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  1. Name suggestions are welcome!
  2. 1. Randomly generate 5 nichlings. Four nichlings must have all their genes randomized. You may choose one forbidden trait per nichlingly only. They must each have a different forbidden gene. 2. You may choose one nichlingling to give a special gene to. They can only be given one special gene. 3. Two nichlings must be in the middle of their lifespan. One must be a newly grown adult. One must just have become a teen. One must be a baby. (You have the option to add a sixth nichling who is very near the end of their life and therefore are known as the Elder). Traditionally I'd say they should live 50 days total. 4. Each nichling should have their own hoard of 10 pieces of food. 5. There can only ever be one leader at a time. Always a female. However every 20 days there can be the chance of a rebellion. It is a 20% chance that there is a rebellion/revolution. Using the family tree and a random number generator anyone on the tree not currently the Queen can take over - even a male, but they'll still hold the title of Queen. 6. Queen - Leader. Captain - Leader of the Army. Knight - Those who follow the Captain. Only Squires can become Knights. Squire - Those under the tutelage of a knight and are teenagers. Peasant - Those unsuitable to be in the army and are typically gatherers/farmers. 7. Only those born from the Queen can become heir to the throne, or knights. Peasants are born to peasants. Squires are born to Knights. 8. Any nichling born to a Knight that has less than 2 attack will become a peasant. However any nichling born to a peasant with 2 or more attack will not become a knight. 9. A peasant may become a squire or a knight only by defeating two bearyena's in their lifetime. 10. The Dynasty must gather 7,000 food and 7,000 nesting material for their treasure spot. This can be an area called a cave, a cove, or the hollow of a tree and/or underneath a trees roots. 11. Rogue babies will always be peasants to start with. They cannot be harmed in any way. 12. Wanderers can only be invited in by the Queen, or the Captain. They must be within two tiles of either one for anyone else to invite them in. If the Queen or a Captain is not nearby and they're standing next to a knight or squire the knight or squire must attack them. Unless they're toxic bodied. Everyone is allowed to invite a toxic bodied nichling into the dynasty. Peasants may not attack, but nor may they invite anyone unless the Queen or Captain nearby commands, or if the nichling has toxic body. 13. At the randomizing randomize who has what title (except for the elder if one is added... as they already have the title of Elder). Randomize the two peasants first. Then the Captain. Then the Squire (if it turns out they're an adult they'll automatically become a knight but will have been previously trained by the Captain). Whomever is left is the Queen regardless of biology. 14. Only the Queen may be given blessings on a day ending with 0. These blessings can be either mutations, or they can be something else. They can only get one at a time. Only a sacred tree or fish spwan spot somewhere in the middle of the lands can produce acorns, or clown koi to give blessings and curses. 15. An oracle dragon, if born on a 50 or 100, 150, 200, etc can give blessings and curses to anyone, but only on that day and the day they become an adult. However an oracle dragon must have savannah horns, bearyena claws, orange or yellow eyes, a pattern, and fishing tail with cracker jaw, or hammer tail with any jaw type. Blind oracles are especially special. A blind oracle can give blessings to anyone every 10 days but are limited to two or three nichlings on that day and each one can only get one blessing, but can come back in 10 days for the second blessing or curse.
  3. This is a new challenge I set for myself. I hope the rules I'm set to follow are understandable. Please feel free to leave any questions, or comments, or even suggestions. Yes, you can play this too if you so desire. This here however is my playthrough of Dragon Dynasty for the Nichlings.
  4. I'm thinking of trying this. Video format alright?
  5. Skanarr nodded. This was Pidgeon's area anyway and there was no way a Bearyena was going to last. He hoped. At least it wasn't one of those weird humungous Killer Bearyena's. With a low growl of his own, which was not as intimidating as some other nichlings with different snout types, he followed Pidgeon's lead and rounded to the other side of Bearyena Mama. His claw outstretched and his head down to charge at the beast. His claw raked down its backside and some distance above that his ram horns hit into it. Blood drizzled on his claws. With it having gone after Pidgeon first it now began toward him, but as it saw his spiky body it gave pause with claws midair. "One more good hit and she'll be down!"
  6. (Yeah not connected. There'd be no planes or other technologies save maybe rudimentary. Way before industrial age anyway.)
  7. Axlarr blinked and then shook his head. "My mother was a one-winged beauty," not that he'd ever seen her. Of course, grandmother had been furious. He and his siblings, save one, had not inherited the wing. The winged one was disdained by grandmother but she'd been too old and on her deathnest before she'd been able to call forth an actual bluebird to take that one away. But his younger siblings had long ago disappeared. Had he been able to see he might have done so as well.
