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  1. A variant spelling of my name is on that list :,)
  2. I don’t think there are supposed to be rabbits in deep jungle (?) but there should definitely be roots and carnivorous plants.
  3. Hey guys sorry I haven’t been on in a while I’ve had a sometimes busy, sometimes fun, and sometimes just distracting week! W1r3d— I cant check your save right now but I will when I get home XD
  4. Now I have 11 things I have to draw XD Hopefully I don’t do them all in one day, like I did when I opened up free art requests....
  5. I still have that issue where when I hit a wanderer, he doesn’t run away but when I lick him, he finally does??? I had this one female wanderer that when I hit her multiple times she would just go one tile away and the next turns she would come back, and she just went back and forth for a while? Like, why isn’t she scared of the nicheling with 5 strength? Also, rogue males. I hit him and he goes away for a few turns, then he comes right back and breads??? Is that normal or does hitting them deter them for longer?
  6. Happened again. I’ll have to show the pictures showing the variety
  7. Rogue Rouge reminds me of that asexual demon rogue in @NichelingPotato‘s Playthrough of my then-dying tribe
  8. Sure! Although it won’t be finished right away since I have a lot of art to do x.x
  9. I’m here! But I’m going to bed soon :0
  10. Let me check, sorry
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