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    There's a folder on my desktop with a bunch of random Niche saves in them. I don't know what they are. I don't know what I'll find. All I know is that they're at least 6 months old. ADVENTURE TIME! Okay, so here's what we got- I'm starting with The Crigture Tribe. This is obviously back when I actually cared about the tribe names. Now we have names like "okay zoomer" and "ima make it this time". Anyway... WAIT! I actually sorta remember this! Look at those pretty patterns! How do I not have a screenshot of this girl? This guy is the leader, I guess. Oh my gosh, I actually remember her! On closer inspection, it looks like we have some mates! Let's breed them! She may be sick, but she's pretty cute! Her name is Shelly. Okay, that's enough of that-let's move on! This tribe is actually a challenge tribe. I was trying to reincarnate Raana, that was the challnge. There were some other rules, like all twins were made leaders (because Raana was a twin), all nests must be next to berry bushes (because Raana was the main berry collector). Oo! Looks like we get to see a new baby! Aw, he's cute! He looks so familiar...I just can't seem to place him... This girl's name is Scorpiana. I just thought that was funny. Okay, next! Huh. Alright. Raana, is that you? *Gasp* The one, the only! WHEATPAW! No, Wheatpaw! Oh my gosh! In the meantime, look at this cool wanderer? Wait, why does she not have a Warrior Cat name? Anyways... I invited the wanderer in. He's got a little parasite friend, d'awwwww. Okay, that's all for the journey! This was fun!
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    Hi everyone So this weekend was Global Game Jam and I decided to participate with David Stark, a friend and fellow game creator In this game jam you only have 48 hours time to make a game. We made "Turtle Town", a game about being a city on a giant walking turtle! This was kind of an experiment for me, related to our new game Nyoma. It was great fun Edit: The game can now be played here: https://zarkonnen.itch.io/turtle-town Here is what the game looks like after 48 hours of development: I always find it crazy to see how much of a game can be done in such a short time. However finishing and properly polishing a game is a whole different story
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    Start a secret society for the wild and free, Our ideology is “You can do what you want, Too much is never enough”.
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    Here's the final day- It's Snow, from my playthrough! This challenge was so much fun, I'm sad for it to end! I got to use some colors that I wouldn't normally use, and it let me realize how many other types of colors I could be using! Not to mention, all these pictures were lineless, and that came out much better than expected. I might re-visit lineless designs in the future! Also, the amount of nichelings that got art that hadn't been drawn before...yay! So, thank you very much FawnCat for making this challenge! I had a lot of fun, and learned a lot, too!
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    Whoa, I didn't know that balance bears had long tails... Maybe that's where 'IcebearFox' comes from?
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    oK GUYS THIS IS ALIVE AGAIN, SORRY FOR ABANDONING IT :0 oh and btw you can now submit as many nichelings as you like as long as you don't submit like. 200 @Tundra sorry if you don't like snappers, but they kinda look like the cracker jaw @Spacestar TheThundersuncat i tried @Renio This was the best I could make him @bannergirl411
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    same. I watched her and I bugged my mom for ages to buy me it XD eventually, on Christmas, she got me it.
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    I'd bought it on a steam sale but I lost interest pretty quickly as I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, the amount of extinct tribes I had was actually ridiculous Then I watched part of Jessmie's Adam's Journey playthrough and now I can play from dawn until dusk, wish it worked on my laptop though so I don't freeze to death which is why I am really looking forward to the switch port
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    I watched some of seri’s videos and fell in love with her story telling (which I alas am not great at creating good stories) I haven’t watched her vids in a while tho.
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    at my church homegroup (some people call it smallgroup) we played D&D. I was a bear that was really long with cushions tied to his back named Bench. you feed him money and then you can sit on him. I couldn't stay for long but our characters found a door and Bench butted his head against the closed door. and kept on butting into it when it was opened. he is not very smart.
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    fun fact: John Adams has his own musical called 1776.
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    I legit just had the greatest time on discount wq keeping care of a puppy. 12/10 would do again. they should be coming back later, though, so I should be getting to do it again. just chilling until they get back been a long time since I said legit. feels good, Kimaba, feels good.
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    The biography of Alexander Hamilton is ~800 pages long. TIME TO GET READING
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    Here is day six- I thought the colors were perfect for this dude- But I had no personality in mind because he's just an explorer nicheling. So I decided to make the picture look mysterious >:3 I like it! It's a lot different from my super bright colored drawings I normally make.
