEAR STOP KILLING OSSEN yes please
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    The worst thing is I don't think anybody of them is particulalry ugly because I love my derpsnout babies (of course in the end I did choose someone)
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    Two more travelling creatures from the grasslands find themselves at the foot of the Long Winter Mountain. In the distance, three frozen nichelings dream of eventual rescue, but for now, ThunderStruck and LightningSwift are more interested in building up their food supplies, a task that will be made a lot easier with ThunderStruck's double digging paw Both struggle to stay warm in the cold weather, a factor that influences their decision to immediately have a kit, without first stocking up on food as they had initially planned Little CloudStream is gifted with the same digging paw as his father, an auspicious sign in these mountains. Nevertheless, the awareness looms that with three mouths to feed, food will soon start running short. With a sky clear of birds, the decision is made to leave CloudStream in the nest while they search for food. ThunderStruck's double digging paws means that he can dig up enough of the roots to feed the tribe all for a day, allowing him to rush back to his son's side, and just in time too, as the next day brings with it the dreaded cry of a bird on the search for prey On his way to find more roots, ThunderStruck stumbles across a bear lurking just outside of sight from the nest he and LightningSwift had hoped to make their home around Thankfully, they manage to flee as the snow beings to fall, hopefully covering their scent from the bear. LightningSwift finds the next root, and though her family lacks the energy to collect it today, sapped by the cold and their hasty escape, she builds a nest secure in the knowledge that the root, and the one nearby will be dug up tomorrow. StarSpot's birth brings with it another accursed bird, but LightningSwift will not leave her undefended.
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    How is Skyrim so ridiculously enduring? Mind-boggling.
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    This is kind of like my suggestion (maybe they could be combined, so that it would be like mine except with your wanderer thing?)
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    I second the water wanderers. I have found water genes to be VERY strongly tied to the beach/shore.
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    I can't test anything right now, but I can answer a couple questions: I've had my creatures call out a lot of times on a stump, but no Rogue Males have ever appeared. I've had many wanderers with water genes, ad all of them came right out of the water like they were sent from Atlantis. I've never had any creatures on trees when they weren't supposed to be there. Crabbits, on the other hand... well...
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    I have so many questions. Please pick your favourite one, if you have time. Are wanderers significantly worse at digging up roots? When rogue males get different genetics, they zip around the screen. Is there a pattern in how much more movement they have, or are they just running, disregarding distance? Does distasteful appearance stack and make a difference? What repels bearyenas/balance bears most? What would Adam look like with the mask pattern? Are males more likely to attract females on stumps and vice versa? Is there a common age wanderers spawn with? Roots seem to disappear after rain. Do they respawn near the same day, or is there no pattern? Are rogue males attracted by a male's calling on a stump, aswell? Are wanderers with water genes more likely to spawn by the shore? Why are most of my rogue males spawning on trees? Does anybody else have this bug, or is this their new home? Some can't really be measured in a sitting, but hearing other viewpoints from casual observation is always good, too.
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    Summer Mountains and trunks combo is super easy. I keep my pack at 8 - 15 members, so they collect tons of food and yet don't eat much of it; thanks to bearyena genes (friendly bearyenas keep spawning and spawning and spawning - I haven't been without one for over 90 days xD), my nichelings are pretty strong and can deal fairly quickly even with a bear. So in the end, the only nuisance are rogues (but even their kids usually turn out decent and useful) and bluebirds. poor Lare, one of numerous victims (somehow I never notice them rogues on time) first (and so far last) twins in what feels like forever oh, and here's a baby of Lare and the rogue (whom Lare's friend murdered in the name of revenge ^^) and a first ramfox! (of course it wasn't hanging out on its own - but more the food, the merrier) while still dealing with the ramfoxes, a bear paid us a visit. I think he might have killed two nichelings or so, but in the end, it was my pack who emerged victorious! even bearyenas sometimes hunt in packs. we killed the deer too. and yup, still the same bear, even my luck is limited. a big friendly bearyena coming to my rescue. ❤️ not that I needed it. yet another assault, this time in the top right corner (she killed him, like, with one blow). some more ramfoxes (and the 100th day!) at least this one didn't hurt anyone (and was polite enough to say hi). DO YOU SEE THAT COOL BABY BOY?! He looks so badass I was seriously afraid the bearyena would eat my deer here's the cool guy again, this time all grown up ^^ until next time
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    I came here to report some bug but I'll stay longer maybe I've finally bought Niche on Winter Steam Sale and now I can pretending that I'm practising for future work by playing games! I study Animal Husbandry, so it kinda makes sense, doesn't it? Greetings 😁
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    Daze had a pretty good run there! Too bad he was too hot headed to realize that food and water is important for survival though. If only Dragon Tear was around to scold him...
