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  1. MysticTopaz

    Wasteland Biome/Island

    I don't think digging a hole would help when it rains- the water would just fill the hole. I'm imagining this is a radioactive post-apocalyptic setting, similar to Chernobyl, and in that case, perhaps there could be both good and bad 'radioactive genes' that can be unlocked from staying on the island for a set amount of days the same way we have hot-climate and cold-climate genes, but instead of just showing up in the mutation menu after the right amount of days passes, the unlocked gene [or genes] would appear on the next baby to be born then be unlocked at the same time. For example, these could happen as a result of the biome's radiation after a certain amount of days: dwarfism: reduced size and speed polycaudal: has 2 tails, both still have working effects conjoined twins: all stats heavily reduced A split-end tail for gathering. Deformed body that reduces stats by 1. Weak and Deaf Ears Bioluminescent markings. The Clever Jaw, because if insects can survive in this climate, perhaps the nichelings can evolve an antlike jack-of-all-trades face to make survival easier. As well as the possibility of there being randomly mutated Derp Snouts, Deformed Paws, and Blind Eyes, maybe there could be an extra-paw trait that creates a copy of one or both of the currently existing paws. For example, a nicheling that would've been born with one runner leg and one deformed paw ends up having two runner legs and one or two deformed paws. Not sure that'd even work into the coding, but it's a cool thought anyway.
  2. MysticTopaz

    Symbiotic body type 1

    OMG this is AWESOME!!! It'd be like having a replete in an ant colony!! I want this in the game! However, given that the creature is no doubt being weighed down by the fruiting plants, perhaps it also has at least a -1 in speed?
  3. MysticTopaz

    Beach Bum Predator: Crark

    You actually can build nests underwater XD and having a full bearyena hybrid sucks because you can only move one tile in land or sea, but at least with the crark, if you're smart about your breeding, you won't be so horribly slow.
  4. MysticTopaz

    Wild Pregnant Female Nichelings Seek out Nests

    Right, I hear you on that, I'm just saying that our posts share many similarities, with only minor differences, which is fine; I just felt it made sense to post a link.
  5. MysticTopaz

    Wild Pregnant Female Nichelings Seek out Nests

    Just gunna toss this in here since this looks a lot like what's been posted.
  6. MysticTopaz

    niche - suggestions

    Gotta admit, I'm on board with this. Especially the polycaudal trait; it could be that the tails displayed are the dominant and recessive tails instead of just one tail showing the dominant trait. Like if a nicheling had dominant scorpion tail and recessive tailfin, but had the polycaudal gene, they'd have a scorpion tail /and/ a tailfin!
  7. MysticTopaz

    Loyal loner lovers​💗

    Imagine a Loyal Lover and a Lonely Lady meeting up and having opposing immunity genes. Lord help us all, they'd create a horde.
  8. MysticTopaz

    2 different eye colors

    Negative side effects? No. Heterochromia? Yes please~!
  9. MysticTopaz


    Maybe instead of near trees, you have a very small possibility of picking them up when you walk through the tall grass without picking it up first? Perhaps they spawn in regrowing grass?
  10. MysticTopaz

    The bandit bird, a walking treasure, mostly

    I want it. We can farm it. Like how ants farm 'ant cows' for honeydew.
  11. MysticTopaz

    Demo's New Calls

    I love them I love them I love them!! So much better than the dodomingo noise! Everybody share your opinions here~ ❤️
  12. MysticTopaz

