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  1. I want to do a playthrough where Adam actually gets back home, and I don't want it to be too tedious. I obviously want age settings to be high, and I want nichelings to be teens for a while. I also want damage settings to be pretty high, so there's a good chance that tribe members will die if they're not careful. What settings in general would you recommend for such a challenge?
  2. The nuke has been detonated.
  3. Could you please give some basic starting templates? I'm not talking about specific gene layouts, I just want a pointer.
  4. So I'm utilizing the new sandbox settings to recreate story mode, but everyone lives five times longer. And yes, I literally multiplied everything times five (with damage settings WAY higher.) This means that I actually get attached to nichelings, Adam has a chance of making it to Killer Island (because I don't think there is Home Island in sandbox), and even if he doesn't, I imagine his children would continue on and make it. So, the tribe starts with Adam as a baby, Eve as a baby, Eve's parents, and Adam's surrogate father (who found him while wandering through the swamp). I don't know what any of them besides Adam and Eve should look like, and I feel that there's someone else missing.
  5. I've had plenty of dreams involving Niche, but the one that takes the cake was one where the main plot took place on these forums and had absolutely nothing to do with the game. So, I was playing Niche, transferring from an ice island to a jungle (or was it the other way around?), and periodically checking on drama that was happening in one of the threads. Get ready: Specifically, some random guy was angry that Jojo, who was a fanfiction writer in the dream, wasn't updating his anime shipping fanfic fast enough for that person's tastes, and he was demanding that Jojo update his fanfic RIGHT NOW. He was spamming a normal thread with angry demands and fanart of his favorite ship, which I admit were actually pretty good. Jojo and Philo kept telling the guy to back off because this is a thread about Niche, not about his favorite ship, and that you can't rush a story. The guy refused to back off. It ended with him getting banned. I was laughing the entire time because I thought it was hilarious that someone would use this forum to yell at a mod for not updating their fanfic.
  6. I finally figured out who Kolais is! She’s the goddess of perseverance. No matter how many times she fails, she never gives up. And even after succeeding in lifting her curse and then passing on the star immunity, she still reincarnates herself into the tribe to encourage them to keep going. An unnamed water goddess who brings good luck to water-based tribes. Loana, the goddess of protection. She grants safety to endangered nichelings. She debuted by appearing out of nowhere to protect a baby from bluebirds.
  7. Yeah, you should probably make damage sources proportional to age options for this to work.
  8. That’s true, I guess. I get attached to nichelings, even though they live for 25 days by default. And then there are the gods and goddesses... By the way, the infamous Kolais has become a god. I’m not sure what she’s for, though. She just gets reincarnated a lot.
  9. Oh no... Fortnite has invaded this forum... I thought we were safe from the menace that took over my middle school!
  10. Aww! Rako looks so cute!
  11. The reason I don't like hoarding food is because the game becomes unplayable.
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