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  1. Thank you for this information :-) I found the function and where it is hidden. As it is hidden deeply in the folders of the computer, it's most easy to find in the Steam App itself under "View - Screenshots". From there I could jump to the folder.
  2. Better underwater worlds is something I really would love to see in the game :-)
  3. As much as I hate it, when my nichelings get a derp snout, I think it's important for the gameplay. As the derp snout is no health or functional issue, only a beauty problem, we have to choose, whether we want to get rid of the derp snout or rather blindness, crippled paws or hemophilia. That makes the game challenging and let us think about, what is more important to us, beauty or functional issues.
  4. This would be a wonderful feature :-)
  5. I'd love to have more save game slots to play more different tribes. :-)
  6. I'd love to have a screenshot function, where you can take a screenshot and it's automatically saved to a file. That would help a lot, especially if you do Let's Plays and don't want to leave the game to save a screenshot, that you took via the operating system.
  7. I would love to have wings like the one described. I'd prefer wings on the back, to still have paws.
  8. That would be very helpful :-)
  9. Hi folks :-) I'd love to have notes (description) for every Nicheling to write down, what I wanna do with this Nicheling. What will be its future job, potential partners and more. Very often I forget, what I planned for a certain Nicheling and I would rather have my notes ingame instead of writing it in an external file. CU Tana
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