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  1. awwww eyre adorable !! ey kinda look like a dog lol this is so cute ,,
  2. Here is your Buckeye... I hope you enjoy the little man
  3. beaver tail ^^ also buckeye looks cute !!
  4. Cool! Here's my nicheling Muddy, drop me one of your nichelings! (Or any other ocs, i can draw pretty much anything!) (also side note Muddy uses ey/eir/em pronouns pls don't use he/him)
  5. Muddy for A8 please? Your style is so cute !! (Muddy uses ey/eir/em pls don't use he/him thanks)
  6. (beaver tail ! also eir pronouns are ey/eir/em not he/him ^ ey just use masculine terms, i probably should not have said "boy" lol)
  7. Could you draw my boy Muddy? Here's a screenshot of em, lemme know if you need more detail:
  8. So I know the last one didn't go so well... But! We've grown and changed and recreated the old Niche RP server! New mods, new server, new channels and no chaos! We'd appreciate if you joined! https://discord.gg/dMJwwCapcS For more info about the RP itself: This RP takes place on a large island with 5 different biomes, the jungles, swamps, savannas, grasslands, and mountains. There are three packs on the island, each inhabiting a different part of the island. The Vershenyye, who live in the mountains, Travachaya, who live in the savannas, and the List'yaneyl, who live in the swamps and jungles. The packs behave like the clans in Warriors, with a leader and several "warriors" (scouts) to serve and protect the pack. Your nichelings can live in these packs, or be wanderers of the island. How will your nichelings interact with others? What stories will you create? You can find out here! (For any more questions, we have a channel in the server where you can ask the mods!)
  9. im pretty good at keeping save files so im not too worried about that, thanks for the tip tho!
  10. I made a lot of Niche art this year and never posted it so? Here y'all go! First up are some drawings I made during artfight. Character belongs to https://artfight.net/~RainbowServal Character belongs to https://artfight.net/~julydreamzzz Character belongs to https://artfight.net/~grimmsnarl These next two are ones I made when I lost my phone. I was still able to draw with a mouse so I made these? Enjoy! Based off of this screenshot And finally Based off this screenshot And that's all! I hope you all like them :] (For context of the watermarks changing, I have 4 seperate names, 2 of which are Swan and Jax.)
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