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    Why Won’t It Snow!? Story Mode bug?

    Update: I tried playing the Community challenge on Summer Mountains yesterday and survived 60 days. It rained some, and it was cold sometimes, but it never snowed once. Reminds me of the weather where I live right now XD No console was used this time, obviously. 🤔 I’m going to hold off my tribe that’s preparing for First Snow for now, in case there is no first snow at all!
  2. bostonlobstah

    Why Won’t It Snow!? Story Mode bug?

    In story mode I have gone to First Snow, Summer Mountains and Long Winter...I had been to each of them for 10-15 days more or less with no signs of snow...The antenna’d Nichelings would say “snow in x days” and the next day it would say “sunny in Y days” but the snow never came. I used the console on that save but only messed with genes and ages. And On one of the very first islands I explored all fields, but I never messed with the weather...? last I checked, there was snow in sandbox mode.
  3. bostonlobstah

    The Jungle Trees??

    Thanks for running the tests. So what do you think the best strategy is for surviving an ape? Go into the water and sacrifice a boring nicheling or two? Run to the nearest Whale Island port?
  4. bostonlobstah

    The Jungle Trees??

    So um I am in the jungle for real for the first time It's rainforest yay doing ok so far. no apes. But wondering--there are different kinds of jungle trees--ones with big roots, slightly smaller ones with no roots, and short fat ones. Which ones spawn apes? Or do all of them spawn apes? Or each spawns a different kind of ape? Also Can apes cross rivers?
  5. bostonlobstah

    The Jungle Trees??

    So here's my planned strategy: Everyone gets nimble fingers, runner legs, claws or velvet paws (claw and especially velvet paws are running rampant in the tribe right now) It's the start of a Rainbow/Easter Egg challenge, so I'm hoping to get creatures in yellow and red and white lean body and water body (for ape escape), but mostly toxic body. Colorful spots and stripes. Will use fin, swimming, and stinky tails... I have a lot of purr snouts and cracker jaws...and poison fangs even tho I just realized there are no poison berry bushes and apes are immune to poison rip. Hoping to get in more Big Nose. There's a little 'island' that's completely surrounded by rivers... there are only two jungle trees, neither have roots but I can't shake them...? I will probably have a nicheling or two as ape bait to save my rainbows too, eventually... Do you think this could work in the rainforest? Will crossing the river or going into the ocean be a good strategy to avoid the apes?
  6. I figured that out! I just consoled the tester female with HII when starting on crossing. And then I went to Home Island and I COULD INVITE THE TRIBE MEMBERS INNNNN!!!! Here's a family photo of the nichelings I have collected so far (One is out of the shot. She was the only yellow one)
  7. bostonlobstah

    The Jungle Trees??

    Thank you! Also if you cross a river, will the ape cross too? I hope the water is as OP as I thought
  8. bostonlobstah

    Community Challenge Playthrough (Rainforest)

    great work! I'm on Rainforest for the first time just for the heck of it...doing much better than I thought. Actually enjoying myself quite a bit. It's not that hard an island. I'm just afraid an ape is gonna pop out of nowhere and kill them all lol
  9. bostonlobstah

    Niche Community Challenge Thing

    I played on Summer Mountains...survived for 60 days ;-; I will post my playthrough later it's pretty pathetic
  10. bostonlobstah

    The Jungle Trees??

    Thanks anyway. I went next to both tree types that I saw and didn't see a 'shake' action. I guess I'm okay? There is a section of the island that is between two rivers so is isolated. It has different kinds of trees from the rest of the island, with no root thingys so I was wondering if I would be 100% safe if I lived there lol
  11. HAha I had that same problem Why can't I breed Ollie with Nellie??? o wait
  12. I would like yalls opinions on which islands are easiest/hardest... 1. When you start out on that island in sandbox mode 2. When you are prepared to come to that island for example if I were to rank some islands... 1. Tiny Green 2. Peaceful Meadow 3. Archipelago (except for the deep water) 4. Grass Adventure 5. Grass Mingle 6. Whale Island etc Ok your turn! Rank the islands as best you can based on your experiences.
  13. bostonlobstah

    The Jungle Trees??

    tagging ppl online @Skysplash8 @Pokestardragacraft @bannergirl411 @Basil @Aetherskye because I'm totally in a rush rn XD
  14. bostonlobstah

    Why Won’t It Snow!? Story Mode bug?

