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  1. bostonlobstah

    In-game toggle: Show names

    YISS I have sooooo many screenshots because I have to take pictures of EVERY INDIVIDUAL NICHELING
  2. bostonlobstah

    What is the worst/funniest injury you have ever gotten?

    I haven't got into any serious injuries yet (*knock on wood*), probably because I'm not a risk-taker and I don't do tons of sports or stuff like that. You guys are all making me cringe and think of how lucky I am but at the same time I want a story like that to tell :,( I have, however, run full-speed into a screen door and grabbed a seemingly-prickle-less cactus with my bare hands before. Neither situation ended well.
  3. bostonlobstah

    Ruler of The Mountains

    Pretty!! ❤️ i liek
  4. bostonlobstah

    New Sickness?

    I upped it back up to 0 votes! I honestly don't mind since I can't survive harder islands anyway so idc
  5. bostonlobstah

    Unsolicited duck pics

    Unsolicited duck pics (not mine)
  6. bostonlobstah

    Unsolicited duck pics

    unsolicited pics of my chickens. (this thread asked for it. Don't criticize me! I'm just a geeky part-time hick) "I'm sexy & I know it" bukbukBUK hanging out by a random wayward haybale Buffy reminds me of a rectangle. When Puffy was somewhat healthy. I wouldn't dare show a pic of her now :,( We need to treat her with antibiotics that cost $50 :c ur grandma I love her Polly floof ❤️ Ur my new wife I loaf u
  7. bostonlobstah

    "Custom" Genes

    Agh I know it just needs to be an actual thing!
  8. I'm going to post my tribe playthroughs here. I have 4 and all of them are, well.........I got a little bit carried away. I'm going to add them soon
  9. bostonlobstah

    Bearyena Research

    I bet they were in the tribe but then released.. this is rlly interesting. I may have to try it out (IF the console would actually cooperate and DOUBLE IF I can even survive Deadly Hills)
  10. bostonlobstah

    "Custom" Genes

    I imagine this to be difficult to implement but I like it ^^ I want someone to code me a No Head gene!
  11. bostonlobstah

    le rogue avec sa baguette

    YES exactly!!
  12. bostonlobstah

    Miss Niche November 2018

    They are all gorgeous I can't decide!!
  13. bostonlobstah

    le rogue avec sa baguette

    Est-ce que tu veux le pain? (sorry I know I suck at shading and firealpaca is still new to me ;-;)
  14. bostonlobstah

    Derp Snouted Starters

    I've only ever found Cracker jaw, big nose or purr snouted starters.
  15. bostonlobstah

    Weirdest random generator names

    funniest ones from @medicine cat's generator Stripeeel Brightsight Bluebellwhite Earstarling Facebirch Bumblefreckle Lightningyarrow Milkant Bellaapple Kitdawn