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  1. So there is this site called Dragon Cave. It lets you walk around and collect abandoned eggs, but for them to hatch you need people to click on a link for that egg. Im hoping to open this up as a hatchery, if thats ok Here are my children: <a href="https://dragcave.net/view/sdKZY"><img src="https://dragcave.net/image/sdKZY.gif" style="border-width:0" alt="Adopt one today!"/></a> <a href="https://dragcave.net/view/vv6hy"><img src="https://dragcave.net/image/vv6hy.gif" style="border-width:0" alt="Adopt one today!"/></a>
  2. its Disney's Atlantis the last empire.
  3. Curled up with a blanket by the window at midnight, watching a raging thunderstorm that just rolled in. Seeing the lighting strikes as they light up the sky and counting the seconds between each strike. Awesome.
  4. I have a saviour for you my friend! 5 months late ._. *Cough Cough* This isn't exactly a tutorial on how to do horns, but it gives a pretty good idea on how to shape them.
  5. So a while ago I watched a video from LetMeExplainStudios and she talked about how her and TheOdd1sOut and SomethingElseYT nerded out about the animation after they saw a movie and I thought it was pretty funny. I have been getting more into art and animation and I NOW UNDERTAND. Thoughts while watching Godzilla King of the monsters (SPOILERS AHEAD😞 *King Geidorah Sitting on the volcano* "Holy cannoli HE IS HUGE" *Close up of one of Geidorahs heads* "Look at his EYES AHHHH! I CAN SEE EACH AND EVERY SCALE EHEEEEEE!" *Insane internal shrieking* I kinda love CGI monsters, especially the eyes.. also rattlesnake jakes eyes are beautiful
  6. As the title says, this a music dumping post. Just leave a warning if a song has swearing or if it is sad. Love old songs
  7. They might make a live action remake of this movie as well....With Tom Holland as Milo thatch
  8. Look at my SONNN
  9. What is the program you are using to make these creatures?
  10. As far as I know, your head, ankles/feet and wrists are all very temperature sensitive. If you put your feet in a bowl of ice water, or even put your wrists under cold water for a few minutes, it should keep you cool for a little while.
  11. Fair enough. I just saw an article about how after an explosion, ash covered a portion of land. A type of white moth that lived there suddenly went missing, and then people realised that the same type of moth had mutated black colouring over time through natural selection, and I though that something like this would be interesting to implement.
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