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    Yeah uh vote— like this comment for yeah let’s just use the old back up react paws up for keep trying to download it even if you have to like- delete your computer.
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    hello! i've been playing niche for about a..year? a year or maybe more? i can't remember. but ive been playing the game a lot more recently and i love it! i also wonder if there will be any more updates to the game for more genes, but who knows but i just found out about the forums here and i hope this is a fun place to be! ^^
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    Inviting everybody once the datapacks are up!
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    The two team members I had left were Swords+Ships the Zacian and 1800 the Morpeko. If you have any questions I’ll answer. Leon’s battles was the hardest by FAR. He basically killed my team. If it wasn’t for the Morpeko and a Missclick, I wouldn’t have completed it—
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    If any form of blood triggers you at all, don't look. Though, all it really is, is very simplified matted bloody fur. All done! I really liked making her, very beautiful nicheling. Hopefully I got the 'zombified' point across well enough. I was trying to slip in between cute and borderline edgy for this. Let me know if you'd like any changes to the background, and have a lovely day!
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    I just wasted two flint and steels trying to burn a couple of trees to realize spread fire is turned off please turn it back on it's easier to manually burn the trees
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    datapacks being a bother so i invited everybody early, they’ll be added whenever i figure this out
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    world is still reuploading, I’ll ping when it’s ready
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    nice new profile pic
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    Everyone gangsta until the Razoranias start walking.
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    It's evolving! It's coming out of the water!
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    8 is my favorite/lucky number 😎
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    what is peacock tail I like him though, he's cute! Drawing him was fun
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    Me when the whale island port texture updated for the first time
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    They're tossing out these new genes left and right- I like it, or at least I like it more than Keel. It reminds me of geckos, and who doesnt love geckos?
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    Mmm... I can’t tell if your anti-foxy’s house or you’re pro-foxy’s house...
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    @Dysfunctional Numbers Foxy you reacted ‘thanks’ which isn’t and option...
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    I did this Take it, and take care!
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    (im drawing gay cats)
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    minimalist icyrose emojies
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    Shell was basically his dad Pesket is pretty much a very moody teenager
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    "Comfortable enough?" Termite looked up, smiling at Twig from his nest. "Yeah, thanks." Twig smiled, sitting down a few feet away. "Good. So, why were you-" "WE'RE BACK!" Twig froze, groaning as he turned his head. His brothers came running to him, Thistle trailing behind. Tumbleweed lunged at him, wrestling him to the ground playfully. "Nice to see you too, brother." Twig deadpanned from under him, glaring. "Don't be like that!" Robin came trotting up, glancing behind him to make sure Thistle was still following. "Yeah!-" Tumbleweed cut off, finally noticing Termite. He smirked. "Oh look, Twig finally got himself a boyfriend! About ti-" Twig kicked him in the stomach, rolling away as his brother wheezed. "Shut your mouth."
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    alright, time to continue this i guess
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    Termite looked across the river, where most of the tribe was. Why wasnt he there? Curiously, he stepped into the water, checking to make sure Raincloud wasnt watching. Then, he jumped in, swimming his way over to the other side. But suddenly, it felt as if something was tugging him down, and the current started pushing him away. "What-" Before he could finish his thoughts, his head was underwater, and he was flailing around, trying to get air. He felt something grasp his scruff, and before he knew it, he was coughing up water. "Are you okay?!" He opened his eyes blearily, looking up at whoever said that. His eyes widened in surprise. A male about his age was standing above him, shaking from the combined cold of the river and the rain. His eyes were filled with concern. Termite blinked, only staring at this nicheling, and not realizing that he was speaking. "Hello?" Termite startled, shaking his head. "Yeah, I-im okay..." (my dumb self forgot to take a screenshot, oop)
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    "Do you smell anything?" Shell prodded at the ground with one paw, turning to Pesket. "I have the same sense of smell as a grapefruit." He deadpanned, before tugging a root out of the ground.
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    Raincloud and Termite are born from Zephyr, though she wont say who their father is. Termite gives her an uneasy feeling.
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    From this point on, Shell vows to take care of Pesket, trying his best to make the traumatized child happy.
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    I'm a cis, straight female. But I find it so awesome you guys are so accepting and inclusive of each other, because where I live it is hard to find people as great as you guys when it comes to your gender identity and sexuality. Even though I'm not directly apart of the community, I'm definitely proud to be an ally and a big supporter! Keep being yourselves guys, because it's great in my eyes. Psst, Sorry if I wasn't supposed to post here, because I'm not in the community. But I'd still like to share my encouraging words. Love ya'!
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    So fun to draw! I ended up choosing Blackberry because I really liked her appearance, the heat body looks nice with melanism. Let me know if you'd like any changes to the background, and have a great day!
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    Blue was so fun to draw! I made sure to include her teddy & a solid blue background since you didn't specify. Let me know if you'd like any changes to the background, and have a lovely day!
