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    Look at meeeeeee I'm on my old account
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    fishe! I don't have a picture of her genes but I'm pretty sure she has like mask D idk just give her whatever pattern and you can give her any tail type too she was randomly generated
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    So lately I've grown to love gills, and my brain decided 'hey, why dont i make an entire save where everyone is a fish?' (might make a playthrough, i dunno) so- Give me your fish children or Wisteria will eat your toes
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    Dukvan! He was once my god of the sea but he retired to pick flowers ❤️
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    I used to always forget to close the microwave It really annoyed my dad, so I just started doing it on purpose, because I hate him :')
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    --anything, really. obviously no obligation to post here, just learning more about yourself and other people i guess. dont ask why i decided to post this, cause i have no idea. just felt like it i guess. First thing about myself; I find it incredibly difficult to talk to people significantly older or younger than myself unless it's someone I know well and am familiar with. Although, when it comes to, like, baby/toddlers, I work extremely well. I can talk to people really easily, I just have major trust issues down the line, and don't really talk too much with the people I don't know too well. Even the friends that I hang out with -- some of them I just can't find it in myself to talk to comfortably, but I still enjoy their company I guess. Maybe it's just because I'm functionally a Scorpio. Relate to other people, relate to yourself, find creepy connections with other people, find creepy realisations about yourself, and be social. Online. Cause we can't go outside.
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    Basically just a normal playthrough with Sky's AHVHC sandbox settings on deadly hills. This is our starter. He will be named Cinno He walks a little inland and finds a healing fruit. Not that it will be of much use... almost everything will kill you instantly. His strength leaves it easy to kill the prey around this area... He seems unsettled by the danger aura of the area. He scouts for a good place to make a base... and maybe even a mate but he only comes across an impenetrable wall. He spots a breach in the wall as one of the soldiers moves out. He successfully broke the wall. What a stroke of luck! Our wandering bachelor will be able to find a mate! He seems to call nothing but a bad bluebird. Finally his lonely calls catch someones hears. A little red squirrel by the name of Riimyn appears. He offers her food and she joins with glee. They become mates. Mean while, Cinno still sings out his cries and calls up a beautiful blind boy by the name of Haarro A bearyena appears but everyone is really tough and they take it down easily. Tondyn is born! Another Bearyena appears but through team work is taken down. A beautiful probably-melanistic rouge appears and instantly falls in love with Haarro. They breed... but tragedy strikes. A bearyena appears. As Vahik prepares to attack the beast, a coughing fit overtakes her body. When she finally stops her body is cold. She has died. (As I write this, I realize this is basically the Niche Nuzlocke.) Little Lurnuduk is born to Riimyn and Haarro. Nala (Spotted) washed up on the shore of the riverbank. Her water genes will not be of use to us. Ormele, on the other hand, has big body and that is a big plus.
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    Look, I can kinda do "furry art"! I don't know how to draw or shade clothes :') I'm pretty happy with everything else in this, though
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    I get really bad anxiety when I see someone from school at a place outside of school. I try my best to make them not see me. The most recent one was when I was at Jewel (there's like 100 of them in my city) and it was right after school. And of course I saw the girl that I had a crush on so I got really bad anxiety. I was trying to make it go quicker but then her mom told her to get something and she ran into my isle and were just awkwardly looking at eachother. I don't know how she didn't see me before. We had been in the fruit section like, 10 feet apart before but she never noticed.
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    Gazor @wikipedia (angel)
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    A random memory that no one cares about because I was incredibly small:: I was back at our smol child home, in the lounge room at the front of the house with my mum because my sister had friends over and she wanted to keep an eye on me. I was trying to get past the baby gate that separated me from the world outside my confinement, otherwise known as the rest of the house, when a girl walks up to the gate and opens it... she's careful not to hit me, but I stay in front of it. She manages to ease past me, but I stumble through the opening before she shuts it... and I can't remember what happened next. So convenient.
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    oh yeah have i showed my secondary sona here yet because they're an absolute gremlin here they are anyways
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    Creepy visual memory. When I read a book in dreams, it's a seemingly carbon copy of the pages from the day(s) before. When learning a new word, I remember the source until I've found it in too many new contexts. Getting lost is harder than expected. I might still forget a street or so when my country self is in a new city. Which, no. Don't have dad's mental google maps. Where is south again? Went from being faceblind to reading expressions better than 90% of the population. By way of abstract strings. On the one hand, different mental tools, so you can't confuse me with having a stoic or rough face to begin with. But I need to learn every person. Useless passive facts. It does what it wants though, so I can't even abuse it for school unless I genuinely care.
