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    I got this Eve in story mode! How pretty!
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    The bears are just servants of the bunnies that are commanding them from their thrones/ stumps 😮
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    Your little sneezy boi Meringue has arrived. Omg Meringue is adorable! I love him! @Skysplash8 Multiple pictures because I’m on an IPad and they hate me
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    Have you done it before? I think I accidentally did it twice in the same save. So here we have Skysplash's Meringue. He even had double immunity, but good thing the console exists! I even got a lovely reply from Meringue on this. And here we have Jojo's Thornstar. Well... Kinda. In-game I called her Hershey, but I'm sure she had the same pattern as Thornstar. Anyway, back to the original question. Did you accidentally do this before? If so, who was the reincarnated creature?
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    Here you have Likana! Man she was fun to draw. I also love her pose. Tried to get the patterns as close as I could! @Larouxxiaa multiple pictures becaaaaaaauseeee iPad issues
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    While threats continued to surround them, so too did a new hope, in the form of rabbils On her last day, beside her mate, LightningSwift built her nest, fearful but also hopeful. Many threats surrounded them, but she knew they would be well protected by CloudStream and StarSpot Surrounded once more, StarSpot and CloudStream found themselves facing a tough decision - protect the youngest in their tribe and risk death in the process, or leave him to a cruel fate. Fate however must have been feeling kind that day, for luck was on his side as both the fox and the bear bypassed the unnamed cub in favour of other, unknown targets. The threat had not completely passed however. Once again, the unnamed boy was spared by fate, and so in thanks, he was given the name Faith's Chosen. The small tribe happened upon a glacier in their wanderings and, spotting the shape of a creature inside, broke it open to discover a stunning remnant of ancient time, who held a dark and sorrowful secret - that his tribe had consigned him to the ice, to prevent his sickness from spreading With the gift of flight, Nukirduk was able to bring another wanderer to the tribe, despite ever dwindling food supplies. Though he was sick, Nukirduk quickly proved his worth to the tribe, snatching up rabbils as fast as his wings would allow him to. Meanwhile, now nearing the end of his life, CloudStream asked Isis if she would carry the tribe, telling her the stories his parents had brought with them from the grasslands And so it was, consumed by the need to collect enough food to survive the rapidly approaching winter that the small tribe found itself split in two.
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    Allright, this is my bright and beautiful Indigo. Reincarnation of the original. Her birth tribe followed a set of rules I won't ever go near again. In the swamp land, they prayed to a cold, harsh God, demanding blood sacrifices. One parent, one child and one wanderer. Every three generations the demands would change. All nichelings missing a particular attribute were brought to the pit. Surrounded by trees and stones, there was no escape from the circle. Indigo was a wanderer with a desirable trait -- blindness. The last seer had passed away, leaving no acceptable heir. She was indoctrinated into their cult, but could not allow herself to kill. Indigo refused their God. Enraged, the entire tribe was annihilated. Her reincarnation lives a much happier fate in the swamps, falling in love with Ravensight, another cursed nicheling who found his home there.
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    Adding to this... Can Adam's children find Eve after he's dead?
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    Hi there! I was getting a little bored with landela so I am thinking of ways to make it more exciting (Ideas anyone?) so, I am making a new playthrough I was kinda inspired by Medicine cat's Kingdom of Flame So here are the rule I will be tweaking a bit - The tribe functions like a monarchy. The oldest child of the current king or queen is the heir, and takes over once the king or queen dies.- If you are a king, queen, or heir, you are an alpha. If you are child of the king/queen/heir you are a beta. If you are not directly related to an heir you are an omega.- If the ruler dies before having children, the closest related capable nicheling will take their place. - Instead of this we will use horn color (Bluer the better) I will also be using LILYTUFT'S surnames! sorry lilytuft... Most of it will be explained as we go but these are the basics so we begin We start with these two... well... er... at least we are in the mountains so we have... Frost Nobleclaw and Amber Flamestrike both doubleclaws That Ice-block is our goal to get to Whoops... THEY DIDN'T EVEN ATTACK?! They then gave birth to Burn Flameclaw (Females have their moms name first; males the dads) We killed the other arctic foxes (We already killed one) We found a wanderer who meekly introduced himself as Taku Mousefoot, he is the first non-double claw in our tribe I'm going to end that there and start on my community challenge! That sentence is a paradox..
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    To lighten it up: He met Hornet They lived happily ever after... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME BASIL?!
