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    @inmiu made a cute mockup some time ago, thought I'd share it here ^^
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    @Zixvir We are thinking about a softlaunch (aka releasing the game in only one country first). Studios often do this to make sure the monetizing model of the game works and that there are no bugs. But before all that we will certainly let all you folks in the forums test the game out
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    CHAPTER 2 Raven A sudden banging sound woke me up. However, when I opened my eyes, I wasn't in the forest. I looked around. All i could see is metal, and a few bars. I peeked through the bars. Outside a two-legged animal stared at me. I stared back. Suddenly, the two-legged animal squealed like a very loud mouse. I folded back my ears. “Ye baa CUUUU!” The creature screeched. I tilted my head at it. Suddenly, everything started shaking. Is there an earthquake? I held onto the bars. When i looked outside again, I was surprised. Am i in something that these creatures can carry? Suddenly, the shaking stopped and the bars separated from the rest of whatever i was in. I slowly crawled out. 6 foxes-2 female kits, 3 male kits, and a Mother fox, I assumed- walked towards me. The Mother fox spoke first. “Ah, a new cub. I’ve always wanted a 6th kit,” she said. Her voice was gentle and soothing. “Hello, kit. My name is Victoria. And this is Maine, Swift, Wander, Hare, and Squirrel. We will take very good care of you.” The mother was a ginger fox, with black legs, and white ear and tail tips. The rest of the foxes were all variants of yellow, red, or ginger, but all of them had black legs and white ear and tail tips. “My name is Raven,” I said. “Well, Raven, Welcome to the family,” the Mother yipped. “Come follow us. You must be tired after a long trip.” “Mom, why do animals keep looking at Raven like that?” Maine asked. “Because raven is DIFFERENT.” Barked Victoria. But the word different got to me. I jerked up from my sleep. “Why did you say it like that?” I asked. “Oh, look. You are a fox like I have never seen. It’s not everyday that a fox has Wings,” said Victoria. “But thats okay. The other animals here may be scared, but we are not. Honestly, I think your wings are the coolest thing!” Squirrel interrupted. “Thanks,” I replied. I trotted towards my “siblings”. Swift, Wander, and Hare were still asleep. “Don't mind them,” Maine said suddenly. “They always are the last to wake up.” I laughed and gently hit Maine on the nose with my Tail. “Hey!” Maine yelped, then pounced on me. We tussled for a bit, then layed down, exhausted. Maine reminds me of my brother, Thorn. Oh, I realised. These foxes aren't my family. “What’s wrong?” Maine asked. “Nothing,” I responded.
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    CHAPTER 1 Lisa I was paralyzed with fear. All I could hear was hard wind and an eagle screeching. I was too afraid to even open my eyes. Wait a minute, Did i hear two eagles? Suddenly i was falling. I crashed through tree branches and fell to the ground with a thud. I heard startled birds flying out of the trees. How did I survive that? I opened my eyes. There were trees everywhere. I slowly got up. Every part of my body hurt. “Mother? Father?” I called. No answer. “Aurora? Dust? Bone?” I called again. Still no answer. I heard a bush rustle and quickly turned around. The bush continued to rustle as I slowly backed up. Suddenly, a coyote dashed out of the bush and right at me. I jerked around and took off as fast as I could. I could hear the coyote’s pawsteps as it chased me. Thump-Thump. Thump-Thump. I dashed through logs, over rocks, and under low-hanging branches. Nothing seemed to work to lose the coyote. I saw a hole in the ground I was just small enough to fit in, and dashed into it, Just dodging the coyote’s large teeth. The coyote couldn't seem to get to me, and soon walked off. Once i could no longer hear it, I peered out. The coyote was nowhere to be seen. I slowly crawled out of the hole, and sniffed the air. All I could smell was the tracks of where the coyote went and a few hares. Quitter coyote. haha! I trotted off as silent as I could in an attempt to avoid attracting any predators. It didn't take me long to find the exit to the forest. As I trotted along, I saw what looked like a wolf on top of a hill, looking at me. Mother had warned me and my siblings to avoid strangers, but Mother isn't here, and I didn't want to be alone. So I trotted up to the stranger, but not to close. “Hey there, kid! What are you doing out here alone?” the wolf said, wagging its tail to show it was friendly. “Am i still in Amethyst mountain?” I asked, so I would know how far from my family I was. “Nope. Your in Slough creek. Amethyst mountain is miles away.” the wolf said, still wagging his tail. I was disappointed by the answer. If i’m miles away from Amethyst mountain, then i wouldn't be finding my family anytime soon. “You look hurt. Let’s get you to a safe place where you can heal.” the wolf said, interrupting my thoughts. Now that the wolf mentioned it, I did see some claw marks going down the sides of my body. “Good idea.” I said.
