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  1. I LVOE DUCKIE I have chickens but no ducks. Birds are the best
  2. I know there's a more popular format for this but I like tcw okay alternatively...
  3. @Impy10, I have done it. I have done you one better. Not just the prequel memes, but the clone wars memes too!
  4. I'm sorry, memes are my religion, I must keep posting m o r e here since I would never get reddit karma anyway
  5. Here's my sona Magnolia, with a new look -- pattern size etc doesn't matter too much as long as she has the white panda eyes if the genes are hard to see - she has yellow eyes, one wing and one velvet paw, red/white fur and white/beige D pattern I'll see if my little sister wants to submit some too. She plays niche more than I do nowadays. She's only six lol
  6. I often have dreams involving natural disasters but I always end up okay. Usually tornadoes and tsunamis/floods since those scare me the most. I also will randomly have dreams where I get more chickens and that's literally it.
  7. Me after starting a story mode save and playing it for an hour: i stg anyone else have this problem? They so ugly after a while
  8. When I find a winged wanderer and invite him into my boring tribe
  9. I’m back bois
  10. I think this is a tight group simply because it’s not very big. Though with the anger issues it can definitely feel hostile at times.
  11. 9/10. Adorable sounding but perhaps a bit generic??
  12. I don't have to take French or any foreign language next year, I've already done the minimum requirements to graduate
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