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  1. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Are walrus deer retarded?

    I think they made the walrus deer to act like a regular deer, will run if it has the chance but will attack if isolated like Jojo said.
  2. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Ever Rescued A Hurt Animal?

    0-0 What type of spider is that?
  3. TheAlbinoNightfury


    0-0 Woah, That's a lot of pets. Really cool though ^^
  4. TheAlbinoNightfury

    What are you waiting for right now?

    Skysplash8 Yeah, me and my family are gonna be VERY emotional when this next season comes out. A great legacy will end as quickly as it began. Btw, have any of you seen the voltron Toy- I mean *action figures*? (We have all 5 :D)
  5. TheAlbinoNightfury


    I currently have 4 pets, 2 cats and 2 dogs. ^^ These two fuzzballs are Blackie and Jewel Some pets I would really like to get in the future would be a bird, and either a tarantula or an ant colony. Does anybody else like tarantulas?
  6. TheAlbinoNightfury

    What are you waiting for right now?

    Voltron season 8 in a few weeks..... WOOOOHOOO!!!!!
  7. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Favourite books?

    One time I was reading a special edition book and I ended up staying awake until about 3-4 AM to finish it
  8. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Favourite books?

    What are your favourite books? Some of my personal favourites are: Wings of fire, NERDS, and the Neptune Project.... basicly anything that is fantasy or Sci fi
  9. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Interesting Biology stuff

    l Has anybody heard of the ragdoll cat? They are a very 'chill' species of cat that go limp when picked up.
  10. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Niche Steam key give away - Round 2

    Thank you ^^ hehe I already have it
  11. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Niche Steam key give away - Round 2

    Hi Philo! What exactly is a Niche steam key? I still A bit of a newbie when it comes to steam stuff 😅
  12. TheAlbinoNightfury

    What are your favorite games?

    This is a bit of a hard question, I have so many besides ARK and Niche, I also adore Subnautica. (Although I do end Up getting jump scared by the Odd peeper or two 😅) I Also like a variety of Wii games and board games. That reminds me, Has anybody heard of hotels? Its a really fun board game......A bit intense though
  13. TheAlbinoNightfury

    1000 hours in kerbal eh?

    *Causally peeks at Niche* 163 hours :3
  14. TheAlbinoNightfury

    New members

    Its nice to Meet you Ocelot! Welcome to the community
  15. TheAlbinoNightfury

    Fire should be heard and smelled

    I agree. When I was marching one of my tribes through the Savannah I realized there were fires at every port, so we had to wait and starve a bit until the flames moved. This is somewhat similar to an idea I had to stop the fires. When I was playing I made my Nichelings destroy all the grass in a 2 tile radius all around the fire, but it kept burning. I was hoping that they would add some kind of system where you could destroy 2-5 grass tiles and the fire would at least stop spreading...