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    I used to, though I would have happily found something like that to take advantage of a couple years ago
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    That I love that Wish I could do something like that but I don't have the heart to anymore XD
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    It’s still a little uneven and the lines are a bit wobbly. (I would’ve definitely gotten out my tablet and fixed those lines if I’d’ve won.) but it’s way more even than the first.
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    It was honestly such a fun experience -- even if my ego did get hurt a little, maybe it was for the better. I don't care that my flag isn't in the game because maybe for the ~45 people who were at the stream a voted for me will remember me every time they see the other flag. And to be fair, I didn't expect to even get 4th. And I enjoyed being the leader of my own little thing, I felt appreciated. It's like one of those things where the journey is better than the destination.
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    We are shunned. We are shunned, because we cannot feed. We are shunned, because our faces are not what they're used to. We are shunned, for simply not hating the seas. We'll show them. They bow to us now. Playthrough where everyone is a fishy, because lets be honest, none of ya'll were gonna do it. Alright, some rules and stuff: -Nichelings with gills are the most dominant of the tribe. They are the highest ranked, and are always treated with respect. Disobeying or disrespecting a gilled nicheling could get you either exiled or killed. Gilled nichelings are alphas. -Nichelings with water body are the second class, sorta. They make all of the other decisions, and while they are not as respected as nichelings with gills, disobeying or disrespecting them will get you exiled at the most. Water bodied nichelings are betas. -Any nicheling without water body or gills is basically a slave. They come last, and can be as mistreated and pushed around as any of the higher classes want. They do most of the dirty work, fighting, getting food, being used as bait etc. Plenty of water bodied children are raised by non water breathing nichelings, as most nichelings wuth water body are to 'busy' to handle them. Non underwater breathing nichelings are omegas. -No nicheling can breed with non water breathing nichelings except other of their class. Gilled nichelings and water bodied nichelings can mate, but the air breathers can only breed with eachother, unless mating with one of another class could produce a gilled or water bodied creature. -Each generation will have a leader, who will ALWAYS have gills. It's not exactly like a monarchy, you just have to have gills and be somewhat young. Alright, the playthrough will start in the next post.
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    help I can't get rid of this laughing emoji I didn't mean to put it there 😆 New baby I named her Neopolitan because of her colors and brown eyes Oh Tadul and the pink one I think is Strawberry are mates now
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    I'm 5'6 1/2", which is kinda tall, at least for my age. My dad is 6'5"
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    Yup, it's why he's also the god of misfortune. Another bearyena appears... this time it has a child... It's still a threat. It seems to have no interest in attack them. Also Haarro is doing some exorcist stuff. Ignore that. (Might be a side effect of depression.) This is 1/2 surviving children of Haarro. This 2/2 surviving children of Haarro. She is the current Leader as Cinno retired (He hasn't died he just didn't like it any more.)
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    Larmel with a digging paw joins our tribe Fowl gives birth to a child of Haarro. The plague only follows him.
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    (I often get more motivated if people comment on my stuff so ^^,) It turns out Ormele was just as sick as Vahik and dies to another coughing fit. What is this terrible plague that touches all of Haarro's mates? Also Harro is a god now. He's the god of Thunder, Rain, and Misfortune. I believe the next step towards survival is getting a diggers paw so we can have so much food. And it's probably time that I address the situation that I think past me tinkered with the sandbox setting to start me off with like 150 food soo... I'll delete 120 of the 164 food I have right now. Sadly there's nothing I can do about the nesting material. : / (Make that a suggestion for a console command...) and boom. I have 44 food left. And a child is born: His name is Duksonigh. Such a beauty right? (This is an outside view of him.) Adding on to the lore of our tribe! The Centre stump is where the watcher sits and stands for the guidance of all the Niches in the camp. Because most of their life is just sitting still, they are revered as heros and leaders. This means Cinno is our first leader of the tribe. Two rouges were killed on the outskirts of the territory. A rouge named Fowl is invited to the tribe. Duksonigh asks what's behind her. For once, Haarro's mate doesn't die!
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    *gasp* How come literally nobody told me?
