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  1. bostonlobstah

    Why Won’t It Snow!? Story Mode bug?

    Update: I tried playing the Community challenge on Summer Mountains yesterday and survived 60 days. It rained some, and it was cold sometimes, but it never snowed once. Reminds me of the weather where I live right now XD No console was used this time, obviously. 🤔 I’m going to hold off my tribe that’s preparing for First Snow for now, in case there is no first snow at all!
  2. bostonlobstah

    The Jungle Trees??

    Thanks for running the tests. So what do you think the best strategy is for surviving an ape? Go into the water and sacrifice a boring nicheling or two? Run to the nearest Whale Island port?
  3. bostonlobstah

    The Jungle Trees??

    So here's my planned strategy: Everyone gets nimble fingers, runner legs, claws or velvet paws (claw and especially velvet paws are running rampant in the tribe right now) It's the start of a Rainbow/Easter Egg challenge, so I'm hoping to get creatures in yellow and red and white lean body and water body (for ape escape), but mostly toxic body. Colorful spots and stripes. Will use fin, swimming, and stinky tails... I have a lot of purr snouts and cracker jaws...and poison fangs even tho I just realized there are no poison berry bushes and apes are immune to poison rip. Hoping to get in more Big Nose. There's a little 'island' that's completely surrounded by rivers... there are only two jungle trees, neither have roots but I can't shake them...? I will probably have a nicheling or two as ape bait to save my rainbows too, eventually... Do you think this could work in the rainforest? Will crossing the river or going into the ocean be a good strategy to avoid the apes?
  4. bostonlobstah

    The Jungle Trees??

    Thank you! Also if you cross a river, will the ape cross too? I hope the water is as OP as I thought
  5. bostonlobstah

    Community Challenge Playthrough (Rainforest)

    great work! I'm on Rainforest for the first time just for the heck of it...doing much better than I thought. Actually enjoying myself quite a bit. It's not that hard an island. I'm just afraid an ape is gonna pop out of nowhere and kill them all lol
  6. bostonlobstah

    Niche Community Challenge Thing

    I played on Summer Mountains...survived for 60 days ;-; I will post my playthrough later it's pretty pathetic
  7. bostonlobstah

    The Jungle Trees??

    Thanks anyway. I went next to both tree types that I saw and didn't see a 'shake' action. I guess I'm okay? There is a section of the island that is between two rivers so is isolated. It has different kinds of trees from the rest of the island, with no root thingys so I was wondering if I would be 100% safe if I lived there lol
  8. HAha I had that same problem Why can't I breed Ollie with Nellie??? o wait
  9. bostonlobstah

    The Jungle Trees??

    tagging ppl online @Skysplash8 @Pokestardragacraft @bannergirl411 @Basil @Aetherskye because I'm totally in a rush rn XD
  10. bostonlobstah

    The Jungle Trees??

    So um I am in the jungle for real for the first time It's rainforest yay doing ok so far. no apes. But wondering--there are different kinds of jungle trees--ones with big roots, slightly smaller ones with no roots, and short fat ones. Which ones spawn apes? Or do all of them spawn apes? Or each spawns a different kind of ape? Also Can apes cross rivers?
  11. bostonlobstah

    Why Won’t It Snow!? Story Mode bug?

  12. The tribe is heading across the archipelago. Along the way, they bump into the most beautiful not-pink nicheling they have ever seen. Her name is Dragon Tear II (since her pattern is off OOF) and she knows the archipelago well. Bostonlobstah asks her if she could help to guide them to the next island. Dragon Tear II says yes, so she leads them to the last island in the archipelago chain. Meanwhile, the Forgotten Ones who were left behind on the first island have grown old without Bostonlobstah's magic. Pippin is the first fatality after 74 days. After saying goodbye to everyone being left behind, 10 nichelings move on to their first Medium-level island: Adam 2.0, Bostonlobstah, Stacey, Sense, Sensibility, Snowchild, Avrie, Adeline, Poozie and Frosty. The tribe finds themselves in a strange new land--with a huge and odd--looking port on the side.
  13. bostonlobstah

    Toxic Mister Niche (VOTING)

    please don't take any offense it was really hard to pick XD
  14. bostonlobstah

    Whims Playthrough (Patriarch Days)

    I kept accidentally checking the genes. I put that save file away and will pull it out again when the sandbox update comes
  15. bostonlobstah

    Rank All Islands from Easiest to Hardest!

    Yes long winter bugs MUST be fixed ^^ People are saying it's harder than Frost Lands!