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  1. ChasingNyx's ideas are better thought out and would make good additions to the game. RandomWanderer Sorry you had to find out your family history through this game lol.
  2. Thanks for the shout out but I only mentioned it again because Philo liked the idea a long time ago. My take on it is the eyes would have been a sign of distemper / anger but that is more of a myth. They could get the "crazy eye" from a bearhyena or rouge and you wouldn't want that gene because the niche would scoot away out of position like it's half wild. Like a wolf & dog mix. The movement and everything is a lot of extra work so glad they still went with the eyes.
  3. I get that blind is a gene but not why you would want it as a trait that can be passed on by choice. Who would choose the blind or x fertility gene and why? Also, are you planning on making eye color genes locked until you invite an animal with that gene to the tribe? Don't have to just curious. Take care,
  4. Dang Mystic they are beautiful. never disappointed. Really really amazing. I don't usually say dang but didn't want to swear lol.
  5. No comment, just thought butterflies were delicate so couldn't take much damage, especially since it's the body not just the wings The body would be regular strength if it was a beetle because they have a hard exoskeleton but still "squishy" easily squashed / killed. If it has like 6 legs for defense that would make a difference. Love the idea and the new peacock feathers. Take care,
  6. Really like the art the idea and the fact that it's poisonous . Would it have a "soft body"? Even though it's poisonous it can only be hit a few times?
  7. Thank you for the gene pics Dukro looks like Alf lol. The 80's tv show Alf Ever think of putting a statue or rock instead of an ice block? Then you can put a swimming gene at the bottom of the water in other biomes. just an idea, not something that has to be added.
  8. Three toed sloth niche. A half lizard half bird mix, scales and feathers, and a terradactel niche. Already have the big teeth for a saber tooth in the ice.
  9. What if there was a time limit like 3 days to give birth or the mom miscarries causing health loss, kinda ties in with the miscarriage idea, but with option to miscarry. I still think the x birth gene should go towards miscarriages, not not getting prego, that would really change the game. I agree these are kinda dark subjects but nature is brutal and glad you brought them up.
  10. Think if you put an all black flying niche with the big nose gene and the big ears gene it looks a lil like the drawing but a lot like Fruit bats or Fruit fox which can fly during the day. All the devs have to do is turn the sprite upside-down and move the perch to a branch so it looks like it's hanging. Love the idea
  11. I had thought the gene with the x through it could be for fertility could be a miscarriage gene, so the mother would get pregnant but chance of loosing it, the 1 fertility could take the place of the x so mating is harder in general. Mothers do have health issues due to this but not always, so a baby skeleton could be in the nest for 2 days as a problem for the pack instead of just the mom .
  12. This is what a bird beak jackalope might look like.
  13. I really like the foxes but think it opens an option for red pandas, just color the fox red with lines on the tail. Red pandas are endangered, and it would be cool if the WWF sponsored the game for bringing awareness, just an idea. Bamboo island or plants
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