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    PROLOGUE “Get in the den, pups.” Mother urged. “Why? What's going on?” I asked. “Just get in the den.” Mother urged again. Me and my siblings went into the den. “I wanna know what’s happening!” Lisa demanded after mother left. “Mother said we have to stay in the den,” I reminded her. “Well, mother isn’t here, is she? I'll only be gone for a second.” Lisa padded out of the den. “See, Aurora? It’s just fi-” Suddenly I saw a flash of what looked like talons, and Lisa was gone. “Lisa!” I dashed out to see Lisa being carried away by a golden eagle. Mother and Father dashed after it, trying to catch Lisa. I started to look away when a pup about the same size as Lisa dashed out of a bush, onto a tree and at Lisa, just missing her and falling to the ground. Me and my two brothers, Dust and Bone, ran to Mother and Father. Mother was sobbing. “Its ok,” Father said, trying to comfort Mother. The pup got up and shook the dust off itself. “Aww, shucks. I was so close!” the pup whined. Father turned to the pup. “At least you tried.” he said. The pup looked up at Father, who was much, much larger than most wolves. I remembered that Lisa used to spy on father. She would say that she saw Father doing some strange things. Dust had a crazy theory that Father isn't even a wolf. “Anyways,” the pup said, interrupting my thoughts. “My name is Kaghn.” “Mom, we can't just leave Raven!” I said. “why, she's not mine,” Mother responded. “Mom, Raven was born in the same litter as me. Of course she’s yours,” I growled. I looked at Raven. Raven was pitch-black with bright red claws, Large wings and the most beautiful eyes. I couldn't understand why Mother and my other siblings hated her so much. “Come on, children. We have a long way to go,” Mom said. I sighed and started following her. As we walked, I thought I heard one of those monsters that two-legged creatures would ride in. I looked back, but I was too far away to see what was going on. I hoped that Raven was okay.
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    CHAPTER 8 Raven I woke up to some sort of loud snoring sound. I looked to see Lisa making the weirdest sound in her sleep. Know what, I decide to pounce on her. Also, I whispered in her ear, “Shut. up.” “Get off of me!” she whispered back. “No!” I whispered, wagging my tail. “Ok fine, what do you want?” She whispered. “Iwannagoonawalk,” I whispered. “What?” Lisa whispered. “I. Wanna. Go. On. A. WALK.” I whispered. “At night? Cougars will be out!” She whispered. “I can take on a cougar!” I whispered. “You? A fox? Take on a cougar? Like you could!” She whispered. “You wanna see my strength?” I whispered, then bit her playfully. “Ow ow! Ok i'll go!” She whispered, with a bit of whimper in her voice. “That was just my playbite” I whispered, making a cute face. Lisa gave me a concerned look, and got up. She is quite silent for a wolf. “Alright, lead the way,” she whispered. I trotted out of the den and towards the woods. An owl hooted in the distance. Huh. That’s my friend the owl. As we got a few miles away from the den, suddenly everything went silent. Lisa perked her ears up a minute later. “What’s going on?” She whimpered. “Why have the birds gone silent?” “I don't know,” I responded. Suddenly, I heard rustling in the woods. It sounded like it was coming from every direction. I sniffed the air. All I can smell is something disgusting. I saw a flash of what looked like an black wolf. But the black wolf looked like it was covered in something. “Ok Lisa, would you like to fly?” I asked. “Wait, what?” she said. The black wolves were coming closer. “No time!” I said, then jumped, grabbed onto Lisa, and flew off. I could hear the wolves coming for us. Wait, were they coming from the trees? It was hard to tell with Lisa screaming at the top of her lungs. “AAAAAAAAAAAAA” was all I could hear, honestly. I wrapped my tail around Lisa’s snout, and said, “Shut up! They might hear us!” Lisa tried to say something around my tail, but i couldn't understand a word she said. Hmm… Oooh, yeah probably. “They probably already heard us” was