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  1. A fellow aroace? (Gasp) welcome

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    2. Lilytuft


      Unfortunately Boston is no longer active on the forums, but I'm also a fellow aroace and you'll probably find a few more of us on this thread :) Welcome to the forums!


    3. cedarwhisperplaysniche
    4. cedarwhisperplaysniche
  2. i wonder where they went

    1. puddle.



      it seems like they just disappeared

    2. polly
    3. puddle.
  3. I gotta go, but I will let you know when I'm ready to play!
  4. I have only used aggie 1 (one) time but I would really like to try again! Anyone up for joining?
  5. I, bostonlobstah, wish you, anonymous human with username Polly, an emotion expressing joy and satisfaction for a positive event usually represented by an upwards curvature of the mouth, for this glorious day which you claim to be the anniversary of when you came out of your mother's womb after an average of 9 months of pregnancy, known as birth, thus beginning the stage of infancy. I express this sentiment because you are an important and wonderful person and deserve recognition for this celebration of your existence.
  6. *quietly, from the dark, back corner of the room* I'm in.
  7. Back in my day (okay actually it wasn't my day. I lurked, I don't think I even had niche yet), the off-topic forums were virtually empty!
  8. I lowkey miss when the forums was just a bunch of randos who occasionally came on to discuss Niche gameplay like they were philosophers. That was even before the kingdoms, I believe.
  9. Happy early birthday!!
  10. Yeah, if I actually do have it and I'm not over-exaggerating something that everyone has. I suppose it's quite mild for me and much more prominent in the dark but I've had it my whole life so I barely notice it.
  11. I'm no longer in Spain tho because I just finished the easiest math quiz of my life and I check the clock and there's still like 40 minutes left in the period
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