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    Your little sneezy boi Meringue has arrived. Omg Meringue is adorable! I love him! @Skysplash8 Multiple pictures because I’m on an IPad and they hate me
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    Have you done it before? I think I accidentally did it twice in the same save. So here we have Skysplash's Meringue. He even had double immunity, but good thing the console exists! And here we have Jojo's Thornstar. Well... Kinda. In-game I called her Hershey, but I'm sure she had the same pattern as Thornstar. Anyway, back to the original question. Did you accidentally do this before? If so, who was the reincarnated creature?
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    Here you have Likana! Man she was fun to draw. I also love her pose. Tried to get the patterns as close as I could! @Larouxxiaa multiple pictures becaaaaaaauseeee iPad issues
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    Allright, this is my bright and beautiful Indigo. Reincarnation of the original. Her birth tribe followed a set of rules I won't ever go near again. In the swamp land, they prayed to a cold, harsh God, demanding blood sacrifices. One parent, one child and one wanderer. Every three generations the demands would change. All nichelings missing a particular attribute were brought to the pit. Surrounded by trees and stones, there was no escape from the circle. Indigo was a wanderer with a desirable trait -- blindness. The last seer had passed away, leaving no acceptable heir. She was indoctrinated into their cult, but could not allow herself to kill. Indigo refused their God. Enraged, the entire tribe was annihilated. Her reincarnation lives a much happier fate in the swamps, falling in love with Ravensight, another cursed nicheling who found his home there.
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    Adding to this... Can Adam's children find Eve after he's dead?
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    Hi there! I was getting a little bored with landela so I am thinking of ways to make it more exciting (Ideas anyone?) so, I am making a new playthrough I was kinda inspired by Medicine cat's Kingdom of Flame So here are the rule I will be tweaking a bit - The tribe functions like a monarchy. The oldest child of the current king or queen is the heir, and takes over once the king or queen dies.- If you are a king, queen, or heir, you are an alpha. If you are child of the king/queen/heir you are a beta. If you are not directly related to an heir you are an omega.- If the ruler dies before having children, the closest related capable nicheling will take their place. - Instead of this we will use horn color (Bluer the better) Most of it will be explained as we go but these are the basics so we begin We start with these two... well... er... at least we are in the mountains so we have... Frost Nobleclaw and Amber Flamestrike both doubleclaws (I am also using Bostonlobash's surnames) That Ice-block is our goal to get to Whoops... THEY DIDN'T EVEN ATTACK?! They then gave birth to Burn Flameclaw (Females have their moms name first; males the dads) We killed the other arctic foxes (We already killed one) We found a wanderer who meekly introduced himself as Taku Mousefoot, he is the first non-double claw in our tribe I'm going to end that there and start on my community challenge!
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    Heya, finished the drawing of Karhu! @Lilytuft Was very limited on the colors so I did my best, also hope I got the patterns right ^^ Drawing the round ears was fun along with the wing and the hammer tail. I wanted to make her like a fierce and brave sort of Nicheling and I think I accomplished that! Two pics cause I have to upload on my gay iPad and it doesn’t let me delete rip
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    I'm gonna critique this too Wood-brown bear: The hands and the upright position makes it look like a human. Maybe make the eyes a bit bigger too? Green bear: That thing will both give me nightmares and make some good memes if it was in the game... Maybe some bigger pupils? The fingers look like long tendrils that will strangle you. This bear look like it's laughing worriedly while holding it's paws/hands in a choking position. nightmares...
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    I need these in my life RIGHT NOW!!! Can I make some suggestions? (if yes keep reading) They...look a bit off just saying maybe make the brown one have a bigger head and make the eyes not so smol.. also kill the creepy eyes if you want these bears to be kind make them look the part and the one that hangs with Rabbils could be a bit smaller but not smaller than a nichling.. if you are still working on them maybe you can take my word and edit it and see how they look idk..... so OOF
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    Bostonlobstah haunted me for a bit... As well as this guy... A kinda Vampyr reincarnation (Big ears, fangs.)
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    It's awesome!!! Thank you you're better than me!
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    Actually a pretty common occurrence. Dogs, cats, even a falcon once. In short, the same way we do luggage, we just have to take the dog out first. For this, at our airport, we required the passenger to be present and to handle the dog for us. Not all dogs are friendly to strangers, as you can imagine, and it's impossible to guess which are which. Without going into our exact procedure, we tested specific parts of the case where trace residues tend to accumulate - explosive residue is remarkably sticky and transfers to damn near everything it BREATHES near - as well as checking animals with longer fur to make sure nothing was hidden. (So, part of the job description is petting doggies.) It is imperative that we have the passenger there to handle the animal; if they left, we would literally call them back from the gate for it.
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    Thanks! I love her too. She’s my goddess of plenty but is also a minor goddess of beauty
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    @Skysplash8 meringueeeeee i'm terrible at drawing horns
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    Make your crabbit armies 1st to 5 crabbits = winner also if you do this while listening to megalovania i'll make you a funny edit
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    You think you've had a crabbit problem? Here are some really old screenshots from the crabbit war!
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    I play Cattails as well though at the moment I have the issue of getting annoyed by the system (like why do I have to spam the cat I love with presents instead of I don't know normal dialogue?! (and yes I knew this before I bought the game and it is just annoying me a little at the moment it is no overall critique of the game)). I agree it is a very cute game and I love Luna. She is the cutest though I haven't gotten to play much yet since the update. (I mean I really want to marry Leo but I guess I have to wait a little longer for that). At the moment for me Cattails lacks a little replayability in my opinion. I need more random dialogue lines I think because I know most of the time what the cats are gonna say and it is a little sad. But I also have a great time playing it and it is very relaxing
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    This is kind of like my suggestion (maybe they could be combined, so that it would be like mine except with your wanderer thing?)
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    Got a melanistic creature once and her name was Mela. The irony was so strong I legit got out of my seat and left my room.
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    what is it with people and yellow fur? yellow/yellow is my favourite colour combination but thats because yellow is my favourite colour