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    Here you are! I really like how this one in particular turned out. I opted to do a sky, since the character covered most of the canvas area. Let me know if you'd like the background changed, and I'll try my best! 🌿
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    Here you are! I really love the design of Sakura, or maybe it's just the pink. But super cute! Let me know if you'd like any changes to the background.
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    Imagine your just playing with your nichelings, then you see this in the distance
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    They suddenly started ramming their head into a nearby tree.
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    They scraped their claws over their face as they laughed. They were laughing so loud they could hear it echoing in their head. Or was it just them going absolutely crazy?
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    please stop giving me suggestions for now
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    (You must tell us when you invite us--)
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    more cats (oldest to newest art) Lafayette Hercules Mulligan Aaron Burr Alexander Hamilton and yes I traced my own art
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    Red and Melon hit it off, and decide to settle down and have kids. Melon gets no Melanism and Purr Snout Red gets normal fertility and hind legs While trying to set up camp, a bearyena ambushes them! Tavanna finds a strange fruit, not even Blackberry knows what it is Junior 2 and Adora start flirting with each other, but it's interrupted by Bloodmoon shouting " Six feet apart you two! " Melon has her baby named Jamila. Blackberry feeds a bearyena cub, much to Prince's disapproval. Junior 2 and Adora decide to try and have a child Junior 2 gets moss brown fur and wings ( :0 ) Adora gets low fertility ( :0 ) and bearyena snout
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    i did it i will do the knife cat one later
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    Cars are like made to take lightning. Still pretty scary :^ airplanes too. Their like lightning rods when struck (cars don’t attract lightning, airplanes do I believe.) but nothing really happens other than big boom and big flash when they’re struck. Airplanes like, don’t even react.
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    fhajfhahdb at least let me digitalize them first, but otherwise please
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    Still on Day 31: Daylight pulled himself out of the water with a gasp. His limbs shook as he lay, panting, on the dry bank. How did I survive. He thought, recoiling from the clear water that had trapped him for so long. He could remember breathing, fighting the current or floating in the still lake. He could remember eating fish - while underwater. But it still amazed him that he had survived. I need help. He thought, struggling to stand. I won't survive much longer. And that means... I have to beg Morning Sky to let me rejoin the tribe. But what if he orders me to jump right back into the lake? He sank back down on the dry bank. He felt so cold. I wish... I wish father was still alive. But his father had died when he was still young. Daylight closed his eyes. I'm dying. I need help. I have to risk it. I have to. *what Daylight thinks he still looks like* Day 32: Strawberry stroked his daughter's head. Fall was staring at her parent's corpse. Her eyes were unfocused, she shivered, pressing herself against Strawberry's side. "It's okay." Strawberry murmured. "It's okay Fall." But it wasn't okay. Maple was dead. Morning Sky would drive Strawberry away. Strawberry was too close to his territory already. Strawberry knew what he had to do. He knew, and he hated it. He had to leave Fall behind. There was no way she would survive if she went with Strawberry. Starvation or a bearyena would kill her. Strawberry thought about it. He pondered it far into the night. Then, as the stars shone overhead, he slipped away from Fall. "I'll be back." He whispered. He looked to where Maple lay, their eyes closed. "Rest now, until the end of time. Look after Fall for me." And then he turned, away from his daughter, and into the shadows of the falling darkness. Day 33: 10th Creature A lot is going to happen on Day 33, so I'll break it into parts. 33 Morning: "What is wrong with her?" (insert name) asked, gazing at her younger sister gazing at her younger sister with concern. "She's ill." Morning Sky said, "Ill nichelings never last long. Especially without a healer." Morning Sky sighed, stroking his daughter. She, like him, had a grey mask that shimmered with colour when she moved. Terror Fox was silent a long moment. "I suppose you're right." She murmured. "I'll name her Night Fire. May she burn bright through the darkness to bring us warmth and peace." ~~ 33 Noon: "Who is that!" Terror Fox demanded, she leapt from her nest. "Do you hear that?" Morning Sky came to her side. "I do." His voice was soft, but with more venom than in his fangs. "Daylight." Terror Fox froze. She had forgotten Daylight, their youngest brother. "Are you sure?" "Yes, it's him." Morning Sky's dark eyes flashed. "Stay here." He ordered, heading to the edge of the camp where the thick, tall grasses swayed. Morning Sky did not stop at the border, but not too far outside of it he paused, listening. "Daylight? I hear you." "Morning Sky." The voice was faint, yet near. Morning Sky searched for the old, familiar black and orange fur. But he saw nothing. "Daylight? Where are you?" "I'm here." A figure stumbled out off the grasses. But it didn't look like Daylight. It looked up, red eyes meeting Morning Sky's black ones. "Daylight." Morning Sky whispered, his voice pained. "This is what you did to me."
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    Finished! I hope this works for you, if you'd like a different background, I can quickly change it. Otherwise, hope you're pleased! Have a lovely day. 🌿
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