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    i keep spamming but here's how one of the Games turned out (previously Phoenix won four times in a row!!)
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    I never heard of choking hazard, but it did hurt quite a bit to accidentally bite too strong on one. I guess Switzerland is very relaxed concerning this rite
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    District: 7 yeets Names: Dragon Tear and Daze (I have no one else to enter because I don't have any other pics of other nichelings) Personalities: Daze is a tough and hot headed individual. He brags and boasts a bunch, constantly claiming that he is the very best and cannot be defeated. He generally resorts to violence if something goes wrong, for he doesn't know much about trying to solve situations in a different way due to his heritage. In reality, Daze is just hiding all the fear that he has of everyone under this stubborn shell. Daze really just wants to have friends but doesn't know how to approach them properly and he just wants to be loved like he was when he was a baby. Though he is soft on the inside, he is a fighter on the outside and is firce in protecting hsi teammates. He considers Dragon Tear as a friend... most of... the time... Daze Dragon Tear is very quiet and keeps to herself most of the time. She is basically the polar opposite of Daze but this makes them a great team. Because Dragon Tear is able to see solutions and is more level headed than Daze, she can direct him out of dangerous situations. Though, under all of this soft and squishy zen, Dragon Tear is vicious (plot twist). She will not hesitate to rip out your throat or betray you if you hurt certain nichelings in particular. She will also take pity on those who are in pain and will take their lives so they cannot suffer anymore. (Looking at you Ossen). Dragon Tear
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    To be honest I think Isra is the cutest
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    That . . . isn't a choking hazard? I'm gonna arbitrarily guess #6.
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    I don't know XD I mod it quite a bit and I just love that game. It has really hit the sweet spot for me. I mean I have played it for ages now too. I think it is just that you can be who ever you want to be. True role playing if you ask me especially with mods
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    Here are the candidates if you wish to see them!
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    Meringue scares Menarak off. Wow, I thought they'd be friends... Tata shoots a poisonous blow dart into Meringue's neck, slowly killing him.Tata be like: I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN CAUSE TROUBLE later he blew up Yukir, Phoenix, and Yellowjacket get into a fight. Yellowjacket triumphantly kills them both. YEAH YELLOW Menarak dies from an infection. The irony of that sentence they didn't even win Rowanstar convinces Menarak to snuggle with him.BRO THATS JUST UNHEALTHY Rowanstar falls to the ground, but kicks Hornet hard enough to then push him into the fire.Night kills Yellowjacket in order to utilize a body of water safely. NUUUU (FIRE ARENA EVENT) Daze tries to save Hornet from being sucked into the hurricane, only to be sucked in as well.Silatlan tries to save Night from being sucked into the hurricane, only to be sucked in as well.Ruffle tries to save Anameme from being sucked into the hurricane, only to be sucked in as well. Aww... I SEE THE SHIPS (Daze x Hornet?)
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    I guess she just had enough of being seen as gentle and meek?
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    oh my god Dragon Tear what the- why are you- Dragon Tear n o st o p
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    I'm going to make the poll in about 30 minutes, so anone who wants to submit a nichelings do it now! You can submit up to 3 nichelings!
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    oh my god my- my heart THE ART STYLE IS SO PRECIOUS MY DUDE THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS FOR NO REASON okay you know what I'm making a huge background collage of just pics of Dragon Tear
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    n o you are beautiful shhhh shh there will be no self deprivation on my w a t c h
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    Welcome. I mean you can find plenty of people here who love to game and love to play Niche specifically. I am one of those though Niche is currently the most played game in my steam library (closely followed by Skyrim) Hope you have fun here
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    These might be really obvious but I'm not sure-I also have a few so u H-- Are Blind Eyes or Shortsighted Eyes more dominant? Is Short Snout or Big Snout more dominant? Are Saber Fangs or Digging Trunk more dominant? I would say more but I don't know If I'm allowed I'm just kinda throwing ideas out there lmao I also really REALLY love that orange spotted platypus wanderer with the white platypus beak. She is so pretty!