what she said. I took my tail away from Lisa’s snout to find it was covered in slobber. “Ugh!” I said, flicking it off. Suddenly, one of the black wolves jumped up at me, and somehow managed to grab onto my leg. I kicked it with my other leg. It wouldn't let go, so I turned around and bit it. I almost dropped Lisa while doing that. The black wolf finally let go. Unfortunately it landed on what looked like a white wolf kit. I stopped going forward and just flew in place. “Why are you stopping?” Lisa asked. Apparently Lisa didn't see the white wolf kit. “Did you see that wolf k- I mean, wolf pup? It wasn't black,” I responded. “What wolf pup?” She asked. The black wolf got up and looked down at the white wolf kit it landed on. The wolf kit lay there for a second, then looked up at the black wolf with the CUTEST face. The black wolf picked up the white kit, then walked off. I decided to follow it. “Why are we following it?” Lisa whispered. “Because, we need to get that wolf, um, pup, out of there,” I whispered back. Lisa sighed. We followed the black wolf for what seemed like forever before we finally saw something. The object looked like some sort of portal. The black wolf stuck the white wolf kit through it, then pulled her back. After that, it looked confused. Then, with the kit, it walked through the portal thing. A few minutes later, a random wolf tried to go through the portal, but suddenly yelped and jumped back as purple liquid appeared all around it. When the purple liquid finally disappeared, the wolf was covered in the same black stuff as the black wolf. It then went through the portal. “Yep, were doomed,” Lisa said after that. “Shut up,” I yipped at her. “Didn't you see what happened to that wolf?” She barked. “Eh, nevermind that. I'm going in,” I said. “ARE YOU CRAZY!” She yelped. “Yeah, kinda,” I said. “I thought so,” She said. I walked into the portal. Nothing happened. I poked my head out of the place the portal leads. “Ha! I'm fine!” I yipped. “Umm… Is it safe… for wolves?” Lisa whimpered. “I dunno, you will have to see,” I said. “Umm,” She started. “On come on, you big baby,” I said. “Didn't you see what happened to that wolf? What if that happened to me?” She argued “Then I would do it myself,” I said. “You are evil,” She said. “Yes,” I said. “Well, I guess I have no choice,” She said, then slowly walked through the portal. Nothing happened. “Welliguessimoksoletsgo.” “What?” I said. “NEVERMIND,” Lisa barked. “Yeah… Ok lets go,” I said. We walked through the place. It kinda reminded me of the dens. In the distance, I could hear wolves talking. “Stop. I hear something,” I yipped to Lisa. Lisa perked up her ears, then looked at me with wide eyes. “It’s strange. The pup didn't change when I put her into the portal,” The first voice said. It sounded like 2 voices at once. It’s strange. “If this is a prank, your losing your head,” Said the second voice. This one sounded rough and greedy. The chatter of the wolves soon faded away. “Let’s go,” I yipped to Lisa. I sniffed the air. The kit wasn't far away. It was easy to tell what was its scent, for the rest of the wolves smell disgusting. “This way,” I yipped. As we followed the scent, we had to hide a few times from passing wolves. Soon we got to a room with many dens, just like the dens I live in. “She must be in here,” Lisa whispered. “Yeah, her scent is strongest in here,” I whispered back. We looked where the scent was coming from to see 2 wolves-One covered in the black stuff, one pure grey- in front of a den with an white wolf kit in it. “Hey! Leave that pup alone!” I growled. The wolves immediately turned around and looked at me. The grey one scoffed. “You think you can stop me, fox?” He laughed. “Not just a fox,” Lisa said, then walked out from behind me. “A wolf and a fox.” I spread my wings and stick out my wing spikes. “Hah! Showoff,” The grey wolf scoffed. I glared at him. “And how did you get in here, wolf? You seem familiar,” he growled. “We snuck in,” I yipped. “Nevermind you, fox. How did the wolf get in without getting corrupted?” He growled. “Honestly no idea,” Lisa barked. “Nevermind. Kestrel, seize