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  1. Amphibious Predator: Orcolf

    I like this idea! The orcolves are cute. Plus, it would be nice to have more water mobs.
  2. The struggle is real

    On one of my saves, I spent quite a while roaming around to try and get hammer tail. I finally found it after ~70 hours of playing.
  3. Unlocking wings...requires you to fly?

    I liked how it was in the 1.1.0 version, as you could unlock wings by inviting a wanderer with the gene into your tribe. Even that way, it is still pretty hard to find as it could only be found on Whale Island and in the iceblocks along with occasionally in other places. I think that @Dinocanid's suggestion of the gene unlocking after breeding it in is a good idea as well.
  4. Mini - Bio

    I like this idea! I sometimes gives personalities to my creatures, so it would be fun to have creature bios where I can keep track of those.
  5. Chameleon Body

    I love this idea! Upvoted.
  6. Island Where Trees Fall

    @Lilytuft I like those ideas!
  7. It would be nice if you got a notification on the side menu whenever a nicheling got stunned by a falling coconut. If you click on the notification, it could say "One of your animals has been/is stunned (by a falling coconut)". Just like other notifications such as creatures bleeding or getting leeched, it would have a "show" button that would allow you to see which nicheling got stunned.
  8. Oak trees

    Is it just me, or are there less oak trees since the new update? I am not seeing as many on my grassland islands since wings got released. Possibly I'm just getting distracted by the other types of trees.
  9. stays night

    If you mean the command console by the "new coding thing", then it often causes your game to be glitchy. If you're not using the console, then you can ignore this.
  10. No Rain

    It finally rained on day 25. We probably had a drought.
  11. No Rain

    I don't have any creatures with antennae on this save.
  12. Renaming save files

    I like this idea! I originally named one of my tribes the "Snowy Explorers", though in the end they eventually came to inhabit other biomes aside from the mountains. I figure that we could have a button next to the play and delete options when selecting a save game that says "rename".
  13. No Rain

    In one of my save files, I have yet to see rain on my current island. The island that my tribe is on is the Grass Mingle, and we have been living there for around 20 days. If it matters, the island we were on before was Burning Savanna. We survived there for over 50 days, though there was no rain there as well. I was expecting that there would not be very much rain since it was the savanna, so I don't think that is a bug. However, the fact that there is a lack of rain on Grass Mingle is the problem.
  14. No Smelly Fruit Trees

    No smelly fruit trees are appearing in the jungle. I went to each jungle island and took a screenshot. Sorry for large images!
  15. Island Where Trees Fall

    For a challenge, I think it would be fun if there was a hard or killer island where trees fall. Seeming easy at first, it would be a forest in which there are plenty of oak trees to shake for nuts. However, trees will fall every now and then. When a tree falls, any creature in its path will be killed. It doesn't matter whether the creature is a nicheling, a bearyena, a rabbil, or something else - it will still die while in the path of a falling tree. If a winged nicheling is sitting in a tree as it falls, that nicheling will be killed as well. A felled tree will show up as a log and cover a few spaces for a few days. Then, the log would disappear and anything that was covered by it would reappear as a random tile.