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  1. PopsicleNinja

    To be able to have two separate packs in one game.

    I'd also like the ability to split and merge tribes, for roleplay purposes or practical purposes.
  2. PopsicleNinja

    Dumb things you do?

    I started playing a roleplay challenge where after three generations, one of the nichelings declares themself the "alpha", or dictator of the tribe. In my first challenge save, I was sticking exactly to the rules of the "Utopia" challenge, where after three generations, rejected nichelings get drowned in the ocean, and this includes wanderers. In that save, I played it on Tiny Green because it's difficult to escape, and had my rejects hide in a patch of tall grass near a whale island port that was never cleared. Here's the dumb part: On that first save file, one of the nichelings got an idea: have the rejects secretly breed with each other to produce children that are acceptable, and then send the children into the main tribe as "wanderers". The "wanderers" would add to the gene pool, and spread their agenda of resisting the dictatorship. That sounds good on paper until you realize that the traits that could get a nicheling rejected include bad paw, bad eyesight/blindness, derp nose, and gene combinations that render a nicheling useless. (That last one is a judgement call.) Here's the even dumber part: That idea actually worked. Within a few generations, there was no point to having the secret tribe anymore because one member was getting old and the other was technically acceptable but chose to hold off because she looked too similar to her sister. By that point, the main tribe disliked the current dictator for being petty and irresponsible, so they revealed themselves and kicked out the dictator.
  3. PopsicleNinja

    Water loses color after first day

    No, the water is supposed to be blue.
  4. I already experimented with the Lion Pride challenge on another save file and concluded that it's too difficult. Other than that, the "Utopia" challenge was the first roleplay challenge I've done.
  5. I just finished the "Utopia" challenge, where after three generations, "imperfect" creatures get drowned in the ocean. I roleplayed that this happened on Tiny Green, rejects survived and hid in an uncleared patch of tall grass, breeding with each other to produce acceptable children that would enter the tribe as wanderers and add their genes to the main tribe, and more importantly, provide information to resist the dystopia. It ended with the fifth dictator being forced to resign by every other tribe member, the tribe migrated to Jungle Gate after the drama was over. There was only one fatality, and that was before the secret tribe was formed. I will admit, if I roleplayed on a larger island, then the story could've become much more tragic, so I might do that at some point. That aside, the tribe is now on Jungle Gate and heading to Deep Jungle, and I want another roleplay-related challenge to do.
  6. The gray one is a wanderer, the other two are my starters. They don't have home immunity. Slot1.nichesave
  7. PopsicleNinja

    Purple Water in Normal Grassy Island

    I'm experiencing the same glitch where the water mysteriously changes color. But instead of turning purple, the water loses it's color entirely, which turns it into this ugly gray-tan color. I don't think any biome is supposed to have gray water.
  8. PopsicleNinja

    Water loses color after first day

    Update: I just arrived at the savanna last night, and the water was normal. When I entered the game this morning, it was this glitched gray-beige. It might be a problem that appears when I quit/enter the game.
  9. PopsicleNinja

    Has the short snout gone extinct?

    I always thought of it as a fox nose.
  10. PopsicleNinja

    Whats your tribe's lore?

