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  1. MARO445


    The posibility of play with your friends or random people in the same planet would be NICE . I want to play nimbatus with my friends ._.
  2. MARO445

    Modular weapons

    I alredy suggested something similar https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2105-multiblocks
  3. Maybe a radar part? For example, if you set it to 360º its radio of action would be smaller but if it was like 30º it would have a way better range.
  4. MARO445

    Unable to back out of galaxy menu, losing game progress

    It stopped
  5. MARO445

    Cool Nimbatus GIFs

    I feel that the snake need some changes
  6. MARO445

    Unable to back out of galaxy menu, losing game progress

    I have the same problem
  7. MARO445

    Flak guns

    It could be an upgrade
  8. MARO445

    Greater amplitude in the altimeter

    I really have, im killing my computer with this new factory blocs xDDDD
  9. MARO445

    Cool Nimbatus GIFs

    So much lag xDDDD
  10. MARO445

    Cool Nimbatus GIFs

    With the new factory blocks, I created an army.....
  11. MARO445

    Various Ideas

    M8 you're BRILLIANT I really want to see this at the game.
  12. MARO445

    An upgrade

    That would be fuuny with a shotgun
  13. MARO445

    EMP blast

    Turrets and transmitter's guardians (So late xD).
  14. MARO445

    Two Connections

    It would be niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee