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  1. Upright ears are boring. I want some diversity which is why I suggested these ears. We already have 4 upright ears... Plus, they're cute! Like a user whose name I can't spell said above, like built-in ear muffs.
  2. Not sure how to feel about this idea.. I mean, having a nicheling with brightly coloured fur is practically screaming "Hey, Bearyena! I'm a tasty snack, come eat me!" Buuut on the other hand, colourful birds like parrots exist and it would be nice to have some bright birbs now that we have wings! Tbh, I really wish that niche could be compatible with custom, fan made content...
  3. It's ya boi terrie back with another gene idea. So, first up is spider head. It comes with the following traits: +4 eyesight (the nicheling will now also have 8 eyes.) +1 Insect collecting (No smelling comes with this head. Also, this gene would cause the nicheling to have no ears) The second gene is Spider Body. It would be kinda fuzzy, for reasons I'll explain later. The stats/traits would be +1 Web shooting +2/3 Speed +2 Hearing (Spiders have little hairs on their body that help them to hear!) Web shooting would allow nichelings to shoot webs perhaps at a maximum 3 tile range? They would also lay out web traps that could catch insects, rabbils, and even other nichelings. These would paralyze the nicheling for a few turns. You can collect the webs off of a nicheling and gain maybe +1 nesting material? Also, Spider Body would come with 8 legs. Any paw and leg genes would be cancelled out, and replaced by the Spider Body legs. I am so awful at communicating and explaining stuff so... im sorry if you're confused lmaoo
  4. Aw dang, I must have missed it whilst glossing over the pages. Ty
  5. I kinda wanna join :3 So how does this work, sorry? May I just pick an unclaimed nicheling, and roleplay as him? If so, please may I have Nulur, I've kinda fallen in love with him :3 I don't think he's taken, right? Edit: Oh whoops, I didn't realise this was old... sorry. Idk if it's still going on so uh... never mind I guess...?
  6. Oo yea that might be good. Ty for the help and suggestions!
  7. Oh frick I totally forgot-- I've been playing sandbox nonstop lately and my lifespan is really high so I forgot. Ty for pointing it out. Maybe i should change it to 10 days?
  8. So uh I don't know if this has been suggested before - terribly sorry if it has but - I had an idea for a new body type. Basically, camouflage body would cancel out fur colour and pattern type. It would cause the nicheling to change colour to adapt to it's surrounding, e.g In jungle - Nicheling gains spots Snow - Nicheling goes white In grass - Nichelings gains stripes Etc etc The stats would be +1 Permanent camouflage +2 Heat resistance +1 Speed +1 Scentless -3 Cold resistance They would have little to no fur, perhaps the body could be somewhat scaly (like a chameleon!) The unlock conditions could maybe be "Have a nicheling stay camouflaged for 10 days straight." OR Have nichelings camouflaged for a total of 30 days Or something along those lines Would love to hear any other ideas anyone has. (Also - Achievement idea. Karma Karma Chameleon; Have a Camoflauge-bodied nicheling kill a predator after being attacked)
  9. Random lol but I just had a dream that these, as well as a few other genes suggested in the forums, were added to the game.
  10. Wow! I can't believe this resurfaced and has even more votes! Thanks all
  11. I think it's a good idea, but maybe change the stats. I mean, if you had all of the genes you would have 4 defense, which I think is far too op for a hybrid. Even the snow gene, armoured body, has only got 3 defense. Also sorry if none of that makes sense, I just woke up.
  12. One of my favourite nichelings had a gorgeous pattern before the update. He had white fur but his pattern made him black all over apart from his eyes. The poison fanged nicheling with the completely white face is him now, after the update. completely black nichelings with short snout behind him are what he should look like, as he has the exact same pattern. Also I had refreshed my game, so it wasn't just lag or anything. These are his genetics. These are the genetics of one of the nichelings behind him, who has the exact same pattern. slot0backup.nichesave There's the save file incase you need it.
  13. I was playing on my story mode save file, I had made it before the update, and wanted to play it again. All my creatures were healthy, I had around 90 of them. Thank goodness I had decided to make a backup before I played, because as soon as it loaded it said my tribe had went extinct. But I placed the backup back in my saves folder and everything is alright now. I know I don't really have any proof, but I can sen d the save file. slot0backup.nichesave
  14. Only just saw your post. No, I didn't.
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