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    Day 7 A bearyena shows up but it is quickly killed. (Sorry blurry image) Yogurt Drop and Sun-Dial decide to mate. Surprisingly, they succeeded on the first try despite Sun-Dial low fertility(I made it low instead of Infertile) Snow quietly watches Hornet.
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    When I read books in dreams, I feel that it is the same book I was reading but I can't focus on the words. Same with any mental image I have of a drawing. It goes like this: Me: looks so cool, but what makes it so cool? Brain: Uh... Idk? I'mma just delete half the details so you can't figure it out. Also, I have like no visual emotions. I have been told by multiple people including a few counselors trained in that kinda stuff.
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    I can't have some doors open when I work or go to sleep. Some doors as an example: My room's door. Not too weird, right? But one of these doors is my Science Lab classroom's door. Like why? I will literally instinctively get up and shut the door because I don't like it.
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    I tend to get ahead of myself with other people's playthroughs, like, 50 ideas pop into my head at once For example: Literally just having the queen go around and be like 'hey, wanna make some kids?' with like, every male, and she's just like 'the heck you talking about? This is totally your child' to her mate. And then, like, she gets fricken cursed to only have male children or something, I dunno TLDR: Come to me if you ever need someone to actually vomit plot ideas, I have to many no wonder cant remember how to graph, but i can somehow retain how to grab keys that are outside from a second story window (its with a fishing pole, also, dont ask)
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    If i was Adam, I'd just drop kick Chenthya She has no strength, she's about as powerful as a hotdog Haha, I hate her :')
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    Part Six, Day Fifteen—Queen Chenthya Morning finally came, and there below my feet...was a baby girl! "An heiress!" I exclaimed. Adam came rushing over. "No, don't touch her. You get to raise the sons, and I raise my daughter—Rahzere, as I will name her—alright?" Adam looked sad, but nodded and went back to the boys, whom he began to teach to pick berries. I isolated myself and my daughter from the males for the next few days. I taught her to be a Queen, for when I would pass the crown onto her. I told her how to keep the males in line, how to greet wanderers in a way that makes them want to stay. When Rahzere became a teen, I came back to Adam, who was plucking berries with Niit, while the other two sons chased after rabbils. As soon as Adam saw me, he rushed over and nuzzled me. "My Queen! I have taken care of our sons as well as I could in your absence!" He also nuzzled Rahzere, who bristled at all of this 'affection.' I quickly whispered to my daughter, "No. Affection must be allowed, or the male will not want you as his mate, and you will have to use force." Rahzere flattened her fur down without a word. For some strange reason, she rarely spoke. I turned back to Adam, who was, as he had done days before, gazing at me lovingly. Fool. "Adam, dear." His ears perked up. "It is time for more children. Though we have an heir, it is good to have more sla—I mean, Queendomers." Adam's eyes shone. "Of course, my Queen!"
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    Alright, here we go: Everyone breeds straight away, because niche. We've got some children born Overjoyed, Lenmi gazes down into the nest, excited to see her new child. But, to her horror, her daughter is corrupted. Meara doesn't bear gills OR water body. Her fate is sealed the moment Anoke sees her. Fish child Ironically, the bearyena goes after Meara, who has armored body (that damage is from her mother's sickness) Looks like Jungle Boi found us a slave- Babies (can you guess what playthrough i just read?-) Sira teaches her son how to crack clams and coconuts. He just manages to tick off every crabbit and nicheling in a five mile radius with his excited squealing. She's still proud.
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    I think that you can like everything you want and still be your gender. It just depends on what you feel most comfortable as (sometimes in terms of body, but not always) when you think of yourself.
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    I make weird sounds when I drop stuff (and other stuff like that too)
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    And I need to go to sleep because parents. Sooo uh Gnight 🙃
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    And then they're ambushed into making lunch
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    I don't even think my mum noticed me leaving. The girl probably said something, right?
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    You'll get to see the duality of remembering pages full of numbers and diagrams without effort and yet forgetting everyone's birthday
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    I forget to close doors in general. Not front doors or anything, but if I'm the last to leave a classroom or am using the toilet at home
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    Interesting. I'm obnoxious when I'm comfortable I guess. My friends -- or, well, some of them -- start it and I end up joining in... occasionally...
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    Whenever I'm tired and with my friends, I become really obnoxious
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    This is what the flag looks like (We just gonna ignore the fact that I can't draw rockets.)
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