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  1. Navigate to downloads in "Finder", right-click (or two finger tap), select open. This way you're explicitly allowing unsigned app to run.
  2. Rotating parts doesn't work for me. Tried with two accessories: Logitech G500 Apple Magic Trackpad 2 (two-finger gesture). Software and Hardware: Nimbatus 0.2.0 pre-alpha High Sierra, 10.13.1 (17B48) 27-inch (5120 x 2880) Radeon Pro 580 8 GB Hardware Overview: Model Name: iMac Model Identifier: iMac18,3 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 4,2 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 8 MB Memory: 40 GB Boot ROM Version: IM183.0151.B00 SMC Version (system): 2.41f1
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