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  1. *Thunderstorm used lightning attack* *Plane was hit* *The attack was ineffective*
  2. Joined an among us art challenge on insta. (100 points to whoever gets the star trek reference)
  3. An idea partially from this old post: Right now there is no way to stop fire from spreading on the savanna islands, which can prove to be a problem when the fire spawns near the ports and spreads to the point that you cant leave the island to escape it. My idea is being able to destroy the ground or stir up the dirt and remove the grass to stop fire from spreading further. Nichelings with digger paw can turn up the ground and it would look like it does when you dig up roots, just lighter in color since the dirt in the savanna is dryer and lighter in color. Digging 2-3 dirt spots will stop fire from spreading over from the lack of grass to burn. After a couple of days (5-7 perhaps?) or after a rain the dirt tiles would turn back into grass tiles, and would be flammable again. It would be nice to have a way to escape fire on the savanna islands other than leaving to another island. Animals in our world either fly to escape fire or reside in lakes and rivers, but for smaller animals like amphibians and lizards they hide under rocks, burrow underground or hide inside of logs. Maybe one of these if digging barriers doesn't work? 👋
  4. *Bobs up and down excitedly* YES. Since there are so many reptile and avian genes now, it would be awesome to have more color variation. Will finally be able to fulfill my dreams to make a green or blue peacock nicheling 👌 Since some of the colors are brighter and differ from the regular color genes, perhaps any nichelings that have the blue grey could gene get +1 distasteful appearance?
  5. Would it be more of a role playing game, where you can talk and interact with tribe members and have relationship meters, something similar to how wolf quest works?
  6. A character from my cousins RP were playing through. The freckles look like pimples though lol T-T
  7. I do really like the idea of food spoiling, the extra challenge of having to restock on each island before hopping to the next one. I do agree that food spoiling should be a optional thing you can choose in the sandbox settings though.
  8. Nice job mate, you have much more patience than I
  9. I have to put the pill under my tongue first and then take a swig of water and swallow it. Idk why
  10. Thanks Its not usually the lightning I worry about though. Where we live we sometimes need to go to the next town or city over to get groceries (Mmmh costco), and there are a lot of dumb people on the highways so I worry about car crashes most of the time.
  11. Yeah, same here. I like it as long as I and the rest of my family are in the house. If someones driving in a thunderstorm it stresses me out. Also, calm soft rain while on a boat on a lake is very nice as well
  12. I love rain so much. Its like my automatic calm button whenever it starts raining. Be I anxious, sad, angry, or any kind of negative emotion, the sound and smell of rain helps me calm down and relax. Its comforting too. And its such an ethereal feeling when your camping or somewhere nature-y and it starts raining. Raindrops hanging on the ends of pine needles, everything is wet and sparkly. Seeing birds roosting all cosy under the layered branches of huge pine trees. How fresh and light the air is. One of my core memories of where I am living right now is waking up in the middle of the night to a really strong thunderstorm. I went upstairs and sat in front of the front windows to watch. It was so quiet and the only thing I could hear was the rain pattering against the house and the road, and the occasional thunder. MMH AND THE LIGHTING. LIKE DANG, I was so annoyed the camera on my phone couldn't pick it up I might like rain too much haha
  13. The Sonic the hedgehog movie was awesome. Not sure its is an unpopular opinion but I know a bunch of people were not liking the idea of it. Although, that is partially because of this monstrosity:
  14. Gonna post some art or writing I have done here, feel free to post any tips or critic's on em. 😊 Re-did an old piece of art:
  15. *Chucks chocolate and coffee at you* WE BELIEVE IN YOU BRETHREN.
  16. Yup, I enjoy popping in and out of existence once in a while.
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