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  1. that wouldn't quite work if the groups are differently sized. What would you do if p1 has 4 Nichelings and p2 has 15? should p1 move the same ones more than once a day or should p2 go through all of his remaining at once after they switches for the first 4? the second method would be an unfair advantage for p2 and the first an even worse advantage for p1
  2. This is rough my poor nichelings starve to death with perfectly fine berrys in front of them because they can't tear them down I think I skip that rule, if they leave after 30 days anyway, then picking some berrys won't hold them back too much, they are still nomadic if they leave in time, no matter how they got their berrys but nice challenge
  3. as Skysplash said, purring actually can help heal wounds (and even some illnesses to a certain degree) and I don't see any way a horn (or tooth that sticks out like a horn) would help for healing but I would add attractiveness because while noone is really sure why Narwhals have these horns (or teeth to be precise) it is speculated that they might play a role in attracting and impressing females. If it's not base of narwhals and rather the interesting one horn mutation you gave pictures to, then it would obviusly make no sense though I also agree that 1 strengh is enough for it either way
  4. @Fishyfishyfishy500 I am not sure why you posted this picture at me, a very cute albino dog, with (as typical) no pigments in the nose... wich is why it is pinkish (no pink pigments, but you can see the bloodvessels shining through)
  5. the others said it alredy but in short it is a simplified luck challenge with added blind genes challenge
  6. havn't actually thought about that, but of couse an albino wouldn't have any pigments in the nose!
  7. Favourite Twins, huh? well this set of identical but not so identical twins has definetly won a place in my favourites I also liked this doomed set that is soon to die. the killer mountain gets me everytime :/as my last two an without much longer too live they were forced to be mates and had a healthy daugher that was eaten at the tender age of 2 days Last but not least come my blind swampy oracle twins. They couldn't do much, but I liked them anyway.
  8. https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2672-export-nichelings-and-import-nichelings-from-other-players/ Isn't that the same?
  9. lean body used to be called small body and covers all the main points already, I don't see the point for an other body type that does the same a difference would be it has more speed, but the "smaller limbs" don't slow any animals down. have you ever seen a mouse run? they are fast! smaller limbs= quicker leg movement, so it is just lean body to the point's that are not covered by lean body : how would being small help to gather more food? a lot of small animals coincidently gather more (compared to their body weight) but they also have to eat a lot more so in the end no difference and the quick gathering is not really linked to the size how would being small hep the fertility? you are probably thinking of bunnys and the like for this, but their fertility has nothing to do with size. rather think about dogs, do chiwawas have a higher fertility than ridgebacks? I am actually not sure but I don't think so to the flying: yeah of course lean body should give +1flying to winged ones, it would only be fair since big body gives -1
  10. but how would a derpsnouted no-paw nicheling crack open nuts? just because you have seen how it is done, dosn't mean you have the ability to do it if you watch the elders use their nimble fingers, how will that help you? when you physically don't have the means to do it the way they showed you? In general I think nature and nurture work together to form a person, but the jumps in Niche are too big for that it is not a simple "that person has talent" but otherwise similar enough abilitys (like having hands, even though some are more nimble than others, they are basically the same) we are not comparing a human with an other more/less talented in one area human; we are comparing cats and bunnies
  11. alright then though I still think it would be unbalanced
  12. I think it should block the tail like Spiky Body does. type 1 gives distastefull appearence and toxidity, same as toxic body, but adds flying and attractiveness so there has to be something to balance it out no tails would also be a bit more realistic, unless you can name me a butterfly with tail (longer wing parts that are called tail don't count) and it wouldn't be so crowded
  13. I think if they were hit, they probably would hide in their hole no matter if they see your creature or not. beeing hit by something is a prety sure way to notice it so even if Rameana can hit it, as long as she can't kill it it would just hide. because of the poison it might die down in it's hole later but how to reach it? sorry Reana, you are not made to be a mole hunter
  14. maybe drinking could give a "cooled down" buff for ~1-2 days that reduces the heat a Nicheling has to endure by 1 (and that way lets it have the extra energy unless it is waaaaayy too hot)
  15. but Niche is about genetics and not about any mythological and open for debate things like afterlife a lot of people rp it like the ancestors are guiding the tribe and some ascend to godhood -I do too- but I think these things should only come from the player side and not from any game mechanics. in wildlife, dead is dead. and game mechanics wise it would feel a bit cheaty if one of your females got attacked by a rouge but don't worry, you can just let the baby be your deceased favourite instead however, I would like if you could 'save' a handful of your favourites and have them have a rare chance to spawn/reincarnate as wanderers. custom name included
  16. it sounds kinda interesting. definetly nice for rp purposes but I don't think it would fit in the concept of Niche
  17. @Lilytuft I think on albinos it should be just white the red color in albino eyes dosn't come fron any special pigments, it is the lack of pigments that let you see the blood behind the iris seeing blood in the feathers would be weird, to some degree possible -at least for the quill part- but weird so the accent colors for albinos should be just white
  18. with servers would be impossible since the developers already said they would need to change too much of the code to even start working on that this is why I specifically suggested a hot seat/lokal/one-pc multiplayer in hopes that would make i easier on them as I think of it, any island/map can be chosen. so if you want you can have the archiapellago or you could share a jungle since it would need to be round based, getting permission for every interaction besides attacking would be tedious. I think no breeding between tribes no matter what but any other interaction possible without extra confirmation would be best Tribe Naming would be nice sure they could fight each other or help. maybe life in symbiosis where one kind hunts bunnies and the other can pick berries without worries that the bunnies eat them away or something
  19. if a wounded Nicheling dies from aging but wouldn't have died if it weren't woundet... would that count as died of old age or died of wounds?
  20. maybe if we say it is supposed to be a narwhal horn instead they would not mind in that case, I think 1 strenght and 1 attractiveness would be enough (though magical healing powers would be cool )
  21. 1. you still didn't answer how it could work in Niche. I know inteligence is an important factor for animals and evolution, but how does it fit into the game concept? think about game mechanics and not just vague ideas of how things should work 2. I am quite sure fishy meant in Niche, as in the game, it is just about the body parts and not evolution in general for the simulation aspect, look here https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2018-simulation-mode/
  22. or at least color it the same as the grass tiles around it
  23. and how do you suppose it could work in Niche? if there were an "intelligence" gene, how would it work in game? as you said, the choices are made by the player. so every Nicheling has the intelligence of the player controlling it if you want them to throw things, maybe there could be a throwing paw or whatever but since they can't act on their own or let alone think for themselves, how would intelligence affect anything? you can't just throw around what you would like to see in a game like this without giving a solution as to how it could work in that specific game and what do you mean with "computer toy" games are games. they are for having fun, as are toys. there is little difference between a game and a toy, the only one that comes to mind is that a game has rules and a toy is the object you play (games) with and the goal of Niche is not to form a civilisation, it is to find an evolutionary niche. both is about evolution but there end the similarities. if you want a game like simearth you are at the wrong adress because the game has a different intention.
  24. or maybe some people just want to share the experience of playing a game they love with their friends and so they think of ways that might make it possible to assume wanting to share your fun with other people is a mental illness does not only show how little you unterstand about human nature but it also makes you a very rude person
  25. @ChasingNyx actually mine was meant to play with others as well, just at the same computer wich means it is possible to play alone but it's meant for more than one
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