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  1. This is the cutest face I've ever seen Scar do
  2. Woah, Salmon Ghost has been spotted!
  3. Round four, but the floor is lava. I totally beat round 3
  4. Round #3 with the cave spiders. This time we're vertically challenged
  5. Not related to me playing minecraft but: #5 YEAH GRIAN!
  6. Minecraft horror mode is back. 2nd cave spider spawner. With more zombies! (I swear there must be a spawner.)
  7. I have the strangest Ravine. 3 I think. I took a video but I can't most it cause it's 40 Mb
  8. It's more like a A and a Y mixed together...
  9. it's actually more like a Y but who cares
  10. Ahh now I am stuck and I nearly had a heart attack... HALP
  11. everytime I find a cave spider spawner I feel like I am playing a horror game (How do you disable the spawners?!?!)
  12. Note: Doc didn't do a lot of the digging, that would be boring. He did stuff like karaoke, bean-boozled, raffles, auctions and even got a makeover at the end. It was really fun! and over 40K dollars were raised!
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