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    My Swampy Hill adventures continue. Perhaps against their better judgement, Briar and Alder have another child. Because of the hard times the tribe come upon, he is relegated to exploringthe oter edges and poison berry picking. Unable to have their final child, Alder and Briar gather poison berries as their last act. Meanwhile a rogue male, who I not so affectionately called Ketchup, is poking around camp. He doesn't go away so he is killed by Ash before he can get to anyone. The tribe has no choice but to assign alphas and omegas. Alphas are creatures with blue gems in the middle and are primarily breeding creatures. They always have useful genes such as wings and toxic genes and usually become omegas when they are done breeding. Useful gatherers with the potential to breed are all betas and they have all green gems. Omegas are non-breeders with no particularly useful genes. Their job is to explore and to pick poison berries when food supplies dwindle. Not only rain but Robin becomes an omega because she has a genetic backup in the form of her identical twin. Cypress, knowing that her last mate died before his time, takes on Burdock as a mate out of necessity. Their first child inherits his father's incredibly useful digging paw. Our resident wanderer, an odd duck as he is, finds us some much needed fish. Burdock prooves that the digging paw is a vital tool for our tribe. Cypress rejoices as her final child is born. A double winged nicheling at last! Meanwhile, rain finds a green, peacock tailed platypus in the swamps. Our tribe gets its first taste of snail. Chewy! And to end today's entry, a sad goodbye to Burdock and Cypress.
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    Many thanks to @Brokenshock! Our journey starts as DawnBringer and ForestSpirit find themselves in a strange wintery land, far from the grasslands they grew up in. Though there are no berry bushes or rabbils in sight, they do spot a frozen nicheling in the distance. As they journey towards this poor frozen creature, DawnBringer manages to dig up a close to the surface root, providing a little more food for their tribe of two. The next day, ForestSpirit manages to find a shell for DawnBringer to snatch up, replenishing their food supply. Inside the ice, they find young FlameHeart. Not the digging creature they had hoped for in this frozen tundra, but his big body and strength could potentially be helpful, so they welcome him into their tribe. ForestSpirit was the next to manage to dig up a root, but the struggle to do so haunted the small tribe, as did their awareness that just below the surface was food aplenty, if they could just reach it. But what is this?! A lone child with a digging paw has appeared! Will the tribe be able to reach her in time, with a bluebird flying overhead and an ever dwindling food supply?
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    Nah, I want these bebes to re enter (if that's okay)
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    Welcome to the forums I hope you have fun here
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    This is sooo cute ;o; I’m glad you mistook my thread for yours. I love this!
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    I want to use the same nichelings because they didnt won last round.
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    This place is far more lively than I thought it would be. This is Burdock. He has no toxic genes but his digging paw would come in handy so Fen invited him. Alder and Briar's second baby is born. No cracker jaw, not even recessive... Because of the drought, the area around the nest is going barren. Alder takes Cypress on a father and daughter fishing trip. Stupid rocks... ...and stupid poison berry bushes... Now that she's old enough to breed, I'm stuffing her mutation menu full of wing. The tribe finds yet another wanderer in the grass. He doesn't really bring anything to the table genetically and he seems a bit odd so the tribe decide to leave him alone. Alder and Briar's first grandchild is born, unfortunately inheriting his father's nimble fingers instead of his wing. Meanwhile, a dangerous blessing of food appears across the river. The much needed rain comes, bringing the bug swarms and the sleeping sickness to the tribe for the first time. Ash has been hit particularly hard. Meanwhile, twins Robin and Rose are born but still no double wings. And to make matters worse, it is their sickly father's last day. In a final of good for the tribe, Fen scoops up as many poison berries as his nimble fingers can carry. Things are starting to get pretty interesting. I may have to think about assigning alphas and omegas soon.
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    I got the book as a christmas gift (I wanted it) because I already had a history with the "franchise". When I was about six to eight years old, I used to listen to the audiobook. It was intended for kids of that age and I loved it. Then, my father discovered the movie. So, we watched it - rather bad idea. The scene with the suffocating rabbits scared me to death. Lately, a review about it was recommended to me on youtube. I started to remember everything, and decided the read the book. And it's really, really good. I plan on watching the old movie soon, but I don't think I'll watch the new version, since I don't like the animation.
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    I tried it three times and the winners were Rowanstar, Raynova, and Daze.
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    I'm so proud Meringue sets an explosive off, killing Emmai, Pheonix, and Dusnova.
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    Did anybody say new bears ?
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