them!” The grey wolf barked. I grabbed Lisa and flew up. I hissed mockingly at the two wolves. “When I get my hands on you, you will look like pancakes!” The wolf called kestrel barked. “What’s a pancake?” I asked. Kestrel sighed, then jumped up at me. He surprisingly managed to reach me, and grabbed onto my leg. Oh shoot. Lisa stuck her claws into kestrel, and the claws started glowing yellow. Sparks of electricity appeared around the claws. It had no effect on Kestrel. “Woah,” I said. I shook my leg to get Kestrel off. He fell on the grey wolf. “What the- Kestrel! Get off of me!” The grey wolf shouted. “Sorry, master,” Kestrel whimpered. I giggled, And while the wolves were distracted, I flew down to the den the white wolf kit was in. “Grab the den,” I told Lisa. Lisa grabbed the den with her mouth. I was holding Lisa in my paws. Maybe wolves find it easier to carry things in their mouth. I flew off as fast as I could, considering that I was carrying 2 wolf kits. Or should I call them pups? That is what wolves call young animals. It didn't take long to get to the portal. I flew through it, and back to the entrance to the dens. I then put down Lisa. “Whew! That was close!” Lisa said the moment I put her down. I landed next to her. “Yeah,” I agreed. I was EXHAUSTED. “Time to get back to the den,” I told Lisa. “Don't forget the pup!” I was surprised that it was still night. Most of the stars have faded, indicating it was almost dawn. I led Lisa back to the den, Made sure everyone was asleep, laid down in my spot, and slept.
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    CHAPTER 7 Lisa “Nice name,” Raven said. “Thanks,” I said. I have never seen a black fox that has red claws, wings, and horns before. Nor have I ever seen a fox with that color of blue eyes. I couldn't even tell it was a fox before it had said Either i wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, whatever that means, or I haven't talked to a fox before. “You must be wondering why I have wings and horns. I'm half dragon,” Raven said, interrupting my thoughts. “What’s a dragon?” I asked. “A dragon is a huge animal with wings and horns. They usually can do some really cool things.” Raven said. “Cool,” I said. “Wanna see my den?” she asked. “Sure, why not.” I said, carelessly. What was the worst that could happen? She is just a fox. The den is the most interesting I have ever seen. There were strange things with animals of many types inside, including ones i have never seen before. We came across one with six foxes inside. I followed raven inside. “Raven! First, you disappear overnight, then you come back with a wolf?” The full grown fox said with concern. It sounded like a female. “Don't worry! She is just a kit. Besides, if she tried to hurt us, she would learn a lesson about messing with me,” Raven said. “One, what in the world is a kit? And two, Are you trying to ruin my comfort?” I asked with concern. “A kit is a young animal, and no,” Raven said. “I thought a pup was a young animal,” I said. “Oh, you use a different word for it?” Raven asked. “You are confusion all over, fox.” I said. The five pups started chanting. “Fight! Fight! Fight!” “Kits, there will be no fighting. Not on my watch” The full grown female said. She must be the mother. Wait, didn't I already figure that out? I can't remember, dangit. “Were not fighting,” Raven said. “Anyways, Lisa, This is Victoria, Squirrel, Maine, Swift, Wander, and Hare. Guys, this is Lisa.” “Nice to meet you!” the pups all said at the same time. “Nice to meet you, too,” I said. Suddenly, the pups all bounced towards me and started pouncing on my tail. I moved my tail around so they would have to chase it. Victoria laughed. “I see you have already made friends with my kits,” she said. “Don't let them play too hard, their teeth are sharp.” “Victoria, Lisa is a wolf. The kit’s teeth shouldn't hurt her very much,” Raven said. “I never met a friendly wolf before!” Victoria said in defence. One of the pups managed to get on my back, and was chewing on my ear. I shook lightly so the pup would slide off safely. “Not the ear, please,” I said.
