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    "WHY IS MY NAME SEASTAR WHEN I CAN'T SWIM??" When Lilytuft secretly believes Ossen should of won the Miss Niche Beauty Competition
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    I actually tried Skysplash's Simulator myself, and I want to say it went pretty well- the simulator knows
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    Hey folks In Switzerland, we celebrate the "Three Kings' Day" on January 6th. You basically get this cake thingy and in one of the pieces, there is a tiny white king statue. Now, let's make a game out of this! Guess in which piece the king was hidden. We will raffle some keys for Niche / Nimbatus for everyone who guessed correctly! (The winners will be drawn on January 15th, and I'll post a picture of who of our team found the king ) Good luck!
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    Hi there! I’ve always loved niche from the moment I first saw my favorite YouTube (Seri the pixel biologist) playing it. I’ve seen it grow since the pre-released, buggiest, ugliest versions of the game. I loved what it’s evolved, and is evolving, into.I realize Niche isn’t the only game astray Fawn studios makes, but’s its the one I play and enjoy the most. A little bit about me- Im school age girl (I don’t feel comfortable giving out private information) whos always loved gaming. Whether I’m playing it or watching someone else play (to some extent) I enjoy it. While none of my friends really get it, I meet plenty online who love It’s as much as me. (Do you?) I also enjoy reading, playing soccer, swimming, role playing and more! A lot of the time, once I finished my numerous activities after school, I’ll hop onto my computer and play niche. It helps me relax but also makes me playful and happy. If you’ve made it this far into my rambling congrats to you! 🎉🎊 (I ramble a lot) Well, thank you for taking the time to read this, hope you enjoy Niche as much as I do!
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    Two more travelling creatures from the grasslands find themselves at the foot of the Long Winter Mountain. In the distance, three frozen nichelings dream of eventual rescue, but for now, ThunderStruck and LightningSwift are more interested in building up their food supplies, a task that will be made a lot easier with ThunderStruck's double digging paw Both struggle to stay warm in the cold weather, a factor that influences their decision to immediately have a kit, without first stocking up on food as they had initially planned Little CloudStream is gifted with the same digging paw as his father, an auspicious sign in these mountains. Nevertheless, the awareness looms that with three mouths to feed, food will soon start running short. With a sky clear of birds, the decision is made to leave CloudStream in the nest while they search for food. ThunderStruck's double digging paws means that he can dig up enough of the roots to feed the tribe all for a day, allowing him to rush back to his son's side, and just in time too, as the next day brings with it the dreaded cry of a bird on the search for prey On his way to find more roots, ThunderStruck stumbles across a bear lurking just outside of sight from the nest he and LightningSwift had hoped to make their home around Thankfully, they manage to flee as the snow beings to fall, hopefully covering their scent from the bear. LightningSwift finds the next root, and though her family lacks the energy to collect it today, sapped by the cold and their hasty escape, she builds a nest secure in the knowledge that the root, and the one nearby will be dug up tomorrow. StarSpot's birth brings with it another accursed bird, but LightningSwift will not leave her undefended.
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    How is Skyrim so ridiculously enduring? Mind-boggling.
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    Here are the candidates if you wish to see them!
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    Meringue scares Menarak off. Wow, I thought they'd be friends... Tata shoots a poisonous blow dart into Meringue's neck, slowly killing him.Tata be like: I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN CAUSE TROUBLE later he blew up Yukir, Phoenix, and Yellowjacket get into a fight. Yellowjacket triumphantly kills them both. YEAH YELLOW Menarak dies from an infection. The irony of that sentence they didn't even win Rowanstar convinces Menarak to snuggle with him.BRO THATS JUST UNHEALTHY Rowanstar falls to the ground, but kicks Hornet hard enough to then push him into the fire.Night kills Yellowjacket in order to utilize a body of water safely. NUUUU (FIRE ARENA EVENT) Daze tries to save Hornet from being sucked into the hurricane, only to be sucked in as well.Silatlan tries to save Night from being sucked into the hurricane, only to be sucked in as well.Ruffle tries to save Anameme from being sucked into the hurricane, only to be sucked in as well. Aww... I SEE THE SHIPS (Daze x Hornet?)
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    I guess she just had enough of being seen as gentle and meek?
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    oh my god Dragon Tear what the- why are you- Dragon Tear n o st o p
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    I'm going to make the poll in about 30 minutes, so anone who wants to submit a nichelings do it now! You can submit up to 3 nichelings!
