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  1. these look so nice! i love the way you do lineart
  2. What exactly does "balance bear" mean ? Does it balance how many animals are on an island ? I don't get it.
  3. Has anyone done any math to see how many tiles the Archipelago has? Including the ocean? It's the biggest island I think, and i was thinking about covering it in nichelings, but i wanna know just how big it is before i do that >:D A dev answer would also be great, considering yall made the island lol
  4. the website is mostly japanese i believe, if you use a google translate on the page it should help? there should be a button somewhere asking for you to sign in/make a picrew. idk if ill ever finish it (it is LOADS of work) but ill definitely post it on the forums for everyone to see! (and ill deffo check out yours, if you also finish it!)
  5. picrews are very hard to make (im also working on a niche picrew-) if you do look into making one, (look for tutorials on google or youtube) make sure you are FULLY prepared!
  6. OH MY GOD EY LOOK SO AWESOME!! TYSM !! your art is amazing, keep it up!
  7. title says it all. my friends call it the trojan whale.
  8. Xenogenders fall under the non-binary umbrella. They're basically a seperate set of genders - usually used by autistic individuals - that is related to a person's real life relationship to items/animals/concepts. For example, some people feel a strong connections to cats or cat-like objects/creatures, so much so it affects their gender identity (catgender). The reason it is particularly common among autistic people is because we have a harder time understanding social constructs - including gender - which leads to confusion and different understandings of how things work/feel. It may not make sense to a lot of people, but it is not any less valid.
  9. It's ok to be proud of who you are! As long as you respect those different than you.
  10. I'd also like to say that my identities have changed since I made this topic! I am now non-binary (but still transmasc), gay, asexual, and my pronouns are he/ey/ve!
  11. That's awesome! I'm glad people came back to this thread to talk about their identities and come out, I'm proud of all of you! As for the quote above, have you looked into demi-romantic? I'm asexual as well but have trouble finding romantic attraction, (even though I am dating someone) and I figured demi-romantic works for me! There's also terms like gray-romantic that might work? It's totally okay to experiment, and romantic/sexual attraction is not for everyone. Happy late Pride month!
  12. Could you add Muddy? : D
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