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    ALL THEIR GAMES AND EXTRA STUFF IS ON SALE IN A BUNDLE FOR LESS THAN TEN DOLLARS. THAT'S EIGHTY DOLLARS OFF. 90% OFF ALL TH SHELTER GAMES OKAY this message was brought to you by a friend who wants to make sure that you guys know about this because this is insane and this friend is about the buy the bundle. https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/13317/Shelter_Bundle/
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    Here it is! I'm just gonna let this image soak in. Yeah, yeah. Wanna hear the story? Sure ya do! So I was looking through the console command bugs section because that's always fun. And I came upon Flower's topic about the baby FlowerMask situation. Scrolled down. Discovered some beautiful commands that could mess up my game. And I was iNsPiReD. I had my saves backed up because I was playing an old version of Niche earlier. So I loaded up a new world. And prepared to have my mind blown. Here's a picture of my starters that I got before the chaos- Look how unprepared they are. So I start off with a status pregnant command. And it sorta kinda maybe slipped my mind that I have to have the nicheling that I want to have the effect to be selected. So I sorta kinda maybe got the dude on the right pregnant. As I was regretting my life choices, I had him hop up on the tile behind him to build a nest. Passed the day. And behold! A white, green-eyed, winged, sticky-tongued, water-bodied, tail-finned thing with it's head on the floor appears, practically trapping leopard boy. I saw this in the previously mentioned Flower post. So good! I'm breaking things now. I tried to breed the female with our trapped male, but that was impossible. Then a sick, blind wanderer comes out of the woods while I'm dealing with these things. Let's invite him in, sure, why not? I have him mate with our lovely female. And then I shove him over to leopard boy and the white flesh cage to see if they can get sick even though they're unplayable. I pass the day, and the female has had a normal, healthy child. I continue to give her the pregnant status command until there are 3 kids all layered on top of each other in the nest. And then I had the brilliant idea to make one of the kids pregnant. Boom. Flesh cage number 2. Somehow, only our poor starter female is trapped, so I moved out her 3 kids and took the pregnant one to make a nest and see what happened. Somewhere during this, our sick leopard boy died. But the flesh cage remains. Spoopy. We pass the day, and now the daughter is stuck in a cage. She's also still a teenager, so it like completely covers her. I move the 2 normal kids towards flesh cage number 1 to find that the cage is sick. I'm scared. And so is the wanderer that went out of the grass and turned right back around. Sick wanderer bro dies. We invite the scarred-for-life wanderer into our tribe. Then I changed some genetics on our giraffe-looking child to see if anything extreme would happen. The answer is no. It acted as expected. And for my final blow, I try to change the flesh cage's genetics to see if it'd turn into a real nicheling. But try as I might, it just wouldn't happen. And now I'm here. Bye!
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    because i cant keep it to myself huh moving my map/pmv ideas here CW: EXTREME GORE I can't believe it The way you look sometimes Like a trampled flag on a city street Oh yeah sol to blackstar, colour pallette would be dark and dull except for sol And I don't want it The things you're offering me Symbolized barcode, quick I.D Oh yeah image of the other leaders surrounding blackstar, sol sat in background; zooms in on 'Symbolized barcode', sol is glowering at the other leaders (sun; bright pink rises behind sol) 'Cause I'm a twenty-first century digital boy sol beside blackstar at gathering; all shadowclan cats are painted in pastels w/ neon eyes while non-SC cats are monochrome greys I don't know how to live but I got a lot of toys shadowclan cats shown with cross around their neck, sol rises behind them My daddy's a lazy middle-class intellectual My mommy's on Valium, so ineffectual other clans looking on sol, talking about their leaders whos portraits are pictured- the cats move and shuffle Ain't life a mystery, yeah? sol facing audience with closed eyes, shadowclan slowly rises behind him I can't explain it blackstar to sol; sol is silhouetted in off-white against the pink sky The things they're saying to me turns to sol's perspective; blackstar does not meet sols gaze It's going yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah cuts to riots in riverclan; riverclan cats hold crosses on chains in their mouth and strangle their deputy and leader with them Oh yeah riverclan cats stand on deputy and leader 'Cause I'm a twenty-first century digital boy sol beside blackstar at gathering; all shadowclan cats are painted in pastels w/ neon