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  1. awwww eyre adorable !! ey kinda look like a dog lol this is so cute ,,
  2. Here is your Buckeye... I hope you enjoy the little man
  3. beaver tail ^^ also buckeye looks cute !!
  4. Cool! Here's my nicheling Muddy, drop me one of your nichelings! (Or any other ocs, i can draw pretty much anything!) (also side note Muddy uses ey/eir/em pronouns pls don't use he/him)
  5. Muddy for A8 please? Your style is so cute !! (Muddy uses ey/eir/em pls don't use he/him thanks)
  6. (beaver tail ! also eir pronouns are ey/eir/em not he/him ^ ey just use masculine terms, i probably should not have said "boy" lol)
  7. Could you draw my boy Muddy? Here's a screenshot of em, lemme know if you need more detail:
  8. So I know the last one didn't go so well... But! We've grown and changed and recreated the old Niche RP server! New mods, new server, new channels and no chaos! We'd appreciate if you joined! https://discord.gg/dMJwwCapcS For more info about the RP itself: This RP takes place on a large island with 5 different biomes, the jungles, swamps, savannas, grasslands, and mountains. There are three packs on the island, each inhabiting a different part of the island. The Vershenyye, who live in the mountains, Travachaya, who live in the savannas, and the List'yaneyl, who live in the swamps and jungles. The packs behave like the clans in Warriors, with a leader and several "warriors" (scouts) to serve and protect the pack. Your nichelings can live in these packs, or be wanderers of the island. How will your nichelings interact with others? What stories will you create? You can find out here! (For any more questions, we have a channel in the server where you can ask the mods!)
  9. im pretty good at keeping save files so im not too worried about that, thanks for the tip tho!
  10. I made a lot of Niche art this year and never posted it so? Here y'all go! First up are some drawings I made during artfight. Character belongs to https://artfight.net/~RainbowServal Character belongs to https://artfight.net/~julydreamzzz Character belongs to https://artfight.net/~grimmsnarl These next two are ones I made when I lost my phone. I was still able to draw with a mouse so I made these? Enjoy! Based off of this screenshot And finally Based off this screenshot And that's all! I hope you all like them :] (For context of the watermarks changing, I have 4 seperate names, 2 of which are Swan and Jax.)
  11. ...so it appears i accidentally deleted the images so... i cant save and repost them. and theyve messed up because ive deleted them. aaaa i didnt mean to do that i guess ill be more careful in the future lol
  12. ohh if thats the issue i can fix that. i copied the pictures from my discord dms with a friend, so maybe if i save the images instead itll work?
  13. aw dang i wish i knew how to fix that- im sorry, if youd like i can put descriptions of each photo right under them? just so you have an idea of what's being shown?
  14. ...>Entry 1<... Recently decided to face my fears and live in the overgrown jungles. Why am I afraid of them? Many reasons I won't get into right now, but it's been going well so far. I decided to take screenshots whenever I could and create a little story with these guys. Here's what I've got so far, I'm gonna be making entries in this thread every 25 days! ...>Days 0-25<... Let's meet our starters! Vanro and Takoel! Vanro is a lost wanderer in the jungles, exiled from his previous mountain pack and forced to run away to a new island. He's not the best at surviving in these grasses, but he's in luck! Takoel, a native jungle nicheling, found him on the edge of her territory and decided to help him out. The two of them ran away to the overgrown jungle to start a new pack and life. On their first day, they sniff around and find a carnivorous plant hiding in the dark grasses. I guess heading to the north-west isn't the best idea for now... North-east it is! On their way to the nearest oak tree for acorns, Takoel smells someone in the grasses behind a tree! They don't confront the bear yet, continuing on their journey to the acorns. After reaching the tree, they set up their first camp. Takoel has her first baby under the tree, Larame! She's... An interesting baby, but she inherited a good chunk of her mother's genes, so she'll fit into the jungles well enough! The day after Larame is born, a bearyena jumps out of the grasses! I didn't screenshot it, but Takoel hopped into the nest to protect her baby. Luckily for everyone, the bearyena