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  1. Have started WWIII when I grow up I will be...
  2. Change my name. When I grow up, I will have...
  3. So our oasis currently is a savanna with a big lake in the middle. But a real oasis is a lake flourishing with life in the middle of a desert. But I want to keep the old oasis too because I love the idea and the island. So my new idea, is to create 2 new islands: Oasis and Watering Hole. Watering Hole is basically what is currently the oasis. A lot of animals such as zebeeste, liotahs, and bearyenas etc come here to drink. The amount of animals there makes the watering hole dangerous to visit, full of predators and prey, and lots of fish. the image below is a cool photo that was shot over a 26 hour period at a watering hole in africa. As you can see, a variety of animals come here to drink. Maybe we could have some new animals too? A bird who loves to fish? A Hipponoceros? Next up is the Oasis. It's quite different from the oasis we currently have in-game. A typical real oasis is more like a desert with almost jungle-like foliage and palm trees growing around the water's edge, so it looks a lot more alive than the oasis we have now. So, the new Oasis would be a very big island, with vast desert sands and lots of cacti and some bare berry bushes and the occasional tuft of grass. The center of the island, much like the current oasis, would be a large lake. However this lake will be surrounded by palm trees and jungle plants and be full of razorhina, clownkoi, and the small fish schools. I don't really have any fantastic ideas, but if you can think of anything to improve or expand upon this, please share Specifically, can you think of any ways to distinguish gameplay between Oasis and Watering Hole besides them looking a little different?
  4. temporary (I think?) username change

  5. Yes hold on, I'm going to make a new suggestion that relates to this
  6. 7/10 not bad but that's a lot of syllables Pinefrost
  7. I request that there be no palm trees on First Snow and Summer Mountains. I don't imagine palm trees as being able to survive there Yeah that's it I was going to suggest increased spawnrates for coconut trees on the oasis but I have a better idea
  8. Try to create a Bostonlobstah revamp and give her a new name!
  9. Name: (which one should I do aaaah) okay Sagefeather gender: f eye color hazel green Fur color brown tabby Personality: Jealous, stubborn, hot tempered due to neglect as a kittypet, but has a soft side Detail: purebred Maine coon
  10. I don't like the stealth/speed stats because they don't make sense and are a bit OP, but I love the idea of a coat that sheds!
  11. I got this awhile ago. An error page in german. But not today, I probably wasn't on when it happened.
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