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  1. *Looks over in this direction* Let me listen to Hamilton in peace *Turns back*
  2. So I just awkwardly explained Act II of Hamilton to my friend Without explaining act I Gosh darnit youtube commenter making a Say No To This joke on Helpless...
  3. Also, there is this thing where if we get the most amount of time we get like 15 (class) bucks to spend on stuff like out of uniform passes and stuff. I have like 2hr 15 minutes because I drew so much.
  4. I drew art on my math program (Online, you can do your scratch work on it.) If you can write you can draw: (Also don't mind me drawing a actually good looking human.)
  5. It's the same with laughing. Like I look like I am laughing. But I am not making any noise. I also can't breathe AT ALL not a single breath. I essentially am killing myself if I laugh for to long (I once thought I was actually going to suffocate.) Uh anyways: Lafayette in My Shot: *can't pronounce anarchy* Lafayette in Guns and Ships:
  6. Ok just going to say: It's hard to make me cry. Like tears, crying of sadness. IDK why but yeah, I just don't do it often.
  7. ... Honestly it's in the first song... He's literally considered a founding father of the US.
  8. ... Do you know who Hamilton is? He's a historical figure... so it's basically a history lesson.
  9. nope. A peliper had weather ball and a Shiinotic has solar beam. They can't make up their mind tho. I have not had silence this whole day it's legit just hamilton songs.
  10. A weather ball just critted my Agislash and 1-shot it. ...
  11. I think I broke the NPCs of battle tower ... They're just using weather changing moves
  12. I've had hamilton songs stuck in my head for the last few days help me.
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