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  1. PopsicleNinja

    I'm having wonderful luck!

    Just look at this nice, friendly carnivorous plant...
  2. PopsicleNinja

    Miss Niche

    I have a lot of pretty children, but here's to the prettiest adult female in the tribe! Yellow/orange fur and blue eyes is a wonderful combination. She doesn't have any children herself, but she is a medicine cat! Update: Most of her tribe left for the Swamp and then Savanna, leaving Koreme and several others behind to start a new tribe. That wandering tribe has since perished.
  3. PopsicleNinja

    Your best and worst wanderer encounters?

    These are the sort of wanderers that make you wonder where they came from.
  4. Well, they always appear as Slot1.nichesave.
  5. PopsicleNinja

    Warriorcats challenge!

    I'm interested in your version of aspirations. I have a suggestion for one, maybe the urge to kill a predator? Also, if I could turn rogue males off for this challenge, I would.
  6. I'm trying to download a file for the Warrior Cats challenge, and despite me specifically searching for the right folder and placing the file in the folder, the savefile won't show up in the game. I looked into it, and it turns out the save files get deleted every time I open the game? What's going on here?
  7. PopsicleNinja


    I’d love to share my lore and storylines, this is a great idea! Already in my warrior cats story, the leader called out for new members, only to attempt murder on the next member that arrived. The deputy is now arguing with the leader.
  8. PopsicleNinja

    Warriorcats challenge!

    Within the third generation of my clan, my leader has already been accused of breaking the warrior code. He was on the stump howling, then he decided to attack the female rogue that appeared the next day for no good reason. Luckily she was healed and fell in love with someone else, and the deputy is berating the leader. I exited the game on a cliffhanger.
  9. PopsicleNinja

    To be able to have two separate packs in one game.

    I'd also like the ability to split and merge tribes, for roleplay purposes or practical purposes.
  10. PopsicleNinja

    Dumb things you do?

    I started playing a roleplay challenge where after three generations, one of the nichelings declares themself the "alpha", or dictator of the tribe. In my first challenge save, I was sticking exactly to the rules of the "Utopia" challenge, where after three generations, rejected nichelings get drowned in the ocean, and this includes wanderers. In that save, I played it on Tiny Green because it's difficult to escape, and had my rejects hide in a patch of tall grass near a whale island port that was never cleared. Here's the dumb part: On that first save file, one of the nichelings got an idea: have the rejects secretly breed with each other to produce children that are acceptable, and then send the children into the main tribe as "wanderers". The "wanderers" would add to the gene pool, and spread their agenda of resisting the dictatorship. That sounds good on paper until you realize that the traits that could get a nicheling rejected include bad paw, bad eyesight/blindness, derp nose, and gene combinations that render a nicheling useless. (That last one is a judgement call.) Here's the even dumber part: That idea actually worked. Within a few generations, there was no point to having the secret tribe anymore because one member was getting old and the other was technically acceptable but chose to hold off because she looked too similar to her sister. By that point, the main tribe disliked the current dictator for being petty and irresponsible, so they revealed themselves and kicked out the dictator.
  11. PopsicleNinja

    Water loses color after first day

    No, the water is supposed to be blue.
  12. I already experimented with the Lion Pride challenge on another save file and concluded that it's too difficult. Other than that, the "Utopia" challenge was the first roleplay challenge I've done.
  13. I just finished the "Utopia" challenge, where after three generations, "imperfect" creatures get drowned in the ocean. I roleplayed that this happened on Tiny Green, rejects survived and hid in an uncleared patch of tall grass, breeding with each other to produce acceptable children that would enter the tribe as wanderers and add their genes to the main tribe, and more importantly, provide information to resist the dystopia. It ended with the fifth dictator being forced to resign by every other tribe member, the tribe migrated to Jungle Gate after the drama was over. There was only one fatality, and that was before the secret tribe was formed. I will admit, if I roleplayed on a larger island, then the story could've become much more tragic, so I might do that at some point. That aside, the tribe is now on Jungle Gate and heading to Deep Jungle, and I want another roleplay-related challenge to do.
  14. The gray one is a wanderer, the other two are my starters. They don't have home immunity. Slot1.nichesave
  15. PopsicleNinja

    Purple Water in Normal Grassy Island

    I'm experiencing the same glitch where the water mysteriously changes color. But instead of turning purple, the water loses it's color entirely, which turns it into this ugly gray-tan color. I don't think any biome is supposed to have gray water.