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    CHAPTER 6 Raven The sunlight woke me up in the morning. I crawled out of the rabbit burrow i had slept in, and sniffed the air. Smells like one of those wolves came through here. I walked to a nearby river, to see that all the fish were dead. What happened here? I sniffed the air. I smelled the same wolf, which also kind of smells like a dragon. I also smelled wolf fear-scent. Was the wolf a witness? I decided to follow the wolf scent. Perhaps the wolf might tell me what happened here. And if it attacks me, I should be able to fend it off. I followed the scent to a den that smells greatly of wolf. Maybe it slept here. With another wolf. I continued to follow the scent. As the scent got stronger, I could tell this wolf was a female. Soon, I saw her, with the wolf she must have slept with. She had a brown fore-head, and a grey back. The rest of her was white. She was with a brown wolf. I waited for the brown wolf to go away. Once it finally did, I came closer to the female. Now that i was closer, I could see she was only about a month older than me. Suddenly, she looked straight at me, and her eyes widened. Her eyes were violet. She obviously wasn’t expecting to see an black fox with wings and horns. She didn't look away, and neither did i. We stared for a good few minutes. Then, she suddenly turned around and ran. I followed her, for who knows why. “Bryan! BRYAN!” she yelped as I caught up to her. I pounced on her playfully. She was much stronger than I expected, and easily flung me off. She was about to continue running again, but something must have distracted her. “Wait a minute, that was a playful pounce. Are you trying to make a fool of me!” she barked. “Of course not. I just wanna say hi,” i yipped. Her jaw dropped. “You can actually understand me, and I can understand you. Can this day get any weirder?” she whimpered. “Your either not the sharpest knife in the drawer, or you never spoke to a fox before. Of course we can understand eachother,” I said. “Sharpest knife in the drawer? What does that even mean? Oh well. Also, chasing me is probably not a good way to say ‘hi’,” she said. “You were running from me. I had to chase you,” I said. “Anyways, My name is Raven. What’s yours?” “Lisa,” she said.
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    CHAPTER 5 Lisa I looked at Bryan. He was fast asleep. I had tried to fall asleep, but couldn't. I looked outside the den, at the starry night. The moon was high in the sky, bright and full. I slowly got up and walked outside. The nearby river glowed blue under the moonlight. I walked to the river, and peered into the water. Multiple fish swam around. I crept towards the fish until my paws touched the water. Suddenly, a zig-zagging flash went through the water and all the fish flopped over and floated to the surface. I jumped back from the water, horrified, as flashes like the first one went through the water. Did i do that? I looked down at my paws. I suddenly realised why my claws were shaped like rattlesnake fangs. I did do that! Sticking out one claw, i slowly tapped the water. The flashes went away. Earlier today, Bryan had helped me with my fire magic. Maybe he could help me with this as well. I padded back to the den. Bryan had not moved an inch. I curled up in a corner and finally fell asleep.
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    CHAPTER 4 Raven It was night. I waited for everyone to fall asleep, then sneaked out of the den. Outside of the den, the place looked mostly metal. There were alot of animals I have never seen before. I headed toward what looked like the exit to the place. Outside, there were trees in every direction. I continued walking. I soon found the edge of the forest. I looked up and saw the moon full and bright. it was beautiful. I sniffed the air. Earlier today, a wolf must have past here. I smelled the faint scent of coyote as well, and the fear-scent of the same wolf. What happened here? I followed the wolf scent. The coyote seemed to have been chasing the wolf. But the coyote scent didn't follow the wolf scent into the cave. Must have been a quitter, I thought. Why didn't it just wait for the wolf to come out? I continued to follow the wolf scent. It led to a mountain, with the scent of an older wolf. That’s enough tracking for today, i thought. I followed some vultures to a dead elk, which I then ate the remains of. The wolves were here too. I looked around. A large rabbit burrow lay on the ground, so I crawled in it and rested for the night.
