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  1. *Baffled aetherskye noises* Pain allows us to - I shouldn't get started should I? I do agree on not doing bad stuff though.
  2. No worries! I stress about me going away for 3 weeks and not knowing what happened on here.
  3. His pattern is galaxy. i think imma give an award to someone who can breed a fully cosmos-colored creature with a white colored galaxy pattern
  4. Yeah, I do danger level on 1-10 got a 10. I think you got a 10 on the one with the raging beast but I didn’t want anyone to die so soon. (If you get 2 or less I won’t kill off anyone unless RNG really hates you.) Then are the green specks mold?
  5. He got a random mutation. It's kinda hard to see, but it's in his pattern (Galaxy!)
  6. Furoraru (Floral In Jp) Kogosei (Photosynthesis is JP) Hana Kan Muri (Means flower Crown.) (it can be first middle last name.)
  7. Tomorrow I won’t be here. I’ll be on my way to my camp. So um... this is gonna die for 3 weeks
  8. Right. It’s gonna be a little bit. My notes are all on my computer and I’m on mobile.
  9. Alas, it was taken down. It was a hard fought battle. Though losses were made, sadly (nameless) was taken down.
  10. Hunting small rodents alerts you to smaller unknown nooks and crannies that were hidden from sight. Advantage when fighting on home turf.
  11. I want Mythaura but with the same thing evosaur has (Opacity + 10 patterns.) But four is enough with a GaJabillion colors
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