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  1. I have emailed it to Flopity-
  2. Moving all my Minecraft worlds into my USB— taking forever.
  3. Everyone gangsta until the Razoranias start walking.
  4. megettingincreasinglyworriedatmycomputerswellbeing.png ImighthavetounistallNiche... just for a second--
  5. Felinks. my opinion: I hate this dude with a passion. Idk why. Something about seems off. Like, what if something were to separate the Felinks then a trainer were to catch them while they were separated? Would they all come back together or would you catch the ones you found??
  6. it depends on your vote. We have democracy.
  7. Mmm... I can’t tell if your anti-foxy’s house or you’re pro-foxy’s house...
  8. Cars are like made to take lightning. Still pretty scary :^ airplanes too. Their like lightning rods when struck (cars don’t attract lightning, airplanes do I believe.) but nothing really happens other than big boom and big flash when they’re struck. Airplanes like, don’t even react.
  9. @Dysfunctional Numbers Foxy you reacted ‘thanks’ which isn’t and option...
  10. The two team members I had left were Swords+Ships the Zacian and 1800 the Morpeko. If you have any questions I’ll answer. Leon’s battles was the hardest by FAR. He basically killed my team. If it wasn’t for the Morpeko and a Missclick, I wouldn’t have completed it—
  11. Yeah uh vote— like this comment for yeah let’s just use the old back up react paws up for keep trying to download it even if you have to like- delete your computer.
  12. Ok, so @Flower @Dysfunctional Numbers Foxy @Lilytuft @Sky @Clover @Zixvir @Flopity @a lot of people. so. I have a download of the world like 10 days before the realm ran out. I have tried to install a backup of the world, and I still can. But should we decided to use this older one but lose a ton of stuff? I think basically a thanos snap will happen.
  13. I might go murder someone after this--
  14. Still working on it ^^, No worries. I'll like remove my whole computer from my computer to download this.
  15. *Uninstalls stardew valley* *Clears off many images onto harddrive* *Sells soul to satan* Game:
  16. Yeah- I think I was born the year D&P came out so all I’ve know is DS games (With like two GBA games that I’ve had that could run on the DS.) I’ve played a tiny bit of Crystal on a website I found. No idea how sketchy or legal that would be but it was actually the game and I chose Cindaquill and got to bellsprout tower— so technically, my 2nd Pokémon game was actually Pokémon Crystal funnily enough. (Why are my posts really long on this lmao?)
  17. Coalossal? (Also do the g-max while your at it.) (Sorry for like spamming you AAAA-) Eternatus?
  18. There are the people who like the music and history (me) and there are these people. ... yep.
  19. Kayaking in general is relaxing. But yeah, I wonder how it feels when it’s just drip drip.
  20. She watches them walk away. Nobody understands- (i feel like she's been there for a long time and is a very mapleshade like character- also can I give her the name Vengeful one?)
  21. "I don't want to see them again. They can be remembered. I just want them to die"
  22. "They all deserve to die, don't they."
  23. She gets into the nichelings face and hisses in her face "Then why else would you be here."
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