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  2. I have the confidence to post things now. I may have posted things before or not but whatever And two of them are my OCs
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  3. Have I ever talked about these two? I don't think so. Anyway, learn again. The top one is Eerie Whisper. Eerie for short. The bottom one is Needle of Sparking Spear. Just call her Needle. Her name comes from her tail because it can electrocute you. They both have the Rot. It's Needle's fault. She was stealing all Eerie's water and then accidentally made the Rot. Now the whole group has it 🙂 Eerie's can collapsed, so she ran away to a different can. I'm still working on backstory. I'm not completely sure why Eerie wears the mask but she hides her face for some reason. Needle's the only one she trusts enough to see her real face.
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  4. polly acutally slaps? pollygussie pretty good.... sollati pretty good acutally and heres my other two names which kind of suck (above one is sol i forgor to crop it in)
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