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  1. orangesunrise

    If you could make your own islands, what would you make?

    I'd try to make a continent island. It would be a very large island with a decent amount of each biome in it. Temperatures and climate would depend on which part you were on (for example, it would be mild if you were in the grassland part while it would be cold if you were in the mountain part.) Biome-specific predators/prey (such as balance bears) never leave their home climate.The ocean would start off shallow, though get deep a couple tiles in. The island wouldn't have that many ocean tiles.
  2. orangesunrise

    The forum is ded

    I do this as well.
  3. orangesunrise

    How Do You Pronouce 'Niche'?

    I've always pronounced it as 'kneesh'.
  4. orangesunrise

    What’s your favourite island type?

    The mountain islands, especially Frost Lands. Each time I bring a tribe there, I experience a new adventure. It's quite fun!
  5. orangesunrise

    Results of 2nd Community Voting

    I agree. I have a save named 'snowy explorers' but they aren't even a snow tribe anymore. In addition, I have a bunch of files titled 'new game' (some of them aren't really new anymore).
  6. orangesunrise

    Apes missing?

    What is the difficulty of your jungle island? If it's a medium jungle, apes are less likely to spawn than on the hard or killer ones.
  7. orangesunrise

    Results of 2nd Community Voting

    I'm excited! Honestly not a fan of a couple of these, but I'm hyped for quite a few. I'm especially excited for more sandbox customization options!
  8. orangesunrise

    An All-Female Crisis

    Glad that you were able to pull yourself out of that! I haven't had that happen to me, though I've had multiple close calls.
  9. orangesunrise

    New Weather Types

    While more weather would be nice in the game, I do not like this idea. If it was implemented into the game, I feel fog/thunderstorms/hail would annoy me.
  10. orangesunrise

    Armored Head

    This is an interesting idea. If this gets implemented, possibly the head could give immunity to getting stunned by coconuts.
  11. orangesunrise

    Awesome Bluebirds

    This is cute! Your tribe is pretty, by the way. My largest tribe had around 50 nichelings. I try to keep the number under that - otherwise it gets hard to look after them all!
  12. orangesunrise

    Share your favourite nichelings!

    Sadly, I didn't take a picture of his genes and he has already passed. If I still had them, I would love to share them with you!
  13. orangesunrise

    Horn Growth.

    I love this idea! I always feel bad for my females when they have to give birth to babies with megalocerous horns!
  14. orangesunrise

    Idea for a new biome (Or four): Forest biome!

    I like this idea!
  15. orangesunrise

    Share your favourite nichelings!

    Update with more creatures! 🐾 This is Icing. I love his pattern! Here is Vanta. He's probably one of the cutest nichelings I've ever had. Virleko, a starter I had in a 0.5.0 tribe. He's probably the most beautiful starter I've ever gotten on any version of Niche.