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    CHAPTER 3 Lisa “So, what’s your name?” The stranger wolf asked me. “My name is Lisa. Yours?” I responded. “Bryan,” he said. “Nice name.” I said. “Thanks.” he said. We walked into what looked like a den. The den was a stack of rocks for an entrance, with a tunnel that was about a wolf-length long, with the dead end carved to be perfect for holding a small pack. I wonder if a pack used to live here. “Ok, were here! I brought ya to my den so no predators would come and attack us while im healing ya.” Bryan said. He then dashed into the den, gesturing his brown tail in a way that i knew meant he wanted me to follow, so I did. “Did a pack used to live here?” I asked. “Yeah. I don't know what happened to the pack. The pack was new when it disappeared, so i assume another pack got em’.” Bryan said. “Anyways,” he started, then suddenly pushed me over and laid his paws on me. Then, his paws started to glow brightly. I turned my head to block the light from my eyes, because the light was so bright. But I want to look at the light! WHY IS IT SO BRIGHT! When the light faded, I looked at his paws. Wait a minute, That isn't normal. “There ya go. You’re healed.” Bryan said, interrupting my thoughts. I looked at the spot the scratch marks from that STUPID EAGLE had been, only to see that they were gone. “How did you do that?” I asked. “Magic. Most wolves around here have it.” He said. “Do i have magic?” I asked. “I don't know, maybe.” He said. “Can you teach me how to do magic?” I asked. “Magic works in many ways, and is very complicated. I have no way to teach you.” He said. “Then how will i know if i have magic?” I asked. “Magic may be complicated, but most wolves discover their magic by accident.” He said. “Wow.” I said. “So if ya do have magic, you will probably discover it while hunting, or in a completely random event.” He said. “Well i’m hungry anyway so let's go hunt!” I said, then jumped up, grabbed his tail, and started trying to drag him out of the den. He was surprisingly light. Who knew full grown wolves were easy to drag by their tails! “Impatient pups,” Bryan said as I dragged him out of the den. “Well, we are here,” Bryan said. I sniffed the air. An elk herd had passed here recently. “Follow me,” Bryan said, then started following the elk trail. It didn't take long for us to find the herd. There were 5 calves, 10 cow elk, and 1 bull elk. I could easily see a weak calf who was much smaller than the other calves. Bryan seems to have seen it as well. “You go in the front. Make sure it doesn't get away. I'll get it from behind.” he said. I crouched down and crawled in front of the calf in the tall grass. Then, Bryan launched at the calf from behind. I ran at the calf, but before I could get one bite the calf collapsed and the rest of the herd was gone. “Sorry, but your still too young to make the finishing blow. Anyways, Now is time to howl our thanks to the world for giving us our meal,” Bryan said, then let out a low howl. I threw my head up, and let out a howl that kinda sounded like a high-pitched version of his. Bryan then grabbed a leg and started digging in. I went straight for the stomach. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. The third chunk of meat felt hot in my mouth, so I spat it out. To my suprise, it was on fire. FIRE. “Wow,” Bryan said. “You have fire magic.”
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    i did a quick doodle of one nichelings in the game
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    How about everything having a health bar? It would be useful so our nichelings dont die instantly, and it is harder to kill weak predators. Also, maybe there can be dificulties? Easy: 10 days, lots of food, few predators Normal: How game is now Hard: 3 days, little food, lots of predators
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    I +a can’t draw tiger stripes helps me
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    Something abouth the anteater face looks off... The long skinny downward face while all the others are forwards, the weird tongue... kinda looks... The others look fine as heck.
