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  1. What type of minecrafter are you? Judging by how I literally dragged you into a cave to make you mine.... I'd say this isn't accuate.... I'd say this is:
  2. One day you will... whether that one day will be a good day of freedom from this selfishness, or if it means all these things will have caught up to you, I cannot say. On a positive note, I've been through the ladder thus know what it's like.
  3. ohmegershthey'relikeagressiveHornet
  4. Impulse buys are best. That's how I got Torch boi. Also, speaking of Torch boi can someone find a suitor for him. He looks good but not his children. Send me their ID. 57069867 (His ID)
  5. We got a total one. Nashville has been insane for the last few years. (Eclipses... Hermitcrafters.... Thats my definition of insane.)
  6. I'd think there would still be a "I need food. Must take risk" factor for the rouges so not 100% fail safe, but a definite warning. (Also rouges with little smelling may miss the scent.) Good suggestion!
  7. We can trade Desperately need female Yep, Art Sales!
  8. Auuuuugh... this reminds me I'm gonna be changing my name soon.
  9. Is this lilytuft? Idk xd

    1. Evil Aether

      Evil Aether

      Nope... Aetherskye.

  10. I have 2 males lol I have their info already posted if you want to see that. (Also I only see one.)
  11. 57388546 < Snek boi 57388572 < Petal Boi
  12. (sorry about naming them. I kinda like Snakefang better though!)
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