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  1. PopsicleNinja

    More customization options for sandbox mode

    Really? In my experience, healing plants are way rarer than that. I typically never explore the entire island, I just go in a path from one port to the next, and I usually see 1-3 healing plants on any given island (depending on biome, of course).
  2. PopsicleNinja

    More customization options for sandbox mode

    I was thinking about what I would do if I had this option, as a challenge run: If I'm in story mode, I'd turn the tutorial off. I don't need it. If I'm in sandbox, I'd start with 10 creatures and 50 food. Now, for lifespan: I'd make every animal except prey live a lot longer naturally, and healing effects and damage would be scaled appropriately. For scale, creatures would live for 250-300 days, and their life stages would be scaled up accordingly. That includes pregnancy, it would last for around 10 days. I feel like being able to have babies constantly would be OP. I scaled up life stages partially for roleplaying purposes, especially in story mode so that Adam and/or his children could still be around when you reach Home Island. Here's the "challenge" part. Damaging factors would be proportionally more dangerous compared to default. This means that generic predators like carnivores are now actually dangerous, hemophilia would be an instant death, not having poison resistance could kill a creature, and starvation and illness could seriously weaken the tribe. Now, an exception to this would be thorns and cacti. They'd be less dangerous than in default, because I honestly think they're just annoying. As in, it shortens the lifespan of a creature, but isn't as deadly. To make up for all of this, healing plants would spawn slightly more frequently. For predator spawning: I would make generic predators like bearyenas spawn more often, as they seem kinda rare with the default settings, but I want killer predators (apes, killer bearyenas, balance bears) to spawn less often. Why? Because I want them to be a rare, exciting threat, and running from multiple balance bears at a time gets annoying very fast. Also, the same goes for carnivorous plants -I want them to be a rare threat, and I think leaving the default spawn rate on would just make them annoying rather than exciting. For wanderers: I'd make them spawn more, because with the above settings, creatures would be dying frequently, and I feel like not having the extra help would make it too hard. Rogue males, on the other hand, would be much rarer. That way, they don't interfere so much, and they're exciting rather than annoying when they do appear. Edit, two parts I thought of: I'd make islands bigger, so that it would take longer to navigate them and thus it would be a bigger challenge. In Story Mode, I'd only turn it up slightly larger, so that Adam and/or his children still have enough time to get home. In Sandbox, I'd turn it up to it's highest setting, just to make it a hard challenge. (Burning Savanna is already huge enough, it would become enormous -that's what I want!) If you are allowed to edit the stats of animals, then I would scale eyesight, smelling and hearing up, for realism, challenge, and to compensate for huge island size (at least on mountains and the oasis). Also because I'm curious as to how that would affect gameplay.
  3. I just came to Home Island from Crossing from Whale Island. I swear, when my creature with home immunity approached a home tribe member, it never gave me the option to join, only the option to attack. Yep, I have a creature with home immunity and I still can't join the home tribe. Oh, and it never gave me a notification message, either. What's going on here?
  4. PopsicleNinja

    Blocking vine glitch

    In my second run, I destroyed one or two blocking roots before my tribe died. When I reached Jungle Gate again in my third run, the vines went away and I got the Root of The Problem achievement even though I hadn't destroyed any roots.
  5. I'm now on my second retry after being killed in the jungle... I have a lot to learn about this game
  6. Oh. I didn't try that yet, and I still have my game save. Thanks! Edit: It worked!
  7. I have a game save in story mode, and at over 140 days, it's the longest my tribe has ever survived -key word being survived. I just had to be unlucky enough to cross through the savanna when I was already having problems with food beforehand. Everyone starved to death, I reached a low point of 3 creatures at a time, and just when I thought I was going to bounce back in the jungle, my last remaining star failed to leave an heir no matter how many babies she had. So, my three remaining creatures survived the savanna and we have plenty of food in the jungle, but there are no more creatures with home immunity and I don't think trying to "restart from the same bloodline" would give me a creature with home immunity. Which means that I've effectively lost the game. What is the worst situation your tribe has ever been in?
  8. PopsicleNinja


    Okay, so cold weather can kill a nicheling, but heat can't? Makes sense. I think it's OP that hot weather is less dangerous than cold weather. I think that heatstroke should function the same as freezing. This is just a thought I had, feel free to provide in-depth feedback.
  9. PopsicleNinja

    Starting off with a tribe

    Currently, you start with 2 creatures, and 20 food. So... 10 food per creature.
  10. PopsicleNinja

    Fur Genes

    Something I've wanted for a while. Fur genes. It would have various effects. Medium Fur: +1 Heat Resistance, +1 Cold Resistance (Unlocked at start) Thick Fur: +2 Cold Resistance, +1 Defense, -1 Heat Resistance (Travel to the mountains) Thin Fur: +2 Heat Resistance, +1 Scentless, -1 Cold Resistance (Travel to the savanna or jungle) Slick Fur: +2 Cold Resistance, +1 Swimming (Perform Swim 50 times) Feathers: +1 Heat Resistance, +1 Cold Resistance, +2 Flight (Invite creatures with this gene into your tribe) Fur genes are disabled by Armored Body. To balance out fur genes and heat/cold resistance, the resistance that is required to be able to not get hurt by heat/cold would be slightly higher.
  11. PopsicleNinja

    Dark forest

    I can confirm, I tried to use that as the starting "island" for an aquatic creature challenge and all my creatures took drowning damage when I transferred them to the next island in the archipelago.
  12. It happened in just this one case, but there was a rogue male near my tribe. When I checked on him once to see where he was, this happened: I could both hear AND smell the rogue male, and yet he wasn't giving off a red outline. Even weirder, the rabbil next to him had an outline while he didn't.
  13. PopsicleNinja

    Inherited Gem Color

    In addition, I think wild creatures should spawn with random gem colors, not just green all the time.
  14. PopsicleNinja

    Prehistoric times of the niche world

    Because none of the prehistoric genes add speed, I think the prehistoric nichelings went extinct because they were too slow.