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  1. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Command for round ears?

    Thank you! Is there a command to unlock it as well?
  2. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Command for round ears?

    Whats the console command for round ears?
  3. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Snow days

    I'll name him Goliath and we shall conquer worlds together
  4. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Army of giant antlers

  5. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Snow days

    No. But we do have a Unimoose
  6. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Does anyone play The Isle?

    XD yeah i can see that happening, the graphics are gorgeous. My current computer situation is a 10 year old (and counting) laptop which I use for school and minecraft, whereas if I want to play a really high graphics game like Subnautica or ark I have to use my fathers gigantic PC. I am yet to find a game with the power and beauty to crash my dads computer xD.
  7. TheAlbinoNightfury

    What is the worst/funniest injury you have ever gotten?

    uh, I dont know which one ot be worried about. You getting stung by a jellyfish, or your sister throwing a watermelon at your head.... I hope your OK.
  8. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Does anyone play The Isle?

    I adore the isle. I haven't played it but I really want to get it in the summer. I really love the realism, and how you can alliance yourself with other dinos and make a herd or a pack.
  9. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Three Kings' Day give away

    Im' gonna guess........ #1? I would probably be that one person to swallows the king by accident
  10. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Oo La La

    Why does everyone get such amazing starters.... *Proceeds to eyeball my niche saves*
  11. TheAlbinoNightfury

    A Literal Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

    perhaps they could be herd-able like the walrus deer?
  12. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Eating Nichelings

    I dont think animals get sick from eating their own kind, unless that other animal has some sort of disease or bacteria on it that its not immune to. As for humans, I think you can get mental sicknesses from eating the brain, otherwise I think most of the body other than that is safe to eat....idk. This video may help?
  13. TheAlbinoNightfury

    *Screaming* What are you exited about?!

    I havn't watched it all yet (Rationing the last few episodes *Cries*) Im scared though 0-0
  14. TheAlbinoNightfury

    The Transformation

    I once had a dream i was playing niche and then woke up and wanted to play niche but couldn't because it was 6 am...
  15. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Gender Mutations

    I know this is a little far fetched, so it may work if you could turn it on and off in the settings or in the sandbox thingy. Perhaps there could be a mutation for your nichlings kit to be either female or male. The genes would both contribute a small chance of that gender, and would be very hard to unlock. One idea for unlocking it would be making it to home island when playing story mode, and it unlocks it permanently for both that tribe and tribes on other save files. An alternate way would be that you could unlock it in any mode when you visit home island. Maybe there could be a special island where you can unlock it, other than home island.