    Here are a few stories... Eve is from a distant island, she was carried away by the tide during a storm. She managed to grab onto a piece of driftwood and float across the sea until she reached a tiny island, where she was stranded until Adam found her. They decided to have a family, and decided to stay on Tiny Green for the rest of their lives. Their children went on to the next islands. A cautionary tale that nichelings make sure to pass down is the Tragedy of Kolais. Born in the archipelago, Kolais was light brown with dark brown spots and green eyes, and she was the home immunity nicheling whose genes were most desirable because she still had poison fangs. She made the mistake of trying to swim to the next island as a teen, and lost almost half her lifespan. As she tried harder and harder to find a mate before her early death, she eventually resorted to guilting the only single male into having as many children as possible, regardless of immunity genes. She never passed on the home immunity. So, moral of the story... Don't try to cross islands as a teen. The Tragedy of Kolais didn't end with her death. Future tribes on Archipelago have discovered a nasty curse. If any nicheling drowns while swimming to a new island, then the whole tribe is doomed to an unhappy ending, or at the very least, they experience unexplained hardship and bad luck. For a while, tribes have suspected the presence of a malovelent spirit. Someone finally made the connection, and everyone has come to the conclusion that Kolais gets offended when nichelings drown. So, as a precaution against Kolais's Curse, elders are no longer allowed to swim to the next island, they are left behind to provide extra food and watch children until they grow up. On Archipelago and Oasis, there is the Goddess of Water. Her original name was forgotten, she was brown with fishing tail and gills. She showed herself to a developing aquatic tribe as a wanderer. She stayed underwater and guided nichelings as they crossed from one island to the next, while providing a boost to the tribe's ability to choose their genes. Now, her purpose is to guide and assist aquatic tribes. She grants water genes and positive recessive genes, and fertilizes water-based islands. She keeps getting more powerful with each tribe she influences, and one tribe discovered that she's even become powerful enough to override Kolais's Curse. One day, the Goddess of Water got tired of dealing with the curse and decided to give Kolais a chance to prove her worth. Although Kolais had lost her leg in a battle with the Goddess of Water, she was given a digging paw and horns and told to help the tribe. So, an infertile, green-eyed, poison-fanged wanderer named Lais showed up on the island she was born on, the island that Kolais had previously haunted. If Kolais was able to help the tribe she joined, then the Goddess of Water would free Kolais from her curse and give her a second chance to pass on Home Immunity. The story of Kolais is not yet complete. On Swampy Hill, two nichelings gave birth to an Adam lookalike, orange with stripes, runner legs and fangs, except she was female with green eyes. All the nichelings interpreted this as one of Adam's family members reincarnating herself to guide Adam's tribe. She went on to have lots of healthy children with wonderful genetics. Kokoana is the spirit of fertility, black with two wings and green eyes. She was born on Summer Mountains from a one-winged father and a mother with no wings. She had a lot of healthy children with one or two wings. She killed countless bunnies, always aided her packmates in killing bearyenas, and spent her elder years perched in an acorn tree harvesting the nuts. Ever since she died, Summer Mountains suddenly bursted with life. Future tribes found so many berry bushes, twiggy bushes, and bunnies that they had an easy time preparing for Long Winter. Acorn trees were conveniently placed for nichelings with cracking ability, which proved very useful, and even healing plants were way more aubundant than before. Then there's Loana, the Goddess of Protection. She's gray with derp-nose, big body, digging paw and antennae. On Deadly Hills, she came out of nowhere as a wanderer to protect a baby from multiple bluebirds. She continued to protect babies from threats, and she helped the tribe locate food and healing plants. The same nicheling showed up at a dying Long Winter tribe in an attempt to help, though she wasn't powerful enough to save the tribe. Finally, a theory of mine, involving the Goddess of Home: The reason that lore translates from one Story Mode tribe to the next is that Adam and Eve keep being reborn again and again, the same events occurring again and again, and this is the work of a goddess. The reason for this is, Adam's tribe is so inbred that every single tribe member has the same immunity, and that'll surely lead to a disease outbreak. A goddess specific to Adam's Tribe saw his story, and decided to replicate it in hopes that it'll bring new blood to the tribe. In one timeline, Adam's tribe came down with Kolais's curse, and she reincarnated herself into the tribe in order to check in and observe the curse for herself. (She had a lot of healthy children in the process.)
  11. PopsicleNinja

    Self Made & Saveable Islands

    Maybe it could become it's own separate update?
  12. Cat-nosed creatures with black eyes look like Martian/cat hybrids, and it's a little creepy. I fix this problem by putting other eye colors in the mutation menu so that my cat-nosed creatures can actually look like cats, then they're adorable.
  13. PopsicleNinja

    If you could make your own islands, what would you make?

    I was thinking about a canyon island, where there are deep canyons where the top is covered in rocks. I’m not sure what biome that would be, though.
  14. PopsicleNinja

    If you could make your own islands, what would you make?

    That’s a great idea, I added it! edit: if a volcano with lava was actually added, that would balance it out.
  15. I’ll start: Volcanic Paradise. The bottom of this hill is a very flat shore, with shallow water. A little higher up is an area with berry bushes and stinky fruit, and lots of natural nests to make up for the lack of tall grass. (Whale island but with no poison berries or aspen trees.) This is what half of the mountain looks like. The other half is mountainous and very steep, with twiggy bushes and no edible plants. Overall, the island is considered a hot climate, and heat resistance is required. It does rain a lot, though. To make the island more difficult, it’s considered “killer”, and there are killer bearyenas.