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    With the lastest version (4) the game works like this: During the day you place your Nichelings and uncover stuff. And then when you're done you start the night. During the night, these things happen: - First, predators that are still hidden but want to attack a nearby Nicheling are uncovered. - Then your Nichelings attack the predators, killing each one that has lower strength then them. (Killing a predator gives 3 food) - Then the surviving predators strick back, injuring nearby Nichelings that have lower strength then them. - Then surviving Nichelings collect food from surrounding bushes.
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    Hi folks I programmed a super small, basic Niche game over my holidays. Would love to hear what you think and if you get what you have to do My food record is 19, wonder if anybody can get more (Can only be played on the computer) http://niche-game.com/NicheMiniGame/index.html (first version, all fields covered, no food from predators) http://niche-game.com/NicheMiniGame_Web2/index.html (second version, some fields uncovered, food from predators) http://niche-game.com/NicheMiniGame_Web3/index.html (third version, same as 2, but Nichelings attack before predators) http://niche-game.com/NicheMiniGame_Web4/index.html (fourth version, same as 3 but animals collect during night phase)
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    Hey folks! This week we submitted our applications for a gouvernement art grant to hopefully get a bit of financial support from them for our new games. (That's also the reason why you will hear us greeting a jury in the beginning of these videos xD) We thought you guys might be curious to see what we've been working on (besides making Nimbatus updates and working on the Niche console port) too! So here is a quick glance at the two prototypes we're currently working on! Disclaimer as usual: Both projects are still too early to say for sure wether or not they will be released.
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    This is sadly relatable. RIP Red
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    She looks somber as you leave but says nothing more. -talk to warriors -talk to siblings -leave camp -listen, sniff, and see what’s around you -nurse
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    I've found out that if you press space all of the tiles are uncovered 🗿
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    oh look, a new high score 17
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    should we maybe just leave the child alone they're having fun and obviously doesn't mean to be bad
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    Alright I’ll change it but I made this just now featuring crooked sun
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    Yeah I guess 5 is a little excessive. 3 would be enough. However in this little demo, the food isn't eaten upon night (Could be something not implemented yet.) New genes would be a good reward for killing a certain amount... Food from carnivores would also provide a new strategy... Hunting...
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    Scary and great at the same time 😁
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    I sure hope this cat doesn't exist... Also how is this supposed to be a cat again?
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    New record, 28 food with the new version
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    Is she/he okay? I don’t think so
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    This cute doggie of mine When I grow up, there will be flying..
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    You belong to ThunderClan!You are compassionate, dedicated and courageous. You have the spirit of a lion, exceedingly noble and wild-hearted. While others may look down upon your benevolent, charitable nature, it has also earned you the reputation of being heroic. You do not turn a blind eye to pain and suffering. Even if odds are against you, you will push and try to do the right thing. However, these traits do not make you soft or weak, no matter what you're told. When the situation calls for it, you can be extremely fierce, especially if your friends or family are threatened. A sense of "togetherness" permeates through your desires. You may want a big family or perhaps you came from one. The more the merrier, right? You are rejuvenated when you feel like you're part of a team or group, even when the going gets tough.Founder: Thunder/ThunderstarElement: Fire HELL YEAH I ALWAYS GET THE PROTAG GROUP 😎😎😎
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    I came out of the womb with a mechanical pencil in hand
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    I can't help but think of that part in a Charlie Brown Christmas where Linus is like "give me one good reason I should be in this play" and Lucy's like "HERE'S FIVE" and puts her hand into a fist finger by finger right in his face "I suppose those are good enough reasons" "Oh, of course." Mintkit suddenly lashes out, landing (or trying to land if Random.org says so) a slash upon the torbie's side. That should demonstrate my skills well. "Is that a good enough reason?"
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    Nobody: Me: EATER OF WORLDS DRAGON!!!!
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    I can't wait for us to try hard and get out favorite nichelings in this version. I really want a Pocket Hornet now.
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    No set date yet, but I'd say Q1 or Q2 2020 So pretty soon already.
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