opted to attack Vanro, who had high enough defense to avoid taking damage. After defending his family, Vanro killed the bearyena and split the meat between his mate and child. Larame went exploring once she was old enough to leave the nest, and discovered three interesting things just east of her pack's camp. Dangerous plant, stranger, and a new kind of tree? Although it sounds cruel, Larame is willing to sacrifice the stranger for the new fruit tree. She wants to bring back food for her pack, so her parents are proud! Meanwhile, Takoel and Vanro meet a stranger of their own, Nonokir! He's a little old, and definitely not built for the jungles, but he can dig for roots and that's all the pack needs! Nonokir has joined the pack! And on his first day, Nonokir discovers a new plant in the grasses! Fruit for everyone! Larame's first attempt of making contact with the stranger by the fruit tree. He doesn't seem to notice her... (For the sake of the file, I didn't invite this stranger here because he could glitch into the carnivore plant right next to him. I can't fix carni glitches so... I just let him be for now lol) Takoel and Vanro have their second child, a little boy named Pridon! His spots are a bit darker than his sister's, but otherwise he looks almost identical! Meanwhile Nonokir is gathering for the pack- -And Larame has just gained her third gem! She finally manages to contact the stranger in the grasses, and invites him to the pack. He unfortunately has no idea what's about to happen to him... But he appreciates the snacks Larame offered! (I didn't record his name aaa sorry!) Aaaaaand success! Larame managed to push the stranger in the way of the plant, so she could retrieve the fruits. We may have a future villian on our hands... Meanwhile, Nonokir finishes gathering fruit and... It regrows as a carnivore!? He gets out of the way of course, but it may be an issue in the future... Takoel and Vanro have yet another baby, Sielana! She looks a little more like her big brother than her sister. Nonokir came to visit and drop off the fruits he gathered. Takoel and Vanro thank him! Takoel prepares for her last child for now. She creates a new nest underneath a jungle tree branch, here she'll be safe from any birds. (Though we haven't seen any yet!) He's not in this image, but Pridon is with her as well, he discovered the nest! We've got a new problem on our hands... Nonokir stumbled into Larame. She had a brilliant plan to sacrifice him to the plant as well, however, she didn't account for him to attack the plant first... ...And for it to snatch her up! Nonokir is trying his hardest to save her! (Plus a new wanderer?) Pridon and his mother discovered a protector of the nest! They gave him some grass to munch on and stick around! Meanwhile, Vanro and his youngest daughter are collecting acorns for the pack. She wants to grow up and be just like him! Pridon discovered another fruit with the help of the nest protector, and gathered a few for him, his mother, and his new baby brother, Rovanvan! It seems he inherited the same spots his oldest sister did! Speaking of the oldest sister, Larame escaped! She thanks Nonokir and regrets ever thinking about sacrificing him. Now with the plant out of the way, she can collect as much fruit as she wants! She gives a few to Nonokir as thanks! Lastly, Takoel sniffs out some carnivorous plants nearby. Another reminder to the pack to never go to the north-west part of the island... And that's all for this entry! I'll create the next one soon!
  15. I don't know if this is the appropriate place to put this, but it is art? Of a nicheling? So i figured I'd try here. I made a cute little animation of my friend's character Paradox! He do be bouncing! I have to put it in as a youtube link because I can't move the actual file from my phone to my computer >< sorry sorry this is the best I have lol. Enjoy his jumping dance!
  16. >< i really didnt try on those nichetober pieces but thank you anyways !! ❤️
  17. i cant continue nichetober sorry :(( i got really sick and it demotivated me. all of these other drawings look really good tho i wish i could have participated more !
  18. its a glitch someone on the steam community discovered and made several jokes about, which led to me making a drawing of the silly guy, and since then crabmingo has lived in my mind rent free lolol
  19. Me pronouns are he/him and ey/eir/em, though honestly im fine with any pronouns that arent they/she/fae/nya :] neopronouns are poggers
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