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  1. bostonlobstah

    Please read this before posting

    Hi there, welcome to the forums! You can post your idea in the Feature Requests section so it can be noticed
  2. bostonlobstah

    Your most unlikely nicheling couple?

    Bearyena head has thrown me off so many times,,, I swear.... i will have the perfect pairing only to realize the bearyna header one is a boy and not a girl Then I either say they were just friends or I’m like welp I guess they are gay now
  3. bostonlobstah

    Two ports together??

    My sister was playing on a save file and travelled to a new island (Tiny Green). The right ports were directly connected to the ones her creatures were on. Being a bit of a newbie, she got confused, thinking it was all on giant port. She moved one creature over, and made it travel, thinking all the nichelings were coming with her. She was shocked to discover that only the one creature had travelled. Luckily I had made a backup save, and she did not lose much progress at all. But I'm just wondering...can ports be that close together?? Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot, but it looked like her nichelings landed on a giant 24-25 tile port with a stone near the end.
  4. bostonlobstah

    Non-niche artwork dump

    What? No Niche art? That’s all I draw nowadays.
  5. bostonlobstah

    Short snouted wanderers

    @Goggles-kun Are you thinking of cracker jaw? By short snout I mean the 'normal' snout. short/normal snout cracker jaw
  6. bostonlobstah

    Short snouted wanderers

    I have played this game for over 50 hours and I have NEVER found a wanderer with dominant or recessive short snout. Much less the starters. Now I know that short snout is a pretty useless gene, but I think that if wanderers frequently have crippled paws and bad eyesight (And let’s not forget rogue males. How do they survive?!), short snout should be at least possible for a wanderer to have. I don’t know if starters should be allowed to have it, since again, it is useless. I personally wouldn’t mind it but that’s cause I think it’s cute So let me know what you think about this. What are your opinions on short snout? also, if you can think of a short snout like head gene that serves a purpose, you can post it here as well.
  7. bostonlobstah

    What are your favorite genes?

    I feel ashamed saying this... but I actually think short snout is adorable ;-; I even breed it in sometimes just for aesthetics or to carry on one of my favorite bloodlines, the Melon line, whose founder had short snout. (I bred it in to Melon originally because literally my entire tribe was cracker jaw, purr snout and derp snout.) I think it’s a shame that no one has short snout anymore. i hope the bat head looks like short snout so it can be cute and useful at the same time.
  8. When you look at a human couple and subconsciously wonder if their immunity genes match up ok your turn!!
  9. bostonlobstah

    New Syllables

    I feel bad for you @Philo
  10. bostonlobstah

    Odd starters and port deformation?

    Oasis starters tend to have lots of water genes. I started on Oasis twice. One time there was a river going through the part, and the creature in the water had platypus beak, as well as she and her mate had recessive fishing tail. The other starters had things like water body and swimming tail. Those are some pretty watery creatures though
  11. bostonlobstah

    What are your favorite genes?

    Oh yeah. Also Love wings and beak. basically, I think ALL the genes are super pretty and cool! the only ones I actually don’t like are purrsnout combined with black eyes, derp snout and the frog legs (aesthetically. But it it’s not too bad either) also @RandomWanderer I LOVE that golden peacock boy!! What is his color combination?
  12. bostonlobstah

    What are your favorite genes?

    Big ears and bearyena ears all mask pattern types and peacock tail fin tail also looks kinda cool
  13. bostonlobstah

    New Syllables

    Now every time I get a creature named Rako I cringe
  14. bostonlobstah

    Name Generator

    My account name is purplehippo4. Do not laugh! I made that username before I decided that all my accounts on all websites would be called bostonlobstah. I mostly made remixes and drew bad bitmap cats using the paint bucket tool. Proceed to view my account with caution because it does not define me x.x i have not touched that account in over a year lol im going to draw something there now to try and redeem myself