  8. (While the Jungle Isle Mirahl is typically Rhea's home I can see her visiting other places but she might take drowning damage, unless one of her guardians or someone else carries her there first)
  9. Bat Winged nichlings can fly on top of stinky fruit trees (and maybe cacti) and collect fruit from the Stinky Trees. Not sure how it would look if they did that, but for fruit eating bats that's usually how they get the fruit. I'd say maybe even let them hop on top of berry bushes to collect the fruit, but the bushes are so small and these bats are not that tiny.
  10. There's also the suggestion to give the bat wings themselves some sort of collecting ability, just some way for the bats to get even a tiny bit of collecting for food.
  11. I'd really like to see this implemented. How else is a fruit bat going to gobble up some fruit if it has no collecting skill?
  12. Axlarr hissed like a snake. "Ugh!" He turned around in a circle. "Knock it off!" He couldn't see who it was, but it wasn't hard to guess who the most likely culprit was since even if he could not see he'd certainly heard tales of him.
  13. "I have no idea your Majesty. Seems this kit was trying to get something to eat and went for the berries on the cactus. Not sure where she came from though."
  14. "Thank you," he gave a nod and stared blankly in the direction he thought was home. Tilted his head to listen to whenever she moved so he could follow. "Don't know why you don't just hide some poison berries in your enemies food pile," he mumbled. It was something his grandmother had done during her leadership. When there had been too many bats and birds for her liking in the swamplands. She had really been quite prejudiced, especially in regards to derp-snouts.
  15. Nneka whipped around and glowered at the spot the cry had come from. She clawed her way through the annoying regrowing dry grass of the savanna. She peered down at a youngster of a dark brown pelt. Noticed that a cactus berry was missing. "Not the best way to gather food. Queen Mable can help with that," she nodded at the bloody paw. The cacti were not nice at all, but she had oft refrained from clawing them down as they were emergency rations. And with a purrsnout queen it wasn't too difficult to heal. The cub almost seemed familiar. Maybe it was just the derp snout, but then Nneka was never one for noticing details unless in battle.
  16. Skanarr nodded. "Very well." He followed Pidgeon, not noticing the youth going toward some other more dangerous tree. He did, however, blink when he saw from a distance one of the winged nichlings fly from one of the few oaks of the grasslands. "Should we warn them about the Bearyena and its cub, or wait until its been taken care of?" @Skysplash8
  17. "Company would be appreciated," was all he said in regard to that. At least back home, for the most part he knew the area well. Except when a new creature tried to make its home there or someone planted something which actually grew! (Ooh =D)
  18. Axlarr was baffled by the females. He should not have left the swamplands - not that he'd meant to. "I should find my way back. My daughters will be looking for me," but his son would not leave the swamp, or so he thought. He had been cursed with his sire's blindness. Yet it was his eldest, his daughter, who would one day rule. He needed to start preparing her more for the duties ahead of her. And for a potential arranged marriage if they ever needed to seek some form of alliance. Of course he had no idea to get back home on his own, but he wasn't about to mention that.
  19. Sure. Kizomba can be anywhere since trees are anywhere. There are three oak trees in the grasslands (the ancient oak and two others) Sure. Sure. (I'd have to reread everything again myself as I'm lost again) Sure x:
  20. Spitfire nodded. "I suppose. Just be careful of the Balance Bears and ramfoxes." The latter she could deal with, but the former were not easily taken down - especially for a lone warrior or two. If they still existed at all as more than tall tales and legends.
  21. Awesome. Temporarily playing the Spiky-HA Rogue Male. With a "Ha!" a spiky rogue male entered the Snowy Mountains in search of some unsuspecting ladies. He had to carry on his wonderful spiky legacy after all. And he wasn't too particular who might carry that legacy on for him. He couldn't wait to tell someone female, "You will have my pup," and then wander about in search of more. His genes would continue. Had to continue. He grinned, showing off his gnarled teeth.
  22. "True. All of that. Looks like you've been collecting a lot of roots while I've been hunting. Didn't expect to have nieces today." She watched the bluebirb of doom. "We should take them somewhere safer, shouldn't we?"
  23. (Should I take up the mantle of Squeak the Rogue Male? Or Spiky-HA! ?)
  24. Spitfire stared at her. "Are you sure you're up for the responsibility? What if they have parents somewhere? Although pretty irresponsible losing their babies." Purrsnouts are adorable. Although I think I still prefer poison fangs even over them just a smidge.
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