  15. Hi, I'm doing a playthrough like no other today! UPDATE: I have added the rules and tribe lore here so you know what this tribe's goal is. THE LORE A long time ago, a beautiful nicheling goddess was born, and her name was Bostonlobstah. She was very inquisitive and curious about the world around her, so her parents decided to send her to earth as an immortal nicheling. They carried her in their wings to a tiny island, and dropped her there. When she woke up, she found herself all alone. She bounded to the edge of the water and caught a glimpse of her reflection. She was a brown and dull female, nothing like the beautiful goddess she thought she was. Being quite independent, she enjoyed the silence and solitude for a few days. But then she became homesick and longed for a friend. That's when a strange wanderer suddenly appeared on her island. She was scared of him at first, hiding in the grasses for several days. But then he found her and she couldn't resist liking him. He introduced himself as Adam and claimed to have the same conundrum: Lost, alone, and terribly homesick. He asked her how far away his Home Island might be. Bostonlobstah peered into the mist, where the waves lapped around some stepping stones that led to an unfamiliar island. Her big nose couldn't scent Home Island anywhere. "We are very far from there," she told him sadly. "So far that you wouldn't live to see it no matter how quickly you travelled." She watched as the wanderer's face darkened with sadness. After a little while, Adam told her that he didn't care if he reached Home Island, because wherever she was was his Home. :,) Bostonlobstah was so touched that she revealed her true form and told him that she could make him immortal so he could reach Home Island. Adam was delighted. The pair settled down and had their first children. Bostonlobstah found Adam that night, sitting by himself under an oak tree. He looked miserable. "What's wrong?" She asked him. He replied, "I am thinking about immortality. I don't want to see my own children grow old and die before my eyes." Bostonlobstah sighed and then smiled. "Adam, don't you see? I'm a goddess. You are a god. Our children are immortal too! Everyone in this tribe will live forever, I'll be sure of that." Adam was content, for now at least. He curled up beside Bostonlobstah and their two children, telling them stories of his homeland where the coppery trees in the center reached towards heaven, and where beautiful pink flowers blossomed in patches all around. "As beautiful as me?" Little Ernie asked puffing out her fluffy chest. "As beautiful as you," Adam sighed. He glanced at Bostonlobstah, who purred and dropped her head on his legs. His whole pink family was worth more to him than all the pink flowers in the world. ... THE RULES - The biggest rule is, there are no rules! If I need (or want!) to use the console for survival or for gags, I will use it! - Bostonlobstah and Adam 2.0 (Adam and Eve) are the highest priority when traveling to the next island. (They are REQUIRED to come). Any nicheling with pink gets second highest priority. All others have low priority. - Everyone is immortal. No nichelings will die, but many will be left behind. (They can be reincarnated though). If you accidentally kill someone, you must recreate them! - Your goal is to speed-run to Home Island so Adam 2.0 can meet his family again! - Once you have enough nichelings, only pink nichelings are allowed to breed. - The 'ideal' nicheling has pink on pink pattern, pink horn color, and purple eyes. - Once everyone reaches Home Island, they become mortal again. ... It starts of basic enough. Adam is carried off, the bluebird drops him, yadda yadda. ...Until the console comes in. "Let Adam be upgraded," said the Niche goddess. And thus Adam 2.0 comes into existence! Adam 2.0 is lost and alone, but he soon finds a new island in hopes of finding love. Adam 2.0 spends many days looking for a mate, but his sucky smelling means it's hard for him to find her. Finally, he hears something rustling in the grass. Adam chases the wanderer over the course of several days. She's very sneaky and he can tell she's not totally into him, yet. When she finally comes into view, he's not very impressed with her appearance. A rather dull looking nicheling, despite the spots. Finally Adam 2.0 persuades the wandering female to join the tribe. In gratitude for his kindness, the nicheling reveals her true form--None other than the beautiful pink goddess Bostonlobstah! Adam 2.0 is enchanted. Adam 2.0 and Bostonlobstah fall in love and start a family. Both are surprised at the appearance of beautiful double-pink twins in the nest the next day. Bostonlobstah did not expect twins, so she names them Bert...and Ernie. The small family moves to a new tiny green island. Bostonlobstah has a new daughter. Her name is Poozie. The tribe is small and Bostonlobstah dreams of a large army of Pink Nichelings (And Adam 2.0, of course!) to lead triumphantly to Home Island. She changes her Tribe's gems to a pink color to symbolize her wish. She uses her magical powers to summon a new tribe member. A new wanderer appears in a puff of pink smoke beside little Poozie. He's got awful fertility, eyesight, and appearance. "I can fix that," Bostonlobstah smiles and winks at the young wanderer...
  16. The tribe is heading across the archipelago. Along the way, they bump into the most beautiful not-pink nicheling they have ever seen. Her name is Dragon Tear II (since her pattern is off OOF) and she knows the archipelago well. Bostonlobstah asks her if she could help to guide them to the next island. Dragon Tear II says yes, so she leads them to the last island in the archipelago chain. Meanwhile, the Forgotten Ones who were left behind on the first island have grown old without Bostonlobstah's magic. Pippin is the first fatality after 74 days. After saying goodbye to everyone being left behind, 10 nichelings move on to their first Medium-level island: Adam 2.0, Bostonlobstah, Stacey, Sense, Sensibility, Snowchild, Avrie, Adeline, Poozie and Frosty. The tribe finds themselves in a strange new land--with a huge and odd--looking port on the side.
  17. bostonlobstah

