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  1. bug spotted! the clearing says i need 230 food to level up, i have 270 and it still says i need 230. .
  2. this is more of a question then a report, whats with the hand symbol next to the nichelings when i click on them?
  3. every nicheling was effected, yes
  4. my phone is android version 8.1.0, could I become a mobile tester?
  5. yes, i changed the ages
  6. I made a Niche save a while ago that had no tribe limit rule at all. I was able to breed on the first island and a for a few days on the second. When I loaded it today I couldn't breed anyone in the tribe. I restarted the game and went back in, and I still couldn't breed. I haven't used any console commands (except maybe a few TakeDamage on some wanderers) , and even double checked the sandbox settings to see if I accidentaly did set a tribe limit, I did not. I'm unsure what to do. Here's the save file (i think, it should be a grass adventure. If it's not then I can give you the right one.): Slot2.nichesave
  7. Ive seen people use it before, and I have an idea of how it works, but I wanted to know for sure how to use it.
  8. i would appreciate if you posted something on twitter, thank you! im trying to get as many people aware as i can! and its ok if you cant donate, not everyone can, its fine
  9. thank you both for at least caring, its ok if you cant donate.
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