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  1. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Insectivorous nichelings

    Is it bad that when I heard of the insectivorous Nichelings being added that I started thinking there were gonna be giant bug nichlings walking around....
  2. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Divine pack

    Oh dear lord that is horrifying! XD
  3. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Divine pack

    TiMe FoR THe NeXT CHaPTer! The tribe quickly starts to grow in size. Now assured by bearyna clawed, faced, and legged children, the tribe starts to focus on the next upcoming problem. Food. They slowly make their way through the grass, clearing as much as possible and destroying any berry bushes they come across. One of our child-bearing mothers has given birth to a stripy grey little girl, with one nimble finger and one bearyna claw. She has inherited the great bearyna head, as well as ram horns, which she wears with pride. Her mother names her Shera, for her courageous and leading personality. The young girl wants to explore the grasses and destroy any killers in the brush. The day she matures, she marches into the brush, her 2 younger sisters in tow.On the other side of the river, a small child is born, with a pelt of night. His mother lets out a happy purr and licks his head weakly. Charming stands by, watching the two of them sadly. The mother curls up around her kit, and falls asleep. The next day, she is limp in the nest. Charming quietly picks up the kit and walks away, the kit squeaking in dismay. *Cries*He is left to care for his son, who he names Diego. (See a trend yet? *Stares at Ice Age*) This section of the tribe starts clearing away at the grass down the other side of the hill. I also realise I have a nearly 10 strength Nicheling and I didn't even notice.... Back on the opposite side of the river, a baby boom just happened, as well as the appearance of a handsome wanderer...Juxi, which was one of the mates of the friendly bearyna, is now left without a mate and is missing her children, who have left to explore the hill. She stares at this odd bright red Nicheling in from of her. He grins comically "Sorry, didn't mean to startle ya! My what beautiful stripes you have, may I add" He gives her a charming smile, and she cant help but fall in love with him. They quickly expect a child. Meanwhile, Cattail has given birth two male twins, in which she starts to squeal in glee at the handsome children.The small group at the Whispering tree (Which is what I have named it) Take turns calling out on the stump, singing and calling out to any wanderers, friend or foes. This group contains some of the last cracker-jawed Nichelings, as well as a few of our older females who quietly clear grass, rolling their eyes at the other three behind them.Our progress so far... Diego has matured to a teen, and is quietly clearing grass at the edge of the territory. He is by far one of the most handsome males on his side of the river, and may end up with more than one mate when he gets older. He ponders this for a few moments while clearing, and is suddenly faced by an adult bearyna. He lets out a yelp of shock, and calls for help. His father is too far, as is any other Nichlings. He turned to face the bearyna, who growled and snarled at him in fury. Diego felt the anger inside of him burst. This animal DARED come near him and his family! He hissed right back at the beast, which reared up to squish this small Nicheling. Diego jumped away, and from some unknown instinct he leapt onto its arm, and crawled up onto the middle of it back. The beast roared and tried to claw him over its shoulder, catching him on the face. Diego felt himself start to slip, and with a shriek gave a quick bite onto its shoulder, before tumbling into the grass, heaving. His father, who had been watching the ordeal quickly jumped to attack. The beast let out an exhausted growl, and the creature seemed to wilt, before falling over. Charming jumped over it and grabbed his son He cleaned his sons wounds, and smiled at him proudly. Poison fangs had been discovered.The bushes beside him rustled again. He immediately stood, fur up and legs stiff. Diego sat tiredly behind him. A small, jet-black female tripped onto the ground in front of him, and grinned sheepishly. Her name was Mera. and she had been running from this bearyna for a few days after the killers decimated her tribe. Charming gladly let her into the tribe, and she quickly joined the others in clearing away grass. Diego looked at her admiringly,with her black pelt, pink horns, lean body and claws, she would be the best Rabbil hunter in the tribe. CHAPTER OVER The tribe is getting quite large, so I may soon start choosing main characters and sticking with them until they die. I also think that Diego is gonna have a harem with Mera, and shera, and maybe another female if she has poison fangs recessive :D. I will pick one as a soul mate for him though. My hands hurt XD
  4. TheAlbinoNightfury

