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  1. I think one pair that got mixed up was the saber tooth and bat heads, another pair was bearyena and purrsnout, and the last were the big and lean bodies.
  2. My sister was making a new tribe with custom genetics in sandbox mode. She picked the “show possible nicheling” option and it switched several of the nicheling’s dominant and recessive genes. She checked her other nicheling and the same showed for them. She then checked to see if it still did this when she started the tribe and it did.
  3. This is not an original idea, i saw someone else suggest it on the original thread, but I noticed that despite it being a very popular idea, it was not included so far. The idea is that there could be a way to pick certain genes as only being able to be passed down to (or maybe only being dominant on) males or females. Such as, selecting big nose as only being passed down to/dominant on females so then the males children either don’t get it or it’s automatically recessive.
  4. I’ve been thinking, ever since the ‘modes’ were added, how cool would it be to have a mode where you could design your nichelings to suit the envirnoment you want the to start in? I thought this up because I’m so tired of trying to start a snow island tribe but my starter nichelings have no cold resistance or strength and end up freezing or being slaughtered by Balance Bears. God Mode would allow you to customize your two starter nichelings, maybe with the option to randomize some of the genes to add a little spice, and you’d get to pick your island like in sandbox mode. I’ve also seen suggestions for customizable islands and I think that would go well with my God Mode idea.
  5. I’m not sure if this is a glitch but the Whale Island is in the easy category yet it has bearyenas and rouge males which the easy islands don’t usually have (that I am aware of). My sister tried it twice in sandbox mode and both times her tribe died within the first 20 turns. She is not a novice niche player and hasn’t had a tribe go extinct since she first started playing. Is this a glitch or was it intentional?
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