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  1. i would appreciate if you posted something on twitter, thank you! im trying to get as many people aware as i can! and its ok if you cant donate, not everyone can, its fine
  2. thank you both for at least caring, its ok if you cant donate.
  3. my grandpa passed last night, and we really need money to pay for his funeral. my parents set up a donation page on facebook, and if anyone can donate please do. anything helps. if you cant donate, please share to someone who can. thank you. https://www.facebook.com/donate/867459946983701/2768750626478832/
  4. I recently bought the niche soundtrack off steam, and it came with an extra track labelled "Desert". it sounds really nice, i really like it and so do my friends, but why isn't it in game? Was it a scrapped island idea, or foreshadowing a new island? I like the idea of a desert island.
  5. Yes i know this is pretty much useless with the new sandbox update, but I still like to keep it around. I messed up my previous generator, so if you have the link to it there's no use keeping it. Anway, I made a new and improved version! All current genes are here, and for all the artists here I might make a secondary generator with fan genes for fun. (suggest fan genes!!) So here we go: https://perchance.org/nicheling-generator Edit it however you wish!
  6. im one of the only boys here lmao
  8. i was connected i named every nicheling that was set with the "doeli" genes, doeli (even males) i did name them all doeli most of my tribe had all of these genes
  9. I made a story mode save and traveled all the way to home island. after that, I focused on unlocking all the genes. after that, i made my species (purposely) go extinct and restarted the blood line, using this save to unlock the last of the achievements.I got the perfect Doeli, several, actually. but nothing unlocked. I kept breeding and breeding, but nothing happened. I ended up moving on and now im working on the Emmauniverse achievement, but i still wanna go back and unlock that. EDIT: Emmauniverse achievement also does not unlock
  11. it kinda looks like velvet paw... maybe a front-facing view of the paw instead? kinda like this
  12. i read from a post somewhere that someone was being lgbtphobic/making fun of pronouns. who am i gonna have to throw into the sun for this?
  13. Finnwinter


    i made a niche gen on this actually!
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