eyes, all riverclan cats are bloody I don't know how to live but I got a lot of toys shadowclan/riverclan cats shown with cross around their neck, sol rises behind them My daddy's a lazy middle-class intellectual My mommy's on Valium, so ineffectual other clans look nervous Ain't life a mystery, yeah? sol looking at audience with a smirk, shadowclan/riverclan slowly rises behind him Tried to tell you about no control jayfeather to riverclan cats, looking away But now I really don't know cuts to sol + SC in riverclan mingling peacefully with them; all cats but lion and holly should wear crosses And then you told me how bad you had to suffer lion to riverclan cats, growling Is that really all you have to offer? RC/SC cats pushing sol forwards, forming a circle around lion. sol says this, with narrowed eyes 'Cause I'm a twenty-first century digital boy sol at gathering; thunderclan bows to him I don't know how to live but I got a lot of toys shadowclan/riverclan cats shown with bloodied cross around their neck, sol rises behind them. My daddy's a lazy middle-class intellectual My mommy's on Valium, so ineffectual lion, holly and jay pictured; lion has his throat ripped open in a cross, holly is laid at bottom and jay has a cross around his neck Ain't life a mystery, yeah? sol looking at audience with bloody paws, shadowclan/riverclan/thunderclan slowly rises behind him cats, sports, iron claw thunderclan wearing crosses, windclan is only non-soltaken clan (Twenty-first century digital boy) neurosurgeon screams for more sol at gathering to windclan leader, paw out for pawshake (Twenty-first century digital boy) innocents ~~~~ with napalm fire windclan leader declines, thunderclan attacks (Twenty-first century digital boy) everything I want, I really need fighting stops as sol is garroted by his own cross- Ain't life a mystery, yeah? blackstar stands behind sol with a broken cross in his mouth; image closes on the impression of 'devil horns' floating above him
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    Obviously, we all enjoy playing Niche. It's why we're here. But how did that start? Why did we start liking it? Questions... Here's my answer! So I first found out that Niche existed from Seri. She was making a lot of Niche videos, so I thought to myself- I'd better start getting used to these! I've never even watched one before...here lemme do that! So I continued to watch her Niche video for a total of 5 seconds before I decided that I was bored and didn't like it. Let's fast-forward. Seri is still doing Niche videos. And I decide to give watching them another go. I believe it was one of her Cookie Tree Tribe episodes, because she was talking about Meis and how she had a derp snout, and I was just sitting there wondering What in heckers is a derp snout? Anyways. I then proceeded to march myself on over to Steam and buy Niche on an impulse. I mean, what did I have to loose? I opened it up. Loaded a new Story Mode save. And immediately died. I for some reason got it into my head that you could only have one kid per pair. So I was just wandering around with Adam, Eve, and their one kid until I ran out of time and perished. I left the game after that. And then I watched Seri play the game, because she was obviously better than me at it! I proceeded to watch her Story Mode tribe and got inspired from watching...mostly because it helped me figure out that I could have more than one kid per nicheling pair. I played again. And the rest is history. So, now, share your stories! I'm curious!
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    I'm at the house of some friends and they have a blind cat named Tiki and he's SO PRETTY except he doesn't like me petting him.
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    also i made a likana because why not
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    Honestly, I don't know We started with one person, then two, then three, and it was just us four rping Impy hasn't been joining in lately tho Im not really sure how this got to be literally the longest rp on the forums, but it is :')
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    I shipped Issi and Finch through most of it, but ended up shipping Finch and Ink because of the spongebob-squidward relationship going on with them--
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    Yup! Board, Riddle Jest, and Timber Everest are the only picture I have of them, so Pretend it's a picture of only Timber Everest. The "innocent" child.
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    Board (In my world the Goddess of Descrimination) Timber Everest / T.E (God of natural disasters in my world) Riddle Jest / RJ (God of Torment/Laughter in my world)
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    (Sorry, new members' posts have to be approved by a moderator before others can see them, and I only came online now. Welcome to the forums!
