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  1. I just realized I’m a dream kinnie tf-
  2. Tbh I think imma have the same character and I kinda liked having my character slowly go insane—
  3. Well, we aren't the same in every way, i guess it's kinda good ^^,
  4. nah, I do it in 'controlled' environments like games etc. (usually, today is a rare exception)
  5. sometimes people need to be taken down a notch, roasts are a fun way to do that and actually destress me.
  6. These are god tier roasts.
  7. definitely not. even though it's been the centre of a few conflicts, it's been wonderful to be on an smp.
  8. I think for now, you should solve... less intense... and less long running conflicts than this one ^^,
  9. ... It's happened multiple times and I'm already super stressed outside of this. I'm done with this. I'm not mad at you, only the people who started this conflict.
  10. guys. I heard some drama happened here. I am angry and disappointed. I just took a break and this happens. yes. I thought I already stated 'rules' pretty well enough. I know multiple discord servers with little to no moderation that work out better than this. if you guys can't keep a hold of this, I will personally go sapnap on all of you guys. (for all you who don't know, Sapnap kills every pet he sees.) (and this is also a joke, but please for the love of me, sky, and philo, pleaaase be mature.
  11. "I just love shooting americans!"
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