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    oh my god my- my heart THE ART STYLE IS SO PRECIOUS MY DUDE THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS FOR NO REASON okay you know what I'm making a huge background collage of just pics of Dragon Tear
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    n o you are beautiful shhhh shh there will be no self deprivation on my w a t c h
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    Welcome. I mean you can find plenty of people here who love to game and love to play Niche specifically. I am one of those though Niche is currently the most played game in my steam library (closely followed by Skyrim) Hope you have fun here
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    These might be really obvious but I'm not sure-I also have a few so u H-- Are Blind Eyes or Shortsighted Eyes more dominant? Is Short Snout or Big Snout more dominant? Are Saber Fangs or Digging Trunk more dominant? I would say more but I don't know If I'm allowed I'm just kinda throwing ideas out there lmao I also really REALLY love that orange spotted platypus wanderer with the white platypus beak. She is so pretty!
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    My Swampy Hill adventures continue. Perhaps against their better judgement, Briar and Alder have another child. Because of the hard times the tribe come upon, he is relegated to exploringthe oter edges and poison berry picking. Unable to have their final child, Alder and Briar gather poison berries as their last act. Meanwhile a rogue male, who I not so affectionately called Ketchup, is poking around camp. He doesn't go away so he is killed by Ash before he can get to anyone. The tribe has no choice but to assign alphas and omegas. Alphas are creatures with blue gems in the middle and are primarily breeding creatures. They always have useful genes such as wings and toxic genes and usually become omegas when they are done breeding. Useful gatherers with the potential to breed are all betas and they have all green gems. Omegas are non-breeders with no particularly useful genes. Their job is to explore and to pick poison berries when food supplies dwindle. Not only rain but Robin becomes an omega because she has a genetic backup in the form of her identical twin. Cypress, knowing that her last mate died before his time, takes on Burdock as a mate out of necessity. Their first child inherits his father's incredibly useful digging paw. Our resident wanderer, an odd duck as he is, finds us some much needed fish. Burdock prooves that the digging paw is a vital tool for our tribe. Cypress rejoices as her final child is born. A double winged nicheling at last! Meanwhile, rain finds a green, peacock tailed platypus in the swamps. Our tribe gets its first taste of snail. Chewy! And to end today's entry, a sad goodbye to Burdock and Cypress.
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    Many thanks to @Brokenshock! Our journey starts as DawnBringer and ForestSpirit find themselves in a strange wintery land, far from the grasslands they grew up in. Though there are no berry bushes or rabbils in sight, they do spot a frozen nicheling in the distance. As they journey towards this poor frozen creature, DawnBringer manages to dig up a close to the surface root, providing a little more food for their tribe of two. The next day, ForestSpirit manages to find a shell for DawnBringer to snatch up, replenishing their food supply. Inside the ice, they find young FlameHeart. Not the digging creature they had hoped for in this frozen tundra, but his big body and strength could potentially be helpful, so they welcome him into their tribe. ForestSpirit was the next to manage to dig up a root, but the struggle to do so haunted the small tribe, as did their awareness that just below the surface was food aplenty, if they could just reach it. But what is this?! A lone child with a digging paw has appeared! Will the tribe be able to reach her in time, with a bluebird flying overhead and an ever dwindling food supply?
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    This is sooo cute ;o; I’m glad you mistook my thread for yours. I love this!
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    I want to use the same nichelings because they didnt won last round.
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    This place is far more lively than I thought it would be. This is Burdock. He has no toxic genes but his digging paw would come in handy so Fen invited him. Alder and Briar's second baby is born. No cracker jaw, not even recessive... Because of the drought, the area around the nest is going barren. Alder takes Cypress on a father and daughter fishing trip. Stupid rocks... ...and stupid poison berry bushes... Now that she's old enough to breed, I'm stuffing her mutation menu full of wing. The tribe finds yet another wanderer in the grass. He doesn't really bring anything to the table genetically and he seems a bit odd so the tribe decide to leave him alone. Alder and Briar's first grandchild is born, unfortunately inheriting his father's nimble fingers instead of his wing. Meanwhile, a dangerous blessing of food appears across the river. The much needed rain comes, bringing the bug swarms and the sleeping sickness to the tribe for the first time. Ash has been hit particularly hard. Meanwhile, twins Robin and Rose are born but still no double wings. And to make matters worse, it is their sickly father's last day. In a final of good for the tribe, Fen scoops up as many poison berries as his nimble fingers can carry. Things are starting to get pretty interesting. I may have to think about assigning alphas and omegas soon.
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    I got the book as a christmas gift (I wanted it) because I already had a history with the "franchise". When I was about six to eight years old, I used to listen to the audiobook. It was intended for kids of that age and I loved it. Then, my father discovered the movie. So, we watched it - rather bad idea. The scene with the suffocating rabbits scared me to death. Lately, a review about it was recommended to me on youtube. I started to remember everything, and decided the read the book. And it's really, really good. I plan on watching the old movie soon, but I don't think I'll watch the new version, since I don't like the animation.
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    I tried it three times and the winners were Rowanstar, Raynova, and Daze.
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    I'm so proud Meringue sets an explosive off, killing Emmai, Pheonix, and Dusnova.
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    Did anybody say new bears ?