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  1. “I’m not disappointed just disgustingly astounded.”
  2. Wow actually a different character lmao-
  3. UWOaether

    sign this

    Wow! something I won't regret for once!!!
  4. UWOaether

    sign this

    However I will sign the contract in honor of the former god of contracts-
  5. UWOaether

    sign this

    Yeah same :/// I'll let you have it if they give it back someday.
  6. v͗҉͖̺o̥͖̘̓̋͢i͍̝͉̲̇͠d̨͇͙̱̀̃͌͂
  7. I did do that lmao, its a different video under the rickroll link-
  8. the void and all the chaos that comes with it.
  9. hmmm... 'someone' is less of what i was thinking-
  10. and "The orange almost slid down my throat without my permission!"
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ Idk why it's not embedding but seriously this video, it made me cry.
  12. "So who turned him into the himbo we all know and love today?"
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