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  1. He approached the borders and crossed them. A shiver of worry went through his body. Why am I worried? They have no reason to attack me... right?
  2. Woah! I just got paid 250kt for a banner! Art is the way to go! https://www1.flightrising.com/forums/art/1023437 This is the thread for if you want to do art to make money but don't want too make an art shop. Just be sure to make a Art dump thread or something similar if you are sending the art to them (Ping them.) Because we're under 18 and can't send it over PM. (The payment can, not the art.)
  3. Oh frick, now you've given me the idea.
  4. I know these aren't particularly valuable but I feel good having them in my Vault. (I didn't want to eat a cat, c'mon!)
  5. @SilverTheNicheling I feel like you need to hear this song.
  6. I wish to be the fastest artist with the best quality art.
  7. I click on the notification and I see a gigantic iskall face and tbh it kinda scared me.
  8. Hey, don't cry. There's no need to weep. *Casually pushes off cliff* Welp. Maybe there is now.
  9. by u/Quizzmo on the HC reddit. (I decided to use the sbubby one instead.)
  10. https://flightrising.com/main.php?p=lair&tab=userpage&id=368715 Here. They do rescues.
  11. Just like sell them for 3000 kt or gift them too... Uh... I forgot their user hold on...
  12. I sent you a message on FR :3
  13. Me: Wow! This derg looks cool with bee... Lemme see if I can bu- *Walking out of marketplace* Why?!
  14. There are already ones out there. L: Maybe I'll make a subspecies one day.
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