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  1. I just realized I’m a dream kinnie tf-
  2. Tbh I think imma have the same character and I kinda liked having my character slowly go insane—
  3. Well, we aren't the same in every way, i guess it's kinda good ^^,
  4. nah, I do it in 'controlled' environments like games etc. (usually, today is a rare exception)
  5. sometimes people need to be taken down a notch, roasts are a fun way to do that and actually destress me.
  6. These are god tier roasts.
  7. definitely not. even though it's been the centre of a few conflicts, it's been wonderful to be on an smp.
  8. I think for now, you should solve... less intense... and less long running conflicts than this one ^^,
  9. ... It's happened multiple times and I'm already super stressed outside of this. I'm done with this. I'm not mad at you, only the people who started this conflict.
  10. guys. I heard some drama happened here. I am angry and disappointed. I just took a break and this happens. yes. I thought I already stated 'rules' pretty well enough. I know multiple discord servers with little to no moderation that work out better than this. if you guys can't keep a hold of this, I will personally go sapnap on all of you guys. (for all you who don't know, Sapnap kills every pet he sees.) (and this is also a joke, but please for the love of me, sky, and philo, pleaaase be mature.
  11. "I just love shooting americans!"
  12. I already took that one. Lawful neutral/chaotic evil
  13. b-but I am the only chaotic evil one here-
  14. “Come to the middle holding spectator settings if ur proud of my two kills father.”
  15. I created this topic to purely talk about this one time two very obvious hackers on hypixel. they easily got through defenses etc, flew around, used killaura/auto clicker and reach. Impossible to kill basically. But they spared me for some reason. The dude ram right past me. I was wearing a Tubbo skin so maybe that was it?? But they killed my friends who were in similar MCYT skins?? I returned to my base (where they were) to accept death but,,, they hesitated then I started doing the like dance of friendship and walked closer then they got super close (shoulder to shoulder) and l
  16. “It’s like we’re playing FNaF but in bedwars.”
  17. Ok I don’t have an image of my skin but my character woke up on the island alone and before everyone else but kinda wandered until everyone else came here. They have the ability to shapeshift but is usually a Wilbur like skin. they found friend when they were all alone on the island and brought them to where their eventual house was.
  18. “The only skin I see other than you guys’, is the muscular villager in a speedo ... and it’s american.” ”wow it sure would be a shame if someone were to skiddly-do-dah-you.” ”I’mma l’manberg green” or “OH MY GOD THEY JUST GOT L’MANBERG’D” ”One of the first words you said to me was date date date-“ ”There’s a gogy maid and it’s also named Aether-“ ”IM BETWEEN TO HACKERs AND I THINK THEIR TAKING A SCREENIE HELP.” ”I like how everything is wholesome in chat but then everyone is murdering each other.” These are all things that were said by me. Between noon yester
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