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  1. Finnwinter


    i am so, so sorry, like, terribly sorry, i wont be able to finish drawing these. my phone was snapped in half, i cant use it to draw anymore. i wish i was able to finish these, i hope you all understand
  2. Finnwinter


    ACK HES SO CUTE I CANT WAIT TO DRAW HIM!! also love ur style man!
  3. Finnwinter


    of course! if it's just a headshot all i need are the genes present on their chest/head! (tails work too if you want me to draw them in the background)
  4. Finnwinter


    ill be doing these as soon as i can!
  5. Finnwinter


    i am SO SORRY this is taking so long but I wanted to quickly tell you that I am drawing these two! (yes both of them!) im just dealing with like, 10 million other things so its taking a bit!
  6. Finnwinter


    Here is Adam the Second! I hope you like him!
  7. Does anyone from steam remember the crabmingo? Yep, this is my art! I don't remember where the crabmingo originated from, but I redrew him brand new and ready to steal nests!
  8. Finnwinter


    no sorry, im only drawing specific nichelings, not full scenes.
  9. I dont do a lot here but I'm curious, have I ever been paired with anyone...?
  10. Finnwinter


    Hey gang ya boy's back at it again. I'm gonna draw more nichlings and NO ONE CAN STOP ME Requirements: 1. A ref of their full body (any parts not showing, like their tail or paws, please tell me what they are.) 2. Character's pronouns/gender would be preferred, but not really required. 3. Character's name 4. Please specify if you want a background, or if you want a headshot or fullbody. Rules: 1. You can use my art for pfps and what not as long as you credit me! 2. Please don't rush me or constantly bug me, I have other things going on as well. Exa
  11. A while ago I made a drawing on Steam titled "Tiger the Great", showing a pretty striped nicheling. I don't remember what made her so great, but I decided I wanted to redraw her. The old drawing was made in 2017, this newest one was made in 2020. Heres the old one first: And now the newest one:
  12. Howdy! I recently went back to some old updates of Niche just to play around. I started at the very first one, (0.1.5) and im currently on the water update (0.2.1) I saw a bunch of stuff that I wish had stayed in the final game, and from my knowledge of the other updates, I wanted to make a topic talking about all of the things I wish had stayed in the final game. 1. Random Mutation Remember in the water update, when sometimes a baby would be born with gills or platypus beak, or with yellow or orange eyes? I thought it was interesting how a nicheling could just get that gene ra
  14. Here's Moonstar! The "PJ" in the corner stands for Pineapple Juice (my twitter name) it's just my watermark, don't mind it. Hope you like it! (Also, I couldn't tell what his eye and horn color were, so I just squinted and guessed.)
  15. If these are still open could you do Muddy please?? Ey go by He/him and Ey/em/eir pronouns, loves flowers and berries, and loves to paint with berry juice. he's kinda shy but once he makes friends hes very expressive and nice. Here's two refs:
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