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  1. Some pictures from today! We went to see this river and waterfall The views are lovely on the ride home! Traffic was bad in a spot so I got to get this pic!
  2. We going to Ben and Jerry’s factory yummm
  3. Last ones for this morning! Lyra’s legs are a little wacky but both look nice overall
  4. TundraKitsune I closed this to requests for now, but I should reopen soon. heres a pink silver!
  5. Snowie and Goldeh! He especially looks kinda ridiculous since I messed up
  6. Likana and a second one of Bacon (though not as good)
  7. I love moths! Luna and Rosy Maples are my favorites ever! I’ve seen the Rosie’s in the wild before, and one time I found a Luna wing.
  8. Look what we’re watching lol It’s for the 5 year old of course...
  9. Magnolia perhaps? I got no pic rn sorry :0
  10. Ok so we went to this big fancy rich person’s old farm and that was nice and then we ate dinner at the Trapp Family Lodge (like the sound of music von trapps) And then we went back to our hotel and swam. Here are the 2 strangest pictures I took today. This bear was sitting in the breakfast table at our cheap hotel. We saw another one just like it at the Trapp Lodge. What is it with giant stuffed bears and hotels? (there’s little sister giving a bear-hug!) Also. This monstrosity of a swimming pool room. What were they trying to achieve here? A lush green park? I’m not really feeling it. At least the bridge was fun to walk over. 😂
  11. Sorry my phone died—I should be doing some serious road tripping tomorrow so I can finish the rest! Closing this for now! I forgot bacon was blind. I have another drawing I did of her that I will post tomorrow! Also I got bloom’s pattern a little wrong
  12. My phones about to die though, so drawings may be delayed.
  13. I’m on vacation (you may know this if you’ve been reading my Bostonian Blog) When I’m riding in the car, there isn’t anything to do except draw. So I will be using my hot pink sharpie pen to do quick sketches for y’all! They only take 2-3 minutes to make here are some examples: (FlowerMask And SkySplash can still submit other nichelings, no worries 😉)
  14. FlowerMask tysm for drawing my beautiful magnolia??? How did I miss this???
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