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    YES YOU DO. anyways I forgot to mention... Meringue = Nala idk why I named her Nala. I wanted to name her Banana but that was to plain, I knew she was something so I was thinking of the Lion King and named her Nala cuz... Nala
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    that's so ironic because a username I was considering switching to was Picklewaffles-- that's like my username on almost every other thing i have w h o o p s
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    Finally have working internets again! The new leader is... Nikita! Her goal is to get to a new island! And to fly. But first a few more babes! Caramel and Gilgamesh have had a Cracker jawed son named Brock. Rea has had a daughter with the Friendly Beareyna. Her name is Pika. More children, Rea's daughter is Missy and is unfortunately almost infurtal. Caramels daughter is named Gogo and will be the last to head for the new Island. We have arrived at an interesting new island with, grassland, savannah, swamp and jungle elements... Nikita and Job have become mates, as have Brock and Pika, Felicitos and Kastor, Herodes and Opaque. Young Gogo is alone. Baby Boom! Also there is a sick wanderer killing my tribe... We have invited this clawed wanderer in to be Gogo's Mate. They have had a beautiful baby girl named Meis. We defeat a beareyna and tame its child Nikita has died. There are 5 choices for new leader Ivy, Eevee, Pidgy, Butterfree or Sentret Slot4 (3).nichesave
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    I had a bostonlobstah straight after the discussion we had which started it all. She is now a Godess in my pantheon of freedom and philosophy because of stuff she did while she was alive though technically I didn't reincarnate her as she was a wanderer but whatever
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    Heya, finished the drawing of Karhu! @Lilytuft Was very limited on the colors so I did my best, also hope I got the patterns right ^^ Drawing the round ears was fun along with the wing and the hammer tail. I wanted to make her like a fierce and brave sort of Nicheling and I think I accomplished that! Two pics cause I have to upload on my gay iPad and it doesn’t let me delete rip
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    I can see Merengue's little sneeze from the side! Also, HOW DO YOU DRAW SO GOOD! TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!
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    oml there was this poor rogue male in a hot spring with 5 balance bears circling him and a rock in the last direction.. there is no escape
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    Imma just... post what I can remember... I guess I only have three curse you broken computer ahhhHHHHHH Dragon Tear - Goddess of Beauty (beauty is common huh) and Sacrifice I'm sure all of you know who Dragon Tear is. To be honest, I didn't want her to be a goddess at first... but it pretty much enveloped into that Dragon Tear was the goddess of beauty and sacrifice. Obviously, her looks proved to make her the goddess of beauty... but it came with costs. She attracted many rouge males and constantly had tribe mates head over heels for her.Her main interest was to support her tribe with plentiful food and protection, not children. She proved herself to her tribe when one day, while in the midst of the hot and humid jungle, a big eyed ape appeared. Panic stricken, Nichelings began to flee but the ape was too fast. Dragon Tear watched as tribe mate after tribe mate began to get picked off one by one and she knew what she had to do. Summoning up all the courage she could, she attacked the ape and led it away from her tribe, ultimately getting killed in the process. The ape killed her along a beach and she and the ape was never to be seen again. Orange eyes are a sign that you have some resemblance of beauty locked within your soul, as well as the will to sacrifice for the ones you love. Daze - Minister of War and Ambition Yes yes, I know he's not a god- he never was intended to be just like Dragon Tear. I still think he makes this list thought. Daze was born on Whale Island with his five siblings, all of which had nimble fingers or running paw instead of claw. One day, a bearyena came out of the dense brush and severely injured his two only sisters and Daze was mortified. Daze took it upon himself to protect his family at any cost, even if it meant his life. Soon, however, ambition got the best of him. He was killing bearyena after bearyena and he began to seek out danger to satisfy his hunger. His siblings became horrified at what he had become, for he was no longer the Daze they had once known. His tribe moved off of Whale Island and to the Frost Lands. Daze immediately dashed off, ignoring the cries of his siblings telling him to stop. Daze was never to be heard from again. i think i made that darker than intended That's it for now. I gotta head off to high school rip
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    rip pancake, that one pancake on the pan that you burn and forget about.
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    I'm gonna critique this too Wood-brown bear: The hands and the upright position makes it look like a human. Maybe make the eyes a bit bigger too? Green bear: That thing will both give me nightmares and make some good memes if it was in the game... Maybe some bigger pupils? The fingers look like long tendrils that will strangle you. This bear look like it's laughing worriedly while holding it's paws/hands in a choking position. nightmares...
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    I need these in my life RIGHT NOW!!! Can I make some suggestions? (if yes keep reading) They...look a bit off just saying maybe make the brown one have a bigger head and make the eyes not so smol.. also kill the creepy eyes if you want these bears to be kind make them look the part and the one that hangs with Rabbils could be a bit smaller but not smaller than a nichling.. if you are still working on them maybe you can take my word and edit it and see how they look idk..... so OOF
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    Bostonlobstah haunted me for a bit... As well as this guy... A kinda Vampyr reincarnation (Big ears, fangs.)
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    It's awesome!!! Thank you you're better than me!
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    it's not just rabbils...
