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  1. Blue Fur/Feathers

    @ChasingNyx yeah, pretty much these colors look gorgeus red orange and yellow are already in the game but green blue and purple would be a really striking addition
  2. Amphibious Predator: Orcolf

    hmm I see, I just always think water body looks like a small whale but who am I to deny waternichelings variations
  3. No Ear

    yeah, these are good arguments too I'm really not sure what stats would be best for it the main reason I want this is because I had this little girl and thought "these ears look cute, but somehow weird with that beak"
  4. No Ear

    Many animals (snakes, birds, frogs, basically anything that is not a mammal or marsupial) have no visible outer ear So why do all Nichelings need auricles? They don't. I suggest an ear type that just isn't a visible ear. It would obviously have less hearing than normal ears but other benefits instead, like aqua/aerodynamic. It could give +1 on swimming and flying because of less air/water resistance and maybe a little cold resitance, too, bacause a lot of heat goes away over the ears but that is not the main focus of this
  5. Amphibious Predator: Orcolf

    they are so cute <3 and we definetly need more life in the water I think for the body the normal Water Body would suffice, no need to go through all the work to make a new one
  6. Customizable and Programmable Gem Colors

    yes, yes, yes!! I usually give two mated Nichelings the same gem color in the middle so I don't forget which ones belong together, their kids then get this color left and right (right sometimes different if I accidentally(maybe not always accidentily) breed them with someone else or a rogue attacks) This way I can see who is closely related to whom without having to untangle the familytree first however... with only 5 colors available and one of them being a default for an unmated/unrelated Nicheling I could have only 8 paired up with each other before It gets confusing (I like having them mated for life) More colors would definetly be a life saver for me
  7. Mini - Bio

    That would be so very helpful!!! Right now I am trying to keep track of mates and other family relations with the gem colors... but my sythem only works for small groups of ~10 before it gets too confusing Dx and special roles are easily forgotten small notes would help a lot
  8. Chameleon Body

    @MysticTopaz They look awesome but a bit too textured for ingame I think but as fanart/concept art they are great! and I didn't mean for them to be covered in scales all over, just a hint of scales at the breast like the strands of fur we get on normal body without having it everywhere, the rest would be filled out by imagination ^^ and for the leaf/sky one, I like it but again, it is too textured for ingame I think, ingame they are all solid colored. so maybe the sky blue could be the overwrite color for the pattern? I made an example how a spotted one would then look when sitting on a tree, but very simplistic whithout texture, just color and outlines as we get ingame
  9. Chameleon Body

    Of course!! Draw whatever you like ^-^ sky color when on a tree, yes possibly, though wouldn't leaf colored make more sense? Idk but draw it anyway if you like and yeah, the heat thing was just an afterthought since most reptiles are cold blodded and do better in warm regions, but it is unnecessary. Color change is the only important feature about this idea I'm anticipating your pictures of this
  10. Chameleon Body

    Hey I was thinking about a Body Type that would overwrite the colors of a creature like Toxic Body does, but instead of standing out with intimidating warning colors, it would help the Nichelings to blend in perfectly with their enviroment: the Chameleon Body A chameleon changes his colors based on what they see to blend in so I suggest the colors would change depending on what biom-tile they are standing on. The pattern would still be the same (a spotted one would still be spotted, a striped striped...) but also change in color depending on the biom. I made a picture for illustration 5 times the same nicheling in different enviroments (I forgot the beach and the water but you hopefully get what I mean) I'd like if the body could be made to look slightly scaly instead of fluffy ^-^ It would give a lot of camouflage but has next to no other benefits, maybe heat resistance +1 or 2 but cold resistance -1 or 2 if anything Let me know what you think
  11. Multiplayer

    of couse it doesn't need one, it is fine just as it is, but i think it would make a fun optional gameplay I am mostly just throwing around with wild ideas that randomly pop up in my head and then think about how to make them possibly work to see what others would think about it ^^ and for the "too many nichelings"-issue, just don't let the other one get too many, steal their food sources so they can't feed everyone and have to lower their numbers, mark your teretory by killing intruding nichelings if need be, this kind of battle is also a constant in natural selection and evolution and that game mode would be a bit different than solo for sure, but it would fit the theme nonetheless
  12. Multiplayer

    I know, no Multiplayer for Niche, it would take too much time to add it, but hear me out!!! I am not talking about a real multiplayer where you'd have to connect two computers one way or an other. I am talking about a hot seat multiplayer, basically running two packs/tribes in one game instance and switching between the two I sadly don't know anything about programming a game but I imagine this to be a lot less work than online or lan multiplayer, if this is still too much work then just ignore it -one would start at opposite sides of an island -recources like collected food and nest material are counted seperately -default gem colors might be different for both? example: P1's Nichelings are born with blue gems until changed and P2 gets orange as default. wanderes still green. -player 1 gets the first turn to move all his Nichelings, when he ends the day player 2 starts. next round player 2 starts and 1 ends ->that way noone would have the privilege to always harvest berrys before the other one has the chance -you can't breed with members of the other players pack or invite them in, similar like with the adams on homeisland ->exeption: if a banished member wanders around, he is free for the taking With this multiplayer mode, your creatures wouldn't only have to adapt to a static enviroment but also have to compete against an equally adaptable group and either search it's own niche next to it or fight for dominance over that niche Problems: -Island travel might be problematic and would either have to be impossible in that mode or maybe as soon as one travels, the other gets to pick the same number of Nichelings from whereever they stand at that moment -One could make a unnecessary move just to give that one nasty rouge a move to get to the other players female without them being able to do anything against it...might not be a problem but I'm not sure about that -I really don't know if this is as relatively simple as I think it is or if it would take lots and lots of time one could spend with 5 other features >_< ///Edit: I just thought about an explenation why the tribes would be active at different times and how about that gets linked to daytime? so one could pretend tribe 1 is dayactive and 2 is nocturnal, changing the light a bit but letting everything else be the same otherwise (and pretend rabbils are active all around the day). of course then the 12211221 rhythm I thought about would make no sense anymore, but if one always gets the days and the other the nights, then let the weather change and berry growth rythm be linked to that, counting for this purpose each players (or if you play both yourself, both tribes) turn as an entire day, but aging wise only day+night=1 for example, at the end of a sunny day, tribe 1 gets to sleep. as tribe 2 awakens for the night it starts to rain and the berrys grow back, they are thankful fot this, since the night before there was hardly any food to be found because of the drought
  13. Possible Snake Idea (Predator)

    They are so cute! and an abushing enemy is actually a good idea, I like it. But would it make sense for some little snakes to attack prey as big as a nicheling? or am I imagening them too small because of how cute they look xD?
  14. Unlook gene menu notifications

    or maybe insted of "You unlocked a new Gene" it says "You Unlocked Nimble Fingers/Bearyena Snout/ Water Body/Claw"
  15. Patagium, like a flying squirrel

    That would be interesting, so since they are gliding they wouldnt be able to fly as far as winged nichelings, but they still could use some basic berry picking or something like that at least