    Toxic Mister Niche (VOTING)

    please don't take any offense it was really hard to pick XD
  18. bostonlobstah

    Whims Playthrough (Patriarch Days)

    I kept accidentally checking the genes. I put that save file away and will pull it out again when the sandbox update comes
  19. bostonlobstah

    Rank All Islands from Easiest to Hardest!

    Yes long winter bugs MUST be fixed ^^ People are saying it's harder than Frost Lands!
  20. So I would like some input from yall in how to go about this. Food or lack thereof doesn't matter since my playthrough revolves around the magic of the console. What I need help is in how to get to Crossing and therefore Home Island most efficiently. I have been having some major issues with the dreaded Island Loop, among other glitches. For example, It's not snowing at ALL on any of the snow islands. There are no balance bears or walrus deer or ramfoxes. And Long Winter has no rabbils either. WTH!? So I can't go north from Long Winter because of the ice blocks that won't ever melt. I consoled a creature with antenna, and it will say Snow in 4 days, I skip the day and then it says Sunny in 3 days So my question is. How can I get to Home Island as efficiently and quickly as possible? Should I just keep going right until I can go north and continue on like that? Just came from Long Winter to Oasis as the Frost Lands port was iced over. Unfortunately there is no Northern port to this island. I can go to burning savannah, or I can go back to Frost Lands and keep going right. Which route would you take?
  21. bostonlobstah

    Wonderwall (WC Playthrough)

    i know r i p I try to replicate patterns with fail every time You'll see what I mean soon
  22. My everything keeps giving birth to bears I swear there's one save I got so sick of because everyone kept having bearyena snouted kids popping out of the recessive genes not my fave gene.
  23. bostonlobstah

    Rank All Islands from Easiest to Hardest!

    Interesting. I totally forgot about Crossing. And I agree with you about peaceful meadow and tiny green now that I think about it. May I ask why you put Long Winter above Frost Lands (the rabbil glitch I assume?), Summer Mountains above First Snow, and Overgrown jungle over deep jungle? And why Home Island is harder than I assumed? Is it Adam's hostile family?
  24. Ok edit: went left to the savannah and there is a northern port going back to Oasis! And a right port to a jungle which I think I will take... in your experiences, which island will have a higher chance of a whale island port, or is it completely random?
  25. bostonlobstah

    What’s your favourite island type?

    I love Whale Island too...First time I went I nearly starved but got back on track. The other times I went, I have been very lucky and successful. I love the abundance of bearyenas that provide some challenge. Not so much the rogues... my favorite islands are Grass Mingle and grass adventure, oasis, and whale island. I probably would like the snow islands too (I’m about to go there prepared for the first time!) I like archipelago as well, I just wish the islands were more varied each time instead of the exact same shape.