    Let's Do This Together

    Day 50 Update! But first a little backstory from the early days: Mekoko and Takirku had 4 babies; two girls, then two boys. The two boys lived a quiet life around the tail of the whale, doing nothing of note aside from defending the tribe from danger -cough-roguemalehunting-cough- and while they hung out with a wandering female, she was infertile and not an official part of the tribe, so their lineage didn't carry on. The eldest, Isre, was mild-mannered like her parents, with black fur like her mother, and thought only of food and what was best for the family. She had her first baby with an aged pink-furred nicheling named Kirkir, who sported nothing but good genetics and a sweet temperament despite his claw and ram horns making him look fierce, and in a time when the tribe was nearing starvation, Kirkir sacrificed himself to gather cactus fruit for the tribe, never getting to see his son, after whom he was named, and thus Isre began the tribe's first tradition: naming the firstborn after one or both of the parents. The secondborn daughter, Sikola, was mild in appearance with her fur only a little darker than her father's, but she was fierce of heart, singlehandedly defeating a bearyena that tried to sneak up on Mekoko while the pink-antlered nicheling was in the nest having her first son, all whilst pregnant with her fallen red-furred lover Tanu's daughter. Sikola thus became the first orange-gemmed nicheling, from which all orange-gemmed nichelings can trace their liniage, and named her daughter Sinu after both herself and her fallen mate. After the great bearyena attack, a black-furred wanderer with a single wing came into the tribe by the name of Kuduk, his gems a vibrant blue. He mated with both Isre and Sikola. Isre produced two blue-gemmed, one-winged girls with dark fur. The firstborn daughter, who was the spitting image of her blue-eyed derp-snouted father, was named Udu in honor of him. Meanwhile, Sikola gave Kuduk a daughter then a son. The firstborn, sporting a derp snout with red fur and cream-colored panda spots along with her single wing and single claw, was named Uku in honor of her father, but carried the orange gems of her mother. Thus the secondborn, who looked much more like his father, carried on the blue gems. [Sidenote, on Day 26, just as I was about to skip the day, I realized I had set up the three blue-gemmed babies in order from darkest to lightest ] After the death of Sikola, Sinu discovered a lean-bodied male in the grass with big ears [like the father she never met, oddly enough] and yellow gems who called himself Vannu. [Unbeknownst to the nichelings but very much known by myself, both Sinu and Vannu had recessive scorpion tail.] Hitting it off right away, Sinu and Vannu quickly became mates for life- actually Vannu died six days later because he was older and had sustained damage before meeting her, but Sinu never loved another nicheling. They had 5 children, none of which had dominant scorpion tail. The first two daughters had recessive scorpion tail and yellow gems, but the following three children did not, taking the orange gems from their mother. The firstborn was named Vasi, and she had cream colored furr and pink antlers [passed on from great grandma Mekoko], a lean body, a cracker jaw, and recessive scorpion tail, beak, and antennae. I loved Vasi so much. Meanwhile, Udu and her cousin/brother Tarat [don't judge; they're animals and their immunity genes were totally different] started a blue-gemmed family, all of their babies having two wings and passing on the blue gems and wings to their descendants. The blue-gemmed nichelings all have palindrome names, as is tradition. At the same time, Uku and her cousin Kirkir [again, suspend your judgements] started their own family focused upon strength, all carrying on the orange gems from Uku's side of the family. The firstborn was a female named Kiku who looked like bacon. I loved that one-winged bacon cat. Mesire, the secondborn of Vannu and Sinu, encountered a mother bearyena and her cub very close to Udu and Tarat's territory, and the three worked together to take down the mother. Before the adults could do anything about the baby, though, one of Udu and Tarat's children, Sianais, took a shine to the little bearyena and got between the adults and the little predator. Thus the Grorg The Bearyena and his genetics joined the tribe. At the same time, Relara, thirdborn of Vannu and Sinu, had a run-in with a Rogue Male that was full of terrible traits as well as being sick from his doubled up immunity; he was killed not long after by almost the entire tribe ganging up on him for his transgression. The child born from this unlucky circumstance, rather than carrying her mother's orange gems or her father's sickly green gems, was born with pink gems and, of all things, antennae. She had her father's derp snout and one of his crippled legs, but those adorable little feelers made Relara's heart melt. Normally rogue-born children are disposed of, to put it gently, but Relara kept this one and named her Anako. This was the start of the pink-gemmed line. She's got the personality of a quiet, sweethearted den mother, and has spent her adult days watching over a couple of babies. And that brings us to today! Day 50! I couldn't get everyone in one picture, since they're all over the whale, so I had to take two ^^; My Day 100 update won't be nearly this long, I promise! Sorry if this is super long and boring! But anyway, here's the save file! LetsDoThisTogetherSlot4Day50.nichesave ❤️ Have fun! ❤️
  13. MysticTopaz

    How to find logfiles and savefiles on your computer

    OMG thank you so much!!! This walk-through was super duper helpful!! Seeing it actually done in front of me is so much better than reading and trying to understand technical stuff! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Now I can play the group save file and share what happens~
  14. MysticTopaz

    How to find logfiles and savefiles on your computer

    I did, and it didn't work. Posting here was my last ditch effort.
  15. MysticTopaz

    How to find logfiles and savefiles on your computer

    I'm having a lot of trouble figuring this out :c I'm a windows user trying to understand how to access the save files in order to make a folder for the files I currently have and a folder for files I import from other people to play, like with this: But when I look for the C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\Team Niche\Niche - a genetics survival game\Saves I don't find anything at all. No "AppData", no "LocalLow", no "Team Niche"; nothing. I have Steam and I can play the game just fine, but when looking through my files I got nothing. I tried the Steam approach by right clicking Niche and selecting "Backup Game Files" but that didn't really do anything for me. I'm still flying blind. I was able to download the save file, provided in the conversation I linked to above, into a folder on my computer, but I don't really know what to do with it since I can't find my own actual save files. Nowhere do I see a file that looks like the one I downloaded. Please help; I'm not tech savvy at all but I really love the idea in the link above and wanna give it a shot. QmQ