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  1. and "The orange almost slid down my throat without my permission!"
  2. Aether


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ Idk why it's not embedding but seriously this video, it made me cry.
  3. "So who turned him into the himbo we all know and love today?"
  4. Context: Teucer, Childe’s little brother, is watching. (And yes, those are missles flying at me.)
  5. - - “I swear I just squeaked the terraria cave music”
  6. Wilbur does not have such weaknesses.
  7. "I threw my Diluc of a cliff, you better appreciate this(food)"
  8. "I've liked her since she slapped a hilichurl to death."
  9. (No worries, just be careful with posting images of the insides of beehives or wasp nests-) "I want to beat up child with you." "Once the snow is thick enough, we can eat it." -Edgy demon slayer dude whose been alive and in suffering for 1000s of years
  10. Uhhhh trypophobia warning- (this stuff specifically triggers trypophobia, like severely.) (I’m not mad at u since u probably thought I was dead and it’s easy to forget abt my trypophobia but for next time.) but
  11. Printe I return from the dead, having mastered the art of typing on the phone.
  12. “Why is every god here a homeless hobo with no money??”
  13. adventures of edgy man and cat girl
  14. Diona, Defiinitely not named after Genshin Impact Cat-girl
  15. I got two new characters. One's a smol healer cat girl named diona and ones a bad.... uh something that shares my birthday.
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