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  1. I don't know if this is the appropriate place to put this, but it is art? Of a nicheling? So i figured I'd try here. I made a cute little animation of my friend's character Paradox! He do be bouncing! I have to put it in as a youtube link because I can't move the actual file from my phone to my computer >< sorry sorry this is the best I have lol. Enjoy his jumping dance!
  2. >< i really didnt try on those nichetober pieces but thank you anyways !! ❤️
  3. i cant continue nichetober sorry :(( i got really sick and it demotivated me. all of these other drawings look really good tho i wish i could have participated more !
  4. its a glitch someone on the steam community discovered and made several jokes about, which led to me making a drawing of the silly guy, and since then crabmingo has lived in my mind rent free lolol
  5. Me pronouns are he/him and ey/eir/em, though honestly im fine with any pronouns that arent they/she/fae/nya :] neopronouns are poggers
  6. My current username is "Finnwinter" which is a bit outdated, I was wondering if theres a way for me to change it or if it's stuck like this or what?
  7. Nichetober day 4, "warmth"! I wanted to make something that involved the mountains as a sort of... Juxtaposition ? I think that's the word? If not ignore me haha. Anyways this nicheling can't hurt the bunnils so instead he rests with them, his warm spikes keep them safe at night. (I also wanna mention that this nicheling has the heat body, I didn't color in the spikes, woops haha) (This Nichetober challenge was created by @Moptimus Prime)
  8. lol glad someone knew who the crabmingo was! thanks! i like to think dodomingos are very motherly, even to baby nichelings :]
  9. Two twin brothers having a good nap in a nest of fluffy dodomingo feathers, for day three of Nichetober, "Dodomingo"! I was tempted to draw the crabmingo for this one, but settled for something cuter and much less cursed haha- Since I'm caught up, I'll continue with Nichetober tomorrow! (This Nichetober challenge was created by @Moptimus Prime)
  10. Done with the drawing for October day 2, "Wings"! I wanted to add more nichelings fishing with this guy but I ended up just drawing the one. Enjoy! (This Nichetober challenge was created by @Moptimus Prime)
  11. Yes I'm aware it's October 3rd but I'm currently working on the other two peices. This is my first one, the word for day 1 was "Welcome". I was going to do a Home Island scene but one of the other days was already "Home" so I went for the beginning of Adam's journey, as a "Welcome to story mode". (This Nichetober challenge was created by @Moptimus Prime)
  12. Totally doing this!!
  13. I'm sure it's possible in one way or another, just curious if any particularly good coders here were capable of creating a mod(s) for Niche?
  14. Recently found the "wooden bears" niche in the forums and started playing for fun! Here's some screenshots I've taken: That's all! I love this game so much it's so cute! Are there any other old niche versions that are still around ?
  15. i am so, so sorry, like, terribly sorry, i wont be able to finish drawing these. my phone was snapped in half, i cant use it to draw anymore. i wish i was able to finish these, i hope you all understand
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