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    Actually a pretty common occurrence. Dogs, cats, even a falcon once. In short, the same way we do luggage, we just have to take the dog out first. For this, at our airport, we required the passenger to be present and to handle the dog for us. Not all dogs are friendly to strangers, as you can imagine, and it's impossible to guess which are which. Without going into our exact procedure, we tested specific parts of the case where trace residues tend to accumulate - explosive residue is remarkably sticky and transfers to damn near everything it BREATHES near - as well as checking animals with longer fur to make sure nothing was hidden. (So, part of the job description is petting doggies.) It is imperative that we have the passenger there to handle the animal; if they left, we would literally call them back from the gate for it.
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    I made a sketch of Meringue admiring his reincarnations and Annini being annoyed that she does all the work but he gets reincarnations. I probably won't be able to post the sketch until tomorrow (or at least late tonight), though.
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    I think Bostonlobstah just likes my files Meringue is there b/c of Menarak causing sickness.... My guess anyways
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    I will Just panicking over school... And ghost killer bearyenas in my community challenge
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    Yooo that's actually a really good question its dark too i love it
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    they were the opposite twins, named sol & anubis.. I actually have a black cat named anubis.. anubis is the god of death in mythology
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    Practice. That's my secret to be one hundred percent honest. Just draw every single day (at least once a day) and you'll see the improvement! ^^
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    Here's Pancake! I found him in my screenshots and I don't remember his backstory😑
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    Wow. Maybe they were "bursting with flavor" just a tad bit too much?
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    sooo, two nichelings, eh? Matador! Yes, I know what his name means, my father was in the room when he was born and I had him name the children sooo. Matador was the first creature with toxic body in my Whims Of Fate/Annini's Gifts tribe. He had several children, one of which is the purple beauty is the background (who is with her new mate). Poison Fangs is a big blessing in the Annini's Gifts tribe, as the mutation for it is not yet unlocked, and has only been kept in the tribe by breeding very carefully (the gene was originally obtained from a few wandering males), though it always seems to pop back up when I think it's gone forever. Matador's precious fangs are still in the tribe today. Oz, god of Green Toxic Body. He was found by a member of Berri's tribe, where Berri was sent back to the mortal world to learn that beauty isn't everything. The nicheling who found Oz was a pretty daughter of Berri named Rose. Rose was calling out on a stump in hopes of finding a mate, and soon came Oz. He kinda tricked me because his paws are clutched right against his body, so at first I though he was glitched out and didn't have any paws. Her nearly became the god of Trickery for that, but I realized a nicheling from the past, Mekoko, fitted the job much better. Anyways, a few days after Oz came, Rose called out again on her stump with her and Oz's child at her feet, and out came Oz's daughter, Zelena. Zelena also had green Toxic Body, along with antenna, and recessive platypus beak.
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    This is tricky because I don't know the foodstuff in question (plain old goldfish crackers, with cheese flavor-dust?) but we have several methods of detecting explosives. Our scanners operate largely on density, making a vague judgment of what MIGHT be the right density to be something explosive. In order to reliably detect any explosive this way, we do have to put up with a certain amount of false positives on things with a similar overall density. If I had to guess, I'd say that some of them got crushed to powder, with a higher density than intact goldfish crackers. Maybe it caught that bag at just the right position and angle to mistake it for more mass than it actually was, or maybe that cheese flavor really does change it enough to make the difference.
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    You are dead to me. All Fortnite lovers shall be eliminated.
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    days later also self advertisement have you seen this man?
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    Goggles! What did you do to your profile picture!?
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    I like how the only picture of Caramel are baby pictures and that one lol
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    In the trap, was the cake a lie or one of the endless cookies the dark-side is said to harbour?
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    I think I'll leave that to Niche wiki...
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    Most of my tribes follow the deities from Seri and Jessimew's playthroughs but I have some of my own. My first was Rubi. She is the goddess of flight and hunting. he was a red-furred, ram-horned wanderer with wings and female peacock tail. She spent her entire life chasing bunnies and leaving piles of meat behind. The other creatures had to collect the food as she just left it behind. Now, whenever my tribes find meat laying around, they take it as a gift from her. Their children were also deities. Filly: Goddess of Gathering (Berries, Grass) Monarch: God of Hunting (Bunnies) Umbra: God of Loyalty (Following the leader) Mulberry: Goddess of Family (Having kids) This family represents the duties of a nicheling.
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    @Finnwinter The brown one is a very peaceful bear ^^ He walkes around and really likes to hang out with Rabbils. What he does not like at all, is violence. If he witnesses a creature attaking another creature he gets super angry and will hunt down the attacker. This can be useful for you, if he watches you getting attacked by let's say a Bearyena. But if he catches you attacking a Rabbil he'll come after you.
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    ooh I'm comin. I'm gonna getchya im comin closer what're you gonna do when I reach you, huh? what;re ya gonna do ya little bitch you'd better fight back
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