    New gene suggestion: Bat Head

    Perhaps their just big ears?
  5. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Dump all your non-Niche and non-Nimbatus art here

    *Holds broken drawing hand* AHHHHHHHH
  6. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Savanna Horns

    Would that by any chance be a starting design for the bat head
  7. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Divine pack

    Thank you both so much ^^. Sorry that I haven't updated in a while, I haven't had much time to play games lately. (School...Disgusting xD)
  8. TheAlbinoNightfury


    Thank you ^^
  9. TheAlbinoNightfury


    I'm a bit confused on how attractiveness adds to a nicheling... Does it make them more vulnerable to rouges, more alluring to wanderers or does it affect the chance of breeding successfully?
  10. TheAlbinoNightfury


    (Again sorry if you have suggested this ^^) Perhaps we could have some form of ageing to our nichelings when they become elders? I have seen some comments suggesting haveing the fur around the snout and ears lightening, or going completely white. They could also have degrading eyesight or hearing, and their gems could either darken or lighten in contrast when they age. Baby Light coloured gems and fur colour. Some patterns have not shown up yet. Teen Both gems and fur darken slightly. Patterns are very faint Adult Gems and fur reach regular colouring. Patterns have shown up completely. Elder (This would be about 2-3 days before they die.) Gems are very dark, fur lightens around snout, ears, Ect. Certain ability's are not as strong as they were. Pattern is strong, but has flecks of white through it.
  11. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Take a question, leave a question.

    This adorable muffin Whats your best/favourite self written story or fanfic?
  12. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Divine pack

    The tribe were gathered around the oak tree. Pinky and the brains were busying themselves with cracking nuts. Cookie was preparing to have her first child, and the small group awaited the bearyna clawed children.Soon Cookies first son with brain is born. *Pause story* OMIGOODNESS LOOK AT HIM HES MAGNIFICENT AHHHHH IMMA NAME HIM COURAGE. Also, the grey little girl that was born in the last chapter was named hope, because she gave the tribe hope for survival. *Story begins again* Cookie soon Mates again and has more childrenI named them prince charming :D. (One is prince and one is charming and it makes my so happy xD) A Little red wanderer joins us and immediately falls head over heels for Pinky. Here is her daughter Rala. And a DARN ROUGE MALE comes by and mates with poor hope. *ssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiIIIGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH.* The tribe thrives on nuts and destroyed berry bushes, and kills another bearyna mother and inherited the child. Silver dies TuT. Charming sits in boredom, cracking nuts and handing them to his brother. The days had been almost luxurious, they had plenty food, and their numbers were growing quickly. he sighed again, slightly louder. This continues for a bit. "WHAT?!" Prince frowns and looks at charming as if he wanted to push him into the river. "Its sooooo boring these days. I want excitement. Mother told us that they got attacked by giant bearynas but I dont believe them, I think they just told us that to keep us close to camp!". Prince sighed. "You know its dangerous....but if the wilderness is so exiting we can look around for new bushes to destroy tomorrow". Charming frowned but said nothing. It was better then nothing after all. The next day, the boys inched towards the enrtance of camp, trying to go unoticed by any of their sisters. Crawling out they wandered around grinning. There was a cleared, slightly trampled path leading downstream. They laughed and talked as they walked. They were not being as cautious as they should be.. They soon went back and sat at the entrance of camp, discussing their adventure and bragging to their sisters. Suddenly, branches and grass around the entrance of camp were ripped up and tossed into the river. A killer bearyna loomed out of the brush, growling. The boys stared in shock, but quickly defeated him. Cheers rang up all around the camp. The first stepping stone for conquering this island had been passed. Hope and Rala soon gave birth to their children, who then mated with the friendly bearyna.YES first bearyna baby! Time to mate faster then rabbits!To be continued...
  13. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Making moves at the night?

    I was kinda wondering about night as well.. in the update it was said that there would be bat head and wings. Does that mean an addition of caves and/or night?
  14. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Rogue Male Starvation

    *Emits an evil laugh*
  15. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Best food collecting strategies on hard islands?

    One thing I have found helpful if your trying to survive on one of the Savannah islands is going with bearyna claws and purr snout (Optional). They you can destroy spiky, dead, and wilty berry bushes and rack up the food really quickly.