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    The Real Princess

    Bostonlobstah would love to be Prince’s friend! And so would Grass, my goddess of second chances, strength, life and death. She felt worthless in life due to having 2 crippled paws, but her descendants became strong and powerful snow creatures. (pics coming soon)
  2. bostonlobstah


    @Skysplash8, I remember you asked me to make you a piskel. Well apparently I forgot, but I just realized that! So I just finished this piskel for you I'm sorry it's massive
  3. bostonlobstah

    United Nicheling Nations V2

    Bostonlobstah is in!! Also we will give Prince a shipment of domestic dodomingoes for some pretty flowers. The dodomingoes have been selectively bred to give more meat.
  4. bostonlobstah

    Cold War? Now almost everyone made peace

    Bostonlobstah watches the nuclear bomb happily, relieved that she won't have to fight.
  5. bostonlobstah

    Free niche drawing requests!

    AAAA she’s so precious thank you so much!!
  6. bostonlobstah

    I had my husband make a Nicheling...

    Do it! Do it!
  7. bostonlobstah

    Cold War? Now almost everyone made peace

    Bostonlobstah proposes an alliance with Lala’s Empire. She is readying her strongest fighters in case of war. But she will not take an offensive move unless her empire is attacked.
  8. bostonlobstah

    lala's empire of beauty

    (yeets most beautiful nichelings I can find into the kingdom) Chloe used to be my goddess of beauty but Raspberry (above) just out-beautied her
  9. bostonlobstah

    Pretty Nichelings

  10. bostonlobstah

    Miss and Mister Niche March 2019 voting!

    Snowgust is actually Scourge for the mister niche!
  11. Many of us here have grown to love and appreciate the 'ugly' snout in the game. Post your cutest and purest derpy souls here for all to see ❤️
  12. bostonlobstah

    Share the Syllables You Use!

    I have the normal ones except I added -ki for the males. That does lead to several kiki's however.
  13. I gave little sis a save of her own and left for an hour...I came back to this. Everyone was sick, had no paw + swimming paw, and were starving to death. How are they still alive!? Her nichelings are named Beaver, (random generated), (random generated), coco, bcoco, coco, and yes.
  14. bostonlobstah

    quote someone but make them say whatever you want

    Yes thank you senpai. Meringue needs to DIE (199 new posts since I was last here. oof)
  15. So, I know that harder islands are supposedly north, easier islands are west, and save level islands are west. BUT, is it always one level up or one level down? For example I saw a Deadly Hills port to the north of Archipelago, and I traveled to Jungle Gate from Grass Adventure once. Is that normal?
  16. bostonlobstah

    quote someone but make them say whatever you want

    bostonlobstah has left the chat.
  17. (Please note: This is a REMAKE because I was having problems submitting to the old topic) Many years ago, the island of Kota’ana was full of life. Lush foliage covered the forest floor, and tall red-barked trees stretched their leafy canopies up towards the stars. The inhabitants thereof were able to cultivate the island, providing enough fruit to sustain their civilization. Apes were easily evaded and killed due to defensive and strength genes. After the last of the Apes were dead, the island remained peaceful once and for all. Or so the citizens of Kota’ana believed. One day, the Queen Mother Kota’ana was mourning the loss of her dead husband whilst picking smelly fruits, when the sky was shrouded with darkness. The last thing the Queen saw before she was encased in ice was the smelly fruits frosting over and withering away. Every creature on the island was encased in a block of ice and thrown into the sea. They only awoke when the Nichelings of the Frost Kingdom smashed open the ice blocks, revealing to the Jungle creatures a new land: the Frost Lands. Many of the jungle creatures had been found, but there were still some lost under the snowdrifts. Including the Queen of Kota’ana. But the unadapted nichelings have little reason to think about their lost Queen. They must focus on survival in this new harsh land. Food is low, and they have not yet gained the trust of the Frost Kingdom. After the fight for survival settles, the two Kingdoms have one Big Question to answer: Where is the Island of Kota’ana they once knew? This role play is a WIP. Please do not post here yet!!
  18. bostonlobstah

    Shipping Nichelings

    Poozie x Meringue of course
  19. bostonlobstah

    Uhh... Insta-leave?

    That is so weird! I have gotten a similar bug twice, but the port was next to rather than merged with the starting tiles. And it happened to Tiny Green both times.
  20. Feona lifted a paw to shield her eyes from the sun. Even though the snow from last night had accumulated and it was bitterly cold, the sun was still blinding. She tucked her ears back behind her head, trying with difficulty to retain as much of her body heat as possible. She fluffed out her coat and hunkered down beside her friend Ambrosia. The other members of her tribe gathered around them, taking turns along the outside of the huddle.
  21. bostonlobstah


    Make sure everyone has big body/ heat body, and lots of digging and strength genes and a couple runner legs for collecting the nesting material plants. Wings and purrsnot are also quite useful. i would bread 🍞 out the fishing tail now, and make sure your tribe meets the above requirements before going there.
  22. bostonlobstah

    Shipping Nichelings

    I have already made them ship art. ❤️