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    Ooooh right... I’ve had WCUT there for a long time and I barely play cattails, but they’re still there
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    you shouldn't right now, not during, The event
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    Uhhhh I didn’t find out from a YouTuber. This happened on my own. I just found the demo of niche on YouTube (but I can’t remember much) quite a few years ago, and I loved it. But that was the end until I was scrolling through YouTube again and I was like “that looks like that one game... imma watch it” so I watched it. And honestly, I loved it. I tried to watch Jessimews entire story mode (mind you I failed miserably), and for a couple of years I was watching niche constantly on YouTube on the dumb chrome book I had that couldn’t run it. So the year my chrome book kicked the bucket, for Christmas I got a laptop. And my mom got me a steam gift card, enough to buy niche (which was on sale, so I had enough left over to buy spore which was also on an insane sale), and we made my steam account blah blah blah, and then I played it. Dream come true. Wish I could experience that joy again. Also there’s a chance that Prince is a year old now. Now I rarely watch niche unless I’m rewatching these two playthroughs and I’ll probably go do that some other time. and I found the forums by clicking on that weird thing on niche that’s like “help us expand niche or the community or something or other” made an account, and the first thing I said was the worst grammar ever. Says me, the person that can’t say their when I mean they’re and not get overly ticked off about it
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    TheGamingBeaver played it once, looked cool, searched after more playthroughs, found JessiMew, looked really cool, and now i'm here with Niche
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    I’m broke again on lioden but as a side note I’m giving the ferus that was literally born today all my money because I bought a heavenly serenity and now she’s gonna get it so pretty thank you, Yuhazi you’ve definitely fueled my love for ferus lions
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    I saw jessimew's first ever niche video when it came out and started watching her and I actually bought niche just before the jungle update (???) and absolutely sucked at it so I stopped playing and stopped watching jess until the full release when ep 1 of adams quest was in my recommendations so I started watching her and playing niche again. I also think that erose made some videos that convinced me to play again but I dont really remember
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    I'd say Jessimew, but saw a video of a very old version years ago and kind of stuffed it into the back of my mind. Found Niche again when looking for a different game. So that one moment of "it exists!!" and a few videos from Jessimew before I actually bought it. Didn't go extinct or had a too rough* start, but then again I already knew the game mechanics. Eventually stopped playing too safe and got into challenge tribes. Got tired. Starting doing story playthroughs after some skipped months. *What did leave a horrible first impression was my first save being bugged beyond belief. I followed all the right steps from the guide, but no northern port would spawn for me when it should. After 8 hours of non-stop island hopping (really should have trashed the save), there finally appeared one in its proper place. While there were a few tricks you could attempt and would have solved most cases... they hadn't worked. So pure grinding until you couldn't do "story" mode, which is probably why I didn't do story tribes for so long after, despite watching Adam's Journey...
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    jessimew i was a big fan of her stardew valley videos, and i saw that she was uploading a lot of niche videos. so i decided to check them out. at first, i didn't really like niche but then it really grew on me as i started to binge watch the entire series. i was really bad at it when i first got it , but i wasn't terrible because i watched so many of jessimew's videos. i got around to first snow in my first story mode save and then deleted it because everyone was starving. i also vaguely remember making an archipelago sandbox save right after and actually surviving in that one
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    im making a culture around randomly generated languages
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    I've just purchased everything exept the new comic separetedly 😅 (well actually I also got a comic for free once and also I got Paws pitter patter edition which included the soundtrack and lonesome fog) (I mean, when I first found the series, there were Sheter, Shelter 2, Mountains and the soundtracks...)
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    (My money's on foul play. 😏)
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    Alright Should we rp now?
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    Ahhhh why am I never online when u guys are
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    It starts off with my sibling telling me to play it. So, I said why not. AND I didn’t like it. I was confused (Maybe because my sibling said to play sandbox meaning no tutorial) After reaching I think around 100 days I was bored (The fact that I kept going to flower ports and that meant no different(Harder) islands might have been one reason and that I stayed on the bigger one eventually) I thought the main game goal was to survive as many days as you could (Well it's technically true but it doesn't count really if you stick to one island like I did😅). SO I dropped the game. Telling my sibling I liked the style but there was nothing to do. Skip a few months. Jessimew pop up in my recommendations on youtube. I start with her Adam’s quest. At first, I’m like there was a story mode? So, I watched all her Niche game video’s. The fact that she could tell her own stories wanted me to do the same. A few days before my birthday my sibling bought the game for me. I enjoyed it (especially now that I knew how gene's work) and started to draw my characters and Jessimew’s.
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    sort've, but less 'good' and less real lag for me. it's okay, I just never have anyone to rp with on there :')
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    *highkey really proud of this* It's of one of my Terraria characters, by the way Not shaded because I'm lAzY
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    (Oopsie, I drew Finch with Gray horns.) Here is Ink. I struggled with the expressions, it isn't my strong point.
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    Do what you want, believe it or not I don't control the entire rp there's plenty of things I planned on doing that you hooligans put an end to
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